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Family Album


I saw this in a movie once and I always wanted to do it, but the guy from the movie, he had cancer. He wanted to do a video album of his life and what he went through dealing with the battle of cancer and it was an incredibly sad story. It drove me to tears. It was really really sad. I said I was gonna do the same.

Hey, No! Mind you, I don't have cancer and I'm never gonna get cancer and neither are you gonna get cancer. Do you believe in God? Then say amen.

So, this is a very simple thing. What I do is... I actually don't do anything. Am I just a wannabe director who also shot movies or maybe documentaries? No, really. I decided to do this thing where I set my camera, video myself and talk to whoever is watching about my family. My 'Christian' family.

I have a very interesting family. From time to time we throw parties, not the kind of wild, unholy parties where some drunk lady took her shirt off and there was usually a transgender around the corner. Sorry, I was talking about the kind of parties I usually ended up in. I should be talking about the kind of parties my dad and mom like to organize even when there is nothing really going on. They love dinner parties, you know, where all the members of the extended family come together and have a good time. It is often quiet and everyone leaves before midnight.

My mom is an ex-beauty queen. A very beautiful woman just in her mid-forties with a stunning body. My dad is an ex-civil servant who worked with the government. After he was done in over twenty years the only thing he could boast about were two houses he built over eighteen years. At least he never took a bribe, ever. He was a man of faith and he tried to bring up his family in the way of God.

The most interesting part of my family that you have to know about are my extended family members. Interesting people — Aunt Lara. In three years she had five marriages and in the fourth marriage, the wedding ceremony lasted longer than the marriage itself. She's incredible and in her mind, she's a size eight. No, she's not. She is almost obsessed. Like if she was on the Titanic, it would have sunk before reaching open waters and hitting the iceberg. But what happens if she meets the one and only admirable aunt Molly. Then when these two meet, it's drama all the while. The whole time is gonna be incredible, supernatural drama.

"Hello," aunt Molly said to aunt Lara once at a dinner party, "it's okay. It's alright. I know what's going through your mind right now. Hmm. Surprised? Shocked? Confused? I'm much slimmer than you now. Come on let it out. Scream."


And boy did she scream that night. My dad came running down the stairs, sweating profusely, in his boxer shorts and a shotgun with mom's panties dangling around his ankle unknowingly to him. It was incredible drama.

I remember one time when my cousin, Thelma, introduced her lover to the whole family when we were having dinner.

"Alex is here." She vibrated with excitement.


"Yes!" She quickly opened the front door and Alex walked in.

Immediately everyone was quiet. Now, I've got nothing against lesbians. In fact, if my girlfriend was a lesbian and gave me a blowjob every morning, that's great. The problem was that it was a Christian family and everyone got some sort of achievement for doing some kind of Godly deed and it promoted the family name and legacy. It was a tradition that I really didn't care about but had to do it.

"Hey everyone," Alex was beaming.

I thought Thelma knew how to pick them because Alex was a solid ten. After I saw her breasts peeking out of her top, the little man in my pants agreed with me.

"This is Alex," Thelma put her arm around Alex's waist, "Alex, meet my family."

Nobody said anything.

"It looks like I came at the wrong time?" Alex laughed nervously. "Well, hi."

Thelma started kissing her and everyone closed their eyes or looked away. Not me and certainly not my little man.

Regardless, it was my older sister's wedding that Friday and everyone, even friends had come for the ceremony. Of course, they had to, it was Oprah who was getting married and who wouldn't want to see her smile. She was the pride of the family and her beauty was radiant. Oprah was like the younger version of my mom with the blonde hair, pink lips, deep blue eyes and everything. You know, your average Barbie, girl next door type of girl. My dad had to let her marry someone at some point.

"Can't you be more like your sister?" He would often say to me. "She has never told a lie once in her life." Then he'd be like, "Are you a virgin, Julian? Because she is and she's twenty-five!"

I was twenty and she was twenty-five. Oprah was getting married to a certain gentleman of leisure. He said he was Italian, but spoke German or was it the other way around. One thing was sure though, he was rich with just enough money to buy a small subcontinent. It was his family fortunes though. Everyone thought Oprah had done it again. I thought so too and boy did she strike gold. I was in a beautiful uncanny relationship with a sweet sweet girl. We'll come to that later.

"As a token of my love."

"I take you."

"As my husband."

"From this day forward."

"In love."

"And in truth."

"In sickness."

"And in health."

"To love."

"And to honor."

"Till death do us part."

Those were the vows Oprah and Antonio made to each other. Is it weird that I remember that? I think it is. Antonio was the rich smug my sister was marrying. I saw my parents hold hands and look at each other with a beaming smile as Antonio kissed their daughter on the altar. They kissed for like five minutes. Maybe I'm exaggerating, but it was a long time before they stopped. They got married that afternoon and the big reception was going to happen at the family mansion in the evening. I mean my house, where I lived, it was a really big house.

Believe me when I say it was a big reception. Screaming swarms of children ran through the house as bubbles floated in the air and balloons drifted around aimlessly on the floor among the discarded wrapping paper. Multi-colored banners were draped on the top of each door. A stack of unopened presents stood in the corner of the large living room, wrapped in smooth shiny wrapping paper. A huge cake covered in thick white icing and decorated with tiny pink roses sat in the middle of the table surrounded by brightly colored bowls that were filled with appetizing snacks. A jug of brightly colored juice had been knocked over and formed a puddle on the floor. A small girl sat in the well-kept garden outside, a big blue flower girl badge was pinned on her bright pink dress. Tears streamed down her face as she screamed until she caught her parents' attention.

"Atlanta Falcons are a good team," said uncle Gregg, "I mean they could have won that game."

"What are you talking about?" Asked uncle Paul, "You are talking as if Jacksonville Jaguars didn't dominate that game. Atlanta Falcons didn't make it to the final four—I mean the top four both last year and this year and you still rate them over New Orleans Saints."

"Listen, it was pure luck that the Jaguars got to the quarter-final."

"See him, talking about luck."

"I will agree to that." My dad said.

"You're agreeing to luck?"

"Yes. To be fair with you, most key players of Atlanta Falcons were out of the league, so how would you expect them—"

"Gentlemen," uncle Gregg cut in, "I'm not backing anyone here, but that is no excuse for Atlanta Falcons poor form. What need to be addressed is the capability of the coach."

"No, no, no, is it the coach who's playing on the field or the actual players?"

My mom shook her head as she walked passed the three men who were arguing about football. She walked into the kitchen to check how the cooking was coming along. The guests would be arriving soon and she wanted everything and everyone to be ready.

"Is everything okay?" Mrs. Greenfield asked when my mom walked into the kitchen.

"Fine." She placed her hands on Mrs. Greenfield's shoulder. "Very fine."

"This isn't the face you carry around when your daughter just got married."

"Don't mind me. I'm only worried that the men will get themselves drunk before the party begins."

"Forget about them. They're in a world of their own." Mrs. Greenfield was sorting out the dishes and pacing about the kitchen. "Men are so insensitive. Instead of them taking charge and see to it that everything runs smoothly, they're talking about God knows what."

"Football." Mom said plainly.

"At least, they aren't talking about young girls. Forget about them. Our food is ready."

"Good. You know what? I think I'll need my strength for tonight."

"I can understand that." Mrs. Greenfield set the dishes down on the counter and cleaned them one by one. "I'm really happy for you. Oprah made an excellent choice."

Mom smiled. "Don't they look good together?"


"In fact, you should have seen them at the courthouse. I cried my eyes out."

"Awwwnn. I can't wait for such an experience. Tim is getting married soon."

"Wow. He was sucking on your breasts just yesterday and now he's a man of his own. I wish Julian was serious. That boy is glued to his petty directing work, he doesn't have an eye for anything."

"That's good. It's better than being a skirt chaser or a drunk."

"I suppose so." Mom sighed. "But honestly, Isn't this what you're hoping for? To see our children settle down and get married."

"Maybe there's something we could do. Set him up with some nice girl from church. Maybe Martha for example."

Mom laughed a bit.

Dad was still with uncle Paul and uncle Gregg. "Friends, today reminds me, being a special day, the day I first proposed to my beautiful wife. You know where?"

"No." Said uncle Paul and uncle Gregg in unison.

"At a small lake where we got baptized near Centennial Olympic Park."

They were all laughing when I walked down the stairs. I was headed to the front door to welcome Katherine, Thelma's younger sister. She was a little younger than me and we got along just fine.

"Julian!" Uncle Paul called me and I walked over to where they were sitting. "Come on, pal."

"We've not seen you today. I mean the whole day."

"Right. I'm just gonna put things in place before the guests come." I said.

"Why don't you like to associate yourself with the old men?"

"I wish I could, but uhm..."

"We're not so old." Everyone was laughing and I managed to let out a small chuckle.

"Leave that for the women to handle. It's their Christmas." Uncle Gregg said. "Come and have a drink with us."


"Oh, come on Julian." My dad had one of those disappointed look he often gave me. "Don't you disgrace me. Have a little bit of it."

I should probably say that it wasn't whiskey or any form of alcohol they were drinking. It wasn't allowed in the house unless there was a party. They were holding cans of Redbull in their hands and eating homemade cookies. It was the closest thing to actual drinking and having manly conversations without committing a sin.

"Okay. That's enough, that's enough." I told uncle Gregg and he stopped pouring Redbull into a glass before giving it to me.

"You have done a bad job here, Stan." He told my dad.

After that unnecessary occurrence, I went to meet Katherine at the front door. She can sometimes be shy even among her family members, but not around me. We got along just fine probably because I was the only one of her cousins close to her age. She was a pretty redhead, a very pretty girl. She had small pale pink lips and l really loved looking into her hazel eyes whenever I could. Her soft, olive body was petite but seductively curvaceous.

"Hi," Katherine's face lit up when I opened the door.

"Where's your mom and everyone else?"

"Thelma is arguing with mom again."

"About Alex?"

"Yes. Can we stop talking and go to your room?"

I led her upstairs and into my room. She was sitting on the bed, head down and fiddling with her fingers. I couldn't tell if she was just being shy or expecting something from me. I sat beside her, put my arms around her and kissed her lips softly. Remember that beautiful uncanny relationship I was in? Well, this was it.

Katherine and I had not confessed, so we didn't really know how things were between us. We just had fun together, with our bodies. The truth was the messed up relationship we had, began two years ago. I was her senior and maths tutor. The whole family would have dinner at our house almost every Friday night and sleep there until the next morning before going away the following evening. Katherine would always stay in my room, away from everyone else.

Since Katherine was always by herself, I tried to help her. I tried to become her friend, probably I became the only friend she had. But Katherine was curious and this time, curiosity didn't kill the Kat, stole her virginity and it was a good thing for her. Because I was a lonely, often horny teenager, it was fire, set, and match. We crossed a certain line.

Did I say I was lonely? I should really check my words. No, I wasn't exactly lonely in every sense of the word. Personal beauty and a certain amount of sex appeal ran in the family. I mean the whole extended family except for my Grandaunt Koker who was an old annoying hag. I didn't like her very much. She always made me — I really shouldn't say. So, personal beauty, not to brag, but I was the most stand out guy in school when it came to masculine attraction and that made me popular. I could get any pretty girl I wanted. Something about my rugged smile that makes girls flutter inside with genuine excitement.

"Are we doing this now?" Katherine asked me after we stopped kissing.

"Yeah. Why not?"

"Um, a full house?" She folded her lips but looked me directly in the eyes.

"Yeah, so?"

"Remember the last time? Someone almost walked in on us." She looked at the door and back into my eyes. "I see you still haven't fixed the lock on the door. I told you to do it or do you want us to get caught?"

"Doesn't that turn you on?" I kissed her but she resisted.

"Fix the lock, Julian."

I reached for the scotch tape on the drawer and walked to the door. I made sure it was closed properly. It couldn't lock anymore and anytime I tried to fix it, something usually came up. So, I draped the scotch tape over the threshold multiple times. I didn't really care, I just wanted to have sex with Katherine who wasn't in the mood to take off her shirt. I took mine off and turned to look at her. I knew my abs would give a kick to her libido. She couldn't resist. No matter how hard she tried to look away, she looked back at me and I smiled menacingly at her. I had caught my little prey, my little Kat.

"Come here," I ordered as smoothly as I could.

She came to me like a little, lost pup, her face was a few inches from mine, but she was unwilling to look me in the eyes. One of the reasons I loved Katherine was that she could be easily subdued. It was easy to make her a slave to her own sexual urges. I didn't know if it was my well-chiseled physique or the fact that she was barely eighteen and I was twenty. Was she attracted to older guys? Many girls her age had already grown breasts, I mean like matured Yorkshire puddings. Katherine had breasts but the kind of breasts that formed a small lump on her chest through her shirt. They weren't big but just perky enough for someone to notice there was something there.

"Take off your shirt."

She took off her top and the next second, it was crumpled on the floor. She wasn't wearing any bra as usual. I felt her rubbing my abs and I put my arms around her waist. Katherine couldn't have a lot of boob action going on, but she made up for it a lot with her seemingly ample bum. Note seemingly. She had chameleon-like ass cheeks; under the right circumstances and in the proper tight denim pants or shorts, her bum became inflated. She was magical like that.

I pulled her close to my body so her breasts were mashed against my bare chest. She felt warm. I heard her sigh lightly and she relaxed against me. We were like that for half a minute before I started kissing and nibbling her neck then she started breathing heavily and moaning softly.

"Will you suck my cock for me?" I whispered in her ear.

She squatted, her face in front of my crotch, she unzipped my pants, fished out my penis and put it in her mouth. Katherine started sucking on my sausage like it was an actual sausage or lollipop. Her mouth felt warm and as her tongue wrapped around my shaft like a snake, I pushed myself further into her mouth. Katherine was one of those teenage girls who stuck their tongues out whenever they took a selfie with their phone and believe me, she had a really long tongue. She does this thing with it where it curls like macaroni. Now imagine her tongue around my penis.

As she bobbed her head slowly and her spit bathed my shaft until she started drooling a bit. I thought she could do more and she must have thought so too and then she started taking me inside her mouth slowly until her nose touched my pubic. When the tip of my penis hit the back of her throat, she gagged and quickly recoil away from my penis and drooled a pool of saliva on the floor.

When she caught her breath she asked, "Have you been taking those penis enlargement pills again?"

"I thought you got rid of them."

"I did," she touched my shaft with her cheek like she was measuring its length, "but your cock is longer and much veinier since the last time I saw it and that was two weeks ago when it fitted in my mouth properly."

Her lips were wrapped around my penis once more and she started sucking. She used one hand to undo her jean shorts and used her fingers to play with her vagina through her wet panties.

"I think I'm losing circulation," I groaned.

She wrapped her other hand around my shaft and pulled me out of her mouth. Katherine started jerking me easily because her saliva lubricated the friction between my shaft and her palm. She pushed my penis so the tip was looking up at me and then she fondled my balls before licking my shaft from bottom to top. She stood up, her shorts dropping on the floor, and we started kissing all the while she was stroking my cock.

My palms were placed firmly on her ass cheeks. When I lifted her up off the ground, she clasped her slender legs around my waist. I was strong and I was able to hold her body in the air when she started grinding her pelvis against me. My cock was pressed between our sweaty bodies and she must have felt my sticky precum on the smooth flesh of her stomach.

I carried her to the bed and laid her on her back. I kissed her lovingly and stopped to look into her eyes. Her fingers were caressing my nape gently and my wrist brushed her nipple as I ran my fingers down her body and into her panties. She had leaked a lot of juice down there and I loved it.

"Julian," she moaned, "I want to tell you something."

"What's that, baby girl?"

"Fuck! Never mind."

At this moment, my middle and index fingers were inside her and it would have been hard to have a normal conversation because all of her was already saying one thing. The lower parts of our bodies were laced together and the musky aura of our sweat filled the entire room.

Remember she said she wanted to tell me something? Put a pin on that, we'll come back to it later.

I brought my fingers out of her sex and tasted her. She always tasted like sour grapefruit. It was bittersweet in my mouth and I couldn't get enough of it — enough of her. She brought her hands around my cock and lined it in front of her dripping pussy. She smeared her juice around her lips with the tip of my cock. I pumped my hips forward in one swift motion and invaded the inner depth of her womanhood.

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