tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 11

Family Affairs Ch. 11

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter eleven

Ricky called Matt Sunday morning to see what he planned to do that day and, when he learned his friend was home alone, he invited him to spend the day at his house.

Matt was delighted to accept his friend's invitation. He enjoyed hanging around with Rick, and the fact that he'd get to spend time near Mrs. Forrester was an added bonus.

After he finished his call to Matt, Ricky called Dianna and asked her if she'd like to go out again that night. He wasn't sure why he was breaking his rule about consecutive dates with the same girl, but it seemed like a good idea. It never occurred to him he should have planned something that would have involved Matt, too.

"I'd love to go to the movies," Dianna said in answer to Ricky's question. Thinking about what happened the last time they were together made her feel tingly all over.

"Great, I'll pick you up around seven," Ricky said.

While Matt prepared to spend the day at the Forrester house, he was feeling more than a little excitement at the prospect of spending a whole day near his fantasy woman.

Mary, too, was delighted about Matt's visit, more than she usually was, although she didn't understand why. She began going over possibilities for lunch. She wanted to make something special for their guest.

Matt arrived at the Forrester home around eleven. He and Ricky went down to the recreation room in the basement to play pool. Although Matt had no aptitude for most sports, he was very good at pool, a fact that bugged Ricky no end. He was determined that, one day, he'd beat Matt. So far, that hadn't happened, despite his best efforts.

"Want to go out tonight?" Rick asked as Matt lined up a shot.

"I don't know," Matt said. "With who?"

"I got a date with Dianna Hillman," Ricky said. "You think you could call someone?"

Matt's heart skipped a beat. Dianna Hillman was the first date he'd had since he entered high school. Since the only girl he felt comfortable asking was spoken for and he didn't think anyone else would be likely to go out with him, he said, "I...I guess I'll pass, Rick. I...I really don't feel like going out tonight, what with my grandmother sick and all."

Mary had come down the stairs to tell the boys lunch was ready. She heard Ricky's question, saw the pained look on Matt's face, and heard his reply. Her heart went out to the young man.

"Well, Matt, if Ricky's going to run off and leave you alone," she said cheerfully, "I guess you and I will have to find something to do this evening, won't we?"

"Yeah...OK," Matt replied, blushing furiously. He was so disconcerted by Mary's comment that he missed an easy shot and Ricky won the game.

"Hey, Mom," Ricky said, "you can come down any time you want when we're playing pool. That's the first time I ever beat Den."

"It's time to take a break," Mary said. "Lunch is ready."

They went upstairs and ate. After lunch, Ricky said there was a basketball game on TV he wanted to watch and disappeared into the den. Matt stayed to help Mary with the dishes.

"Matt, you don't have to help with the dishes," she told him. "Why don't you go on in and watch the game with Rick?"

"I don't like basketball that much," Matt said. "Unless it's our team, with Rick playing."

"Maybe I'm sticking my nose in where it doesn't belong," Mary said, "but why didn't you want to double-date with Ricky?"

Matt didn't know how to respond. He was ashamed to admit he didn't know any girls to ask or, worse yet, that he was afraid to ask someone. "Ah...I...I don't know," he said. "I guess I didn't, you know, feel like it."

Mary finished putting the last of the dishes in the dishwasher, added detergent, then closed the machine and turned it on.

"Isn't there someone you could have asked?" she inquired.

"I...not really," Matt admitted, staring at his feet.

Mary felt a rush of sympathy for the young man. Impulsively, she walked over and put her arms around him, intending to comfort him with a hug, the way she sometimes did with Ricky. She wasn't ready for the feelings that swept through her when her body came in contact with the teenager's.

Matt's reaction to Mary's gesture was no less intense. His arms slid around her and he pulled her against him. His insides were in turmoil, and he felt his penis begin to swell. He broke his embrace and stepped back, his face red.

Mary was also having a little trouble breathing when the embrace ended. Had she felt something hard pressing against her? Was he...? Why did she feel like this? She shouldn't. Matt was her son's best friend and was almost like one of the family.

"I...I, uh, have to do some laundry," she stammered. She didn't know why she said that. Laundry was the last thing on her mind.

"Yeah...well...I guess I'll go and...and watch...ah...TV with...with Rick," Matt stammered, finding it very difficult to talk. He turned and walked into the den.

Mary did do laundry. She had to do something to keep her mind off the powerful forces that were coming dangerously close to taking charge of her body. "What is the matter with me?" she thought as she stuffed dirty clothes into the washer. "I'm a grown woman! This is crazy! It's almost incestuous to think things like this!"

Matt never did know what happened in the basketball game he stared at that afternoon. He heard Rick make comments about some of the plays, but wasn't even sure which teams were playing. He had no idea how dejected he had looked when Mary came down into the rec room, so he had no idea she was aware of his pain. Her hug had really shaken him. His parents weren't "touchy" people, and Mrs. Forrester's gesture had left him both turned on and confused.

After the basketball game, Ricky got interested in a sports program that pitted TV personalities against sports stars in made-up athletic contests. He was completely oblivious to the distress his friend was feeling. Even if he had been aware of it, he probably wouldn't have understood.

Mary finished the laundry and set to work making dinner, the incident between her and Matt still much on her mind.

"What am I going to do when Ricky leaves?" she wondered. "What if Matt realizes the effect he had on me and tries something once Ricky is gone? Then what?" She set the table. Anything to keep busy. "I'll tell him he has to go home once Ricky leaves for his date," she thought. "If he's not here, nothing can happen." She checked the meat loaf in the oven, then turned on the burner under a pot of vegetables.

"I'd find a young guy who could screw me silly." Recalling Pixie's words didn't do a thing to help calm Mary. Was she so desperate for a man's touch that she was willing to let something happen between herself and Ricky's best friend? Was her marriage so bad she was prepared to violate her wedding vows? With a teenager? "Why not?" the voice in her head argued, "Tom's probably off screwing some young chick somewhere."

Matt sat in the den, his mind in as much of a jumble as Mary's. "Was Mrs. Forrester coming on to me?" he wondered. "Jeezum! If she was, what am I going to do? She's Rick's mother! I can't do that, not with my best friend's mother!"

The erection triggered by Mary's impulsive hug continued to grow, and made sitting very uncomfortable for Matt. He got up and went upstairs to the bathroom. He locked the door, opened his pants and took out his turgid organ.

"Maybe...maybe I...I'm not big enough?" he thought. He'd seen some of the other boys' penises in the shower after gym class and they all looked bigger than his. He didn't know that penis size differs most when the penis is flaccid. In point of fact, he was quite well-endowed.

He considered doing something to relieve the discomfort he was feeling, but didn't think it would be right to jerk off there. Instead, he got a washcloth and, by applying cold compresses, managed to reduce the swelling of his organ to manageable proportions. Finally, he went back downstairs and into the den.

"Come on, guys, dinner's ready," Mary announced, and the two young men joined her at the kitchen table.

"You won't be too late tonight, will you?" she asked Ricky as they ate. "Remember, tomorrow is a school day."

"I know, Mom," her son replied. "We're only going to a movie."

Mary looked at Matt and saw hurt again surface in his eyes. Impulsively, she made an offer. "Matt, since your folks are away, why don't you stay here tonight?" she said. So much for telling him to leave the minute Ricky did.

"Yeah!" Ricky said, clearly enthused. "Hey, Mom, that's a great idea!"

"Ah...yeah, sure, I guess so," Matt replied. He wasn't sure. What if Rick decided to bring Dianna over? What about the business that happened between him and Mrs. Forrester?

"It's settled then," Mary said. She wasn't sure why she felt so elated. "Matt, you can use the spare bedroom, just like you always do."

After dinner, Matt again offered to help Mary clear the dishes and get them in the dishwasher.

Mary didn't want to take a chance of winding up in the young man's arms again and had an idea. "Why...why don't you and Ricky go over to your place and get some clothes so you have something to wear for school in the morning?" she suggested.

At Matt's place, Ricky looked through photo albums while Matt got his things together. He also took his camera and camera bag. He seldom went anywhere without it.

"I'm ready," he said.

"OK," Rick said.

"Do you really like Dianna?" Matt asked Rick as they walked downstairs.

"She's OK, I guess," Rick replied.

"You going steady?" Matt asked.

Ricky laughed, shook his head, and said, "Not me. No way! Dianna's a nice enough kid, but I'm not going to get tied down to one girl, Matt, there's too many women I haven't met yet."

"Oh," Matt said. He wondered if Dianna was aware of Rick's casual attitude toward his relationship with her. They climbed back into his truck and drove back to Rick's house.

Ricky went upstairs to change for his date. Mary walked into the den where Matt sat nervously, trying to focus on the TV.

"What do you want to do tonight, Matt?" she asked.

"I...I dunno," Matt replied.

"We have the VCR," Mary said. "Want to watch a movie?"

Matt nodded and said, "OK."

"Is there any movie in particular you'd like to watch?" she asked. "We have a pretty good selection, but if you want to see something we don't have, we can rent it."

"Whatever you want to watch is fine with me," Matt said.

Ricky came bounding down the stairs, gave his mother a kiss on the cheek, then was out the door.

Mary and Matt looked at each other. Neither of them seemed sure what to do or say.

Finally, Mary forced herself to walk over, pick out a movie, and put it in the VCR. She turned on the VCR and TV, walked back to a chair and sat down. She couldn't understand why she was so nervous. She felt as if someone yelled, "Boo!" she'd jump right out of her skin.

The movie Mary picked was "An Officer and A Gentleman." She realized it probably wasn't the best choice she could have made when the torrid love scenes between Richard Gere and Deborah Winger began. Her mind was playing tricks on her again. Instead of Richard Gere and Deborah Winger, she kept seeing herself and Matt embracing and kissing passionately on the TV screen. Her unwelcome fantasies caused her more than a little distress.

"You...you're upset because Ricky went out with Dianna Hillman, aren't you, Matt?" Mary asked, hoping to get a conversation going. Maybe talking would take her mind off the lascivious thoughts that kept intruding on her consciousness.

Matt wasn't sure how to respond. He shrugged.

"Judging from the look on your face when Ricky said he was going out with her, I had an idea that was what was going on," Mary said.

"I...I didn't know it showed," Matt said.

"You don't date much, do you, Matt?" Mary asked.

Matt nodded and felt himself blushing even harder. He was too ashamed to talk about it.

"That's terrible," Mary said. "Then Ricky goes and takes out the girl you like." She knew Ricky never got serious about any of the girl she dated. Maybe she should have a talk with him, explain how Matt felt about Dianna.

They sat in silence a little longer, watching TV. Mary realized, to her dismay, that her attempt at getting a conversation going had obviously failed miserably.

"Want some hot chocolate?" Mary asked.

"Ah...sure," Matt said.

Mary got up and went out into the kitchen. She stood at the counter getting the hot chocolate ready and realized she was trembling. "What's the matter with me?" she thought. "Here I am, all in a tizzy because I gave a hug to...to a boy who's the same age as my son. I...I should never have asked him to stay over tonight."

Matt couldn't concentrate on the movie. He pushed himself out of his chair and walked out to the kitchen. Mrs. Forrester was standing at the counter, her back to him. He started toward her.

"Can I help you with that, Mrs. Forrester?" he asked.

Mary, lost in thought, hadn't heard Matt enter the kitchen. The sound of his voice startled her, she dropped the can of hot chocolate mix and it hit the counter in an explosion of chocolate dust. Then she turned toward the young man and, without knowing why, burst into tears.

Matt had no idea why Mrs. Forrester was acting the way she was. He stood there, dumbfounded, wondering if he'd done something wrong, watching her cry. Then, because he thought her crying was his fault and wanted to do something to make her feel better, he stepped closer and tentatively put his arms around her.

Mary felt the young man put his arms around her and, without thinking, she moved into his embrace. Her body pressed against his, her head went to his shoulder, and her arms slid around him. It felt, she discovered, quite nice, being in his arms. They stood like that for a while, then she leaned back in the circle of the young man's arms and looked up at him. Her eyes were wide and her chest was heaving. She felt things happening to her, things she knew she shouldn't allow to happen, but she couldn't stop them.

Matt looked at the lovely woman in his arms. Her wide eyes were staring into his. He'd dreamed of this minute so often, but never expected that it would really happen. As he gazed into Mrs. Forrester's lovely gray eyes, something told him he could do more. Trembling with anticipation, he slowly bent his head and covered her mouth with his. When their lips touched, flames of desire flared in the young man and his embrace tightened.

Mary was just as confused as Matt was and, when his lips suddenly pressed against hers, she felt as if she would explode. Her body took over, reacting to the need that had been built up in it. One of her hands tangled in the young man's hair and she pressed her lips tighter against his. Then her tongue slid tentatively across his lips.

While he shared the kiss with Mrs. Forrester, Matt was experiencing a jumble of wild, emotions, things he'd never felt before in his life. He was holding and kissing the woman he'd had so many fantasies about! Her luscious body was pressed against his, and her tongue was stroking his lips! His penis swelled mightily in his pants and, involuntarily, his groin thrust forward.

At last, because they had to breathe, they reluctantly ended the kiss. Mary again leaned back in Matt's arms and gazed at him. Her heart was pounding. She felt his swollen penis pressing against her. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, but things had gone way to far for her to be able to stop now.

Matt wasn't sure what Mrs. Forrester was going to do next. He expected her to hit him, or yell at him, or something. He was sure she'd tell him to get out of her house and never come back. Instead, she kept looking into his eyes and her body stayed pressed against his swollen groin. Then she backed out of his embrace, took his hand, and started for the doorway. Confused, scared, and trembling with excitement, he went with her.

Mary, knew what she was doing was very, very wrong, but she continued to lead the passion-numb young man up the stairs to the bedroom she'd shared with no one but her husband. She knew she shouldn't be doing this, that she was letting her emotions and needs overpower her good sense, but she didn't care.

Once they were inside the bedroom, she let go of Matt's hand, closed and locked the door, then she turned to him. He stood there, breathing heavily, still as a statue, staring at her with wide eyes filled with confusion. She moved to him, pulled him into her arms and, once again they kissed. When they did the flames of lust began leaping higher in both of them.

While their second kiss went on, Mary began to open the buttons of Matt's shirt. Soon her hands were moving over the smooth skin of his heaving, hairless chest.

"Ah!" Matt groaned when Mrs. Forrester's warm, smooth hands began to slide over his bare skin. This was real! It was really happening! Frantic thoughts raced through his over-worked mind as she continued to stroke him.

Finally, Mary took the young man's hand, tugged him to the bed, and they fell on it next to each other. Once more their lips met and their bodies pressed together.

Matt's hands slid up under Mary's sweat shirt, his fingers blazing trails of heat as they moved over her warm, silken skin. Then, somehow, the sweatshirt was off, as were his pants. Without either of them realizing how they'd gotten undressed, they were, and their naked bodies pressed together in a yearning embrace.

Mary's hand slid between them, across Matt's belly, and found his throbbing erection. She grasped it gently, stroked it softly, and exulted in how wonderful it felt. She needed to be made love to desperately and was thrilled how big and hard the young man was!

Matt's hands ventured over Mary's body without pattern. He was confused and more excited than he believed it was possible to be! He wished he knew what to do, how to make love to this beautiful woman, but he didn't.

Mary, enthralled by the young man's reticence, gently urged him onto his back, then she knelt astride his trembling body. Shaking like a leaf, she raised her hips, reached between them, and guided his swollen, veined shaft to the juice-soaked lips of her vagina. When she had him in position, she slowly lowered herself, taking him into her. "I've done it!" she thought as ecstasy inundated her. "And God, does it feel wonderful!"

Matt felt as if the top of his head was going to come off when Mrs. Forrester rolled atop him and absorbed his erection slowly into her clutching, fiery cavern. He had often dreamed about this moment, but as good as he thought it would be, he found that the reality was far better! His wildest fantasies paled in comparison to the onslaught of powerful sensations ripping through his young body as his swollen organ probed deeper and deeper into Mrs. Forrester's body!

The intensity of the experience made Mary marvel, too. Just having Matt's erection sliding into her almost made her come! Slowly, she began rocking her hips and as she did, she could feel the young man's turgid shaft sliding in and out of her.

Matt couldn't stand it. He was too turned on! The pressures in his body raced rapidly to the bursting point, then went beyond. "Oh, God!" he groaned. "Mrs. Forrester, I...I...I'm gonna come! Oh, God!" His penis began to pulsate, each spasm more exquisitely pleasurable than the last, then jets of his seed spewed into Mrs. Forrester.

The hot fluids gushing into her swept Mary over the edge. "Matt! Oh! Oh, my darling! Yes! Yes! Oh, God, Matt! Oh yes!" she cried, her body thrashing, "Mmmm! Ah! Ahhh!"

The two lovers strained against each other while passion arced between them like a high-voltage current.

At last their ecstasy subsided to joy and their frantic motions slowed, then stopped. Each wanted to say so much, but neither knew what to say, so they lay for a long time, wrapped in each other's arms, their bodies still joined.

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