tagIncest/TabooFamily Brothel Ch. 04

Family Brothel Ch. 04


It wasn't very often that a cute young woman walked into the Cooper's family brothel, so Aunt Kelly, who worked the door on this lovely Tuesday evening, was stunned when the 26 year old beauty entered the door. She stood five and a half feet, had a slender body, long black hair tied up into a ponytail and modern glasses with a black frame. Her face was cute and friendly, but she looked tough and smart at the same time. The moment you saw her, you felt that this girl knew what she wanted and knew how to get it.

"Hi, I'm Kelly, what can I do for you?" Kelly asked after a brief delay.

"Hi Kelly, my name is Melanie Jones. I've been told that this place is run by a woman named Julie and I'd like to talk to her please."

"Talk about what?" Kelly asked. Sometimes angry wives showed up at the house when they found out their husbands where customers here. In cases like that, the women working at the door were supposed to deny entrance. Otherwise those angry wives wouldn't leave the place for hours, yelling at the girls and annoying the customers. The Coopers didn't want any more trouble than necessary.

"Well, I'm a film student at USF and I have a proposal for a project that I'd like to discuss with Mrs. Cooper. She is probably really busy, so all I ask is ten minutes of her time. If she wants me to leave after that, I won't make a scene, I won't argue, I'll leave immediately," Melanie promised with a sincere look on her face.

"Hold on a second," Kelly told the girl, took the telephone and dialed Julie's number. "Hi, Jules, there's a girl at the door who wants to talk to you about a proposal for some kind of project for you. Claims to be a film student at the university... I don't know, she looks nice and trustworthy, I don't think she will cause any trouble... In her mid-twenties I'd say... OK, I'll send her up," Kelly told her sister through the phone and explained the way to Julie's room to Melanie.


"Hi, I'm Julie Cooper, I've been told you have a proposal for me. Why don't we have a seat and you tell me what you have in mind and why you think that I can be of any help," Julie told the younger woman when they sat down in her office.

"First of all, I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk to you. I know you must have other important things to do. My name is Melanie Jones, I'm a media science major at USF. I'm a student of Professor Walter Brown. I've talked to him about my new film project and asked him for help. He sent me here and recommended to talk to you for support. He is a regular customer at this place, I think you might know him. Tall slim guy in his mid-fifties, shattered gray hair and small glasses without frames?" she suggested.

"Yes, I know Walter. I've worked with him a few times," Julie explained. Professor Brown was indeed a regular customer. And a loyal one, too. He didn't attend the brothel for cheap sex, he was more interested in the more sophisticated girls that could deal with him on an intellectual level, as well as fulfill his sexual fantasies. Julie herself was one of those girls. If Walter recommended the girl, Julie wanted to at least give the her a shot. "So, what do you have in mind?"

"Well, I'm working on an unusual film project right now. For the last couple of months, I have created the concept, written the script and improved it over and over again. It was actually a project I handed in for Professor Brown's class 'independent experimental filming'. My script earned me an A, but good grades are not everything I'm after. I want my ideas to become reality. I love great movies and I love to make them, that's what I study for and that's why I am looking for ways to get my script on celluloid. I have access to professional cameras and equipment and I even found the right locations for the shoot. All I'm really missing are the right actors, who are willing and able to fill out my characters. That's were I hope for your help," the student explained.

"I'm not sure what Professor Brown has told you about this place, but this is a brothel, not a theater", Julie answered confused. "I am not an actress and neither are the other girls. Why don't you ask some fellow students? Aren't there any young ambitious actors at your class?"

"Actually, there are a lot of them, but none of them are willing to take place in a movie like mine and to be honest, most of them wouldn't be any good at this particular kind of work. Look, my idea is not your typical student project. A lot of my classmates produce low budget splatter horror movies, wannabe artistic short films or their own interpretation of old theater play. Me, I have my own vision, I want to do something new, something that people might find daring. There are tons of movies about love, but nearly none about sex. I'm not talking about porn, but about what sex is like for real people. Sex can be about love, but the truth is: on many occasions it isn't. People don't do one-night stands because they are in love for one night. Still, there's more to it than just the sex. There's passion, sometimes it's anger or the need to boost one's ego. Sex is such an interesting and important part of our lives. So why doesn't anyone address the subject in a movie?" Melanie explained.

Without realizing it Julie had started nodding while she listened to Melanie's speech. She agreed that sex was still a taboo topic in this free and open minded society. Sure, there's sex in movies, talk show guests discuss sex on TV. But it's all very superficial, which was disturbing to Julie. This girl seemed to think likewise.

"Anyways," Melanie continued, "the working title of my project is 'Loving & Fucking'. I want to show romantic sex, the way people do it when they are newly in love. I don't mean 80's soft porno bullshit with soft focus lenses and someone playing the sax. But if two people really care about each other, it shows in the way they have sex. That's what I'd like to film as part one. The second part will be raw animalistic fucking, the way you do it if you really have to blow of some steam, if you fuck somebody for the pure purpose of getting your rocks off. It's more like hardcore pornography, but with respect for both partners. It can be really rough, but only if both partners like it that way. I want to see what the actors would do in their private lives if they could do whatever they like, without prejudices and moral condemnation. So essentially, my project is about the beauty of sex in it's different manifestations."

"That sounds amazing!" Julie told her guest enthusiastically. "How can I help?"

"Thanks, I'm glad you appreciate my ideas. Professor Brown gave me some porn tapes he bought at this place, so I definitely know there's some talent here. I just need to find the right people and convince them to become part of this project. If I could stick around for a few days to scout my actors, that would help a lot."


They quickly agreed and for the next three days, Melanie hang around at the Cooper's brothel. Julie introduced her to some of the staff, including Greg and Jenna. She didn't mention that they were her offspring though. The young film student was allowed to enter the control room, where Greg sat in front of the displays to check the security cameras. This gave Melanie the opportunity to see the girls in action and to scout for talent.

"So, Julies tells me you want to make a film about different kinds of sex. That sounds really cool," Greg told his guest. They would be sitting in the control room for quite some time, so they might as well have a little chat, he thought.

"Thanks, I appreciate how supportive everybody is around here," Melanie said honestly. "Julie mentioned that you have starred in some videos yourself. She showed me a gang bang flick where you and a few other guys are banging the wife of a customer. You went really wild. I liked your performance very much. I would really like you to be the star for the first part. Would you consider that? You know, the hardcore fucking? Sorry for asking you so blatantly, but I like to be very open about what I want," she explained.

"Um... yeah, why not. If it would help," he answered spontaneously. He really liked Melanie and her project, so why not help her out? She was right about him being in numerous films before, although it was mostly for private use of the brothel's customers. And videos of him and his mother and sister of course.

"Cool, thank you so much! I promise it will be great. Let's find you a partner. What do you think about Akira over there?" she asked, pointing on one of the displays showing one of the sluttiest girls of the brothel. She was being double teamed by two elder gentlemen, who in this situation weren't gentle at all. One was on his back with her on top, the other was behind them. Both men had their cocks in her pussy at once, giving her a hard double vaginal fucking. Greg knew that Akira loved having two cocks in one hole at the same time. She did double anal as well.

"That's Akira. I like her and she certainly knows how to fuck. I still don't think she's the right choice. First of all, I would never pick her up at a bar. She's nice and all, but we just don't fit as a couple. Here at the brothel, we get along pretty well, but in a bar or a club, I wouldn't have the courage to hit on her and she wouldn't be interested in me. If you want your movie to be realistic, the couples should be realistic, too. Also, she looks and acts more like a porn star than your regular one night stand, which doesn't help the authenticity of your movie either," he argued.

"You're right. It's really nice of you, that you are so concerned about my project." Melanie smiled and resisted the urge to give him a peck on the cheek. She didn't want to get involved with her actors. "What about her?" she pointed at another screen. "She has the face of a girl next door. A little wild at the same time. She looks really sexy and from what I can see, she can handle a little rough fucking."

The woman on the screen was Nicole, but went by the name Karma here at the brothel. A lot of girls had an alias to protect their privacy. Karma had blond shoulder length hair and a piercing on the left side of her bottom lip. She was small and slender, but had huge tits and wide hips, which gave her a very womanly figure.

"Yes, I can definitely imagine her in the movie. If she's up for it she would be a perfect fit. I know I would certainly like to work with her," Greg said a little lewdly.


Later that day Melanie and Greg approached Karma and told her about Melanie's film project. Karma listened carefully and was soon convinced to join in. The three of them were really excited and agreed to start filming the day after tomorrow. Greg and Karma took some time to discuss what was going to happen and Melanie needed a day to prepare the location she chose. There were a lot of lights and cameras to set up.

When the day of the shoot finally arrived, everyone was excited. Jenna came to the set to watch her brother perform. Julie would have joiner her, but had other important things to do.

The location was an unpretentious room at a hotel, a place where a lot of people came to have sex without their spouses finding out. Melanie had convinced the manager to let her use the room as a film set by promising him a copy of the final DVD. There was a large king size bed and nearly nothing else in the room. It was nothing for a romantic getaway, but perfect for some blunt, raw fucking between strangers.

The scene began by Greg and Karma standing in the middle of the room, still with their clothes on. They were kissing passionately. The two performers didn't have to act very much. For the last two days, both of them have gotten pretty aroused by the thought of being part of this film project, so both of them were horny as hell when the day had finally arrived.

While heavily making out, they started stripping down each other piece by pieced until both were in their underwear. Greg's tight boxer shorts already showed his large erection, which Karma stroked through the thin material. She wore a black lace bra and a matching thong. Greg squeezed her firm buttocks with one hand and pulled her face to his with his other hand. Their tongues invaded each others mouths. Greg reached around his film partner and with one skillful motion opened her bra and let it fall to the floor. Her big tits came to view. Melanie focused them with the camera and zoomed in on the erect nipples. Greg grabbed them roughly and massaged both globes for a while. He teases the nipples with his tongue before moving his strong hand to Karma's neck and lightly pushed her to the ground.

Karma kneeled down, her hands running down the sides of Greg's well-toned body. She slipped her fingers in his boxer shorts and pushed them down. The hard cock jumped up before her face and she didn't waste a second to take it in her willing mouth. She eagerly bobbed her head back and forth, taking in a little more of his hard rod every time. Karma was a deep throat queen and had no problem to bury all of his large cock in her throat until her nose touched his pubic bone. Greg moaned at the expert cock sucking he was receiving. He put his hand on the back of her head and started to fuck her face really hard.

"Hmpf," Karma groaned and made muffled sounds. She couldn't say anything. Saliva was running out of her mouth, over her chin and finally down to her perfect pair tits. She loved to get her throat stuffed. It always made her wet. With one hand, she stroked her pussy through the thong, the other kneaded her jugs. Her blue eyes looked up at Greg the whole time. They made eye contact while he was shoving his prick in her face.

Melanie filmed the scene from different angles. It was just what she wanted to see. Hard fucking, but no one-sided exploitation. He wanted to fuck her mouth and she wanted it fucked hard. The passion on both sides was obvious to everyone who watched.

After a few minutes, Greg pulled his saliva covered cock out of Karma's mouth. The woman had to breath hard. He pulled her up and pushed her on the large bed. He nearly ripped of her black thong and threw it away. He licked two fingers of his right hand and pushed them into her cunt, that was soaking wet already. His fingers switched between massaging the inner walls of her pussy and finger banging the shit out of her.

"Yeah, fuck my dirty little pussy with you fingers! I can't wait to have your hard cock in there. Your making me so fucking horny you fucking bastard," Karma yelled. Her hands covered her face and she arched her back, while Greg's fingers invaded her wet womanhood. "Enough, I need to get fucked right now," she demanded.

Greg didn't need another invitation and got between her sexy thighs. With one hand he guided his hard cock in her smooth bald cunt. He didn't take it slow, but hammered it in really hard from the beginning. He took her legs and pushed them up to her torso. This gave him even more power to plunge his rock hard prick into her body. "Take this you slut!" he shouted aggressively.

"That's right, give it to me hard. I need to be fucked like a bitch. Don't hold back, show me how strong you are. I want to feel how much you want to fuck me. Bang the fucking shit out of my horny little cunt. I'm all yours, as long as you give me the fucking I deserve."

When Melanie gave him a signal, Greg stopped fucking Karma and rolled on his back. His co-star straddled his hips and guided his cock back in her pussy. They'd changed positions, but they didn't change their style. Karma rocked her hips as hard as Greg did a few moments ago. He grabbed her swaying tits and pinched them, then pressed them together. They were so big and firm, it was a wonder they were natural. He used his thumbs to play with her nipples. It drove Karma wild and she threw her head back in passion.

"Your cock feels so good and hard in my pussy. Keep playing with my nipples! Yeah, that's right, just like that. That feels so good." Karma liked dirty talk. It came in handy, because most of her customers at the brothel expected it anyways. This time, with Greg's cock in her pussy, she couldn't have stopped it to save her life. "Let's switch again! I need you to fuck me from behind," she suggested, got off of him and on her hands and knees.

Greg got behind her and slipped his cock in her pussy again. "I'll show you how you need to get fucked. You won't be able to walk for a week after I'm done", he claimed while he fucked the horny bitch doggy style. He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back to him while his cock jammed into her cunt from behind.

"Oh my god, yes, pull my hair. I need you to give it to me hard. I'm such a horny bitch, I deserve to be treated like one," Karma groaned.

He slapped her ass cheeks a few times until they became a little red. Each time he slapped her she let out a slight moan. Then he knew it was time to bring it to an end. He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back, while jamming his hard cock forward. It was brutal. The male star of the film was fiercely fucking the woman and she loved it.

"Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah," she moaned with every stroke. "I'm nearly there, please don't stop. Keep fucking my little snatch hard. I, I'm..." she wasn't able to finish, because her orgasm struck her hard. She screamed loudly when she came which turned Greg on even more and he sped up even more.

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh," he screamed when he was right on the edge es well. He pulled out his cock and gave it two more strokes, then shot large spurts of cum on Karma's perfect ass. Greg was panting heavily and so was Karma. She dropped flat on her stomach and Greg sank down beside her. There was no cuddling, no kisses. They were not in love, but both of them had enjoyed a fantastic fuck.

Melanie kept on filming the scene for another few seconds. "And cut!" she finally shouted and turned off the camera. "That was awesome. It was just like I've always imagined it. Raw and animalistic, passionate and orgasmic. Thank you guys so much for doing this." She was so euphoric about how things had worked out and had to laugh when she noticed that both of her stars were way to exhausted to notice her praise.

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