tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 25

Family Affairs Ch. 25

byD.C. Roi©

Ricky was excited when he got home from school. "Coach made arrangements for me to go talk with the basketball coach up at State," he said, "He thinks I can get a full scholarship."

"That's really neat, Rick," Matt said.

"Yes, honey, that's wonderful," Mary agreed.

"Yeah, we're leaving Friday night, after school. We're going to fly up there and spend the weekend. State is paying for everything," Ricky said. He was almost beside himself with excitement.

"That's super!" Mary said. "How long will you be gone?"

"We get back late Sunday," Rick said.

Matt was jubilant. Rick's news meant he and Mary would have the weekend alone. They'd finally be able to spend two whole nights sleeping together. All he had to do was wait four more nights. "I better go back to school tomorrow," he said. "I'm afraid I've gotten way behind on my work."

Mary looked at him, puzzled. She hoped they might have a few more days together.

"We can go over and clean up my place this weekend," he told her.

"All right," Mary said.

Matt took them out to dinner to celebrate his new family arrangement. When they returned home, they spent most of the evening talking about how much fun it was going to be for the three of them to be living as a family. Eventually, worn out from the day's excitement, they went to bed.

Mary and Matt made love again, but once more she insisted he spend the night in his own room.

"Don't look so upset. We'll be able to spend nights together this weekend," she told her disappointed young paramour.

After breakfast the next morning, the boys rode to school together in Matt's truck.

"You still going out with Dianna Hillman?" Matt asked as they drove down the street.

"Nah," Ricky said, "she was OK and all, a lot of fun, really, but I'm not ready to settle down with anybody." Thinking about Dianna made him decide he'd take her out again. She was a heck of a piece of ass.

"You mean you took her out, then dropped her, just like that?" Matt asked.

"Sure," his friend replied. "No way I'm going to get tied down to one chick. I've got four years of college, and college chicks, ahead of me. Getting tied down to one girl will crimp my style."

"I don't know, Rick," Matt said, "I can't see how you can be like that." He made the turn into the school parking lot.

"Hey, bro," Rick said as they walked into the school. "Look around. There are a lot of chicks in school who ain't bad. I mean, why should I pass up all those opportunities?"

Matt didn't know how to respond. He just shook his head and went to his locker. He got his books out and turned around to find Dianna standing there.

"Hi," she said.

Matt smiled and said, "Hi."

"You staying around?" she asked.

Matt nodded. "Yeah," he said. "I'm living with Rick and his Mom."

"What happened to your aunt and uncle?" Dianna asked.

"They went back to Seattle," Matt said. "If I never see them again, it will be too soon." He smiled at her. "Thanks for being a friend the other day. I really appreciate that."

Dianna felt her cheeks get hot. "It...it, ah, was no problem. I'm glad I was there for you," she said.

"I have to get to class," Matt said. "Can I sit with you at lunch?"

"Uh...sure," Dianna said.

"Great! See you then." Matt turned and left. As he walked down the hall, Rick came up beside him.

"Saw you talking with Dianna Hillman," his friend said.

"So?" Matt asked.

"Hey, no problem!" Rick said. "I think it's a great idea. Start with the pushovers first, then work up to the hard ones." He clapped Matt on the shoulder and went into a classroom.

"Damn him!" Matt thought. He wasn't sure why Rick's comment bugged him as much as it did, but it sure made him angry.

The morning went quickly. Matt enjoyed being back, and the teachers were happy to see him. He and Dianna sat in a corner of the cafeteria and had a nice talk. He felt really good when he was with her, and discovered they had quite a few of the same interests.

The bell rang.

"Want a ride home after school?" Matt asked.

"Uh...sure," Dianna said.

"My truck's out in the parking lot. I'll wait for you," Matt said.

That day, school seemed to be more fun than ever for both young people. Dianna walked to class smiling, feeling warm inside. "Matt likes me," she thought. "He likes me for me, and not what he can get from me." Knowing that made her feel warm inside. She was standing next to the pickup, waiting for Matt, after school let out.

Matt smiled at her as he walked across the parking lot. "Been waiting long?" he asked.

She shook her head and said, "No, I just got here."

Matt held the door for her, and she climbed in. He walked around to his side, got in, started the engine, then he drove out of the parking lot.

"Thanks for the ride," Dianna said when they reached her place.

"Any time," Matt told her. She got out, waved to him, and he drove off.

As he got closer to home, Matt's thoughts of Dianna were supplanted by anticipation. Rick had an away game tonight and wouldn't be home until late. Matt knew what he hoped would happen, and fervently hoped Mary felt the same way. He parked the truck in the driveway and ran into the house.

At home, Mary had her excitement growing as the time for Matt to arrive home from school approached. She spent the whole day envisioning an evening of passion, it distracted her so much she was unable to do much other than daydream. Her pulse began racing when she heard the truck pull into the driveway. "Having Matt living here should be very satisfying," she mused.

She walked into the kitchen just as Matt burst through the door. He dropped his books on the floor, grabbed her, and kissed her.

Their need to breathe eventually terminated the kiss.

"I've been thinking about you all day," Matt panted. His hands moved to Mary's blouse and started opening the buttons. His eyes widened and he smiled broadly when he discovered she wasn't wearing a bra. "No bra?" he asked.

"I thought it would just get in the way," Mary replied. She shuddered when the young man's lips and hands went to work on her nipples. Ecstasy rushed through her, she groaned with delight and felt her legs going rubbery. Her hands clutched his head, pulling him against her. "Oh! Matt! That feels so good!" she whimpered. "I love the way you touch my breasts!" His caresses were so soft, so gentle, and so exciting!

While his lips and one hand worked on Mary's large, firm, breasts, his other hand slid down her belly to her waist and undid the clasp of her slacks. The zipper buzzed open and the slacks pooled at her ankles. His hand caressed her belly, then delved into her lush forest of pubic hair.

Matt looked at her and smiled. "No underwear, either?" he asked.

Mary responded with a kiss and her tongue explored his mouth.

"We...we shouldn't be doing this here...in the...Ah!...kitchen," she murmured as his hands continued to drive her wild after the kiss ended. "What...Oh!...what if someone comes to the door?"

"Good thinking," Matt said. He took her hand and led her into the living room. He had her lay down on the sofa, knelt next to her, and resumed his avid exploration of her willing form with lips and hands. Her skin was so warm, so silken, and her response to his touch was so wild.

A constant stream of gasps and groans came from Mary as her young lover's hands, lips, and tongue did incredible things to her quaking body. He was such an incredible lover!

One of Matt's hands slid down a shapely leg, lifted it, and laid it on the back of the sofa. Then, softly, he kissed the baby-smooth skin of her inner thighs. Mary was thrilled. Tom, her husband, had never taken so much time with her, or been so gentle! It was exhilarating! Passion grew and blossomed, swept over her in waves, then began again, each wave taking her to higher and higher levels of delight. "Matt! Oh, God! Oh, God! That feels so wonderful!" she babbled. "Never! Never felt like this! Never!"

Matt loved the effect his caresses were having on Mary and continued his slow, loving exploration. He touched and kissed her everywhere except where she begged him to. At last, unable to resist temptation any longer, he covered the glistening lips of her vagina with his mouth.

Mary had almost reached the point where she felt it was impossible to feel any better. Then, when Matt's lips and tongue began an exquisite exploration of the center of her passion, a brilliant, overwhelming storm of erotic sensations was unleashed. Her hips rocked up off the couch, and orgasm rent her. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she cried, her body thrashing, "I'm...I'm coming! Yes! Oh, yes! Ahhh!"

Matt kept going until Mary lay limp and spent, her arms slack, her eyes closed. He exulted in being able to give this lovely woman so much pleasure. He'd dreamed about doing all this with her for so long and now, to be able to actually do it, and to have it be this good for her, was more than he'd ever dreamed.

While Mary lay half-dozing, Matt got up and picked up his camera. Once more, he snapped pictures of the gorgeous female. He used up a whole roll of film, then re-loaded the camera.

Mary stretched, opened her eyes, and heard the buzzing of the film advance on Matt's camera. She smiled at him, and, thinking herself quite wanton, began to pose.

Mary's reaction surprised and excited Matt. He continued to snap pictures while she began playing with herself.

"That's it!" he exclaimed. Mary cupped her breasts in her hands and thumbed the nipples. "Play with yourself!"

Mary was startled to discover that being photographed nude, in erotic poses, was exciting and became easier to do the more she did it. Her face started to display the slackness of expanding passion as she savored the pleasure her hands were giving her. She almost forgot Matt was taking pictures of her auto-erotic activities.

"She's getting turned on!" Matt realized as he moved around snapping pose after pose. The realization caused his already-hard penis to twitch uncomfortably in his snug jeans. As he watched Mary get more and more aroused, he continued to take pictures.

Mary, by now only vaguely aware of the camera, was actively making love to herself. Her hands slid across her belly, and dipped into her groin. While the fingers of one hand explored her oozing quim, the other hand began to twirl her engorged clit.

"Oh! Oh!" she gasped, delighted, her hips bucking upward, driven by her pumping, twirling fingers.

"If she keeps that up, maybe she'll come!" Matt thought. His body was aflame with desire from watching her. The front of his pants was soaked with pre-cum, and his penis was so hard it hurt. Although he very much wanted to join Mary in her erotic activities, he kept shooting pictures. He wanted a picture of her coming!

"Ahh!" Mary cried out suddenly, "Unhh! Unnhh!" Her whirling hand was a blur on her clit, and she had three fingers thrusting into her. Her body twisted and strained when she came, and her legs quaked. Matt got it all. Even after she collapsed, spent, he continued to take pictures. Finally, the film was gone.

Mary lay on the sofa, smiling up at him, blushing furiously. "I can't believe I really did that," she said softly. "Did...did you get pictures of all of it?"

Matt, overwhelmed, couldn't talk. He nodded.

Mary held out her arms. As much fun as self-loving had been, she wanted more. She wanted the real thing! "Come here, lover."

Stiff-legged, Matt moved to the sofa. Mary undid his belt, opened his pants, pushed them down over his hips, then she took his swollen penis in her hand.

"I want this!" she murmured. "Put it in me! Now!"

Matt didn't waste any time. He laid down the camera and climbed between her outspread thighs, thrilled as the head of his erection rode up between her damp vaginal lips and into her pubic hair.

Mary reached between their inflamed bodies, grasped the object of her desire, guided it to her pulsing opening, then she gasped with joy when Matt lowered his hips, driving deep into her.

"Darling! Oh, Darling!" she cooed. "Yes! Oh, yes!"

Matt had an infinitesimal amount of control. Mary's passionate performance for the camera had him incredibly turned on. Now, her grasping vagina milking his penis gave him sensations so incredibly sweet he almost came the instant he entered her. Hilted deeply in her, feeling her channel massaging his invading shaft, he held himself still, trying to regain some measure of control, but he knew he was fighting a losing battle.

"It feels so good having you in me," Mary purred. She pulled his face to hers and kissed him.

"It feels good being in you," Matt replied, finally feeling as if he had enough control to begin moving.

Mary was delightfully surprised to discover that having his swollen member in her, plumbing her depths, was arousing her once again. She couldn't believe it! She'd had two mind-blowing orgasms, and here she was, headed toward still another!

"Yes! Yes!" she mewled, her hips coming to life, rocking up to meet his thrusts. She couldn't believe she could come again, but this felt so good! How had she managed to live without this wonderful young man? He was incredible! She couldn't believe it. She was going to... "Oh! My God! Agg! Again!" she moaned. "Oh, God! I'm coming! I'm coming! Again! Yes! Yes! Oh, God! Yes!"

Mary's sudden explosion sent Matt off on his own carnival ride of delight.

"Mary! Oh, Mary!" he cried, feeling the powerful spasms as his body spewed what seemed like endless quantities of his hot fluids into her. Then he collapsed atop her, feeling the cushion of her breasts against his chest.

When they came to their senses, Matt kissed the lovely woman under him.

"You hungry?" he asked.

Mary nodded and said, "I'm starved." She reached out and stroked his face. "You want me to make us something?"

Matt got off the sofa. "Tonight's my treat," he said. "I'll make dinner for you." He picked up his jeans and slipped them on.

"I didn't know you cooked," Mary said.

"I...I do...a...a little," Matt stammered. He blushed, turned, and walked toward the kitchen.

Mary was surprised. Ricky had never shown the least interest in cooking. "Cooking is a woman's work," he said, echoing his father's sentiments. She got off the sofa, went upstairs, cleaned herself off, slipped on a fluffy robe from her closet, and went back downstairs.

Matt was busy at the stove. He'd found eggs, bacon, tomatoes, and mushrooms in the refrigerator, and had made up an omelet. He was cooking it when Mary came into the kitchen, walked up behind him, slid her arms around him, and kissed him softly on the neck.

"I love you," she whispered. "What are you making?"

"An omelet," Matt replied. "Tomato, bacon, and mushroom. And I love you, too."

"Where did you learn to cook?" she ran her fingers through his hair and licked his ear.

"Ah...Mom...she taught me a little. Uh, the rest, I just picked up on my own," he murmured.

"I'll set the table," Mary said. She reluctantly left him, got the dishes, and put them on the table.

While Mary was busy, Matt finished the omelet, then took it to the table, and they sat down and ate.

Mary was pleasantly surprised to find the omelet delicious. "This is fantastic!" she exclaimed. She looked at him. "Aren't you going to eat yours?"

Matt kept staring at her. He hadn't touched a bite of his food.

"Matt, you're not eating," Mary said. "Are you sick?"

Matt shook his head. "I just want to look at you," he told her.

Mary slid his portion from his plate to hers and ate that, too. After they finished eating, Matt got up and began clearing the table. Mary helped him.

"Let's go upstairs," she said when they were finished stacking the dishes in the dishwasher. "We can do the dishes later." She stood up, took his hand, and led him up the stairs.

Before they finally slept, Mary had two more orgasms, and fell asleep in her lover's arms.

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