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Family & Friends


The three of them had just come back from walking though the city. They didn't get together often, so this was a special weekend for them. More special than they realized.

Jimmy hadn't seen his sister Rachel for 6 months. They were extremely close, and talked every week. Rachel and Christy, his girlfriend, had become good friends as well - they both loved Rachel's brother immensely, and had discovered that they had many things in common over the years - especially their love of physical satisfaction.

After getting drinks to cool off, the three of them went to go sit on the couch. Jimmy turned on the TV, and sat in the middle of them, an arm around each of them. They settled in comfortably. As time passed, they began to feel the weariness of the day seep from their bones. Simultaneously, both women leaned into Jimmy and kissed him on the cheek. He turned to Christy and they shared a deep lingering kiss, tongues intertwined, forgetting everyone else around them. When they finished, not wanting to leave Rachel out, he turned to her, and repeated the same motion. Different lips, different tongue but just as sweet. Both women gently started to caress his thigh, gently but slowly trailing their fingertips up and down their long length, just stopping at the bottom edge of his shorts.

He pulled them both closer, letting his arms fall down over their shoulder so that his fingertips gently grazed their breasts. They both wrapped their arms around him, squeezing him between them. They both went to kiss him again, and all three sets of lips collided. They laughed and all three looked at one another.

Not wanting to stand in the way - and always up for seeing one of his all time fantasies come true, he looked at the women and said "Hey, don't let me get in the way, if you want to sample what I've already tasted go right ahead."

Christy and Rachel looked at each other, then back to Jimmy, then back to each other. Christy leaned over Jimmy and put her hands on Rachel's shoulders. Rachel reached for Christy and they gently let their lips touch. So soft and sweet, so different than kissing Jimmy, but it had the same effect. Their kiss deepened...Rachel opened her mouth just slightly as Christy ran the tip of her tongue over the edges of her lips, tasting from one corner to the other. Rachel's tongue followed suit.

By this time, Jimmy had extracted himself from between the two of them. Not knowing if this would ever happen again, he ran for the camera and the tripod. Might as well record the moment and relive it over and over - if he didn't he'd be afraid that he would doubt the memory that it ever happened.

Rachel and Christy continued on...tongues deep in each others' mouth. At the same time, they started to caress each other gently and slowly. Christy felt the weight of Rachel's breasts in her hands. Rachel felt how hard Christy's nipples were - sticking out, begging to be sucked. Rachel lifted Christy's shirt to see what she was feeling.

"God, they are so hard and tight - lean back so I can taste them" Christy laid down on the couch and Rachel knelt on the floor next to her. First she took one breast in her mouth, sucking the nipple to the back of her throat. Then she moved to the other one. Her own breasts we so hot - she undid the clasp on her bra with one hand, and as she suckled Christy's breasts, she wriggled out of the shirt and bra.

While Rachel was tonguing Christy's breasts, Christy had slipped her hand in between Rachel's legs. Jimmy, in the meantime, had stripped off all of his clothes and had is cock dancing between his fingers. He was shocked, amazed and praying that this never ended! His biggest fantasy seemed like it was about to come true.

The women stopped their explorations to strip off their clothes. Rachel took in all of Christy's body - the soft curves, the full breasts, her shaved pussy. Christy, in turn was absorbing Rachel's full hips, her trim waist, her lush bush - and those wonderfully full heavy breasts. Then they both looked over at Jimmy - caught taking things into his own hand so to speak.

Both women crawled over to him...sitting in a side chair in the room. They took his hand away, and both at the same time, leaned down over his prick. With their tongues out they licked up one side and down the other. He could barely breathe - gasping he merely said "If I die this way, I'll never stop smiling." Giggling, the women continued. As one started to lick at his balls, the other took his head into her mouth. Christy rolled her tongue around the head, then swiping it back and forth, she sucked his shaft deep into her mouth. Meanwhile, Rachel continued to lap at his balls like a kitten lapping an ice cream cone. Shortly, they switched positions. Rachel took him deep into her mouth, tickling the little hole with her tongue, wrapping her hand around his shaft as she sucked him.

"Wait, said Christy - let's all spread out on the floor. Jimmy - get on your knees. Rachel you get in front and I'll get in back underneath him." Jimmy got on the floor on his knees, using the couch to prop himself up on his arms if he needed to. Rachel got in front of him on the floor, taking his hard shaft into her mouth - she was nibbling on him, just enough to excite without causing any pain. Christy, on the other hand, knelt behind him. He felt her slide her hand in between his cheeks, grasping at his balls. She had wet her fingers and was massaging his prostate from behind his balls. The he felt her kissing his ass...little kisses, barely there. Then licking...he felt her soft tongue licking at his ass...licking underneath his ass...licking at his balls...The he felt her getting more insistent as she tried to reach his asshole with her tongue. He leaned forward; the women were parallel on the floor at his feet - one with his dick in her mouth and the other licking at his asshole, spreading his cheeks to get a better shot at it. He was getting close - too close - and he didn't want it to end yet. He called a time out to catch his breath.

While Jimmy was regaining composure, the women decided to help each other out a bit. Christy started to stroke at Rachel's bush. She was so wet that it felt as if she had peed herself. Sliding her fingers in and out of the curls, she grazed Rachel's clit. Rachel was so hot that she jumped in anticipation. Christy took this as a good sign and started to gently kiss Christy's breasts, caressing the sides, weighing them in her hands. She buried her face in between them, feeling their softness on her cheeks, on her shoulders. She held them up and kissed them, first one and then the other, suckling on the nipples. She looked in to Rachel's eyes for confirmation that she was doing ok. They locked and there was nothing but heat between them. Christy continued kissing a trail down Rachel's stomach. So soft, so smooth...Christy nuzzled with her face in Rachel's bush...in the soft spot where her legs joined her body, just holding her face against Rachel's body. Then she gently opened up Rachel's legs...spread them wide and feasted on the site. Rachel's clit was so hard - sticking up like a little soldier. Her lips were dripping, her hole emanating a wet heat. Without warning, Christy dipped her head and nailed Rachel's clit with a swipe of her tongue. There she stayed, lapping back and forth. The she moved down, first taking one lip into her mouth and then the other. She sucked them, letting them fall out of her mouth when they reached beyond their elasticity. Then she spread Rachel's lips, and stuck her tongue in as far as it could reach, lapping up the sweet nectar. Rachel whimpered, moaned and thrashed. Christy sat back and giggled.

Rachel leaned up and both her and Christy looked at Jimmy. "Well big guy? What's your preference? Want us to continue or do you want to join in?" Not one to have to be asked twice, Jimmy ran over to them. He leaned down over Rachel and kissed her - a deep long passionate kiss. She put her elbows on the couch and stuck her fine, full ass in the air. Looking back over her shoulder, she winked at Jimmy and said, "So, what are you waiting for? Cum and get it!"

He wasted no time. His cock was hard as steel; he could feel the blood throbbing inside of it. He stood behind Rachel and entered her. She moaned with pleasure. As he gripped her hips he began rhythmic thrusting, in and out, in and out. He kneaded her ass with his hands, gripping, massaging, squeezing. Christy watched, then slowly crept behind the two of them. She got on her knees and began to stroke Jimmy's ass...gently she stroked him with her fingertips, letting her nails just graze him. The she started to place butterfly like kisses on his ass...first on one cheek then the other. Christy was making circular patterns on his ass. Then she started to lick the crack of his ass, starting at the base of his spine. His legs started to tremble. She licked up and down, only each time she went up, she went up just a little less far and each time she went down, she concentrated a little more time there. Finally, she spread the cheeks of his ass. She could see that adorable pink asshole, clenching and unclenching with each thrust into Rachel, She probed him with her tongue. She licked his balls from the bottom. She crawled underneath him and licked his shaft, tasting of the combination of his pre-cum and Rachel's juices. Christy went back to tonguing Jimmy's ass. The she inserted her finger, just the tip and wiggled it around. As she did so, he started to buck backwards. This gave her incentive and she inserted more of her finger. He started to moan and tremble as she massaged his prostate. She pulled out her index finger, and rolled on to her back. Slinking her way underneath Rachel, she replaced her index finger in Jimmy's ass with her middle finger. At the same time though, she lined up her face with Rachel's pussy. Rachel thought she was going to stroke out over the sensations...Jimmy was fucking her pussy, tickling her ass with his fingertips, and Christy started to lick Rachel's clit. It was hard to coordinate thrusting her finger in and out with Jimmy's thrusts and her licking but soon a rhythm set in.

IN seconds though, Rachel couldn't hold on...Moaning and screaming "GODDDD!!...OH GODDDD!!...CUMMMMMINGGG!! She exploded...her rhythmic contractions on Jimmy's cock were too much for him. He was being pistoned from behind and clutched from the front. Poor Christy was being drowned in juice! He started to spurt...trembling, shaking from head to toe, he shot his load into Rachel's pussy...long hot spurts; Rachel felt as if they were going to erupt from her throat. She collapsed onto the couch, with Jimmy slipping out of her as she did, but being careful not to crush Christy.

Jimmy was so aroused by what had just happened that he couldn't get his cock to go down - he needed and wanted more - and he found just the person to give it to him. "Cum here baby - I've got something for you" he asked of Christy. She crawled over to him. She was so wet, so dripping from unsatisfied need and desire that he was able to enter her in one thrust. He had her legs up on his shoulders and he was pounding away at her. Rachel in the meantime had gotten her breath back. She felt it was only fair that she help out Christy the way she was helped. Jimmy let Christy's legs fall to his sides as he continued to pump away.

Rachel leaned over Christy and started to lick her breasts, making circles around her nipples, teasing them in to peaks, pulling on them, nibbling on them. She licked the sides of her breasts...underneath...and then trailed down her stomach. Christy started to thrash about at the thought- the anticipation of what was to cum. Finally, Rachel reached Christy's mound - so smooth, so hairless...she licked lower and lower...till finally she reached her clit...stabbing at it with her tongue she nailed it over and over. She licked at it, on either side of it...making it throb.

As she sucked on it, burying her face in Christy's mound and Jimmy's as well, she grabbed Christy's nipples and pinched them. Christy couldn't take it anymore...She tensed up, her cunt muscles tightening around Jimmy. Jimmy had his fingers in Christy's ass...she all but pushed them out as she started to contract...harder and harder...tighter and tighter she got. The end was near. Finally she screamed out...moaning...whimpering...she sat up the orgasm was so incredibly strong. She gripped Jimmy's arms. "YESSS!! YESSSSS!! YESSSSS!! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!

They slumped down on the couch together - all three of them spent and exhausted. Jimmy could not believe what had just transpired. He was so glad he had got it all on tape. But most of all, he was glad that he had two of the most amazing, most erotic, most sensual women in his life that he ever met. He loved them and they loved him back. Both women leaned over and kissed him gently on the cheek.

"We love you" they said. "Thank God" he said. He couldn't wait for tonight!

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