tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 13

Family Affairs Ch. 13

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter thirteen

Matt awoke and was confused when he realized he was lying in a strange bed, in a strange room. At first, he wasn't sure where he was, or how he'd gotten there. Then memories of what happened the night before came rushing back. He and Mrs. Forrester had made love. Or had it just been another dream? He was afraid to open his eyes, he was sure that he would discover the bliss he remembered was yet another figment of his overactive imagination.

He moved his leg, felt something warm against brush against him and realized it was bare flesh. He opened his eyes, carefully turned his head, and saw Mrs. Forrester's lovely face. She was lying next to him, still asleep. He glanced downward. She was naked! And her nude body was far more beautiful than he'd dreamed it would be! Her bare breasts, flattened somewhat because she was lying on her back, rose and fell as she breathed.

Being careful so he wouldn't waken the woman who lay asleep next to him, the elated young man shifted position so he could see more of her. He wasn't sure how he'd wound up in this situation, and since he might never have the chance again, he wanted to make the most of it. What he saw delighted him. Mrs. Forrester's shiny black hair had fanned out on the pillow around her gorgeous face like an ebony halo. Her skin - all over - was somewhat dusky, a result of her Mediterranean ancestry. Between her legs he could see the black, tightly curled, luxuriant mass of her pubic hair.

Matt's penis begin to swell and grow as he surveyed Mrs. Forrester's lovely nude body. His avid gaze returned to her magnificent breasts. They were capped with large, dark circles, out of which protruded thick, partially erect nipples.

"We...Mrs. Forrester and I...we really did make love!" he mused, and found he was still a bit stunned by that realization. "I wasn't dreaming!" He laid there, recalling in passionate detail how wonderful making love with his friend's mother had been. And, as he mentally re-lived what had happened earlier that night, his penis grew fully erect. It became a throbbing, heavily veined monster, the purple head pointing toward Mrs. Forrester's lovely torso.

"Her breasts are even more beautiful than I thought they'd be!" the young man thought. He was captivated by the steady rise and fall of the mounds adorning Mrs. Forrester's chest. "I...I've got to kiss one!" Moving with great care, he leaned over the sleeping woman and gently took one of her semi-hard nipples between his lips. He was delighted when he felt it begin to swell and grow inside his mouth.

Tingling, sweet sensations wakened Mary Forrester. Like Matt, she was at first disoriented, but as she became more alert, the recollection of where she was, who was with her, and how they'd gotten there, flooded her wakening mind. "My God!" she thought, as marvelous feelings rushed though her, "I really did do it, didn't I? I seduced Matt, my son's best friend!" She didn't move. What the teenager was doing felt so good, she didn't want it to stop, even though she knew, deep down inside her, that she should end this now, before she got herself deeper into a situation that could come to no good.

Matt shifted, leaned over further, and captured Mrs. Forrester's other nipple with his lips. Now that he'd gotten started, he wasn't going to be denied. This was too wonderful!

What the young man was doing felt so delicious Mary almost groaned with delight, but she forced herself not to. As enchantment, sparked by the young man's caresses, continued to fill her, she tried desperately to think. "What am I going to do?" she wondered. "If Tom ever finds out what I've done, he'll divorce me! God, if our friends find out, I'll be disgraced. And if Ricky finds out... My God! That feels so good! No! No! I can't let Matt keep doing that! I have to tell him to stop! I must make him go home! If he keeps that up, I'll, I'll..."

Matt continued to bestow his attentions on his lovely companion, suckling first one nipple, then the other, unaware his partner had awakened. Her nipples were warm and rubbery and swelled and grew larger the more he sucked on them. Even the dark circles of her areolas were swollen and standing out from the smooth flesh of her breasts.

"I have to stop him!" Mary thought, but the messages her body gave her brain overrode her good judgment. "I have to...oh God! It feels so good! Tom never plays with my breasts any more! Oh! That feels so good!"

Matt, growing more adventuresome, took the unattended nipple between his thumb and forefinger and began to twirl it tenderly.

"I have to make him stop now!" Mary thought. She opened her mouth and tried to speak, but growing lust was rapidly routing thoughts of stopping from her mind. Her breasts had always been super-sensitive and, unknowingly, Matt chose the one approach that guaranteed he'd once again get to enjoy making love with the woman of his dreams. He didn't know that, though. All he knew was he was fulfilling a long-held fantasy and that doing so was even more wonderful than he dreamed it would be.

"What's happening to me?" Mary thought. She realized she was losing control again and that desire was taking over. "Why can't I tell him to stop? If I don't stop him soon...I...I...Oh, God! Oh, God! What's happening to me? What's wrong with me? Oh, God!" What was happening was an orgasm. Her body began to quake and she could no longer maintain the pretense of sleep. "Ah! Oh, God!" she cried. "Matt! Matt! Oh, God! Matt!"

Startled by Mrs. Forrester's ecstatic cries, Matt drew back. He was afraid he'd hurt her. He watched in amazement while, writhing and shuddering, she clutched her breasts and loud moans emanated from her. At last she lay still, her eyes closed. After a few minutes, she opened her eyes and looked at him. He saw tears welling up in her lovely gray eyes and was frightened.

"Mrs. Forrester, did...did I hurt you?" he asked. "I...I'm real sorry if...if I did."

Mary pulled him into her arms. "Oh, no, Matt! No darling, you...you didn't hurt me!" she exclaimed. "That...it was marvelous! You wonderful, wonderful young man! You gave me an orgasm, a wonderful orgasm, by kissing my breasts! That's never, ever happened to me before!"

They kissed and as their tongues lashed, the fires of passion were stoked once more. When Mary felt Matt's erection pressing against her belly, she realized, she wanted him again. She knew continuing to make love with him was wrong, but she couldn't stop herself. "Matt, would you like to make love with me again?" she whispered.

"Yes!" Matt hissed. His hands resumed gliding over her lush physique. "Oh, yes!"

Mary rolled on her back and pulled him atop her. "Take me then, Matt! I need you!"

Matt couldn't believe his ears! He slid his body over hers and his erection slid between her legs. Her hot, wet opening caressed his swollen shaft and he shuddered. Problem was, he wasn't sure how to get it into her. He raised his hips and the tip of his pulsing, swollen wand slid between her labia. He lowered his hips and the shaft glided into her tight, wet opening.

"Yes! Oh, lover, yes!" Mary groaned when the young man's thick wand slid into her, filling her once again. "Oh, darling, yes!"

He was making love to her again! Matt experienced a rush of elation when his erection plunged into Mrs. Forrester. That realization, coupled with the incredible sensations her tight sleeve gave him as it caressed his embedded organ, sent a shock of delight through the young man. He really was making love to Mrs. Forrester! Again! Slowly, acting on pure instinct, he began to move his hips.

"Oh, yes!" Mary moaned. Euphoria filled her while Matt's invading member stirred her toward another frenzy of erotic delight. "Take me! Oh, God! Matt! Take me!"

Matt was incapable of doing anything else. His hips became a blur of motion, ramming his cock deep into the gorgeous older woman's lush body.

"That's it! Oh, God! Yes! That's it!" Mary cried. "Oh, darling! Yes!"

Matt's fluids began bubbling up inside him, causing him pleasure so exquisite it was nearly pain; then his cream blasted into his partner's hot cave.

"I'm coming!" he cried, "Oh, God! Oh, good God! I'm coming!"

Mary felt the hot fluids splashing against her cervix and went spinning into a vortex of bliss, a never-ending spiral of total joy. "Me, too! Oh, Matt! Oh, lover! I'm coming, too! I...I'm coming too! Yes! Yes! Take me! Yes! Oh, yes! Take me!"

Rocking and shaking, their hips grinding together, the two lovers shared ultimate joy. Then, slowly, passion began to wane and, eventually, they calmed.

Afterward, lying in each other's arms, they gazed at each other lovingly.

"Oh, God, Matt, that was incredible!" Mary told her young lover. She was too spent to move. "You are magnificent!"

Matt felt himself blush. "Ah, you were pretty awesome, too. I...I'm sure glad Ricky invited me over!"

Mary giggled and said, "I'm glad he did, too."

Matt kissed her.

Mary's look turned serious. "You know..." she said, "...as wonderful as this was, we shouldn't have done it. I...I admit that I loved it. I really did. But...but we could get in serious trouble if anyone found out."

Matt kissed her again. "Nobody will find out," he protested. He was scared to death he'd never have another opportunity to enjoy the wonders he'd just experienced.

"Oh, Matt, I know you won't. That's the problem. Tonight was so wonderful," Mary said softly, caressing her young lover's face, "I'll probably regret it, but...but we...we really have to stop. We...we can't ever do this again. We really can't."

Tears welled up in Matt's eyes. She couldn't mean that! It wasn't fair! "But..." he started to protest.

Mary silenced him with a soft kiss. "Please, Matt, don't make this any harder for me than it already is," she said. "What you and I shared was wonderful! But we have to stop right now. Let's allow tonight to be a memory we can always cherish. You better get up and get to your room before Ricky gets home."

Matt didn't know what to do or say to convince Mrs. Forrester that what she was saying was wrong. Dispirited, he got out of bed, picked up his clothes and stood there, looking down at the gorgeous woman, tears rolling down his cheeks.

"Go through the bathroom," Mary told him. The bathroom served both the master bedroom and the one they used as a guest room. "That way, Ricky won't catch you coming out of my bedroom. Go on, now."

Dejected, Matt did as he was told. In the quiet of his room he dropped his clothes on the floor and flopped on the bed. It wasn't fair! It just wasn't fair! Exhausted from his exertions, he fell asleep.

Mary was just as frustrated as Matt, but was afraid to let him to know it. In just two wild sessions of love-making, the young man had given her more pleasure than she could ever remember sharing with Tom. Matt had been so shy, so inexperienced, and he gazed at her with such an adoring look...

"If Matt was my lover, I could teach him all kinds of..." Mary forced the thought, pleasurable though it might be, from her mind. "I am doing the right thing. If I stop this right now, no more harm will be done. Nobody will get hurt."

She laid there, trying to convince herself she'd made the right decision and, as she did, Mary drifted off to sleep.

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