tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 17b

Family Affairs Ch. 17b

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter seventeen

Tom Forrester angrily jabbed his finger against the buttons on the phone on his office desk, dialing his home number for the fifth time in a half-hour. The phone on the other end of the line rang, and rang, but no one answered. He wanted to talk to his wife and wondered where she was. He still couldn't believe she was serious when she said she didn't care if he left. He figured if he could talk to her, he could get her to see how foolish she was being.

"Shit," he thought, "She was complaining that I haven't been screwing her enough lately. Maybe if I throw a good fuck into her that will keep her happy for a while." Frustrated and angry because he couldn't reach his wife, he slammed the phone down. "Where the fuck is she?" he wondered.

He considered sending his partner, Jim Hennessy, on the trip to Galveston he had scheduled for the next week. If he did that he could spend the weekend with Mary and Ricky. No, Gloria was expecting him. He couldn't miss those soft lips, and that red hair! A body as slim as a rail and boobs big as cantaloupes. He'd take Mary away some weekend when he didn't have something else planned.

He dialed home again, and again the phone rang and rang and rang. Furious, Tom slammed the phone down so hard it almost fell off his desk. "Fuck her!" he thought. "Goddamnit! I'll show her! I'm going home! She damn well better be there!"

He stormed out of his office, told his startled secretary he was going home, got in his car, and drove rapidly to his house. He slammed in the door.

"Mary! Mary!" he yelled, "Godammit, Mary! Where the hell are you?"

Growing more agitated by the second, he searched through the house, but found no sign of his wife. "I'll show her!" he fumed.

He stomped up to the bedroom, got out a couple of suitcases, packed most of his clothes and toilet things, then went back down to the kitchen. He found a piece of paper, scribbled a note and left it lying on the kitchen counter, then he took his things out to his car and left.

He gave no thought to the effect the note might have on Ricky, if his son was unlucky enough to find it. He was so angry he forgot Mary hadn't brought up the subject of divorce, he had.

He drove into downtown Jamestown, to the Center City Hotel, and got a suite. After he put his things away in the room, he realized his impulsive action just might have ensured the end of his marriage.

"So what?" he thought. He walked to the phone beside the bed, picked it up, and dialed a number. "Judy," he said when the woman on the other end answered, "Tom Forrester. Yeah, I'm back in town. Got back Tuesday. I missed you, too, baby. Look, I'm over at the Center City, you want to come over and join me?"

He listened to her, a smile forming on his lips, then he said, "I left her. I decided enough was enough. Look, baby, you take a cab, I'll pay for it."

He put the phone down and lay back on the bed. Judy was all right. It would be fun spending the afternoon. He loved her long blonde hair that came almost to that luscious ass. And those boobs of hers! If there was a girl with perfect bazooms it was Judy! As he lay there thinking about the girl he'd be screwing shortly, he felt a twinge in his groin. "Yeah," he said, "Judy isn't too smart, but what a piece of ass!"

He picked up the phone and ordered a bottle of champagne. Might as well celebrate his new-found freedom in style.

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