tagIncest/TabooFamily Bonds Ch. 01: Emily

Family Bonds Ch. 01: Emily


A bit about my family, before I get into my story: My dad was killed in a car accident when I was 2, just a few months after my youngest sister Hannah was born. We were 'lucky', in that my mom was able to get a pretty decent settlement from the insurance company, plus my dad's life insurance, so we were financially stable, but not well off by any means.

So for the last 17 years our family consisted of me, Josh, now 19; my two sisters Hannah, 18, and Emily, 20; and finally our Mom, Karen, a 37-year old Registered Nurse.

Anyway, on to the story...

"Come on, Josh! I don't want to be late!" My sister, Emily, was tapping her fingers impatiently, waiting for me to take her to her boyfriend's house. It was Halloween, and I was taking her in my crappy Honda Civic.

"Come on!" Em was opening the door to go wait for me in the car, and I finally got up, to take her to her party. We got in, and started off to her boyfriend Brad's place. We didn't say much on the ride over. I didn't like Brad. He always gave me a weird vibe, a bit twitchy and short-tempered, but Em seemed to like him. I'd told her how I felt about Brad, and she didn't appreciate it. For the last couple of days, I'd been given the silent treatment by Emily, so the quiet ride wasn't that big of a surprise.

We finally got there, and she grabbed her phone and got out of the car. She didn't say a word of goodbye, just slammed the door and stalked to Brad's house.

I didn't have any Halloween parties to go to, so I just turned my car around, and started back. I was almost back home, when a text arrived on my phone. As soon as I picked it up to check the message, I cursed. "Fuck! She took the wrong phone. Idiot!" I called my own phone, but there was no answer. I rolled into our driveway, and tried a couple more times. Still no answer.

"Shit!" I needed my phone, so I quickly ran in to let my little sister know that I'd be taking another round trip to Brad's house. I got back in my car, and drove back to Brad's. I tried calling Em again, but still no answer. I didn't really want to see Brad, so I was hoping that I could just have Em come out with the phone, so we could quickly switch, but it seemed like I'd have to go knock on the door.

I went up to the front door, and knocked. I waited. No answer. I knocked again. After several minutes of knocking I tried the door. It was unlocked. I walked in, calling out. "Hello? Anyone here?"

I heard some muffled sounds from upstairs, and I thought, oh shit, they're having sex... How do I get my phone if the phone is on the nightstand, and they're in the bed fucking? Shit!

I snuck up the stairs, and the sounds continued, but these were not sex sounds. Brad had just started yelling. "You fucking slutty bitch! I know you're screwing that asshole Jason. Don't lie to me."

I heard my sister scream in fear, and I rushed up the stairs, and burst into the bedroom. Brad was straddling my sister on the bed, and he had a knife in his hand.

All of a sudden I found myself in the air, crashing into Brad, the both of us landing on the floor next to the bed in a heap. Luckily, Brad was stunned, and his reactions were slow, so I was able to get the knife out of his hand and toss it to the other side of the room. I scrambled up, and slammed the obviously drunk Brad to the floor, face down.

"Are you OK?" The words stumbled out of my mouth, as I looked up at the bed where Emily was now sitting up. She seemed in a daze, but she eventually said "yes, I'm OK... He kept saying I was sleeping with Jason... Oh my God, he could have killed me..."

I jumped up, and looked at Em. Her eyes were welling up with tears. She put her head in her hands and started crying. I sat down on the bed and wrapped my arms around her, still keeping a weary eye on Brad.

He was finally getting up, and had obviously realized what he'd done. He looked totally destroyed. He mumbled some apologetic sounding noises, and rushed out of the room, and down the stairs. A few seconds later, we heard the front door slam, and his car starting and driving away.

We sat there for several minutes, before Emily got her crying under control, and she told me what had happened. Brad had been very drunk when she had arrived, and he had gotten it in his head that Em was cheating on him with another student in her English class: Jason.

"But Jason is gay," Emily continued. "So definitely no sleeping with him."

I didn't want to add insult to injury, so I didn't comment on any of the misgivings I'd had about Brad. After a few more minutes, we got back in my car and drove home.

When we got home, mom was there, luckily. She knew what to do. She gave Emily some Ambien, and put her to bed.

We could all tell that Emily was pretty traumatized, so mom called a therapist she knew from the hospital, and got weekly sessions set up with her.

Emily seemed to recover pretty quickly. During the day, she was fine, still going to classes and doing assignments, all giving the appearance of having made a complete recovery. And the weekly therapy sessions were helping.

nights were the problem. I heard her crying many nights in her room; I'd go sit with her in her bed, and let her cry on my shoulder, and talk if she felt the need.

After about a week, Emily started coming to my room instead. The conversations kept going. We'd talk about what happened that Halloween night, or what her therapist had said, or just general stuff. She'd have the occasional good cry, and then she'd shuffle off to bed after an hour or so.

It started to become a bit of a habit. She'd be there in my bedroom door, saying 'Hey, you got a few minutes?" "For my sister, always!" I'd respond.

One night she told me that Brad's parents had called her. Brad had gone into rehab for his alcohol problem, and when he had completed that, he would be transferring to an out-of-state school. He had realized that he needed a total reset, to get out of the trouble he was in.

This lifted Em's spirits. She seemed much happier, and less brooding. The nightly chats became lighter, and she really was making progress.

The evening ritual changed a little over the next few weeks. The chats got longer. A few times Emily would fall asleep in my bed. The first couple of times I laid down on my futon and had a terrible night's sleep, so the third time she dozed off in my bed, I stayed, and fell asleep myself.

Before I continue a little bit of explanation: My sister is a total knockout. 5' 8", 120 lbs, lithe with gentle feminine curves, and perfectly proportioned C-cup breasts. She has thick, curly golden blond hair that perfectly frames her classically beautiful face: A strong jawline, high cheekbones, full wide lips, and big hazel eyes with long, luxurious lashes.

That night, I woke up with Emily's long, supple thigh across my hips, squeezing my cock, getting me hard. At first I didn't know what to do, but even though it was my sister's thigh, it felt really good, and I didn't want to move it away. I just lay there for a couple of minutes, with a raging hard-on. Emily sighed, and rolled back to the other side of the bed, taking the covers with her.

All of a sudden, I was aware of her in a completely different way. I could feel the warmth of her body next to me. I could smell the Apple-scented shampoo in her hair. I could see the shape of her hip curving from her narrow waist, down to her supple thighs. Even though she was in flannel pajamas, her shape was unmistakable, and suddenly I was filled with a desire for her, so strong that I started jerking off, right there in my bed, next to her.

A switch had been flipped in my brain, and the brotherly love I had felt for her for my whole life, now included a blinding urge to touch her skin, smell her scent, kiss her soft lips, maul her perfect boobs, my mind went all kinds of places, and I couldn't stop.

As I was getting closer to cumming, I involuntarily let out a low moan. Maybe it was the moaning, or the shaking of the bed from my frantic fapping, but it woke up my sister, and she quietly said: "Woah, Josh, what you doing there?"

I immediately stopped the self-pleasure, and tried to think of what to say. I looked over at my sister, embarrassed. Her face had a naughty grin on it, and she continued "Looks like you're jacking off. It's OK. I don't mind."

I recovered a bit, and was able to quip back a little: "Well, you gave me a hell of a scare there, Em. Bit of a boner-killer."

I was really horny, and needed to get off, so my rational mind wasn't fully in charge when I said. "Since you killed my groove, maybe you should help me out, sis..."

I had said it half in jest, but I was shocked when she slid her hand across the bed, and onto my abdomen, searching for my cock. "Sure, bro. You can't imagine how much you have helped me in the last few months, so getting you off is the least I can do."

Her warm hand found my once-again growing member, and I felt her long slender fingers wrap around my cock.

"Woah!" she exclaimed. "You have a really big dick, Josh! Wow! How big is it? I know you boys measure your cocks. Come on, tell me!"

This was not going the way I had expected, but my mind was clouded by my need to get off, and my new, overpowering desire to fuck my sister.

"9 inches," I said with a bit of pride in my voice.

"Wow! And how thick is it?"

"6 1/2 inches around," I said, again pretty proud.

"What a monster," my sister said, with a hint of awe in her voice.

She sidled up a little closer, and started pumping my cock in her warm, soft hand. I was insanely hard, and only a few seconds from shooting a huge load.

I had wrapped my arm around her, and she was laying in the crook of my arm. I could smell her hair, feel her breath on my neck. I could feel her breasts pressing against the side of my chest, as her hand was pumping her brother's cock up and down. This was so crazy, but it felt so good, so right...

Emily cooed into my ear, then whispered "Mmmmmmm Josh, you gonna cum for your big sister? You gonna shoot your load while your sister jacks you off? Cum for me, Josh... Gimme that fat load, little brother..."

That did it. She kept her hand firmly on my cock, as I bucked and groaned and pumped out more semen than I think I had ever done before. Luckily, I wasn't under the covers, so the big load landed mostly on my chest and stomach, with one strand of the creamy cum landing on my sister's cheek and chin.

The fog of horniness slowly dissipated, and I lay still on my bed, with my big sister still slowly pumping my big cock, and my breathing slowly getting back under control.

Emily finally let go of my cock, and her hand went to her chin, where she carefully scooped the cum on to her index finger, and to my astonishment, slipped the finger into her mouth, and cleaned her brother's cum off it. Her eyes were sparkling naughtily, and she said "Mmmmmmmmmhhh. Wow, bro. You cum a lot. And it tastes delicious."

I was speechless. I couldn't believe what had just happened. My gorgeous sister had just given me an amazing hand-job, and then swallowed some of my cum. My mind was reeling, and I didn't know what to say, so I just lay there, dumbstruck.

After about a minute, the jizz on my chest began to get cold (it was January after all), and I mumbled something about cleaning up, and jumped out of bed, and hurried to the bathroom, where I quickly removed the evidence, and rushed back to my room. I was both disappointed and relieved to find that while I was in the bathroom, Emily had disappeared back into her bedroom.

I was so confused. I had feelings that I didn't know what to do with. I loved my sister, and I wanted to protect and care for her, but also very badly wanted to explore these sexual feelings with her.

I flopped onto my bed, and as I lay there, I thought about what had just happened; her hand jerking my swollen cock, her warm lithe body next to mine, the mind-blowing moment when she swallowed that dollop of my cum.

I was rock hard again. I knew this was wrong. But why did it feel so right? I had known my big sister all my life, and our little family have always been very close. She's one of three people I know the best on this planet, and love the most. I would do anything for her, and now this thing had happened. I didn't know how to process it. I had to talk to her.

I quietly got up, and snuck into the hallway, and to her bedroom door. I hesitated for a few seconds, before opening her door. Her nightstand light was on, so I could see that her pajama top was open, and her left breast was visible, sexy pink nipple distracting me. "Josh?" she whispered. "Is that you?" "Yeah, sis, it's me," I whispered back. "Is it OK if we talk about this?" I tentatively asked.

"Oh, thank God!" she burst out. "Come here, and let's figure this out..." I quickly made it over to her bed, and slid in under the covers next to her.

"Look," I said. "What happened between us, was so natural, it didn't even occur to me that it could be considered wrong, until I went back to bed."

"I know," Emily replied. "I don't want to stop hanging out with you. And what just happened was just me showing you how much I love you." Her sincerity and honesty made my heart swell for my sister. I wrapped my arms around her, and we were right back in the heat. We kissed passionately, and both of us started roaming each other's bodies with our hands. Her open pajama top gave me access to all of her torso, and my hands were all over her. One of my hands moved from her back, around her waist, onto her perfect tummy, up to her perfect breasts. I cupped her firm, yet pliable tit in my hand, and let my thumb and index finger squeeze and roll her perfect nipple between them.

My sister let out a quiet moan, which spurred me on. I stopped kissing her, slid down, and started licking, kissing, blowing, sucking, and lightly biting her nipples. Our bodies were on fire. Emily was breathing fast and shallow.

I wanted more. More of my lovely, sexy, dirty sister. I got up and moved between her legs. I let my hands brush her perky, beautiful breasts, and slid them down to her flannel pajama bottoms. With her help I quickly got her out of them.

I stopped to gaze at my sister's sensual, gorgeous body. "Can you sit up against the headboard?" I croaked. Immediately, the look in my sister's eyes turned filthy, and a lascivious smile bloomed on her face. "You want to look at your slutty, naked big sister?"

"Yes," I was barely able to say. She shimmied up, so her back was against the headboard of her bed. She was exquisite, and at the same time so fantastically slutty. She pulled her knees up to her chest, hiding her breasts, in what looked like an attempt at modesty, but her naughty eyes betrayed her. She was playing me like a fiddle. I was aching to feast my eyes on her sexy nakedness.

Then, slowly, she started spreading her legs, her knees still bent. She ended in a position where her knees were bent, and her legs were splayed wide open, her pelvis lewdly pushed forward, exposing both her smooth, glistening hairless cunt, and her tight anal opening. Her hands were on her knees, and she slowly slid them towards her sex, all the while piercing me with her intense hazel eyes.

My cock was ragingly hard again, and I whipped it out, as my sister started a little show for me. As her hands reached her pussy, she plunged two fingers into her tight, pink, glistening vagina, while the fingers of her other hand started circling on her engorged clitoris. The two fingers in her pussy started a slow, deliberate in-out rhythm. "Look at me," my sister said, in a husky bedroom-voice I had never heard before. "Look at me finger-fucking myself for my little brother... You like looking at your sister's pussy?"

I couldn't take it anymore. I let go of my cock, slid my hands under her perfect ass-cheeks, and roughly pulled her pussy toward me. She giggled when I plunged my face between her legs, and started hungrily lapping at her sweet-tasting nectar, as it oozed out of her perfect fuck-hole. Her clit was exposed, and I wrapped my lips around it, and started rhythmically circling my tongue around it, while creating suction with my lips. I heard a quick, surprised, intake of air, and then a happy moan from Emily as I worked my circling tongue against her hard clit.

"Ohhhhhhh, fuck, Josh, you are realllllly good at that," my sister breathed, both of her hands now grabbing the back of my head, and pushing me harder into her crotch. "ohfuck ohfuck ohfuck... Aaaaaahhhhhhhhh... Finger my pussy... Stick your fingers in my wet cunt, little brother."

Her dirty talk was driving me crazy, not just what she was saying, but my sister's voice seemed to have changed. For the sexier. A little deeper than her normal speaking voice, more husky, slower, more deliberate. She tasted the words as she spoke them.

"Mmmmmmhhhhhhh, Josh, keep sucking on my clit, while you drive your fingers into my slippery, wet cunt. This is going to make me cummmm... Ohhhhhh yes. Rub my G-Spot with your fingers... Yesyesyesyesyes..."

My sister was grinding her clit into my lips and tongue, and her hands were pushing my face against her at the same time. I had two fingers buried in her wet pussy, rubbing against her G-spot.

"Oh fuck, Josh, I'm gonna cum!" Emily panted, as her grinding got more fevered, and her breathing shallower. She tried to stay quiet as her orgasm washed over her, but she couldn't keep from groaning as her creamy juices covered my fingers and chin. She tasted fantastic. Her body shuddered as I kept up my attack on her clit and g-spot. "Oh shit, Josh, you made me cum sooo hard..." My sister's moans of pleasure spurred me on to keep up the attack, so I kept rubbing and licking, and the shuddering continued for a good 30 seconds.

I finally stopped, and looked up at my sister. Sweet, gorgeous, and mind-blowingly sexy. I moved up so I sat next to her, and put my arm around her shoulders. We didn't speak for a long time. We were just together. Brother and sister. Lovers.

The tension was growing palpable, and we both turned toward each other at the same time. As our lips met, I was overwhelmed by two feelings: at first, an unbounded love and caring for Emily, and then quickly, a strong feeling of how wrong this was. We were brother and sister. Incest was a bad thing. That was just how it was. Wrong. Wrong! Wrong!!

It seems like we both felt the same thing, because after about 5 seconds of the tenderest, most loving kiss I've ever shared, we both veered back quickly, confused. I pulled back from the kiss so quickly and violently that I fell off Emily's bed, and hit my head on her nightstand. Embarrassed and in pain, I scrambled to my feet, ran out of her room, and into mine, where I slammed the door shut.

What had we done? What was wrong with us? I tried to clear my head, and think about this logically.

What were we doing that was so wrong? Em was on the pill, so she wasn't going to get pregnant, we weren't hurting anyone, and we were definitely in love with each other. I struggled with these thoughts all night, and didn't get a lot of sleep.

The next morning, I didn't know what to expect. At breakfast, Emily was acting as if nothing had happened, and I was going crazy, not knowing if last night would be the only time I would have a chance to be intimate with my sister.

The day went incredibly slowly. Classes were dull as cardboard. The only bright spot was in the early afternoon, when I spotted Emily across the quad. I tried to casually walk over, and when I got closer, I waved and said "Hi, sis!". She waved back, smiled and said "Hey, bro!".

The rest of the day slogged along, and dinner that evening was painful. I was trying to read the tea-leaves from Em's behavior, but I didn't get any signals, or at least not any that I could understand.

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