tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 37

Family Affairs Ch. 37

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter thirty-seven

While his son was having nightmares on the flight home, Tom Forrester was welcoming two visitors to his new apartment.

"I thought I'd bring a friend along tonight," Carol Conklin said as she walked through the glass entry doors, into the modern apartment. "Tom, this is Lisa."

Tom smiled at the petite, attractive teenager. "Hello, Lisa," he said, noting the sultry smile the girl gave him in return, and the lush curves of her young body. He should have gotten a place like this a long time ago. He stood back and watched as the two attractive women walked across the living room.

At the house Tom once shared with his wife and son, Mary hung up the phone while Matt finished doing the breakfast dishes.

"That was Ricky," she said. "He's at the airport. He said he's going to stop by his father's place before he comes home. He really sounds excited."

"I guess that means he decided to go to State," Matt said as he set the last dish in the drying rack and dried his hands on a dish towel.

"I guess so," Mary said.

Matt walked over, put his arms around Mary, and kissed her. She returned the kiss avidly.

"What time do you think Rick will get here?" he asked after the kiss ended.

"I'm not sure," Mary said. "As excited as he sounded, I'd expect him to spend a couple of hours talking with his father. Since he's going to his father's old Alma Mater, I have a feeling they're going to have a lot to talk about. I'd guess he'll probably get home around nine or so, maybe even later."

"That's good," Matt said. He cupped his paramour's delectably shaped bottom in his hands and pulled her even tighter against him. "That gives us a little time, doesn't it?" He smiled at her. "You have any ideas how we can pass it?"

"I can't believe you haven't gotten tired of chasing an old lady like me," Mary said. She loved his attentiveness and could feel passion again beginning to rise in her body. Would she ever get enough of him?

He backed her to the kitchen table and got her seated on it. "I'll show you how I feel about 'old ladies'," he said.

"Matt! What are you doing?" Mary asked.

His lips again covered hers and his hands began opening the buttons on her blouse and she was stunned to realize he planned to make love to her there in the kitchen. "We shouldn't be doing this here!" she thought, "Somebody might come in and catch us!" But then shocks of delight ripped through her body when his hands cupped her breasts and his thumbs tweaked her nipples to full, tingling erection.

Matt's erection strained against his confining jeans as he worked on Mary's glorious breasts. He had been speculating for some time on whether the table was the right height for what he wanted to do, and he was about to find out. He pulled up Mary's skirt and moved between her bare, silken legs, cupping her buttocks. He was been right, the table was exactly the right height.

"Matt!" Mary protested as he moved closer to her. She heard the zipper buzz on his jeans. "We can't...not here...oh, Matt!"

Warmth and wetness engulfed Matt's rigid organ when he slid it into Mary's quivering body.

"Oh, Matt!" Mary groaned. She could feel her body filling with luxuriant feelings as his erection intruded into her once more. "We...oh, God! We shouldn't, ah, shouldn't...be...Ah!...doing this...Oh!...here!"

Matt clutched her bottom, holding her tight against him and drove powerfully into her. The drapes were open and there was a big, uncovered window in the kitchen door. The prospect of discovery made their love-making that much more exciting. He looked at Mary's face. Her eyes were glazed, her features showed the slackness of lust he'd come to know so well. Her mouth hung partly open. Her magnificent breasts, nipples rigid, bobbed and jiggled delightfully.

"Matt! Oh, Matt!!" Mary crooned, clutching at his arms as he lunged against her, shoving his erection deep into her, thrilling her. "I'm...I'm coming! Agghh! Ahh! I'm coming! Yes! Oh, yes! Oh! Oh! Oh!"

"Yeah! Oh, Mary! Yeah!" Matt cried, his moans echoing in the kitchen, mingling with Mary's. He dug his fingers into her taut bottom and continued to ram into her powerfully when his fluids bubbled up and gushed into her spasming, fluttering cave.

Afterward, the couple clung to each other desperately until their bodies calmed. Matt's erection waned slowly and slid from his lover's body.

"Oh, Matt!" Mary said, exultant at feel well-satisfied once again. "That was incredible! But...but what if someone had come to the door?"

"They would have gotten an eyeful, wouldn't they?" he replied, and kissed her on the forehead.

Mary hugged him. This had been the most intense joining she'd yet shared with him. Had it been that way only because of the possibility of their being discovered? She recalled the time in the restaurant, that had been intense, too.

"The element of danger does make it intense, doesn't it?" Matt said, as if reading her mind.

"I'll say," Mary replied. She slid off the table and felt a tickle when his juices began to seep out of her and trickle down her legs. She kissed him softly. "Now I need another bath."

Matt grinned at her. "Want me to help you with that?" he asked.

Mary smiled and nodded. "I'd be disappointed if you didn't," she replied.

With their arms around each other, they headed for the bathroom to take their shower.

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