tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 39

Family Affairs Ch. 39

byD.C. Roi©

After his plane landed, Rick got his luggage, found his car in the airport lot, got in, and headed for his father's condo. He couldn't wait to tell his father about his adventures at State. His Dad's condo was located in a new development and was very modern, with lots of glass. But it had privacy, too. The privacy had been an important consideration, Tom had told his son. What he didn't mention to Rick was that now that he was free of his marriage, he planned to live the wild life and live it openly.

Rick parked next to his father's BMW sedan and noticed the red Porsche sitting next to it. The young man dreamed he'd one day own a Porsche like that, and took a long look at it before he went into his Dad's new place.

After examining the red car, Rick walked up the stairs, onto the deck extending across the front of the condo. He was about to push the doorbell button when he thought he heard moaning. He stood there, listening. The sounds he was hearing weren't moans of pain. Puzzled, he walked quietly across the deck to the big sliding glass doors that opened into his father's bedroom.

The three people inside the condo were unaware they had an observer who was staring at them, shocked at what he saw.

Ricky couldn't believe what he was seeing. Lisa Dutille, one of his classmates, was on her knees on his father's bed and his dad was kneeling behind her, driving his cock into the teenager. Carol Conklin, the cheerleading coach and women's gym teacher, lay in front of both of them. Lisa's head was buried between Carol's legs. The female teacher woman was moaning with joy, and it was those moans Rick had heard. Shocked, the young man stood there trembling, watching the three people on the bed writhe to a loud, active orgasm, then collapsed on the bed.

Finally, with tears running down his cheeks, Rick turned and ran down off the deck and got back to his car. He fumbled with the key, finally got it in the ignition, then, engine roaring, tires squealing, he tore out of the parking lot, not really sure where he was going. Tears blurred his vision as he drove down the street.

"You're just like your father, " Coach had said.

Was he just like his father? He'd just seen his father fucking Miss Conklin and Lisa Dutille. He was upset but wasn't sure why. Why did it upset him that his father was doing exactly what he, Rick, was doing? And why was he angry at the Coach for saying he was exactly like his father?

He pulled to the side of the road and stopped. He wasn't sure where he was. He sat there, crying. After what he'd just seen, Rick was sure it was his father's fault that his folks' marriage broke up. And if that was true, he wasn't sure he wanted to be known for doing the things he'd seen his father doing.

He remembered that his mother was always was chiding him about treating girls badly. He hated it when she did that, but maybe she was right. He'd never really had a girlfriend. Heck, Dianna was the only girl he'd ever gone out with more than once. Even then, he really hadn't taken her on a date, he'd just taken her out and used her for sex. The things his mother had told him came back to him, filling his memory.

"You have to treat girls like people. They have feelings, just like you do."

"Why can't you have a steady girlfriend?"

"Using girls to get sexual satisfaction, and nothing more, could leave you a very, very lonely young man in the end."

Rick finally managed to calm himself down. He put his car in gear and headed for home. He needed to talk with his mother about all this. Maybe she could help him get it all sorted out.

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