tagNovels and NovellasFamily Affairs Ch. 52

Family Affairs Ch. 52

byD.C. Roi©

Passion In James County XIX: Family Affairs

Chapter fifty-two

After Rick and Dianna left, Matt and Mary carried his camera stuff to the car and stowed it in the trunk. When that was done, Matt took Mary's hand and started back for the elevator.

"Matt, where are we going?" Mary asked, confused, when the elevator began to rise. "I...I thought we were going to go home."

Matt smiled at her and said, "I have another surprise for you."

The elevator stopped on the top floor, the doors opened, and Matt, holding his companion's hand, led her to the suite he had reserved for them.

"Matt, I-I can't believe you did this!" Mary exclaimed when he ushered her into the huge penthouse suite. "This must cost a fortune! You...you shouldn't have done this!" She looked around, amazed at how sumptuous the suite was. It was huge, larger than the apartment she and Tom had lived in when they first got married. There was a small bar along the wall of what appeared to be a sitting room. Matt walked to a stereo which was on a shelf near the bar and turned it on. Soft, mellow music filled the room. Matt looked at Mary and smiled. "Would you like to dance some more?" he asked her.

Thrilled by what he'd done, Mary nodded. She moved into his arms and laid her head on his shoulder while they moved easily around the room in time to the soft, romantic music. This was far more wonderful than going to the prom when she was a teenager would have been! She'd never felt this wonderful in her life!

The music continued and they continued to dance. It was as if neither of them wanted the delightful contact of their bodies to end. After a while, Mary leaned back in Matt's arms and looked up into his face. He had the most incredible eyes! She could see his love for her reflected in them, with such force it shook her a little.

"Matt...this...this is so wonderful!" she whispered.

"It is, isn't it," the young man replied, then he bent his head and covered her lips with his.

Passion, which had begun to smolder in Mary's body while they were dancing the last dance at the prom, and had continued to burn while they danced here in the suite, burst into a conflagration of desire when their lips met. Weakness swept over her. Mary's insides were a whirl of emotion and her body was trembling violently by the time the kiss ended.

"Wow!" Matt said when the kiss was over. He was having trouble breathing. He'd kissed Mary what seemed like thousands of times before, but that kiss had been special!

Mary was having problems breathing, too. Her chest felt as if someone had put a steel band around it. Her heart was pounding so hard she was afraid Matt could hear it.

Mary quivered when Matt stroked her face gently with both of his hands. Then his hands slid down to her shoulders, to the back of the dress, and he began pulling it down. Mary's legs went weak. She wanted him more than she'd ever ever wanted him before! She lowered her arms and let him pull the top of the dress down, baring her lovely chest.

Onto her breasts his hand moved, and he gently thumbed here erecting nipples until they were hard and tingling. Indescribable thrills rocked Mary. She tightened her embrace on Matt to keep from falling. "Oh!" she moaned, her head lolled on her shoulders as if she hadn't enough strength to hold it up.

Matt scooped her up in his arms and carried her into the bedroom. He laid her on the bed and gently finished removing her clothes. While he did, he caressed her tenderly, bringing her to higher and higher levels of ecstasy and need. By the time he finished removing her clothes, Mary had lost the capacity for rational thought. All she felt was need! Powerful need!

"Please! Oh, Matt, please!" she murmured. "I need you! Please, darling, I need you!"

"I know you do," Matt replied. His voice was hoarse reflecting the level of his arousal, too. "I need you, too!"

The next thing Mary knew, he was on the bed next to her, his body as bare as hers. She had no idea how, or when, he'd taken his tux off. His hands and lips began working on her, moving over her lovely body, teasing her, enflaming her, lifting her to ever-higher levels of desire and bliss. He knew exactly where and how to touch her to give her the utmost in joy!

"Please! Oh, Matt, please!" she begged, "I need you! Please!"

"I know you do," Matt replied. "I'm going to give you what you want. Soon! God, you're so pretty!"

"Ahh!" Mary cried when his mouth descended on and covered her vagina. Her hips shot up off the bed and her hands raked the covers as his lips and tongue lashed her and drove her still wilder. "Gah! I-I...Oh, God!...I'm coming! I'm coming! Oh! Oh! Oh!" Her back arched and her hips writhed as his lips and tongue drove her to the point of ultimate ecstasy and beyond.

Mary's orgasm eventually ran it's course and her body began to calm, but still Matt's caresses continued. Once again, she felt the fires of passion begin to flare, and once more passion started to spread through her body. She couldn't believe how wonderful this was! She hoped he'd never stop!

Slowly, gently, inexorably, Matt caressed and stroked his gorgeous companion back to the peak of ecstasy. Her whole body was tingling, and every nerve once again screamed out for release. "N...need you!" she moaned, her body writhing, her arms reaching for him. "I-I need you, Matt! Please, darling! Oh, please! Please!" At last his body rolled atop hers and she felt his erection prodding the soft, smooth flesh of her belly.

"Oh, darling, please don't make me wait! Please!" she begged, thrusting her hips up at him. "Take me, Matt! Please! Take me!"

"All right," Matt said and reached between them.

Mary almost screamed with joy when his erection began to enter her. She was so turned on, she couldn't wait. "Coming! Ah! Ahh! Ahhhh! Gahh!" she wailed, her hips thrusting and straining against him.

Matt pressed his hips against Mary's, holding his body up on his outstretched arms as the paroxysms of joy wracked her. When her spasms of delight began to wane, he finally began to thrust into her moving , ever so slowly, he moved.

Mary had been fearful her abrupt coming would be her last, but once Matt's movements began, she knew that wasn't so at all. Once again, joy began to suffuse her and her body began to tremble. She locked her shapely legs behind his and began matching his thrusts with urgent movements of her own.

Mary began to wonder if their joining would ever end. She'd never experienced anything like what Matt was showing her tonight! He seemed to sense the second she was about to explode and would stop moving, letting them both calm down. Then he'd begin again, stroking gently into her, bringing her once more back to a quivering peak.

Finally, she opened her eyes and looked up at him. He smiled at her. "Come," he said softly. "Come for me."

The minute she heard his words, it was as if a tightly coiled spring suddenly was unleashed in Mary's body. "Yes! Oh, God, Matt! Yes! Yes! Ah! Ahh! Oh, God! Oh, God! Uh! Uhh!" she groaned as still another orgasm, her most stupendous yet, exploded through her.

"Ggahh!" Matt cried then, his hips pressing down against her. Mary felt his hot juices explode into her body.

Spent, they lay in each other's arms for a long time after their ecstatic coupling. Matt continued to stroke and caress Mary's body, making a continuous stream of soft, endearing comments as he did. Mary had never felt more wonderful in her life!

After a long period during which their bodies calmed, they were lying spoon-fashion, with Mary's back to Matt. He was caressing one of her lovely breasts and she quivered as once again her body began to respond to his touch. She felt his cock begin to swell and press against her buttocks.

"Mmm!" she murmured and wriggled her bottom against his growing hardness.

"You like that, don't you?" Matt said. His thumb and forefinger captured one of her rigid nipples and twisted it gently.

"Oh, God, you know I do!" Mary groaned. She couldn't believe how wonderful he could make her feel!

He slid his hand down over her belly and onto one of her thighs and Mary felt him urged her leg back over his, then, suddenly, his hard penis slid into her once again. Passion rose still again as the wonderful wand of flesh filled her and thrilled her.

"Oh! Ah! Oh!" she moaned as his shaft plumbed her depths wonderfully. Then her moans of joy grew louder as his hand glided onto her clit and began twirling the rigid, hyper-sensitive bud of flesh.

"Can't wait! Oh, Matt! I...Oh! Too good! Oh! Oh! Oh! Gaad! I'm there! Already! Already! I'm there! Yes! Oh, Matt, yes! Ah! Ahh!" Mary groaned while her lovely body quaked with the throes of passion.

"Oh, God, Mary! Mary! Uhh!" Matt groaned, then he exploded, filling her with heat and wetness.

When he finished, he held her against him, his hands still moving gently over her. "That was awesome!" he whispered in her ear. He kissed her softly on the neck. "Do you like the surprise I arranged for you?"

"I loved it!" Mary replied. "But...but wasn't all this expensive?"

"I don't really have to worry about money, remember?" Matt replied. "I wanted to make your first prom really special."

"Oh, God, darling, you did!" Mary said, and kissed him. "You can't imagine how special it's been."

"Good," the young man said.

"Did...did Ricky and Dianna go back to our house?" Mary asked.

Matt smiled and shook his head. "No," he said, "They're over at the Mountain Inn."

"Did you pay for that, too?" Mary asked.

"Of course," Matt said. "I couldn't very well let them go home when you and I were having a fabulous night like this, could I?"

"I guess not," Mary said. She smiled. "You really are a very special young man, do you know that?"

Matt blushed furiously and kissed her. Then something dawned on him. "Mr. Tompkins seemed kinda interested in you tonight, didn't he?" he asked.

It was Mary's turn to blush. "Yes, he was interested," she said. She giggled softly. "He...he even asked me out."

Matt's eyes widened. "He...he did?" he asked.

Mary nodded. "I told him I was already committed to someone," she said.

Matt tightened his arms around her and said, "You sure as heck are!"

They lay in each other's arms a little while longer, then Matt lowered his face and to Mary's chest and began kissing her breasts tenderly.

Shock-waves of delight made Mary tremble. His touch was so light, so gentle, and so wonderful, she at first thought she was going to come, just from having her breasts and nipples kissed. Matt's caresses were always so incredibly light and delightful!

"Oh! Oh, Matt!" she moaned. "That's wonderful! so wonderful!" His lips traveled from one nipple to the other nipple and thrills continued to race through her.

Then, slowly, his lips moved downward, over her chest, onto her gently rounded belly.

"Oh, God, Matt!" she crooned, when his hands began trailing lightly up and down her legs. "You always make me feel so wonderful!" Her body was quaking with need. "Take me! Oh, Matt, please take me!" she moaned, her hips twisting and turning.

Matt once again moved on top of her and felt the tip of his erection slide between the hot, well-lubricated lips of her vagina. When he lowered his hips he could feel his shaft part her labia, then slide into her pulsing, tight opening.

Shock-waves of joy boomed through Mary when Matt's swollen shaft sank into her. "Yes! Oh, Matt, yes!" she moaned. She was barely able to comprehend how much she needed him, especially since they'd already made love so many times. "Oh, God, darling! I need you! I need you so much!"

Matt's hips began moving, driving his erect penis into his lover. He, too, was a bit surprised by what seemed to be the unending ability to make love to her he possessed tonight.

Mary was so turned on she almost exploded into orgasm the moment his erection touched her. And, despite her best efforts to hold off, his powerful thrusts quickly drove her over the top. "Matt! Oh, Matt! I'm coming! I'm coming! Never, never like this! Never! Never! Ahh!" she screamed when, once more she felt herself whirling into what felt like a bottomless abyss of joy.

"Mary! Oh, God, Mary!" Matt groaned. He ground his body against hers and she pressed back, their hips generating incredibly delightful friction then he shuddered with joy when his fluids erupted into her.

Spent, Matt collapsed next to Mary on the bed. She rolled over and looked at him. "I love you," she said and kissed him tenderly.

"I love you, too," Matt replied.

Mary snuggled into his arms, hugged him, and kissed him. She felt warm, safe, and happier than she'd ever been in her life.

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