tagIncest/TabooFamily Affairs Ch. 10

Family Affairs Ch. 10


Helping a Neighbour

By the time Thursday had arrived John had prepared himself for whatever lay ahead this day. Mum and dad had been teasing him since Monday that Mrs Packer was going to seduce him, but he was sure that she just wanted to watch him work in his shorts. She seems so old fashioned whenever he had seen her wearing long skirts and dresses. Steph had said that she was an active member of the Women's institute locally, a real twin set and pearls lady. Steve had said that you never know what goes on under those dresses though perhaps she wears sexy underwear. Perhaps today John would discover if dad was right or not.

John had put all the necessary tools in a wheel barrow and slipped on a pair of rugby shorts before leaving for Mrs Packers house. At the door he rang the bell and waited for an answer, he had to wait a couple of minutes before Mrs Packer opened the door.

"Hello John, I am so glad you are here," she said, opening the door and putting her head around it.

"Hello Mrs Packer, mum said you wanted me to work in your garden."

"Yes that's right, but first I have a problem indoors I am hoping you can help with. Leave your tools out there and come in." Opening the door fully Mrs Packer stepped back and for the first time John saw why she had been hiding behind the door, she was wearing a purple satin dressing gown which was tied at the waist.

"What do you need me to do?" John asked.

"Well it's a little embarrassing really, I was getting ready this morning and for some reason I cannot open my draw in the bedroom, I have been trying for ages it's just stuck, so I am sorry that's why I am not dressed properly."

"That's ok Mrs Packer, I think you saw I was not dressed at all on Monday."

Mrs Packer flushed at this and said, "yes I did, I am sorry I watched you, I hope you don't see it as an invasion of your privacy."

"No its cool Mrs Packer, I don't care if I am seen."

"Oh really? Well I wont tell your parents ok."

"Really it does not matter, they know. We are all nudists, so someday you you might see us all out there."

Mrs Packer took a big swallow when she heard John say that as she realised that Mrs White must have known that she had been watching John naked in the garden and invited him over because of that not because he did a good job. But the ball had started rolling and she could not back down now.

"So where is the drawer Mrs Packer?" John said as he realised she had quite forgotten he was there.

"Oh yes sorry John, upstairs. Follow me."

Mrs Packer led the way up the stairs and as he followed John looked at her legs and saw the inside of her thighs with every step she took. The movement up the stairs must have loosened the belt around her waist because John noticed that when they reached the top it was a little more open than before and he could see more of her chest and a little cleavage too. She did not seem to notice, or had she done it on purpose, he wondered.

Following her to the master bedroom she showed him the chest of drawers and pulled the top drawer to show that it would not budge. John tried too and it was definitely stuck. She sat on the bed watching him pull on the drawer, when he looked at her to say that he would need to take out the drawer underneath as there is something wedged at the back he got an stunning view of her legs as she had crossed them and her robe was draped on either side. "Maybe mum was right after all" he thought to himself.

"Oh ok, if you must John, but don't be embarrassed at seeing my underwear in the drawer."

"It's ok I won't." But in his head was thinking that he would probably be excited at seeing it.

When he pulled out the second drawer what he saw was not what he had expected at all, he thought it would be full of sensible white knickers and bra from M&S but instead the drawer was full of lacy lingerie in a variety of colours. Turning around to put it on the bed he was further surprised as she was now sat with legs uncrossed and the robe now was open enough that he could see the edges of her tits and the swell of her belly. His head was so full of wanting to jump on her at that moment and fuck her, but mum and dad had warned him that he had to take it carefully, she may just want to tease him, and if he pushed too hard it could become very nasty for him. Taking in the view and smiling he went back to the drawer and put his hand up around to grab what was causing it to stick.

Mrs Packer could not believe how hard her heart was pounding in her chest. She knew she was being unfair to John, teasing him like this, but she just could not stop, and she knew exactly what he was going to pull out when he did, as she had put it there that morning.

John had his hand on the item and it felt like a box of something, eventually he managed to pull it out from the back releasing the drawer. What he had in his hand was a box from Ann Summers with a purple vibrator still in it.

"That should be ok now Mrs Packer, it was this that was stuck," he said passing the box to her, his own heart now beating so much he could feel it. She took it from him and pushed it under a pillow.

"Sorry about that John you must think I am terrible to have such a thing," she said pulling her robe tight around her again.

Remembering what mum had told him Mrs Packer had said on the phone about her husbands tools being rusty he thought of a suitable response. "Its ok, Mrs Packer we all have needs, I know mum has one too, like most women I guess."

"Thank you John for your help and for being so mature. I will get dressed now can you start in the garden and I will bring you out a cold drink when I am ready?"

"Sure, no problem. I am always happy to help a lady out anytime."

"My hero," she said as she planted a kiss on his cheek before he left the room.

Was that the subtle smell of alcohol John could smell on her breath when she kissed him he wondered as he went down stairs and walked through to the back of the house. On the way he looked around and came to a stand still when he saw a photo of Mrs Packer with another lady who he recognised straight away. 'That's Miss Williams the business studies teacher from school there' he thought to himself. As he looked closer he could see it was at Miss Williams' retirement party last month. Now how does Mrs Packer know one of the sexiest teachers at John's old school, over whom he had wanked many times, he wondered.

Back in the bedroom Mrs Packer took another drink form the gin bottle she had brought up earlier. It was usual for her to drink this early in the day, but today she needed the Dutch courage. As she dressed she looked out her window and saw John out in the garden starting up the mower to begin work. She was disturbed by her mobile beeping a message. Looking at the screen she saw it was form her older sister Linda.

'How is it going?'

Was all the message read.

It had all been Linda's fault that she was now watching a young man mow her lawn after teasing him for the past 20 minutes. Linda had confided in her the fun she used to have before she retired from teaching, teasing the 6th form lads at the school, and how she missed the thrill of it. Having never married Linda got her kicks by being a bit of an exhibitionist it seemed. Not that she was a 60 year old virgin but nowadays she felt no one wanted her so just teased.

Linda had been so jealous when Cathy told her about watching John in the garden on Monday, and told her to make the most of it, giving her some help along the way.

Cathy typed a message back.

'Going to plan, my heart is beating so fast, but I love it.'

Straight away it beeped again.

'Still ok for me to come over later?'

Part of Cathy did not want to share John with her sister, but she also felt she owed her this one.

'Sure come over after lunch'

The answer was an immediate smiley face.

Cathy had put on a black strapless bikini and pulled shorts on over the bottoms but her large breasts were just about managing to stay in the cups of the top. The tattoo that she had done a few years ago on her left breast clearly on view. I bet he never thought the WI would have ladies with tattoos as members she thought when she checked herself in the mirror.

In the kitchen downstairs she prepared a jug of cold squash for John before taking it out to the garden and calling him over to have a drink.

"It's a hot day isn't it John?" She said when he sat down to have his drink.

"Yes it is."

"Those shorts look hot too, I know from what you said earlier you would rather not wear them."

"Yes that's true Mrs Packer."

"Then take them off John if you feel happier. It's not as though I have not seen you naked before as you know."

"Oh right, well if you don't mind then I will thanks, I have been working on my all over tan this year will be a shame to mess it up now."

"The tan looks good on you John," she told him, the gin now making her braver than ever. "I think I might lie and soak up some too this morning. You won't mind will you that I am doing nothing whilst you are working."

"You're the boss Mrs Packer, you can do what you like."

"Yes I suppose I am aren't I," she giggled. "And you have to do whatever I say or you won't get paid."

"Sounds fair enough to me Mrs Packer."

"Well first things first, rest of the day you work naked ok?"

"Brilliant, the day just gets better and better," he stood up and pulled his shorts down and sat back down again.

"Yes but I am paying you to work not sit here so off you go." John stood up again and felt Mrs Packers eyes on him as he walked back to the mower to finish off the lawn. Her eyes did not leave him the whole time and he was more conscious of his dick swinging about as he moved than when he had worked in his own garden Monday. Eventually he had finished the lawn and tidied up the mower before asking Mrs Packer what else she needed doing.

"You don't call that mowing the lawn do you John? What about the edges? They need clipping too and all around the stepping stones too."

"Oh right, I did not think of that, sorry."

"It's ok, you are only young I know. But I like a tidy garden. But before you do that would you mind going to the garage and taking out a couple of the sun beds that are in there. I think I need to lie down for a while, this sun is so hot."

"Tell me about it Mrs Packer, I am getting hot out here too." Thinking that the second bed was for him John was more than happy to bring them out.

Cathy told John where she wanted them placed, she had chosen the perfect spot to watch him work, but also meant that John would be able to see her too. When he realised that she was not offering him a sun bed to rest on John got back to work, using the shears to tidy up the lawn edges. Cathy lay on her bed and watched this perfectly built young man work naked in her garden. She watched his bum flex and move with every step and when he used the shears the muscles on his back all tightened too. As she lay there looking at this perfect specimen she realised that he had no embarrassment about being nude in front of her, he just carried on with his work, and she began to wonder if there was any other way he would become useful. The WI were always looking for new ways to raise funds, she was sure John could be hired out as a nude gardener. She decided to talk to Linda about it later when she came over.

John himself was enjoying himself, it was not particularly hard work and the fact that he was naked doing it made it extra pleasurable, and if Mrs Packer wanted to watch that was fine too. In fact he was enjoying watching her too, when she had laid on the bed she had taken her shorts off and was it on purpose that as she pulled them down her bikini bottoms moved a little with them too. He had caught a flash of her white bum before she pulled them back up. Now she was lying on the bed her legs apart and whilst John worked near her he could make out a few stray pubic hairs poking from the side of her gusset.

It was time to up the stakes of this game again for Cathy. She went to her bag and pulled out the bottle of sun cream. Whilst John was working near her she squeezed out some of the cream onto her legs and began to massage it in making sure she made the most of it. John was not even pretending to work now but was watching her massage the cream up her legs until she reached the top of her large thighs using both hands to rub it in now. As she rubbed she made sure a finger of two moved over her bikini bottoms and she shuddered as it touched her clitoris through the material. Cathy was pleased to see some reaction from John's dick, noticing it twitch ever so slightly before starting to rise a little as it filled with blood.

Squeezing out more Cathy started working on her top now. She spread the cream over her shoulders and then down on to the top of her chest before moving to the soft skin of her boobs. This time her fingers didn't just run over the material she slipped her hands under her bikini top and she felt the hardness of her nipples. As she worked the cream into her tits her eyes were fixed on John who was watching without blinking.

After the past week John was surprised just how exciting it was to watch Mrs Packer. Even though he had spent the weekend nude with his family there was something different about Mrs Packer, was it because she was teasing him, or was it because she was not nude and he knew she was not available like the women in his family. Either way she was definitely having an effect on him and he felt his cock become full size as two of them locked eyes.

"Have you finished tidying up the lawn then John?" Mrs Packer asked him.

"I think so."

"Looks like you have something else to deal with now," she said moving her eyes down to his erection.

"Yes, well you can't blame me can you? You do look very sexy there massaging your body like that."

"Oh John! You naughty boy, you shouldn't say that to me I am old enough to be your mother." John just smiled knowing that made no difference to him, he was fucking his mum and his Grandma.

"Just saying it as it is Mrs Packer."

"Thank you even if you don't mean it." she said with a smile, "well go on then,"

"What do you want me to do?" John asked.

"You want to play with yourself don't you John? Well go on, I would like to watch you."

Yes Mrs Packer certainly was different to the women in his family, John thought. Any one of them would have offered to make him cum, but here she is in front of him telling him to do it himself whilst she watched. Well if that's what she wants!

John stood at the end of the sun lounger and took hold of his erection in his right hand and began to slowly pump it making the foreskin pull back with each stroke. He used his left hand to massage his balls as he began to increase the speed. Mrs Packer had not taken her eyes of his cock since he started but her hands were telling him that she was enjoying what she saw. One hand was back inside her bikini top and was obviously pinching and pulling the nipple, the other was between her legs, she wasn't playing with herself like he expected she just had it there, the way she might if she was trying to stop herself peeing. The effect on John seeing this, was so different to anything he had experience in the past week, and he found it truly stimulating, and it was not long before he was shooting cum out over the freshly cut garden lawn.

Cathy enjoyed watching John cum so much, she could not believe how it made her feel. It had been a long time since she had felt like that. "Thank you John," she said. "I enjoyed that, now I think we need a chat don't you? Come and sit down."

John sat on the other lounger, "is everything ok Mrs Packer?" He asked.

"Everything is fine, I think I just need to explain a few things to you."


"First off I appreciate that you are prepared to work for me and to do it in the nude is really good. I should tell you though that under no circumstances am I going to let you touch me and I will not touch you."

"Right," John said, feeling a little disappointed.

"I love Mr Packer John, but he is not able to satisfy me anymore but I am not going to be unfaithful to him. You understand that don't you?"

"Yes I think so".

"He knows you are here today, and that's ok. But it does not mean we can't have some fun can we, I think we both enjoyed being watched and teasing each other."

"Mrs Packer you have been doing that to me all day since I arrived haven't you?"

"Yes I confess I have. And I hope we can continue."

"I think we can."

"Good, now after lunch my sister is going to be here, she is like me and likes to tease and watch, so I hope you will behave yourself then."

"I will do my best Mrs Packer."

"So we have a deal John?"

"Yes I guess we do, you get to watch me and I can look at you as much as I want, but no touching."

"That's it. Now you have done a good job here this morning and I want to thank you by giving you lunch. But first why don't you pop upstairs and have a shower. You look all hot and sweaty."

"Thanks, I will."

The house was the same design as home so John knew just where to go, John had a pee first before he stepped into the bath, turned on the shower and let the water wash away the sweat and grime of the morning. As he washed he saw the door open and Mrs Packer walk in, "there's a towel for you John," she said as she put a fresh on the rail before taking another look at his bronzed body with the soapy water running over it.

"Thank you Mrs Packer."

After he had dried himself John listened out for Mrs Packer and heard her downstairs in the kitchen still. Instead of going to in her straight away John went to the master bedroom because he wanted to check out the drawers again and look at the lingerie in it.

Opening the top one first he found it full of panties, they ranged from large ones to small g strings, but not a single pair of the cotton ones that he had expected before today. These were all either lacy or satin ones, some would be sheer enough to see through too.

Closing the top drawer John left the second one as he had seen the bras in it, so went to the bottom drawer. What he found in this drawer was nothing he had expected from the prim and proper woman he had thought Mrs Packer was. In this drawer were carefully laid out different basques, John ran his hand over them and felt the satin and lace on the one on top, he just had to take a better look, taking it in his hand he lifted it up. It was red and black satin with suspended straps hanging down.

"Ah there you are! What the hell do you think you are doing John?" Mrs Packer said as she opened the bedroom door.

John felt his face go red and his hands tremble trying to put the basque back in the drawer. "Mrs Packer, I was just checking the drawer was still ok," he lamely lied, knowing full well he was not convincing. What was it about this woman that made him act like a frightened school boy rather than the confident young man he had been with his family last week.

Mrs Packer walked over and closed the drawer, "I think it is working just fine don't you".


"Now John, you shouldn't have come back in here, but it looks like you liked my lingerie collection."

"Mrs Packer, I meant no harm its just that I was surprised this morning that you had such sexy underwear, I just wanted to check I had not imagined it," John's confidence was returning now.

"Wearing nice lingerie is very important for a woman, makes her feel good about herself, particularly if her husband is not able to give her the attention she needs."

"You must look great in them Mrs Packer."

"I don't know about that, but I do feel great, maybe I will put something on for you sometime John. But lunch is ready downstairs and we should eat it before my sister gets here."

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