tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 12

Family Affairs Ch. 12

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter twelve

When he went with Matt to get clothing, Ricky noticed something in Matt's truck he thought he might be able to use. It was the electric garage door control clipped to the sun visor.

Before he left for his date with Dianna, Ricky "borrowed" the device. Matt's house would be a lot more comfortable place to make love with Dianna than his car was. And, since Den's folks were away and Matt wasn't home, Ricky couldn't see why he couldn't take Dianna to Matt's home.

After much indecision, Dianna finally decided on a dress for her date. She'd just finished dressing and had walked into the living room when she saw Ricky pull up. She grabbed her coat and purse, ran out to the car and slid in next to him. A quick kiss, and they were off.

"Why don't we skip the movie tonight?" Ricky said. "I have a surprise for you."

"What?" Dianna asked.

"If I told you, it wouldn't be a surprise," Ricky replied.

Dianna was flabbergasted when Ricky pulled into the driveway of Matt's home.

"What are you doing?" she asked. She wasn't thrilled at the prospect of seeing Matt. "Why...why are we at Matt's house?"

"Hey, calm down," Ricky said. "Matt's folks are away, and he's staying at our house. That means this place is empty. I figured we could have a lot more fun here than in the car."

Dianna experienced a bit of inner conflict. On one hand, she was pleased by the prospect of not having to grope around in the back seat of the car. But Matt's house? Why did it feel like being here with Ricky here was wrong?

Ricky, unaware of his date's dilemma, pushed the button on the garage door control, drove into the garage, and pushed the button to close the door behind them.

"This...this is where Matt parks his truck," Dianna thought as she got out of Ricky's car. When she got to where Ricky was standing, he pulled her into his arms, cupped her bottom in his hands, and kissed her.

Dianna felt as if she were melting. All Ricky had to do was touch her and she was lost. Her lips pressed against his, and her tongue slid between them, seeking contact with his. The heat of passion began to fill her slim, young body.

"Come on, let's go inside," Ricky said when the kiss ended. He took her hand and pulled her toward the door.

Dianna followed, her body totally dominated by the passion blazing inside her. Ricky led her through the kitchen and up the stairs to Matt's room. Once they were in the bedroom, Ricky again pulled her into his arms and covered her lips with his.

While they kissed, Ricky pulled down the zipper at the back of her dress, then he pushed it down over her shoulders and it fell, a puddle of cloth at her feet. He stepped back and looked at her as he unbuttoned his own shirt.

Dianna realized he was looking at her and closed her eyes as the coolish air of the room swept over her nearly naked body. All she wore was a pair of very scanty bikinis.

Ricky finished getting out of his clothes, then moved to Dianna and laid her down on the bed. Her petite breasts stood proudly, their straining, large nipples protruding from the roseate circles that surrounded them.

Ricky had seen larger breasts, but for some reason, he found Dianna's enticing. The nipples looked particularly succulent. He captured one rubbery tip between his lips.

Dianna groaned and grabbed his head, pulling him against her. She felt his hand sliding over her belly and pushing under her panties. Her hips rose. Then her body jolted with pleasure as his searching fingers delved between her legs and began to slide over the soaking wet lips of her vagina.

"Oh!" she mewled, her hips writhing, "Ricky! Oh, God! Ricky!"

Ricky abandoned her rigid nipples and kissed his way down over her trembling body, noting that her skin was soft and silken. He'd never been with a girl who reacted as passionately to his caresses as Dianna did.

Dianna was sure she'd go crazy. It wasn't possible for one's mind to absorb this much pleasure and not crack. It was like her body was one huge over-stimulated nerve, and Ricky kept inflaming it more and more.

Ricky's face moved between Dianna's quaking thighs and he covered her sopping opening with his mouth. His tongue lashed her swollen clit, then probed her spasming opening.

Dianna was unprepared for Ricky's oral assault and what resulted from it. "Oh! Ricky! My God! My God!" she cried, her hips going wild, her body straining. "Too good! Oh, God! Yes!"

Ricky held onto Dianna's firm buttocks as he drove her wild with his mouth. At last her writhing body calmed and she collapsed, limp, onto the bed. She lay there, her legs splayed, her chest heaving.

Aroused by Dianna's frantic reaction to his lingual caresses, Ricky straightened up. His cock, sticking out like a fleshy sword, pointed directly at the junction of his pretty partner's outspread legs. Slowly, he moved between those lovely columns of flesh and positioned the flared purple tip amid the silken, slick lips of Dianna's open vagina.

Dianna felt the bed move when Ricky got on, then his flesh rubbed hers as he moved between her legs. In her lust-stunned mind, she felt the stirring of passion once more. He was going to take her! His hard, super-hot rod caressed the walls of her channel as it slid into her wanting young body.

"Ricky! Oh, Ricky!" she moaned, her head rolling from side to side, reaching for him. It felt so good! Her back arched, forcing her hips up, drawing him more deeply into her. "Please!" she begged, "Oh, God, please, Ricky! If feels so good! Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"

Once Ricky had himself hilted in Dianna, he bent and kissed his partner's swollen red lips, his tongue lashing hers. Dianna groaned into his open mouth. He started to move in her, pulling back until only the head of his cock remained in her.

"In me! Please, Ricky! Put it in me!" Dianna begged, her hands pulling at him, her hips rising off the bed, seeking him. "Don't tease me! Please!"

Ricky smiled and slowly lowered his hips, driving his rigid fleshy spike back into her. As he did, he heard a hiss of satisfaction escape from Dianna's lips.

Ricky was an experienced sexual partner, and had control. Even though Dianna's love channel was clasping his cock delightfully, he managed to hold back. Then, suddenly, he felt the ripples of her imminent orgasm on his cock, and her body began to vibrate as her second orgasm of the night tore through her.

"Aghh! Again! I'm...I'm! Oh, God, Ricky! I'm coming again!" Dianna cried as once more ecstatic sensations flooded her body. "Again! I can't believe it! Again!"

Ricky waited until Dianna's second orgasm passed, then pulled his still-hard cock from her. "Roll over and get on your knees," he told her.

Dianna - wondering what Ricky was up to - did as she was told. She gasped when he plunged his tool into her from the rear. She was frightened. She was sure that if she came again, she'd go insane. It wasn't possible for anyone to feel this good!

Ricky drove into the lovely girl from the rear, enjoying the view of her luscious, firm bottom, and her delicately curved back. He kept jabbing into her as long as he could, but was losing control fast. The bed rocked and squeaked with the force of their joining, and there were smacks as his thighs slapped against his partner's.

"Dianna!" he cried at last, unable to hold back any more, "I gotta come! Oh, God! I gotta come! Yeah!"

Dianna didn't hear Ricky's cries of bliss. Blood was pounding in her ears, and the force of his thrusts made her arms collapse. Then she realized it was going to happen again! Ricky was going to make her come again!

Ricky felt his fluids bubbling up inside him in a wash of delight, then they blasted into his partner's snug, welcoming sex cave.

"I'm coming!" he cried, grabbing her hips, slamming against her even harder.

"Gaa! Gaa!" Dianna babbled as another mind-splitting orgasm convulsed her. Her fingers clutched the bedspread while the ecstatic sensations continued and her vagina spasmed around Ricky's invading cock. "I...can't...can't stop! I can't stop coming!" she cried. "I...I can't stop! Ricky!" Then things went black.

Ricky, still driving his cock into Dianna, was confused when her cries of joy stopped abruptly and she collapsed on the bed. He stopped and remained motionless for a moment, looking down at her. Fear started, then abated, when he realized she was still breathing. She'd passed out! He smiled. He'd never screwed a girl unconscious before. He got off the bed and looked at Dianna, who lay there rather grotesquely, her bottom still sticking up a little, legs still parted, their mixed juices dripping from her well-used vagina. "Maybe," he thought, without knowing why, "maybe I'll have to take her out one more time. She sure is a helluva piece of ass!"

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