tagIncest/TabooFamily Affairs Ch. 13

Family Affairs Ch. 13


Josh Has News for Sister

Arriving back at Lou's house, John was quick to sort the bikes out.

"Josh would you mind coming inside for a minute with me please," Lou asked him.

"Sure Grandma," Josh said getting used to calling her that now.

"Grandma we don't have time for that again, we need to be going soon," teased Lisa as she saw her Grandma and new Fiancé go indoors.

"Ignore her, that's not what I want you for just now, but I do hope to enjoy you again soon."

"What can I do for you Grandma?"

"It's what I can do for you this time, just wait there," Lou said as she went upstairs.

When she returned she was naked again, "I cannot wait to get nude as a soon as I get home," she explained. "Now have you thought about an engagement ring for Lisa?"

"Well I had thought of my Mum's but I think my sister Emma has her eye on that for when she finds a husband."

"Well I would be honoured if you would use this one," Lou said as she presented to Josh a small ring box. When he opened it he found a perfect Diamond Solitaire ring.

"Oh I could never afford this."

"It's a gift Josh, it was my mothers ring and I know that Lisa has always loved it. She will be surprised when you give it to her, not a word ok?"

"Oh Grandma it's perfect, thank you so much." Josh put his arms around Lou and kissed her as her breasts pushed against his shirt.

"It's the least I can do for you two, now take her home, I understand you are out for dinner later?"

"Yes I will wait till then to give her the ring."

The two of them walked back outside, Josh and Lisa got back in his car and after waving at Lou drove off.

"So what was that about with Grandma then?" Lisa asked as soon as they were out of the drive.

"Oh nothing much she was just telling me to take care of you and not hurt you. Which of course she didn't need to say, I love you so much."

"Love you too," she replied her hand on his leg as he drove.

Arriving back at her house Lisa saw no one was home, guessing that Mum and Dad were probably out this afternoon shopping for the party, they would be so pleased to hear that it all went well today.

"So I will pick you up again at 7," Josh said after they had shared a long kiss on the driveway.

"That should give me long enough to make myself beautiful."

"You are always beautiful. Pack a bag too as I want you to stay the night if you can."

"Ok, what about Emma?"

"I am going to tell her everything when I get home one way or another I think I am going to need your help later."

Laying one more kiss on his cheek, Lisa said, "ok stud, hope it goes as you want it to. See you later."

Josh pulled out of the drive and turned to home, having no idea at all what he was going to say to his sister, but knowing he had to do it.

Arriving at their house he saw that Emma was already home, he called out to her but there was no answer. As he went upstairs he realised the reason for that when he heard the shower water. Living in their late parents modest house with just one bathroom meant that over the past few years they had become used to sharing it and the door was never locked. Josh poked his head around the door and called to his sister, "Em, I'm home. Are you going to be long?"

Emma stuck her head out from behind the shower curtain, her blonde hair wet, and said, "No. Why? do you need the bathroom?"

"Not yet but I need to speak to you before you go out this evening."

"Ok, just a couple of minutes longer," she said going back into the shower. Josh had not failed to notice her boob against the plastic curtain as the spoke and could see her small nipple through it. He went to his bedroom to wait for Emma to finish her shower.

When the door opened she walked out wrapped in a towel and called, "this better not take long, I am due to meet the girls in an hour and I am already behind. Come in here and tell me whilst I dress." It did not happen very often, but this was not the first time Josh had been in the room whilst Emma had dressed, he often helped in fact with difficult zippers and buttons, but after today he realised that anything could happen.

When he walked into her room, Emma was slipping on a pair of panties her wet towel on the floor. Josh eyed her bum as the lacy panties fitted tightly over it. Turning round to face him Emma said, "so what's so important step then?"

Josh looked at his sister standing in front of him in just her panties and felt his cock stir in his cycle shorts hoping she would not notice. "I just wanted to tell you that I asked Lisa to marry me."

"Oh Josh that's great, I assume she said yes?"

"Yes she did," he replied with a huge smile.

Emma almost jumped over her bed to him and her arms were around him in seconds, forgetting completely that she was only wearing her panties. A detail that was not lost on her brother though as he felt her push against his body.

"I am going to have a sister!" Emma shouted in his ear.

"More than that Em, you will gain a whole family again, it wont be just us anymore."

"Well if they are all like Lisa then I cant wait."

"From what I can tell they are pretty much all like her," Josh told her knowing he had to tell her more. "Lisa and I are going out for a meal tonight and then she is coming back here. You will see more of her round here actually."

"Are you asking her to move in?" Emma asked, as she continued to dress and was putting her bra on, hiding her tits from her brother.

"Yes but that's not what I meant?" Josh told her.

"What then?" Emma asked.

"Well I found out today that Lisa and her family are all nudists. And we are going to follow their lifestyle too."

"What you mean you and Lisa are going to be nude around here all the time?"

"Yes, will you mind?"

"Josh, what do you think? You have been in my room for the past 5 minutes looking at my body, I don't think you being naked around me is a problem."

"That's good, her parents are having a party for us tomorrow, you are invited too."

"Will it be a nude party then?"

"Yes it will, but Lisa said that you won't be expected to strip off if you don't want to."

"Ok, I'll have to see, but I do want to meet our new family."

By now Emma was dressed and applying her make up in the mirror. Josh looked at her in the mirror, and took a deep breath. "There is one more thing Em."


"Yes, I am going to tell you something else now, and it's because I love you and want to you to know everything about Lisa and I."

"Well it can't be bigger than that?" Lisa told him.

"Oh it can, so here goes. This afternoon I fucked Lisa's Grandma, whilst Lisa and her cousin John fucked each other."

Emma looked at her brother in the reflection waiting for him to laugh as surely he was kidding. But the smile never came he just looked back at her.

"You are serious aren't you?" Emma said.

"Yes I am."

"What kind of shit have you got yourself into Josh!"

"It's cool, the whole family are at it, I was shocked too at first, but when Lisa's Grandma explained everything to me it all made sense."

"And you are ok with this?"

"Yes I am, I want you to know about it, as I am sure it will come up tomorrow if you go to the party."

"I can't handle this now Josh, I am due out soon. I am going to have to think about it. But I have a question for you?"

"Ok what?"

"You have been looking at me differently all the time we have been talking, do you want us to be like them about this too? I was happy with the nudity thing, but this?"

"Em, let's see what happens, go out and enjoy yourself tonight, Lisa will be here when you get back, maybe she can help you better than I can, it's all new to me too."

"I don't know, at the moment I am looking at you like some kind of pervert, she is going to have to be more convincing than you."

Josh went to kiss her as she stood up now ready to go out, but she moved her head away and said we will talk later, I can't deal with this now."

Josh watched his sister leave and realised that whatever happened their relationship was never going to be the same again.

Now it was time to get himself ready for his date with Lisa. Stripping off he we event to the bathroom and looked at himself in the mirror, pleased with what he saw. He had always known he was well blessed between his legs, but he remembered the comments Lisa's grandma had made and was looking forward to seeing the effect on the other ladies in the family. He had been shocked the first time Lisa had passed out whilst they had sex, but now had become used to it, although he still did not know what he did that caused it to happen. As he washed his body his mind drifted between Lisa, Mrs White and Emma, thinking of how she looked as she stood in front of him earlier in just her panties, and the feeling of her bare tits against his chest. For the first time he felt no guilt about these thoughts remembering what Lisa's Grandma had told him about love. He just hoped that Lisa could make Emma understand too. He wanted to jerk off in the shower but stopped himself, saving it for later when he got Lisa home.

At 7 o'clock he pulled up onto the drive at Lisa's house, he had checked his pocket to make sure the ring was still there at least three times since he had left home, and did it once more before he rang the doorbell. When the door opened he was greeted by Lisa's dad. Josh was not sure what troubled him more, the fact that he was looking at his future father in law's naked body or the look on the man's face.

"I think you better come in son," Peter said.

It was then that Josh remembered that he had promised him to wait until this evening to propose to Lisa. " I am sorry Mr Kirby, I know I said I would wait, but with all that happened today it just seemed the right time."

Peter looked at the young man and felt sorry for him, he had planned to make him suffer for a while about not waiting, but as he had come clean immediately Peter no longer had it in him. With a huge grin the older man just pulled the younger one to him and said, "everything is fine Josh, don't worry. Lisa told us everything I think it's great that you have accepted our lifestyle so quickly, it took me a little longer than you, but once my wife's mum got hold of me I was converted. Sounds like she did the same to you."

"Yes I guess she did," Josh said realising that Lisa's dad still had his arms around him in a father son embrace. It was then that he remembered what Lisa and John had explained to him earlier about the family greetings and realised that he must be waiting for him to greet properly. Josh had never touched another man's cock before but gingerly he put his hand down and gently cupped the shaved balls.

"I wondered when you would remember your manners," Peter said finally before letting go of Josh. I hear you did something special to my mother in law this afternoon, she has been on the phone to Lisa's mum for half an hour since we got home telling her all about it. Sounds like quite a trick you have there, she can't wait to try it out for herself."

"Are you talking about me Peter Kirby?" Monica said as she entered the hall.

Josh was speechless, he had seen the two ends of the family gene pool today but here in the middle was perfection. Lisa's mum had just the right amount of curves to look sexy but her boobs were still firm enough not to sag. Like her daughter and husband he noticed she was shaved, something he was beginning to get used to although had not considered shaving his own balls until he had seen Lisa's dad. Having now seen both her mum and grandmother naked Josh knew exactly what the future held for Lisa and he was not disappointed.

Monica went straight to Josh and like her husband gave him a hug, but she was not waiting for him to respond her hand went straight to his groin and found his cock. "Oh shit Peter, Mum was not kidding that thing is huge. Can I get a quick look at it Josh."

Josh had remembered what to do this time and had his hand touching Monica's smooth pussy lips as she was holding onto his dick under his trousers.

"Mum can't you wait till tomorrow?" Lisa asked as she came downstairs.

"Actually no I don't think I can from what your Grandma said to me. So how about it Josh? Just a quick look?"

"You better show her Josh, she won't be satisfied until she has seen for herself if I know my mum." Josh smiled at Lisa and taking his hand back unzipped his trousers and pulled them and his boxers down so that his dick was out on show fully. He was pleased that it was semi hard and although not his full length was still impressive. Monica thought so too it seemed as she sighed out loud when she saw it. Lisa held her mum's hand back before she could touch it, "you asked for a look, you said nothing about touching, that one is all mine tonight. Come on Josh let's leave these two to what ever they have planned tonight."

"Before you go we just wanted to say congratulations to you both," Peter said. "Josh we look forward to welcoming you to our family properly tomorrow but go out now and enjoy yourselves. It looks like you won't be home tonight Lisa?" He added when he saw her overnight bag.

"No that's right, I am staying at at Josh's tonight."

"Well just make sure you are both here tomorrow lunchtime, everyone else is getting here then," Monica told them as she kissed both Lisa and Josh goodbye.

The two young people left in Josh's car, Lisa was looking gorgeous to Josh, she was wearing a short mini dress, and when he put a hand between her legs in the car she lifted it so he could see the little white g string she was wearing. Her full tits were pushed up and her necklace set off her chest perfectly. When they arrived at the restaurant Josh had booked they walked in hand in hand and were shown to their table by a young waitress.

Whilst they were waiting for their order Josh put his hand in his pocket and took out the ring box. "Lisa," he started, "today has been an eye opener to me for sure, you made me the happiest man alive when you said yes to me, I thought I had thrown it all away when I stormed off."

Lisa took his hand across the table and said, "I have never been happier Josh, and I thought I had lost you for ever. But we are going to be ok aren't we?"

"Yes we are." Josh put his other hand which was holding the box on top of Lisa's and said, "I have something here for you."

Lisa recognised the box straight away, she had been looking at this box and the ring inside since she had been a little girl. "Oh Josh!" She said as he opened it and took out the ring.

"Grandma gave this to me this afternoon, she said you always liked it, and I didn't have anything like it to offer you."

"Like it? I love it Josh, I always have. She is a devious cow isn't she?" Lisa said as Josh slipped the ring on her finger. She looked at it sparkling in the lights a grin from ear to ear on her face. "Can this day get any better?" She said.

"I hope so, but you will have to wait till we get home," Josh said. "Oh and talking about home, I spoke to Emma and asked her if she minded you moving in and she was all for it, she said she was looking forward to having a sister around the place."

"I would love to," Lisa replied, then added, "what did you tell her?"


"And she still wants me as a sister?"

"That was before I told her everything," Josh said a concerned look crossing his face as he remembered Emma calling him a pervert.

"It didn't go so well then?"

"Being a nudist she could handle, was fine with us being naked around the house, but the other stuff she is having rouble dealing with. I don't blame her of course, just look at how I reacted, she was not that bad."

"So what do we do?"

"She said she will talk about it when she gets home tonight, I told her you would be there and maybe you can help her understand."

"I'll do my best, but I am not Grandma."

Over the rest of the dinner Lisa talked about the rest of the family, telling Josh who would be at the party tomorrow and what he might expect. She told him that Aunty Sarah was not going to be there, but that was just as well as she would have never let him go if she was. Lisa warned Josh that he may even get some attention from the men in the family too, particularly her Uncle Simon who was gay, and without a partner at the moment. Josh did not know how to take this news but trusting Lisa and her family enough already to know that whatever happened would be safe and fun.

When the meal was over their waitress brought the bill and asked if they were celebrating something. They told her they had just got engaged and she wanted to see the ring which Lisa was happy to show off. Before they left the restaurant the head waiter brought a bottle of champagne over to them and told them to enjoy it later when they got home as Josh could not drink any more and drive home. Thanking him and the waitress they left the restaurant and drove home.

Emma was still out when they arrived home, Josh took out a pair of champagne glasses and poured the bubbly out. Taking their drinks to the lounge they fell on the sofa and began kissing between sips of the champagne. It did not take long for them bottle to be two thirds empty and the two of them were quite merry. Lisa had lifted her dress off and they were making out on the sofa, she had pulled Josh's trousers and boxers off and was stroking the length of his cock as they kissed.

Lisa dropped on to the floor and knelt between Josh's legs and began to lick his cock from the balls to the tip and back down again. Taking each ball in turn into her mouth and rolling it around with her tongue before moving back up to the tip again. She pulled his foreskin back and exposed his purple head and slid her wet tongue over his most sensitive parts giving particular attention to the slit at the end, spreading it gently with the point of her tongue. He was now fully hard and Lisa needed him inside her, she could feel her own juices building up and the string of her thong getting wetter and wetter as her pussy dripped her juices.

Taking control so she would not pass out this time Lisa straddled his legs and slowly lowered her self onto his huge cock. She was facing him and saw the smile on his face as her tight pussy began to loosen as she accommodated his size. When she was three quarters down his length she began to rise up again leaving juices over his cock as it left her pussy. When just the tip was inside her she leant forward and kissed him passionately letting his cock rest just inside her lips.

Lisa caught a movement out of the corner of her eye, and without looking realised that Emma had returned and was by the door and had been watching them.

"Is my pussy tighter than Grandma's?" She asked him as she slowly lowered herself back down.

"Fuck yes," Josh said as he felt her slide down.

"But you enjoyed fucking her didn't you?"

"Oh yes. She is amazing Lisa. I can't wait to fuck your mum too she is stunning, the perfect mix of you and your grandma."

Lisa was lifting herself back up as she said, "well when she saw your cock earlier I thought she was going to jump on it then and there. If it was not for the fact that we were about to leave I would have let her too."

Josh just managed a moan as he thought of Lisa's mum on his cock.

"Dad would not have minded either, especially if I sucked him off as he watched," Lisa said and heard the little gasp from the doorway, knowing that she had just confirmed for Emma everything that Josh had told her earlier.

Time to take it to the next level now, she thought. "I hope Emma doesn't mind me moving in," she said, more speed increasing as she rode Josh's cock. "I wouldn't mind licking her pussy you know, is she shaved? You must have seen it haven't you Josh?"

"Yes I have seen it," Josh said between gasps, "she has a landing strip of blonde hair."

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