tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 08

Family Affairs Ch. 08

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter eight

"Hel...hello," Mary stammered into the phone. She felt herself trembling with unsated need. All she wanted was to get the call over with and get back to satisfying herself. "I should have left the damn phone ring," she thought.

"Mrs. Forrester," Matt Williams' voice said, "did I wake you up?"

"Ah...no, Matt, I...you didn't," Mary replied. "He'd sure be surprised if he knew what he interrupted," she found herself thinking. "I, ah, I was working on something." Was she ever!

"Oh," the young man said softly. "I, ah, I finished those pictures you asked about. I thought if you weren't busy, ah, maybe I could bring them over and you could see if you want any of them."

"Tell him you're busy!" a voice inside Mary screamed. She didn't listen. "That, ah, that would be fine, Matt," she told the young man, "bring them over."

"Be there in ten minutes," Matt said, and hung up.

Mary rolled over and dropped the phone back in the cradle. She looked down at the pink sex toy laying on the bed next to her, still humming. "I guess I still have time," she thought. Then, "No, I better get dressed."

She got out of bed and slipped on her blouse and slacks. She decided not to bother with undergarments because she'd just have to take them off again when Matt left. She slipped into a pair of bedroom slippers and started to leave her bedroom. She had forgotten she'd locked the door and was confused when it wouldn't open. Finally, she got the door open and went on downstairs, after giving the fake penis waiting on her bed a last longing look. "After all I went through to get that thing," she thought. "Maybe I'm being punished."

Downstairs, she turned on the lights in the living room, then she went to the kitchen and put some water on the stove to heat. A cup of hot chocolate would be nice. Even if Matt didn't want one, she sure did. Actually, she could use a drink. A strong one.

The doorbell rang. Mary opened it and Matt came in, carrying a big envelope.

"I'm not keeping you from anything, am I?" he asked, looking around.

"No," Mary lied. "I was just sitting here, reading. Ricky's father is on one of his business trips and Ricky's out on a date."

"Oh," Matt said. He felt his face grow hot. "Hey, you're alone with her. If you were cool, you could probably put some moves on her," a voice inside him said. He knew better. He wasn't cool. Not even a little bit.

"Are those the pictures, Matt?" Mary asked.

"Ah...yeah, here in the folder," the young man replied, and handed it to her.

Mary took the folder and sat down on the sofa, then she looked up at her son's friend, who was still standing, looking uncomfortable.

"Would you like some hot chocolate, Matt?" Mary asked. She felt tense. Why? This was her son's best friend, a boy she'd known since he was a baby. Of course, Matt wasn't a baby any more, she realized. He'd grown into a rather good-looking young man. "I wonder if he's a virgin?" the voice inside her asked. Mary shook her head. "What's the matter with me?" she thought as she stood up to go for the hot chocolate. "He's just a boy, the same age as my son!" She started for the kitchen.

Matt watched her go, then took off his jacket and sat down in one of the easy chairs. He noticed the way certain parts of Mrs. Forrester's body moved when she walked. "She isn't wearing a bra!" he realized, and felt his penis jump in his pants.

Mary returned carrying two cups of hot chocolate, handed Matt one, and set the other on the coffee table in front of where she had been sitting. Then she sat down and began to look over the pictures.

Once more, as Mrs. Forrester moved, Matt was captivated by the movement of her unfettered breasts beneath her blouse. He shifted in his seat to alleviate the pressure caused by his growing erection.

Mary felt the strain between them, but didn't know it was sexual tension. She spread the pictures out on the sofa next to her and looked over them.

Matt continued to stare at her while pictures of her bare breasts flashed through his heated mind.

Finally Mary looked at the young man and smiled. "These are very good, Matt," she said.

"Ah, thank you," Matt said. "You can have any of them you want. Or all of them." How was he going to get out of here without her seeing his hard-on?

Mary selected the pictures she wanted and set them aside, then she put the rest back in the folder. "I'll take these," she said, and pointed to the ones she'd selected. "How much do I owe you, Matt?"

"Ah...nothing," Matt replied. He wondered if his voice sounded as funny to her as it did to him.

"Are you sure?" Mary asked. "It must cost you something to make them. I mean, you have to buy film and all. And I imagine doing all this takes time."

"Ah...I always make extra copies, anyhow," Matt stammered. "And, uh, the school pays for my supplies, and all." He took a sip of his hot chocolate. His hands were trembling. Why?

"I'd have thought you'd be out on a date tonight," Mary said. Part of her wanted him to leave, so she could get back to pleasuring herself, and part of her kept remembering what Pixie had said. "I'd take a lover, a young one." She tried to force the unwelcome thoughts from her mind, but they kept coming back. "I wonder what kind of a lover Matt would be?" she mused. "If he's a virgin, think of how much fun I could have, teaching him..." She shook her head, trying to clear it.

"...I...I don't date much," Matt was saying. "The girls like jocks. Guys like me, well, you know."

"You don't have a girlfriend?" Mary asked. She couldn't understand why she felt a sudden burst of elation.

Matt shook his head. "No," he said. He drank more of his hot chocolate, clutching the cup with both hands so his trembling hands wouldn't spill it.

"I bet there are lots of girls who'd like to go out with you," Mary speculated. "I sure wouldn't mind going to bed with you. I'd give you a thrill you'd never forget." The sudden thought almost made her choke on her hot chocolate. What was wrong with her tonight?

"I dunno," Matt said, staring into the nearly empty cup in his hands. Thoughts flooded his mind, things he could have said, but didn't, couldn't. Holding his coat in front of him, he stood up. "I...uh...I guess I better get going," he said. He reached for the folder of pictures, turned, and started for the door. "Thanks for the hot chocolate, Mrs. Forrester."

"Thank you for bringing the pictures over," Mary said. She got up and followed him to the door. She watched him walk to his truck, noting that he didn't put his jacket on until he was outside. It was cold and she didn't understand why he didn't put his coat on.

"He's got the hots for you," the voice inside her said. "He probably got a hard-on from seeing you without a bra." "Virginia Forrester!" she scolded herself out loud, "What in Heaven's name is wrong with you? He's young enough to be your son!"

Still filled with yearning and disturbed by the fact she was having lewd thoughts about the young man who'd just visited, Mary picked up the cups, took them to the kitchen, then she went back upstairs to her bedroom. Once more she stripped off her clothes and laid down on the bed. She picked up the electric sex toy and soon was experiencing the bliss it could give her. As she worked the magical device in and out of her vagina, Matt' face kept flashing into her mind.

"No!" she moaned as her hands thrust the humming wand into her juice-slick opening with increasing fervor. Then, "Yes! Yes! Oh, yes!" Her body convulsed with joy.

"Matt! Matt! Take me! Take me, Matt!" she cried as she came.

Later, her need appeased, Mary turned out the lights and slept. And dreamed of making love with her son's best friend.

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