tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 26

Family Affairs Ch. 26

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter twenty-six

Dianna, headed for the van the cheerleaders rode to away games, was feeling a little disappointed. She walked past the school bus holding the team after the basketball game without glancing up, all the while hoping that Ricky might call to her, but he didn't. The game was exciting, especially the way they won on Ricky's last-minute basket and the girls had cheered themselves hoarse.

As she neared the cheerleader's van, Miss Conklin, the cheerleading coach, walked up to her. "Dianna," the coach said, "would you like to a ride home with me instead of on the van?"

"Ah...yeah...sure," Dianna replied. An invitation to ride with Miss Conklin was a highly sought-after honor among members of the cheering squad.

"You did a fine job tonight, Dianna," Miss Conklin told her as they drove out of the parking lot. "I was impressed with the energy and ability you showed tonight."

Dianna felt her cheeks get hot. "Ah...thank you, Miss Conklin," she said.

"I know this may sound like a personal question, and you don't have to answer if you don't want to, but do you date a lot, Dianna?" Miss Conklin asked.

Dianna nodded and said, "Ah...some."

"I'm surprised to that. I would have thought a pretty girl like you would have all kinds of dates," the coach said.

"Ah...I...I'm not all that pretty," Dianna replied.

"You certainly are," Miss Conklin said. "I think you're one of the most attractive members of the squad."

Hearing the words of praise from her coach gave Dianna a warm feeling. She liked the idea that Miss Conklin thought she was pretty, even though she knew she wasn't as pretty as the coach was. Carol Conklin was gorgeous; blonde and statuesque. Dianna knew a lot of the boys in school had the hots for her.

"Would you like to stop and have a soda?" the coach asked.

Dianna nodded and said, "OK."

They stopped at a small diner and both of them had a cola and French Fries.

"You graduate this year, don't you Dianna?" Miss Conklin asked as they ate.

Dianna nodded, she was really gratified by her coach's attention, especially since Ricky hadn't been showing her any attention at all lately.

"What are you going to do after graduation?" Miss Conklin asked.

Dianna shrugged. "I don't really know. I'll probably get a job somewhere," she said. "My grades aren't all that good, and my folks don't have a lot of money, so I can't go to college."

Miss Conklin frowned and shook her head. "I wish I'd known that sooner," she said. "Some colleges offer scholarships for cheerleaders." She shook her head again and made her blond tresses quiver. "Given the level of skill you have, I might have been able to help you get one."

"That's...that's OK," Dianna said.

They continued the trip home. When they arrived in town, Miss Conklin asked if Dianna minded stopping at her apartment before she took her home. The young woman didn't mind and said so. At her coach's suggestion, Dianna went in with her.

The apartment was extremely nice. Very modern, with paintings of nude women on the walls, and there were several pieces of what were probably sculpture but looked an awful lot like penises.

Dianna was surprised by the decor. Miss Conklin seemed so unapproachable in school. That she'd have her apartment decorated with sexy pictures was something she would have never expected. "Your apartment is wild, Miss Conklin!" she said.

"Do you really like it?" the coach asked.

Dianna nodded. "It's really different. I think it's super!" she replied.

Miss Conklin moved close to Dianna. "Dianna, is...is the reason you don't date much that you don't really like boys?" she asked softly. Her hands began to slide up and down Dianna's arms.

"Ah...I...I don't know what you mean, Miss Conklin," Dianna replied. She was confused. What was going on? What was the coach up to? Why was she touching her like that?

"Dianna, have you ever made it with a woman?" Miss Conklin asked. Her voice was softer and smoother than Dianna had ever heard it.

The teenager was stunned. She liked Miss Conklin a lot, but she never expected anything like this! She knew some women were homosexual, but never dreamed anyone she knew was like that. Especially Miss Conklin. Her school jacket slid off her shoulders, urged by Miss Conklin's tender, insistent hands.

"Stop her!" Dianna's mind screamed. "Don't let her touch you like that! It's wrong!"

But Dianna couldn't respond. Miss Conklin was her friend, one of her only friends, and she didn't want to make her angry. If she angered the coach, she might get kicked off the cheerleading squad, and cheerleading was very important to the young girl. It was the only thing she did that made her feel worthwhile.

"You're trembling, my dove," the older woman whispered in the teen's ear, her voice even more mellow and captivating. "You aren't afraid of me, are you?"

"N...n...no," Dianna stammered, shaking her head. "It's...it's just that..."

Miss Conklin turned the young girl and silenced her with an open-mouthed kiss. Her tongue forced its way into Dianna's mouth and lashing around.

"This...it's...it's wrong!" Dianna thought. "Why...why does it feel so good?" Almost of their own volition, her arms slid around her older companion's splendid torso, and their bodies pressed together.

The kiss ended and Miss Conklin leaned back, looking at the cheerleader's flushed face and heaving chest. "I've wanted you for a very long time," the coach purred. "I know we're going to be very good together."

"I...I've never...done...anything like this..." Dianna whispered.

"I know, my lovely child," Miss Conklin said. "Believe me, you're going to have a delightful experience. I promise."

She put her arm around Dianna's shoulder and led the trembling lass into her bedroom.

Dianna went along with the older woman without a struggle. She wasn't sure she wanted to go through with this, but believed Miss Conklin wouldn't hurt her. And their kiss had been exciting! She could feel juices of excitement seeping from her vagina.

Once they were in the bedroom, Miss Conklin stopped, grabbed the hem of the letter sweater Dianna wore, and pulled it over her head. Then she removed the rest of the scanty uniform the girl wore and guided the quivering maiden to her bed.

Dianna found it uncomfortable being naked in front of her coach. Then Miss Conklin undressed and Dianna saw what a stupendous figure the older woman had. Her coach had big, well-shaped breasts with large nipples, strong, shapely legs, and a thick forest of blonde pubic hair. Dianna, feeling very inadequate in the face of such obvious feminine charms, crossed her arms over her chest, trying to hide her tiny breasts.

"Oh, please, don't cover them, darling," Miss Conklin purred as she knelt on the bed next to the trembling girl. She gently pulled Dianna's arms aside, then bent and captured one of the teen's pink nipples in her lips.

"Ohh!" Dianna moaned, her body arching, her clawed fingers clutching the bed covers. It didn't matter now; whatever Miss Conklin wanted, Dianna knew she would let her do. All her resistance was gone. Miss Conklin's hair tumbled forward, tickling the youngster's body, adding to the sensations already ripping through her slender form. She groaned and her writhing became more urgent. A soft hand slid over her belly, teasing through her pubic hair. Dianna couldn't believe it! It was as if Miss Conklin knew just what to do to drive her absolutely wild.

Carol Conklin was an experienced seductress. She'd seduced many girls, and knew from the minute she and Dianna kissed that the young girl was in her power. The slim teenager's avid response to her kisses and caresses delighted the coach. She did love seducing young, inexperienced, vulnerable girls.

"Oh! Miss Conklin!" Dianna groaned, "That feels so good!"

The older woman's lips moved over the slim girl's twisting, straining body and her fingers began to explore the nubile young woman's vagina, causing still more violent reactions from the woman-child. A finger slid between the lips of Dianna's vagina, poked into her, and a thumb began to strum the teen's clit. Dianna felt orgasm rushing toward her, overwhelming and unstoppable.

"Ah! Ahhh!" Dianna's body arched, her hips jerked, and her hands grabbed at her breasts, "Miss Conklin! I'm coming! Ah! Ahh!"

Carol Conklin continued to caress the young woman, keeping Dianna writhing, as she slid down between the girl's slim, trembling legs. Her mouth replaced her fingers on Dianna's opening, and her lips and tongue began to work on the juicy organ.

Dianna couldn't believe it. She'd just had an orgasm, and now Miss Conklin was eating her! The woman's lips and tongue felt so good, she was going to...

"Ohh! Annhh!" Dianna felt as if her body was turning inside-out. "I...I can't stop! I can't stop coming! Oh! Oh!"

Carol Conklin sat back and watched the final spasms of orgasm jolt Dianna's lean, lovely body. She decided to stop now and leave the girl feeling the after-glow of her thorough loving. If Dianna was left a little off-balance, that would make her easier to seduce next time. The slim, shy beauty was going to make a wonderful play-toy.

Carol stretched out on the bed next to her conquest and kissed her.

"Miss Conklin," Dianna said, "that...that was wonderful! You...made me feel...so...good!"

"A lovely thing like you deserves to be loved that way." Carol kissed Dianna on the forehead. "We'll have to get together again, soon. Would you like that?"

"Ah...yes," Dianna replied. "I-I would."

Carol felt good. By the time she finished with this girl, she'd be a love-slave, willing to do whatever Carol asked her to. "I better get you home now." Another soft kiss on Dianna's lips. "It's late. We don't want your folks worrying."

Dianna got up and dressed, very aware of Miss Conklin's admiring gaze. Did what just happened mean she was a Lesbian? It certainly felt good. She loved it. But didn't she love Ricky Forrester? Hadn't he made her feel equally good?

Dianna watched her coach dress. Miss Conklin was so pretty! And she said she thought Dianna was pretty, too. Ricky hadn't called for a while. Was she really in love with him? All this was so confusing. Maybe she should try to talk it out with someone, but who? Matt' name occurred to her. He was really nice, and she liked being with him. She knew he liked her, too. But what would he think if he knew what had happened with Miss Conklin.

Carol Conklin drove her young charge home. She could see the confusion in the teen-ager's eyes which was exactly what she wanted.

"She's mine," the voluptuous teacher thought. "I've got her. She'll be a fine addition to my string of play-toys."

Dianna went into her house after Miss Conklin dropped her off and went right to bed. She had a hard time getting to sleep, though. She couldn't understand why her life seemed to be getting more and more tangled up.

After she dropped Dianna off, Carol Conklin drove to a new high-rise condominium development on the other side of town, parked her car in the complex's garage, then took the elevator to the ground floor. She got off, walked down the hall to a familiar door, took out a key, opened the door, and walked in.

"I was wondering if you were coming over tonight," Tom Forrester said, smiling at her.

Carol began to unbutton the blouse she wore as she walked toward him. "I had something to take care of after the game tonight," she told him. "Something you and I will hopefully get to enjoy together very soon."

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