Family Breeding Conspiracy


Their father came back just as the first assistant was getting done with their mom. Ashley tried to keep her head facing the side, concentrate on what was being done on the next table in hopes that she can forget what will happen to her. Her father would have none of that. He grabbed her at the chin and forced her to look into his eyes.

Their father had a crazed animal's look in his big, wide eyes. With his other hand, he had taken out his big, hard cock and was stroking it gently. Ashley had never personally seen a cock before tonight, but she still knew it was too thick, too large for her virgin body. It was probably 10" in length, and over 4" in diameter, with a big wide head at the tip.

Her father said to her, with an underlying groan of lust throughout, "One thing I like about your mother - she could take my cock and cum until she collapsed. I thought about just inseminating you through a tube and having your hymen fully breaking when you gave birth, but I just couldn't pass up the chance to fuck my sweet innocent daughter's hymen wide open. Your pussy will be tight, and there will be blood, but I'm going to have the biggest orgasm in my life by watching you there crying, broken, and helpless to stop your father from submerging your fertile womb with incestuous sperm."

Ashley heard a gurgling sound from the other table; it must be her mother gagging on the re-hardened cock of the man who first filled her body with cum. Ashley tried to turn her head to see, but her father held her chin tight, and with their eyes locked he thrust his granite cock into her tight, raw virginity.

A searing pain rushed through every inch of her nervous system, her eyes seemingly budged from their sockets, a hellish yell tried to escape but was blocked by the mouth plug. The pain didn't numb itself as her father thrust himself in and out of her rapidly, without any mercy or compassion to his brutally de-virginized daughter. He now took both his hands and grabbed his daughter's waist, squeezing her waist as he impaled himself again and again on his daughter's cunt.

Jessica, who was still holding Ashley's labia while also re-lubing her father's cock as needed, was laughing and telling her all the things they'll do to her for the rest of Ashley's breeding life. Shaming and torturing her to make videos for private pornographic customers. Letting all the staff gangbang her before each birth in order to open up the birth canal. Shaving all her body hair permanently and destroying every mental thought Ashley has about being a real human being. As Jessica said these things, her voice got raspier and raspier, each sentence intercut with moans that can only come from a truly aroused sadistic slut.

Worst of all, between the thrusts and the horrible, evil taunts, Ashley's mind was saying that it was being aroused by it all. Aroused? She couldn't comprehend what was going on. She held no love for what her father and sister were doing to her, and yet she could feel her mind getting high and her cervix opening up to the assault. Was she already ovulating? Was her body so hardwired to reproduce that it would accept - nay, actively help - her own father in fertilizing her womb?

Ashley could no longer think coherent thoughts. She realized sound from her mother's table changed again; perhaps they've put in the diaphragm and dildo now. Ashley couldn't make her head move to look. All she could muster to do is to keep her eyes open, looking at her sister's maniacal grins and her father's cruel eyes. The explosions of pain and pleasure from her conquered sperm canal were coming quicker and quicker, so fast that they were layering itself on top of one another. She realized that her father was going to cum inside her soon.

Sure enough, her father's cock and balls were ready to impregnate his broken, helpless, immobile 18 year old daughter. With his climax imminent, he used one hand to grab Ashley by her bare throat. His other hand remained at her waist; grabbing her flesh and marking her more with every second. Suddenly, in the span of a second, she felt her father's cock grow even larger and more rigid inside her, stretching the walls of her cunt and bringing them both to an explosive orgasm. Her father's barbaric yell heralded the attack from his seed. Ashley felt her cervix completely open up to the thick coat of her father's cum, filled with the devils that were invading her womb and searching for her vulnerable eggs. There was no doubt in anyone's mind that they would find their target. Ashley would be pregnant with her father's baby.

He held his body in position for a few seconds, until the last of his sperm was sunk into his daughter. Instinctively, Jessica pulled off the mouth plug from her sister's tired mouth. Their father pulled out, and thrust his cock one time into Ashley's throat for cleaning. Jessica was already inserting the diaphragm and dildo into her sister, insuring that as much sperm as possible would be absorbed into the womb.

Their father surveyed the scene. The two assistants that impregnated his ex-wife Lisa were already gone; they had left behind Lisa as an orgasming statue, unable to push out neither the mechanical cock between her legs nor the jizz coating her cervix. Their daughter Ashley had resigned herself to the statue-like obscene fertilization, too. He knew that another staffer would come to make them welcome for the night; inserting catheters in their bladders and tubes in their anuses, as well as IV lines for their arms. Between orgasming, relieving themselves, and the IV line, he knew his two breeders will have all their needs taken care up until the next round of back-up breeding sessions.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous04/08/18


That was sick. Anyone who can write shit like that is probably capable of doing it in real life. The feds ought to be checking the author out.

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by MaximusTheMad03/04/18

Loved it

It definitely could have been written better, but as far as a sick imagination, wow! I felt sick to my stomach and hatred for the father/daughter; they seemed truly evil. That's what you want to do asmore...

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by OzzieKlunk07/01/17

On a cold (18C) morning in late June, taxi van #18 found its way to its appointed pick-up point: 18, Eighteenth Street, a somewhat run-down apartment building about 18 km from the downtown of the city.more...

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