tagIncest/TabooFamily Affairs Ch. 12

Family Affairs Ch. 12


The Bike Ride

Saturday morning arrived and Josh pulled up outside his girlfriend's house. She had told him that they were going out for a bike ride with some of her family, and he had his bike already on the back of his car. Since meeting Lisa six months ago he had fallen in love with her and knew she was the one. They had talked about moving in together and even marriage, but she had always diverted the conversation, but then this week when he mentioned it again she said that before they make any plans She wanted him to meet more of her family. He had met Lisa's parents a couple of times when they had gone out for a meal together or had drinks at the pub.

Lisa had explained that her family were nudists at home, after he had complimented her on her all over tan one night when they were in his bed. He guessed that was why he had never been invited into their house. Nudism was not something he had ever thought about until Lisa had mentioned it that night, but the idea that a family could spend time together in the nude and not be embarrassed about it intrigued him.

Josh had very little family himself; there was just him and Emma now, his younger sister, since his parents had died in a car accident when he was 19. For the last three years he and Emma had lived together in the old family home. He had managed to finish his degree and was starting work in a months time as a sales rep, Emma was off to university in September so it was the perfect time for Lisa to move in with him.

As he waited on the drive for Lisa, he saw her dad walk out the front door, thankfully he was clothed. Josh stepped out of the car keen to make a good impression on Mr Kirby.

"Hi Josh." He said to him. "Nice to see you again."

"You too Mr Kirby, how are you and Mrs Kirby?" Josh asked as they shook hands.

"We are actually very good thanks," Peter said, still thinking about the night before with his mum and dad. "Lisa mentioned to me that you might have something to ask me before you went out today."

"Do I?" replied Josh, before he realised that Lisa had dropped him right in it. "Oh yes I do," he said as he recovered the situation. "Mr Kirby, I would like to ask your blessing to marry Lisa, if she will have me."

"Well done Josh, that was not too hard was it." Peter said he clapped Josh on the back. "Of course you may ask her, you seem like a decent enough young man, and she seems to be happy with you. I have one request of you though?"

"What's that Mr Kirby?"

"Wait until you bring her back here today, because I know Mrs Kirby will want to be the first to hear the news." What Peter really meant was, wait until after you have discovered what our family is really like and if you can deal with it before you ask her.

"Of course I will Mr Kirby."

"What's going on here?" Lisa asked as she came out to meet them from the back pushing her bicycle.

"Oh just guy talk honey, nothing to worry about," Peter said smiling at his daughter.

Josh only had eyes for Lisa now, she was wearing a pair of cut off shorts and a vest top with no bra under it and he could plainly see her nipples making an appearance through the vest material. He looked at her dad who seemed to be oblivious to them, but then he saw them all the time Josh realised with a smile to himself.

Once Lisa's bike was fixed to the back of his car they got in and kissed before driving away, Lisa giving him directions to her grandparents house. "You look great today Lisa, but not normal cycling gear is it?"

"You don't mind do you, I don't go in for all that Lycra and stuff, it makes me all sweaty and uncomfortable."

"No I don't mind so long as your pussy does not get sore on the saddle."

"Don't you worry about my pussy, if it gets sore it won't be from the saddle I can assure you" she said with a little giggle.

When they arrived at the house Josh saw a guy younger than himself fixing two bikes to the back of a large 4x4. "Oh good my cousin John is coming with us, you will like him, he's cool and good fun, even if he is younger."

"Hi John," she called out the window as they pulled on to the drive.

Turning around John waved at his cousin as she got out the car, long legs first. "Hi Lisa, and this must be Josh?"

"Hello John, nice to meet you, I'd like to say I have heard so much about you, but to be honest Lisa doesn't talk about the family much."

"Probably for the best," John said laughing and helping Josh take their bikes off his car and adding them to the ones on the 4x4. "Grandma's inside Lisa I think she wanted you to help her with something."

"Oh right." Lisa said and went on indoors. When she reached the kitchen she found her grandma putting the finishing touches to a picnic hamper. "Hi grandma!" Lisa said when she saw her.

"Hello my dear, are you ready for today?"

"Yes grandma, not thought of much else since Sunday. Josh has no idea what's in store for him today, actually neither do I, but I have a better idea than him." She said as she flung her arms round her grandma and said, "thanks for doing this for me you are one in a million."

"I am sure it will be my pleasure too. Do you think he will like what I am wearing? Not too obvious is it?"

"Grandma you look hot, I hope I look as good as you when I am your age."

"Cheeky, no need for that." They both laughed when Lisa realised Lou was just teasing her. "Now let's go out there and see what your young man is made of." Between them they carried the hamper out to the car.

Josh almost fell over his own feet when he saw the two of them walk out, he was struck not only by the family resemblance between them but also just how good they looked, he saw John looking too, and thought he must be thinking the same thing. Lisa's grandmother was wearing a short denim skirt and a tight Lycra top that pushed her huge tits up causing a deep cleavage between them. Feeling very conscious in his cycle shorts Josh hid himself behind the car so neither of them would be able to see what was developing in them.

"Josh, come here and meet Grandma," she says she knows the perfect place to go for a leisure ride." Emerging from behind the car Josh joined his girlfriend.

"Nice to meet you Josh. Looks like you are a serious cyclist, judging by your gear." Lou said as she looked him over and not missing the very large bulge at the front of his shorts.

"Pleased to meet you too Mrs Kirby."

"It's Mrs White, Josh. Lisa's mum is my daughter."

"Of course, sorry, I should have guessed." Josh said before he realised what he had said, as he was looking g right at her buxom chest as he said it.

"Yes Lisa and Monica get their boobs from me."

"Oh grandma!" Lisa said, but smiling as she noticed just how red Josh had gone. "I think we should get going, Josh get in the back with me."

Within a few minutes they were travelling along the dual carriageway, John and Lou talking in the front. John was telling her about his new business opportunity as a handyman. Josh could tell there was something unsaid between them but could not make it out. Lisa held his hand and mouthed 'I love you!' to him. He squeezed her hand and mouthed the same before he pulled her close to him and the cuddled on the back seat.

"What do you think of Grandma?" Lisa whispered to him as she snuggled up to him.

"She is very nice."

"Just nice? It looked like you thought something more than that from what was going on in your shorts."

"Lisa, that's your grandma."

"Yeah, so what, I think she is sexy and don't mind saying it."

"Well yes she is I suppose."

"Hey Grandma, Josh thinks you are a sexy GILF." Causing Josh to look at her hard and unimpressed.

"I never said that Mrs White, she is teasing me."

"What, don't you think I am sexy Josh, I am disappointed, I tried so hard this morning."

"It's ok Grandma, I think you are sexy," said John putting his hand on his Grandmas leg, which was not unnoticed by Josh.

When they had been on the main road for 20 minutes Lou pulled off the road and followed a narrow track till she reached a small car park which was surprisingly hidden away and no other car was there.

"How did you find this place Grandma?" John asked.

"Oh your grandpa and I have known it for years, when we were your age we used to come here with friends to have some nude time away from the world. Lisa has told you we are nudists hasn't she Josh?"

"Yes she has Mrs White."

"Good, ok boys take the bikes off we will go for a ride first before we come back and pick up the hamper for lunch."

Josh and John worked together to take the bikes down, talking about colleges and Josh's new job which sounded like a good one considering he was only 22 and was earning a good salary and a company car.

When the four bikes were ready they all got on, as she lifted her leg over her bike Lou made sure that Josh got a quick flash of her bare ass under her short skirt, and smiled at Lisa.

The four of them set off John leading the way with Josh after Lou had told him where to go. They followed the road they had driven in on for about a mile before they came to a turning off to the right down an old farm track with grass down the middle of the road. All the while John and Josh continued to talk about their lives, Josh told John about losing his parents and how he had supported his sister Emma since then. John asked a lot of questions about Emma, his interest in his new friends sister obvious to Josh.

"Well I hope you will meet her yourself soon if everything goes to plan today John," he told him.

"i would like that mate."

After cycling along the track for another mile and a half the two lads realised that they had left Lisa and Lou way behind them, so stopped and waited for them. The sun was beating down and John was feeling it, "shit it's hot Josh," he said as he pulled his t shirt off and stuffed it into the waistband of his shorts.

As Lou and Lisa approached John watched Josh, his eyes switching between the two women moving form one pair of tits jiggling in Lisa's t shirt unfettered, to the other bouncing over the top of Lou's Lycra top.

"What a pair." John said.

Josh just nodded and agreed.

"I meant what a pair of women, but I think you mean what a pair of tits don't you?"

"Yes I did."

"But whose Josh? Lisa's or my Grandma's?"

"I shouldn't be looking at your Grandma's like that."

"Well I won't deny I was Josh, they are amazing"

Before Josh could reply the two women caught them up. "What's amazing?" Lisa asked.

"We were talking about yours and Grandma's tits actually Lisa."

Lou heard this and said "well seeing as you have your top off I don't see why we can't too, do you Lisa?"

"I think you are right Grandma," Lisa replied as she pulled her vest up over her head and threw it at Josh. "You don't mind carrying that do you?"

Josh was stunned, of course he had seen Lisa's tits many times but never outdoors like this. He was even more stunned when her Grandma unzipped the Lycra top she was wearing and let her big older tits fall out. "Well Josh what do you think? Do mine match up to my Granddaughter's then?"

"Oh Grandma leave the guy alone," John said in Josh's defence.

"No it's a fair question John," Lisa said. "Come on Josh whose are best?" She asked as she put her arm around her grandma's waist and pushed her left tit against Lou's right one.

Josh had time to think of a good answer now thanks to John, "I can see the family resemblance clearer now. And although your tits are firm and young Lisa, you wouldn't have them without your Grandma's genes, so I have to give them credit for that too Mrs White."

Lou and Lisa looked at each other and smiled, "that's a good answer Josh," Lou said. "You will do well in sales young man. Now ride with me a while so I can get to know you better."

"Ok Mrs White." The two of them started of side by side leaving Lisa and John to follow. They watched the two in front of them talking and noticed Josh look sideways often whenever he spoke to their grandma, getting another look at her tits as they swung.

"What do you think then John?" Liar asked her cousin as they followed.

"He sees a nice guy, and does not seem too phased by Grandma."

"No I am so pleased. Just don't know how he's going to react as things get heavier."

"I think he will be fine, when I asked about his sister he gave a really good description of her. Got the feeling he was very close."

"Yes they are but not as close as mum and your dad."

"maybe not, but does not mean he has not thought of her like that."

Looking ahead again Lisa had to smile at her Grandma, she was doing her best to give Josh as good a look as possible at her body. With her little denim skirt on she must have been riding with her pussy up against the saddle, and when there were bumps in the track she would lift herself off the saddle letting Josh and the other two get a clear view of her ass again.

"Isn't it weird seeing Grandma teasing your boyfriend like that Lisa?"

"Not really John, this is all petty new to you I suppose, but it's been my life since I can remember."

"Time to turn things up again John?"


Lisa pulled her brakes on, got off her bike and before Josh noticed they had stopped she pulled her shorts down, leaving herself in just a thong. She got back on her bike and looked at John." Let's catch them up."

The two of them cycled faster now to close in on Lou and Josh. When he saw that Lisa was naked but for a thing Josh could not hold back, "fuck Lisa, what the hell are you doing? What if we meet someone?"

"It's fine Josh, don't worry. If we do then I am sure they will not say anything will they Grandma?"

"Probably not dear," Lou agreed. In my experience one of two things tend to happen when textiles catch nudists in the countryside. The first thing is they completely ignore it, pretending that they have not noticed. And the second is they say something along the lines of enjoy yourself."

"How many times has it happened to you grandma?" John asked.

"Oh I have lost count now John. Must be over 20 times over the years."

"See Josh, it's no big deal," Lisa told him.

"In that case let's all do it," suggested John. "How much further till we get back to the car Grandma?"

"Another 20 minutes cycling I guess John."

"Ok, whose with me then?" He said stopping in the track and taking his shorts off and tying them and his shirt to the handlebar of his bike. Lou and Lisa stopped with him and it took only a few seconds until they were out of skirt and thong respectively. The three of them looked at Josh expectantly.

"You lot are all freaks," he said, and Lisa thought she had failed at that point. Then Josh got off his bike and saying, "if you can't beat them join them I guess," standing with his back to them he took his top and shorts off before sitting back on his bike.

Lisa was so happy she went straight to him, flung her arms around him and kissed him passionately. "What was that for?" He asked when she let him go.

"You just don't know what it means to me to have you join us."

"Hey I am not saying I am nudist you know."

"I know Josh, but it is the first step on the journey."

"That's right Josh, and it's the most difficult one in fact," added Lou who had very quickly noticed just what Josh had been hiding in his shorts. He had the biggest dick she had seen in a very long time. Even in its unexcited state it was longer than Paul's. It's was definitely the biggest in the family. "I think there are going to be a lot of our family who are going to want to see you nude Josh."

"Right lets ride back to the car park now. No stopping for anything, and no putting on clothes till we get there ok?" said John.

With that the four of them cycled away, Josh feeling the fresh air on his body for the first time since he was a young boy, and actually enjoying the sensation.

It was a little over 25 minutes before they turned into the car park once again, to Josh's relief there was still no other car apart from Lisa's grandma's. He had actually enjoyed the last part of the ride more than he would have expected, although his ass was sore from not having the same padding he had in his cycle shorts. How Lisa was feeling he could only imagine but then he had been imagining he pussy rubbing against her saddle for most of the way, wondering if her pussy lips were being spread apart by it. His answer came shortly after she passed him her bike to put back onto the car. There was a clear smear of her pussy juices over the saddle. "Oh sorry Josh, didn't realise I left that there," she said when he pointed it out to her. She used a finger to wipe it off and then offered her finger to him to lick off. It tasted good when he licked it off her finger, making sure that the other two had not seen him do it.

John came over with his grandma's bike and when Josh looked sure enough there was some on her saddle too, not as much but it was there. John had obviously seen it too and before he picked up the bike to put on the carrier he bent over and licked it off directly. "Seems a shame to waste it Josh," he said licking his lips. Josh just smiled but could say nothing as he watched John lick his own grandma's pussy juice off a bike saddle.

"Right lets go and find a quiet spot for this picnic," Lou announced when the bikes were all loaded up." The four of them were still nude, no one had mentioned it yet, and Josh was not going to say anything in case they thought him a lightweight. "I think there is a nice place just up here along this footpath if I remember correctly," she told them as she started off up a path between the trees.

John went off with Lou leaving Josh with Lisa for the first time all morning. As they followed Lisa asked, "so what do you think?"

"About what Lisa? Your grandma, your cousin, being naked out here or seeing you and them naked too."

"All of it!"

"It's all good," he said after a minute thinking. "They both seem cool, if not a bit weird. And I don't seem to mind being naked around them as much as I thought I would."

"What do you mean weird?"

"Oh I did not mean it nasty. It's just, oh I don't know I can't put my finger on it."

"Would you like to?" She said as she took his hand and put it between her legs as they walked.

"Stop it Lisa, they could turn around any minute, but yes I want to put more than my finger on it right now."

"Well maybe you will."

Lou had stopped in a clearing and turned around just as Josh pulled his hand away from Lisa's crotch. "Come on you two no dilly dallying."

"We weren't Grandma."

"No I know exactly what you were doing," Lou said as she and John laid a rug out on the grass.

"See I told you Lisa." Josh said, but Lisa just smiled at him.

Lou pulled out of the hamper basket the food she had prepared for lunch and the four of them sat on the rug eating. Josh noticed that Lisa sat crossed legged her pussy lips open and on display to not just him but Josh and her grandmother too. They did not seem to take much notice of it however. Her grandma though sat more demurely her legs folded under her bum so she was not on display like her granddaughter.

After lunch Lou stood up and announced, "I need a pee now, all that water I drank on the ride has filled me up. Would you excuse me."

Josh expected her to go off into the woods to somewhere they could not see, but no. Lou walked only to the edge of the clearing before squatting down and with her back to them peed on the grass. When she returned she still had a few drips on her pubic hair. "That's better, sorry Josh hope you did not mind but there was no way I was walking in the woods."

"Its ok Mrs White, when you got to go! And its not like I have not seen a woman have a pee before."

"Isn't it Josh, you have not watched me," Lisa said, for the first time today Josh had turned the table on her.

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