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Family Breeding Conspiracy


On a cold morning in late June, a taxi van found its way to its appointed pick-up point: a somewhat run-down apartment building in the outskirts of the city. Just as quickly as it arrived, a mother and daughter pair eagerly sprinted out from the front security door, luggage in tow. 18 year old Ashley and her mother Lisa looked similar to each other. Their most noticeable feature was that they were tall (almost 6 feet tall, perhaps), but otherwise they were very well-proportioned. They each were beautiful and sexy in their own way, both with long reddish blonde hair and blue eyes; clear alabaster skin; well-proportioned, if somewhat small, breasts; curvy hips and long legs that would make most men crazy - if the mother-daughter pair would show them off. As it was a cold morning, Ashley and her mom were dressed in comfortable, baggy clothes that were more designed to keep heat in rather than attract any attention.

Once they were settled into the van, Ashley started to relax and watch her reflection in the van window. Eventually, her mind wandered back at her 18 years of life so far. Ever since she was a little girl, all she wanted was to find a nice guy, settle down in a house with a white picket fence, and raise a family filled with love and joy. In many ways, her desires were a reaction against her home life. After all, she and her identical twin sister Jessica were raised by a teen single mom whom always moved the family from apartment to apartment, looking for a better job and better schools. Their mostly absent father did contribute somewhat, but he seemed to spend the most time and money on the more rebellious Jessica - or, as he described her, "clever", "smart", and "independently-spirited". Even as she would get into trouble time and time again and drag the family in with her, their rich father would always dote on Jessica and encourage her to do whatever she wanted to do, regardless of the morality or acceptability.

But, those days would be behind Ashley soon enough. Shortly after Jessica had moved out when the sisters turned 18, their father called them up with a "gift": in his desire for his beloved Jessica to become truly independent, he will pay for Ashley and her mom to go on a dream tropical vacation and not be in contact with Jessica for that time. The only stipulation was that for three months beforehand they get thorough medical examinations and follow their doctor's orders to a tee, with vaccinations, vitamins, frequent blood and urine tests, and even a menstruation diary to filter out any complications. Apparently the tropical resort had a nasty outbreak of some sort a while ago, and their father wanted to be sure that Ashley and her mom would be healthy for Jessica's sake once it was time to go back. It was a bit of a peculiar stipulation, but it made sense to be safe rather than sorry.

Lisa looked over at her daughter, eyes transfixed to the window. "Are you excited about this trip? This will be the first time in a long time that we'll just relax all day. Who knows? Maybe you'll meet a cute, nice native boy sitting by the cabana, who is instantly taken in by your tall, redhead beauty and wants to shag you on the spot," she teased.

"Mom! Stop it!" Ashley pouted. "I want to find a guy, but I want to find someone really special. Not just some guy to have a fling with for a few days, like how Jessica does all the time."

While wild Jessica was eager to sleep with any guy she could conquer, Ashley was always searching for The One, a nice guy who wanted marriage and a house and a family. As it was, few nice guys liked tall, goody-good teenager girls in general, much less teenagers with high marital expectations. And so, Ashley was an 18 year old virgin and quite content to stay that way.

After some more chit-chat about the upcoming vacation, the taxi van finally made its way to the airline terminal, where the mother and daughter navigated the airport and quickly made their way to their plane. Ashley's father had paid for them to fly in the first-class cabin, which was empty except for the two of them. It was very nice of her father to do that; not only did they get to get on and off the plane before anyone else, but the first-class seats were very comfortable and could even lay back flat into a bed to sleep. Perfect for the many-hour long trip to the tropics.

After the plane took off and got to cruising altitude, Ashley couldn't help but feel really happy. Maybe this trip will help strengthen the bond between her and her mom? At least it will take her mind off Jessica and their dad doing... whatever they're doing. Ashley pulled a blanked over herself and dozed off to sleep first, followed by her mom Lisa, with the both of them eagerly awaiting the beaches of their tropical resort.


Just as Ashley was the first to doze to sleep, she was also the first to awaken. She felt extremely groggy, unsure about how long she slept or how much longer the flight would take. With her eyes still closed, she felt very uncomfortable in her bed now, with her arms and legs now bent and feeling sore, and a coldness coating her body. Her jaw and lower face felt a bit funny too, not quite sore or rigid, but rather some indescribable feeling. Still groggy, she turned her head to the side and opened her eyes - and with that, her heart started pounding.

She could see in profile her mom's naked body on a metal-looking table nearby, with nothing but white hospital-style restraints and her long red-blonde hair to cover her mother's white flesh. Well, almost nothing - covering her jaw and lower part of her face was what she could only describe as a black muzzle, aligned flush with her flesh except for an almost indistinguishable ring looking opening over her mouth, stretching her mouth open and plunging it up with some sort of black stopper.

Ashley quickly looked around at whatever else she could see in the room. Behind her mother were computers, papers, and floor-to-ceiling cabinetry. Turning her head the opposite direction, she saw some area that was closed off by plexiglass, some medical equiptment and a few dark-colored closed doors.. All around the room it was dark-colored but with lots of artificial light, with cameras in many areas and no windows but a few mirrors at places.

Thoroughly scared, Ashley tried to pull herself up and off her bed. That's when the realization kicked in: she too was completely immobile on a table, just like her mother. She could feel herself naked and exposed, with restraints at every joint, only allowing movement for her head to turn left to right. Her legs were somewhat elevated and bent slightly at the knees. Larger restraints covered her torso, exposing her tender nipples and breasts to the cold air. Her arms were immobile too - bend at the sides with hands facing outward. She could feel the muzzle on her face, complete with the plugged-up shallow ring pulling her mouth open, but she could not fully feel her lips or the front of her teeth and gums. It reminded her of the local anesthesia used at her dentist's office.

Ashley was filled with nothing but bone-chilling fear and desperation. She tried to yell and wake her mom up, but it was no use. Even her loudest screams became nothing more than muffled whispers. She thrashed her pale limbs against the tight restraints, hoping to loosen something, anything. This too was useless. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't move a single joint more than a centimeter, if that. Even her red-blonde hair barely moved. Whoever was behind this made sure that these 6' women would be entirely unable to escape.

After a while Ashley exhausted herself, and with no relief in sight, she started to cry. To think that a short while ago she was so happy, so looking forward to the perfect vacation experience with her mother. Instead, they're both helplessly captured in who-knows-where, destined to do who-knows-what.

Tears started streaming, then pouring down Ashley's face in a matter of moments. After a few minutes of that, suddenly one of the doors opened. Ashley knew that her captors had arrived. She turned her face and focused her tear-filled eyes at the four figures that entered. Two of them were two tall, blonde haired men wearing what seemed to be doctor scrubs. She didn't recognize either of the two men. The other two figures, however, she recognized instantly.

It was her identical twin sister Jessica. With their father. And both were wearing fine clothes and smiling ear to ear.

"Sister! So glad you could join us! I see you've had a moment to get comfortable in your new room." Jessica smirked as she walked toward her bound, naked sister. "Now, now, don't cry. There's nothing to cry about now. You've got a long day ahead of you! Save your cries for later!"

Jessica let out a sadistic laugh. To Ashley, the sound of her sister's voice sounded like the most evil thing in the world.

Their father stepped forward. For a moment Ashley thought he would release them, and tell everyone that this was a big joke, or a bad dream. Instead, he looked toward his favorite daughter and said, "Now, now, Jessica, don't tease your sister quite yet. Your mother still hasn't woken up yet. It would be impolite to get started without her."

"Of course! Sorry, daddy. I'll wake her up right now." Jessica went over to the other table and gave a hard pinch and a harsh, sadistic pull to their mother's cold, erect nipples. "This is your captain speaking! You have now arrived at Paradise!" Jessica couldn't help but let out another laugh at her joke.

Lisa woke with a start, at first only feeling the pain on her nipples and violently trying to respond. Her eye jutted open, face twisted in cruel agony. Despite all the obvious pain, only a faint muffle could barely be heard from her mouth (no doubt because of the effective mouth plug), and any kicking or punching was invisible due to the tight restraints. Within a matter of seconds Jessica released her mother's nipples, and Lisa quickly focused her eyes and rapidly realized the full scope of the situation. Her eyes rested on her ex-husband, turning into a furious glare and what must have been obscene yells under the mouth plugs.

"Ah, hello Lisa. I would say good morning, good afternoon, goodnight, or something like that, but I probably should get you used to not knowing or caring where the sun is in the sky. As far as Jessica and I are concerned, the two of you will never see sunlight again."

Ashley could feel the despair filling her chest. What did that mean? Was her dad going to kill her and her mom? Was he going to beat the two of them blind?

Jessica, always the talkative one, jumped right in with the explanation. "You see, Dad and I figured out that we'd be better off financially and emotionally if we removed you two from the world and used you for our own profit. And it ends up that the most profitable part of you two are your wombs." Jessica let out a massive, demonic grin. "You two are going to be bred non-stop down here until you die."

Ashley and Lisa both froze. Is what she was saying possible? How could they do this? Why would they want to? What sort of evil person enjoys seeing their mother and twin sister become captive breeding animals?

Their father stepped toward Ashley's table and caressed his daughter's naked, helpless body. "Experimental insemination, human breeding, black market adoptions, grey market embryo harvesting - it's all part of a massive, interconnected industry that I deal in. And the profits to be made are staggering. Until now, those profits are sporadic; I'll facilitate for a woman to work for one or two pregnancies, just long enough to get her money and leave. But if I had some more, ah, predictably-available wombs... Well, then, I'd be able to facilitate many more profitable arrangements."

"As far as the rest of the world is concerned, you two are dead. After there was an emergency stop on one of the islands, the flight continued to its destination, where you two officially disembarked. However, you had a tragic car accident on the way to the resort. The two tall female bodies are burned pretty badly, but you were already identified through your clothes and other official documents. Also, for the both of you, your front teeth were found at the wreck site. Those will be compared to your dental records back home, as extra confirmation of your deaths. I am curious; did you two notice already that your front teeth are all removed?"

Ashley concentrated on feeling her mouth. She realized that she was feeling a local anesthetic in her mouth. Between that and having her muzzle on too tight to effectively move, it was hard to tell if her teeth were there or not. The most she could feel was that she couldn't bite down on the plug. She quickly feared for when the anesthetic would eventually wear off, and she'd have to come to terms with her new mouth.

It was too hard for Ashley to decipher her father's emotions. He seemed cold-faced, his only action was to sway his fingertips across his daughter's exposed flesh, his eyes transfixed on where his fingers were traveling. Jessica, however, was all to eager to share her demented happiness.

"It was my idea to have you two think you were going on vacation, and then have you drugged and woken up here. I bet you were real eager to not have me around for your fun and games, yea?" Jessica suddenly bent the lower, split part of her mother's table, forcing her mother's legs up to her chest and to her side, exposing her mother's pussy to everyone. "Having had us twins will make birthing easier for all the rest of the offspring you'll have. It's also a good thing you had us when you were so young; the doctor says you've still got quite a few childbearing years left. The plan is to kill you off once you hit menopause and can't do in-vitro anymore, but if you're really good by that time, I may decide to keep you around as my own lactating milk cow. I want the best for my own children, and they say that breastmilk is best!"

Jessica turned to her identical twin's table. "Did I say 'my own children'? Let me specify: I mean that when the time comes I'll take some of the children that you birth, my sweet sister. You and I have the same genes after all, so as far as DNA testing is concerned, they may as well be my kids too. But I'll wait a while to do that. We have to sell off quite a bit of you and mom's offspring to our top-paying clients first, so that I can hire nannies and live the good life and all that." Jessica took a few steps back and glowed over her bound mother and sister, licking her lips and holding her arms together. "Fuck, it's getting me horny thinking about breeding you two like a pair of bitches. Or cows. Do you realize you'll be nothing better than cows, with their calves taken away at birth?"

Their father smiled at Jessica for a moment, then bent down to where his mouth was ear-level with Ashley. He whispered, "Look at your sister. She's been getting all excited and happy about forcing you and your mother to churn out babies to sell so that she can be rich. Her own half-sisters and nieces and nephews! Over time I'll train you to get horny too, producing litter after litter and then lusting to get pregnant like a bitch in heat."

He stood up and looked over his two captives. "Because of your tall size and proportionate physique, you both have been deemed ideal for producing multiple births at a time. The 'vitamins' that the doctors prescribed you are actually hyper-fertility drugs. I expect that you both will be consistently giving birth to healthy twins and triplets, possibly even quadruplets at least every year from now until the rest of your lives. The more live births - that is, the larger the litter - we have at one time, the quicker the profit for me and Jessica."

Ashley desperately wanted to not hear what she was hearing. They are going to force her womb to become a virtually non-stop baby-making factory? Manipulate her body to do nothing more than create life that would be given out to the highest bidder? Her dream of finding a good man, getting married, having a family, heck, even just being a member of society... all gone.

Her father continued, "Also, the doctors have been able to chart your ovulation cycle with all the data you provided from the last three months. They have found that you've developed synchronized cycles - and, more importantly, that both of you are going to ovulate within the next 12 hours."

It took Ashley a second to realize the implications of what her father just said. If she's going to be bred or inseminated or whatever, it would be done while she's ovulating. Ashley had never even kissed a boy, much less had sex before. She will lose her virginity in the next 12 hours, and never know of any kind of intimacy except for being factory-bred by her father and sister!


In an instant, her father had Ashley's legs lifted up and out of the way, just like her mother. Now their pussies were both exposed to the room. Ashley felt the eyes of her father, sister, and their two assistants staring at them both, salivating, lusting. Were they going to do it now? Couldn't they wait a few more hours, until her multiple eggs leave the ovaries and are available for insemination?

Ashley's father pointed to her mother, and looked at his assistants. "Her first. I want to see one of you to start fucking her like the cunt that she is, not stopping until you've emptied your balls straight into her fertile cervix. When the first one is done, you unplug her mouth and get yourself hard again. Don't worry, she can't bite or clamp her mouth shut now that she has a ring gag and no teeth. And she can't gag up food either; she's had nothing to eat. While the first one of you gets to fucking her throat for another orgasm, the second one of you takes her cunt and fills her up with more semen." He gave a steel stare to his ex-wife. "When the second one of you is using her mouthhole, the first one goes and inserts the special diaphragm into her cunt, followed by the thick 9" vibrating dildo that you'll find under the table. That'll keep the sperm in there for the next 12 hours, and her cervix will open up wider the more she cums on the vibrator. Lisa, I know you cum better on a vibrator than anything else - we'll turn it on full power to be sure your womb yields to our needs."

The two blonde assistants went into their duties right away, much Lisa's terror. The first assistant grabbed her legs and unceremoniously thrusted his cock into her. He had such an intense ferociousness that Ashley was afraid he would break her mother's pelvis. Each thrust seemed more intense than the last, even though Lisa herself was completely immobile from the restraints, and her yells couldn't be heard at all. If it weren't for the rapid turning of her mother's head and the look of abject fear and shame on her face, Ashley may not have guessed she was a helpless doll.

During the assault on her mother, Ashley's father and sister came up to her. Ashley was too scared to guess what they would do to her. The other assistants were occupied at the other table; how, or who, would inseminate Ashley?

Jessica spoke first, excited. "The doctor's report says you still have a hymen. Angel Angela is still a virgin. Isn't that precious? Today's going to be an even more special day!"

"Yes, it will be. Jessica, please open up your sister's labia wide while I get some lubricant. You can even stick a finger up her ass if you want, but the interior of her pussy is off-limits. Do you understand?"

"Yes, daddy!"

Jessica positioned herself to the side of Angela, looking down to her clit. She had an upside-down view of her sister's cunt, which seemed very delicate. Jessica looked forward to the years when her daddy will let her stretch out her sister's labia with weights and clamps and other toys. Maybe she could even use a strap-on on her sister for fun. For now though, she was content to watch her sister's scared body try to defend itself against Jessica's fingers. She put her pinky into her sister's ass and wiggled it around to see if Ashley could make any sounds of protest. And try as Ashley might to fight her mouth plug, she could not make a sound or any movement whatsoever.

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