tagIncest/TabooFamily Blackmail and Revenge

Family Blackmail and Revenge


These works are the complete and total products of the author's imagination and works of fantasy. The authors certainly would not want the things in these stories happening to their characters to happen to anyone in real life. Real is real. Fantasy is fantasy. Telling the difference between the two is sanity. This story is NOT TRUE! Get a life. The author does not condone any of the activities contained within. Do not try this at home, at someone else's home. THIS IS STRICTLY FANTASY. NOT REAL LIFE. IF YOU CANNOT TELL THE DIFFERENCE, SEEK PROFESSIONAL HELP IMMEDIATELY.


My sister-in-law Marcella and her Husband Stan and her two kids Sylvia 19 and Jody 18 have been a real pain in the ass for my wife Veronica and our two girls Daniela 22 and Ashleigh 20 and myself. I am a truck driver and I make a good living at it. We have a very nice life do not owe anyone the House is paid for, and the cars also are paid for, and I have put my two girls thru collage. My wife runs the house and makes sure all of the bills we do have to pay are paid {I make the money and she and the girls spend it}.

Daniela is office administrator for a small private clinic, and Ashleigh just graduated from college with High Honors. Both of the girls are very intelligent and had hi grades Daniela 4.1and Ashleigh 4.3 all thru school and college. We are not very materialistic and are very contented with the way we live and have.

Now My sister-in-law Marcella and her Husband Stan are very materialistic and have to be better than the Jones's. Marcella is a nurse at a local Hospital and Stan is a used car sales representative. Sylvia graduated from high school her grade point was 2.1 and Jody his was 1.6.

Therefore, Marcella was always jealous of our girls and was always trying to put them down she never had anything nice to say about me, I was the lowest thing on the earth {you know the dog shit you clean off your shoes}. They always trying to have the most expensive and the most lavish house and cars that money can acquire and live way above their means and always in debt up the ass.

Anyway, they are very jealous of our girls and that we are debt free. Moreover, that our two girls are the first two grandchildren that Veronica Parents have and Veronica is the oldest of her brother and sister so the Grandparents put up two trusts for the girls and Marcella is so mad that her Dad set this for the girls. Therefore, that a little bit about the family feud.

About six months ago, Mark a friend of Daniela gave her some pictures and videos that she found in his sister's belongings after his sister had died in a car crash. His sister was friends of Sylvia, and he knew about how Daniela and her family had been thru hell for years by this family so he was more than happy to give this stuff to Daniela and her family.

The videos were of Marcella and Stan some in nude and some of Stan in a ladies' dress being butt fucked by some lady with a strap-on while some man was fucking Stan's face. While Marcella was on her hands and knees with a dog collar and looked as if she was licking something out of a dog bowl.

And other humiliating pictures like being pissed on and other B&D stuff, in addition, some videos of them having sex with the kids; one of the videos was of Jody fucking his dad in the ass while Sylvia was taking a strap-on to her mother's ass. And one video of Marcella sucking and fucking a Great Dane.

Come to find out that the two kids Sylvia and Jody had found the video of their mom and dad's sex tapes, and were blackmailing them. Telling them that if they did not get them whatever they wanted or to do they would send the videos to the rest of the family so Marcella and her Husband Stan did whatever they were told to do.

Daniela showed and talked to her sister Ashleigh, they both agreed that they should talk to their mom about it. So they talked it over with Veronica. Veronica said that they should wait and see what happens at the Family Reunion in two weeks, but she would show me the stuff and talk to me about it too.

Well, at the Family Reunion Marcella and her family was up to no good as always, looking down their noises' at everyone thinking that their shit does not stink, being royal pains in the ass to the whole family. When they left, everyone was able to party and have fun. Just about time for everyone to go home my father-in-law got a call from Marcella asking if he had seen Sylvia's purse.

He said that it was there and that he asked Veronica and me to drop it off on the way home that night. Marcella was not happy that he would not bring it by, but that Sylvia needs it, so said she would see us then.

Veronica sent Daniela home to get a copy of the video and some of the pictures that we had made copies of for just this reason. And had me follow her home so she could leave her car at the house, and then we were on the way, Daniela and Ashleigh had picked up their toys {strap-on butt plugs riding crops etc...}. When we all showed up at their house Marcella and Stan started right in with their better than thou attitude, Veronica slapped her sister's face it became so quiet that you could hear a pin drop on the grass.

We walked right on in and Veronica told Marcella and them to shut the fuck up that we were tired of their shit and that there was going to be some new attitude and that they better do as she said or else.

By now, Marcella found her voice and started to say something when Daniela took out a picture and threw it down onto the table. And said that she had better do as she was told to do, or the family and their friends would get copies of these pictures and videos that we have, again you could have heard a pin drop.

By now Sylvia and Jody had came down to see what all the noise was about when Sylvia saw us she was surprised to see all of us and her mom and dad looking very upset. Jody asked what was going on. And Ashleigh told him to shut the fuck up and turn to Sylvia and to keep her mouth shut too, if she knew what was best.

Marcella asked in a low voice where we had the pictures and videos. Sylvia said what pictures and videos? Marcella pointed to the table and Jody and Sylvia looked and their face went white, and in unison, they said OH SHIT! Then looked at us as their mom asked what did we want?

I told her that they could keep their money but it was going to cost them a lot of pain and that we were going to have some fun with them, starting now. I then told Daniela to take Stan to his room and to get his dress and panties out for him and makeup on and for Ashleigh to take Jody up to Sylvia's room and get him dressed in one of Sylvia's nice dresses and to get him all made up too.

Then turning to Marcella, and Sylvia I told them both to get out of their clothes and to strip. Marcella and Sylvia looked my wife; Veronica told them that they better get started if they knew what was good for them. So Stan and Jody headed up stairs with our girls to change into their cloths and get all made up like little sluts. Moreover, Marcella and Sylvia both started to cry and Veronica walked over to them and slapped their faces, and yelled at them to get moving.

After they were naked and the girls came down with Jody and Stan, we all had them head to the basement, for some good time fun for the family, well our family anyways. We had Stan put four hooks in to the ceiling beams. Then Daniela and Ashleigh took out the handcuffs went by each of them and handcuffed their hands and I tied them each to a hook in the ceiling.

As soon as all this was completed, my wife and the girls took off to a bedroom to get in to their new outfits. Both girls came down in a black shiny latex corset with red lace looking sexier then I have ever seen them before. Then Veronica came down and it astounded me, hers was a bright Red with black lace latex corset.

Veronica and the girls have been working out at the gym and it shows she is five foot three inches 120 lbs. 34 28 36 she looks like a sex goddess, each of them had a riding crop to match their outfits.

It has been a long hot day and both my wife and I had drunk a lot of tea and had held it in for just this occasion. And so did our daughters. So one by one, we took our turn pissing into their mouths. I started it off I took Marcella down from the hook and made her kneel down on the cold hard cement floor, told her to get my cock out and open her mouth.

She was a little hesitant to move so Veronica hit her right across her breast with the riding crop. That got her moving faster, after she had my cock out and she opened her mouth, I been began to piss. At first, she closed her mouth and Veronica hit her ass this time and told, her she had better open up her mouth and drink my piss or she was in for one hell of a beating. After I was done, pissing Daniela told her to lick the floor clean.

After Marcella had all the piss licked up, I put her back on the hook. And took down Stan Veronica told him to lie out on the floor and put a long hose that was hooked to a funnel. She had him put the hose into his mouth and close his mouth told him that if he let any of her piss out of his mouth She then pulled the corset over and filed the funnel up and to his credit, Stan did not let a drop out.

now, Sylvia and Jody had a good idea what was going to happen to them too. When Veronica was done, I hooked Stan back in place too. Both Daniela and Ashleigh were in need so I took down Sylvia for Ashleigh and took down Jody for Daniela.that Daniela and Ashleigh would beat him with their riding crops.cc

And had the two brats lie out on the floor. The girls both had funnels and placed them into Sylvia and Jody's mouth. I told them the same went for them as it went for their dad better drink it all. So the girls let the piss flow, Sylvia just about spit it out but as Veronica started to walk over, she quickly began to swallow it all.

Once the girls were done feeding the two their piss, I hooked them both back up to the hooks in the ceiling. We let them hang there for about an hour while we sat and watched them hang, Marcella and them begged us to let them down and was still acting superior to us. But that was fine with us that gave us more time to have our fun with them, at their cost. So in view of the fact that Marcella was my wife Veronica's sister, we all determined to let her go first, we saw her take her riding Veronica also slowly caressed Marcella's tits and inside her upper thigh up to her pussy, then without a warning she hit her right tit hard.

Marcella let out a loud scream of pain then hit her left tit moving back and forth from one to the other. Marcella begged her sister to stop between screams. Then just as fast, she stopped and began to lightly caress her ass and her tits and now her pussy. Then she began to hit Marcella pussy, Marcella let out a loud scream of pain all over again swinging on the hook trying to keep her sister from hitting her pussy, all the time screaming and crying.

Veronica hit her pussy a good ten times, until it was good and red to match her tits. Veronica turns to speak to Daniela and Ashleigh and asked if they would like to help fix their Aunts' ass to match her tits and pussy. Daniela and Ashleigh walk over, got on each side of her, took their riding crop, and began to beat their Aunt's ass until it was as red as her tits and pussy. Marcella let out a loud scream of pain begging to have it all stop.

Then Veronica told the girls to stop that she was ready then everyone turned to look at her, while the girls were beating Marcella's ass she had gone and got her strap on. Marcella began to scream NO NO please do not do it sis, Veronica said oh yes I am going to use this on the nice red ass of yours and without any lube.

Veronica asked me to get Marcella down and to tie her over the armchair so her ass will be nice and high. So I got Marcella all ready for her. Veronica walked around to the front of Marcella and told her to open her mouth and to get sucking.

Marcella closed her mouth, Veronica nodded her head and I took my cock and shoved it up her ass with one big shove, Marcella let out a pricing scream and Veronica shoved the strap-on down her throat muffing her scream and gagging her.

We began fucking her fast and hard as I push in and Veronica would push in banging Marcella harder and faster until I blew my load deep in her ass. Then I traded places with her and I made her clean all her shirt off my cock as Veronica took her place behind and began to work on her ass.

Veronica then began to taunt her sister Marcella and Stan "How it feel sis having Don's cum running out of your ass, Look Stan your wife finally got the fucking she been looking for, for all these years. Hey sis how did it feel having a real man's cock in your ass? Seeing how Stan's cock is a needle dick spider fucker.

Both of their faces turned red and you could see them getting angry. Before I put my cock into her mouth, I put a dental mouth gage that I got from a friend {it's to keep the mouth open and to be able to work on the mouth} That way she will not be apt to sink her teeth into my cock.

While we were having our fun with Marcella, the girls had poor Jody and Stan dancing up and down as they hit their little ass's, making their dress to fly up and show the g-string that the girls had put on them. Ashleigh started laughing she pulled up Jody's dress to see his little cock poking out of the G-String, Hey look Jody's got a hard-on he getting turned on from the beating or seeing his mom get fucked in the ass and mouth, what is it Jody?

Come on and tell we all like to know. Jody's face got so red. Then Ashleigh looked where Jody had been looking, OH MY! she said you getting turned on by my dad's cock, in a low whisper Jody said yes. Daniela said I cannot hear you, Jody speak up so everyone can hear you, tell us Jody what is turning you on what are you looking at and what do you want

Then a little louder, he said Don's cock and he liked to be sucking it and having it up his ass. Ashleigh said louder we did not hear you. So Jody yelled it out that he want to suck my cock and have me fuck his little boy pussy.

Marcella and Stan eye went wide in shock, Sylvia just look down and said nothing, Daniela ask Sylvia if she had known that her brother was gay, and she said yes she had known for awhile she had caught him taking her panties. Daniela asked him if he like to clean my cock off now seeing that it just came out off your mom's ass. He said yes in a low voice, Louder Daniela said beg Dad to let you suck his cock tell everyone how you would love to suck it.

So Jody began to beg me to let him suck and clean my cock and to fuck his ass with it. Ashleigh said why not let Stan fuck Jody ass first seen how small his cock that way preparing the way for Dad's big cock. But first Jody had to suck his dad's cock to get it hard so Daniela let Jody down, Daniela whispered into Jody ear that he better beg his Dad to fuck him good and hard with his little needle dick spider fucker cock.

Jody actually giggled like a little girl and said yes it was very small one at that. It was the first time any of us had ever seen him smile. As he got down on his hands and knees in front of his dad's cock, said that Sylvia strap-on was even bigger than his dad's cock, and went right to sucking it taking it down his throat to his dad's balls.

Veronica told Marcella that it looks like Jody can suck cock better than her and that she may want to get some lesson from her son. Veronica ask Stan if his son suck cock better than his wife, at first he did not answer but with a good hit on his ass from Daniela riding crop he yelled out OH YES, will tell him tell your son that he sucks cock better than his mom.

Give your son the praise he need to hear from his dad. Stan began to tell his son how he love having him suck his cock and that this was the best cock sucking he has ever had. I left Marcella tied to the chair so Veronica could fuck her sister ass while Marcella was forced to watch her son suck his dad's cock.

Then just as Stan began to breath, hard Ashleigh told Jody to stop and put a cock ring around Stan's cock so he could not cum or go soft. Daniela told Jody to get his dad's cock in his ass and Jody ask me if he could suck my cock clean that he love to have a big hard cock like mine down his throat and love to taste my cum.

With that, I gave the little boy just what he wanted, and we all were surprised that he took the whole 8 inch of my cock down his throat without gagging, as he sucked on my cock Daniela and Ashleigh began beating on Stan's ass telling him to go faster and to fuck his sons' little boy pussy. Look Marcella your son is a natural cocksucker a nice little Sissy.

It was not long before I was ready to cum God he a very good cock sucker I told him and he with that much faster and took it even deeper down his throat, here it come boy drink my cum I said as I shot it deep down his throat. I told him that because he was so good that I would let his dad suck his cock off for him.

While Stan was sucking off Jody, I got behind Jody and with a big shove I buried my cock deep in the little boys' tight butt. He tried to let out a scream but with his dads cock in his mouth it was muffled. All this time Veronica was fucking her sister's ass with her strap-on telling her to see how Jody was loving sucking cocks and loving my cock up her sons' little ass. Veronica kept urging me on "go on fuck that little sissy ass harder Oh do go faster in his ass darling" she kept saying.

While this was going on, Daniela and Ashleigh had taken down Sylvia and had their cousin lay across the coffee table. Ashleigh straddled her face and told Sylvia to start eating her out and to be quick about it. And if she did not do it, right she would beat her little tits, and just to show her Ashleigh brought her riding crop down hard on one breast as Sylvia let out a scream.

Ashleigh lowered herself over Sylvia's face muffling her cry. Daniela told Ashleigh to hold Sylvia's legs up so she could get at her little ass. As Ashleigh rode Sylvia's face telling her to get her tongue deep into her pussy and to lick her clit now and then, bringing the riding crop down on her belly or a tit. Daniela was fucking her little cousin's ass good and hard picking up speed as she went.

By now Veronica was going fast in her sister's ass all you could hear from Marcella was grunts and groans as her sister fucked her ass. With all the moaning and all going on it did not take me long to shot my cum up Jody's little tight ass.

After I was done, I walked over to Marcella and told her to lick my cock clean from her little sissy of a son's ass, make sure you get all of his shit and my cum off my cock. Once my cock was clean, I told my wife to stop for a minute so I could turn her over on the other coffee table.

Once we had her on her back Veronica told Jody to come over and set on his mother's face and told Marcella to lick all of my cum out of her little sissy son's butt. But first, I removed the mouth gage from her mouth.

Being a jack-of-all-trades I went looking around to see if I could see what Stan had that would make some more fun for us to have with them. I found four electric motors 2 of them having shafts out each end of the motors. So I made some fucking machines, so that we all could take a break and watch them get fucked. Stan had some sawhorses and some 2x12 lying around so I was able to make some tables for all to be tied to while the fucking machine did their thing.

As soon as Marcella and the rest of them saw what I had made they all began to cry in fear of what was about to happen to them. I had the girl's tie Jody on one of the sawhorse tables I had made and then put Stan on the other sawhorse table. I asked Veronica if she would like to put the dildos in the little sissy ass and the big sissy ass.

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