tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 27

Family Affairs Ch. 27

byD.C. Roi©

Mary awoke in the morning, saw Matt sleeping next to her, and realized that they'd spent the night together. She found that both exciting and scary. What if Ricky had tried to come in her room when he got home from the game? Fortunately, they had locked the bedroom doors, but he might have knocked. He sometimes did that because he was wound up after a game. Of course if that had happened, she'd have had time to waken Matt and get him out of there, so they probably were at little risk.

"Good morning, Matt," she said to the slumbering young man, whose eyes flickered open.

"Good...good morning?" Matt mumbled. He looked around. "Is...is it morning?"

Mary nodded.

"You mean we...?" he stammered.

Mary nodded again. "It was a delight to wake up with you here, next to me, my darling," she said, caressing his cheek lightly. "But we can't let this become a habit. We'll be in a lot of trouble if Ricky finds out what we're doing."

Matt nodded, kissed her, then climbed out of bed, picked up his clothes, and headed for his room.

Mary stretched and followed him as far as the bathroom. She turned on the water and examined herself in the mirror over the vanity while she waited for the water to get hot enough.

"Last night was really delicious!" Mary thought. A thrill coursed through her as she recollected what had transpired the previous night. She'd come five times! She'd never come that much in one night before. God, life with Matt would be wonderful!

Then reality intruded. Would it? She was more than twice his age and through with child-bearing. What if he wanted to have children? He had the right to expect that. She had no idea what she was going to do, or what would happen. All she did know was that she loved Matt, and couldn't give him up.

She opened the glass shower door, stepped inside, and felt the stinging hot spray pelting her body. When Matt was her age, she'd be sixty-three. Would he want her as much then as he did now?

Matt, in his room trying to decide what to wear to school, heard the shower start. Grinning, he slipped into the bathroom, his pulse pounding, and watched Mary's naked form moving through the pebbled glass of the shower doors. He quickly became turned on.

He'd once read a story in an adult magazine in which a couple made it in the shower and the idea intrigued him. He couldn't get enough of seeing Mary naked, and even if they didn't get it on, they could at least have fun.

Mary, unaware of Matt's avid scrutiny, had her back to him and was soaping herself. She had no idea he was in the bathroom. She worked the lather into her skin and stood, head back, eyes closed, under the driving spray.

His erection jutting from his middle, aimed in the direction of what he wanted, Matt silently slid the shower door open and stepped in.

When the door opened, Mary felt a rush of cool air, then hands began to slide over her soapy flesh, and something very warm and hard pressed between her buttocks.

"Matt!" she exclaimed when the young man pulled her back against him, squeezing her soap-slicked breasts, pushing his hard shaft between the cheeks of her bottom. It felt good, incredibly good!

Matt hadn't envisioned how exciting this would be. Mary's nipples protruded between his fingers as he massaged her breasts. The murmurs and groans coming from her proclaimed the level of ardor she was feeling, ardor that was taking control of her.

Matt thrust his hips forward, pushing his erection deep into the cleft of her bottom. His movement was eased by her body's soapy covering.

Mary responded by pressing her hips back against him. "You're making me crazy!" she moaned. "You touch me and I have to have you!"

"I need you, too," Matt whispered in her ear.

"Let's get dried off and go out to the bed," Mary said. The fleshy tube prodding insistently between her nether cheeks, teasing her anus, tantalizing her vagina, was turning her insides to gelatin. She needed to have him inside her!

"We don't have to do that. Just bend over," Matt said.

Not sure what he planned to do, Mary did what he told her to do. She felt the tip of his erection thrust between her puffy lips and touch her clit. Elation made her legs go rubbery, so she grabbed the faucets to steady herself. She enjoyed how if felt as the wedge-shaped head of her lover's engorged rod spread her open and slowly invaded and filled her, delighting her.

"Oh! Matt! That's incredible!" Mary groaned. She couldn't believe this was happening.

Matt felt the same way. He grabbed her hips and began to piston his shaft into her. The view the young man had was wonderful. Mary's gracefully curved back was covered with foamy suds and he loved the feel of her bottom slapping against his thighs as he thrust repeatedly into her.

Mary reached down to her middle and began to stroke her clit. As she did, she could feel Matt's throbbing shaft as it jabbed in and out. It was too much.

"Matt!" she groaned, "I...I...I'm...oh, God! I'm coming! Yes! Ah! Ahh! Ahhh!"

"Me, too!" Matt's hands dug into the soft flesh of her hips as he doused her insides with his scalding fluids.

Eventually, they slid to the floor of the shower and sat next to each other against the wall.

"You are incredible!" Mary told her young man, her chest still heaving.

"You aren't too bad...yourself," Matt replied. His breathing hadn't settled down, either.

They finished their shower, dressed, and went down to the kitchen. Ricky wasn't up yet. Matt straightened up the den while Mary started breakfast.

The lovers were sitting at the kitchen table, drinking hot chocolate, when Ricky came down and plopped into a chair.

"How did the game go last night?" Mary asked.

"Boy! Those guys were tough!" Ricky replied. "I thought we were going to cream them. I mean, they haven't won a game all year, but we only beat them by two points!"

"You never know," Matt said, "sometimes, when a team doesn't have anything to lose, they play better."

"I guess!" Ricky said. "We buried them when we played them here the first time. We beat them bad that time. I think we won by thirty or forty points."

"Is it possible you guys were over-confident?" Mary suggested. "After all, none of your games has been very close."

"I don't know what it was," Ricky said, "but I'll tell you, I was scared last night. They played so good, they shoulda beat us."

After breakfast, the boys headed for school. "How you doin' with Dianna?" Rick asked as they walked to their vehicles.

Matt felt his cheeks get hot. He shook his head.

"Come on!" Rick seemed surprised. "You aren't getting serious about her, are you? Christ! I'm telling you, Den, it's a mistake to get serious with a chick at our age. Enjoy 'em while you can."

"Damn you!" Matt thought, anger flashing in his mind. "How can you be such an ass?" He really liked Rick, but he'd have liked it better if his friend weren't such a boor about women.

Matt drove by Dianna's house and picked her up.

"How are you this morning?" he asked.

"Fine," Dianna replied softly.

"Rick said the game last night was a tough one," Matt observed.

Dianna nodded. "It sure was," she said, "I thought we were going to lose."

Matt pulled into the school lot, parked, and they walked into the school.

"See you at lunch?" he asked as they went down the hall.

"Uh...sure," Dianna replied. She went to her locker. She was still filled with conflicting emotions as a result of what had happened the night before. Was Miss Conklin going to invite her over again? She didn't know what she'd do if that happened. Part of her wanted to experience the wonderful feelings Miss Conklin had given her again, but part of her was repulsed, too. And she wondered what Matt would think of her if he knew what she'd done with Miss Conklin. She didn't think she could bear not having his friendship.

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