tagIncest/TabooFamily Business Ch. 02

Family Business Ch. 02


Mike could barely contain himself until he got home and immediately put the tape into his VCR. His mind had been racing ever since his mom pushed the videotape into his bag. He couldn't wait to see what was on the tape and wondered how it might help explain things. Frankly, he had so many questions about what had happened and exactly why it had happened he doubted that the tape could even begin to answer them.

The tape started as a lot of static. When the image finally came into focus Mike looked carefully at the screen. The scene was of what looked like a pretty generic hotel room. There was a big king sized bed in the middle of the room and otherwise it looked like any other hotel.

He heard some giggling and then some muffled talking before a man's voice said, "Ready?" He was surprised when he watched his dad step in front of the camera. His dad was wearing a robe and he had one hand extended out of camera range as if he were holding someone's hand that couldn't yet be seen by the camera.

The absolute shock Mike felt when his youngest sister Nancy stepped into view was far greater than the surprise of seeing his dad. It had been her hand that his dad was holding. Mike's stomach knotted tightly and he felt all the air leave his body as if he had just been punched in the stomach.

Nancy also wore a robe as she moved next to her dad. Mike recognized her hairdo as the one she wore the summer after she graduated high school, so he knew the tape had been made about two years ago when she was 18. Until recently Nancy had gone through a series of pretty wild hairdos and dye jobs so it was fairly easy to mark the passage of time by her appearance.

Mike felt himself scooting forward in his seat in anticipation of what was about to play out on his TV screen. A part of him already knew what he was about to see but he had to see it to believe it. Even when he did see it, it was almost impossible for him to believe it was real. But there was no denying that he was watching a tape showing his dad and his sister locked in a deep kiss. He could occasionally see their tongues dancing and playing back and forth between their mouths and was struck by a mixture of excitement and confusion.

The tape continued with John and Nancy's kiss becoming more and more excited as they fell upon the bed together. It looked like they were very excited by the camera's presence as they both occasionally looked up toward the camera. Seeing their faces looking directly into the lens and seeing the excitement in their eyes and in their expressions caused his stomach to knot.

Before too long his dad slipped his hands underneath Nancy's robe as she began to moan excitedly. He grasped the ends of the tie holding her robe closed and slowly pulled the knot loose before pushing her robe open. With her help he pushed it off her shoulders and down her arms before tossing the robe off the bed revealing her body completely to the camera.

Mike stared at his sister's naked, excited body and marveled at how hot she was. He always knew that Nancy, like all of his sisters, was good looking but he never realized just how good looking until this moment as he watched his dad kissing and fondling her.

Each of his sisters was good looking in their own way, but Nancy was always the one with the edgiest, most punk rock look. Her personality matched her sometimes wild looks, as Nancy had always been the wildest, most outgoing of his sisters. His parents always said they figured it was all some byproduct of her being the youngest.

As his dad now sucked and licked her perfectly round, sexy tits she rocked her head back and forth as she let out a series of long moans. Her wild, spiky hair with its pink streaks was spread wildly across the pillow and over her face as she writhed in obvious pleasure.

Suddenly Nancy sat up and began hurriedly removing her dad's robe exposing his excited, hard cock. She pulled his robe off and threw it aside as they met in another kiss, this one more hungry and wanton than the ones Mike had already watched.

As they kissed Nancy reached down and took her dad's cock in her hand. She played with it and his balls as John lay on his back and watched his daughter explore him. She began kissing her way down his chest as she fondled his cock. She paused only when his cock was brushing against her forehead as she kissed him just above where his pubic hair started.

Mike's rock hard cock pressed against his pants and caused him to squirm in his seat. He pushed his pants off and let his cock free as he watched Nancy open her mouth and look directly into the camera as she took her dad's cock between her lips. John let out a long moan as Nancy began sucking him.

Soon afterward John guided her around until she lifted one leg over his head and settled down on top of him in the 69 position. From the way the camera was angled Mike couldn't see his dad working at Nancy's pussy but he had a fantastic view of Nancy sucking and licking John's hard cock.

She worked on his cock with an obvious vigor and excitement. Mike was struck by the realization that they seemed very comfortable together. Both moved and acted like they were experienced with each other and knew what the other person liked.

Mike watched the action on the screen as his mind filled with the idea that there was already at least one incestuous relationship in his family aside from what he and his mom had just done. He briefly wondered if this wasn't just the tip of the iceberg. Was he the only one who didn't already know or wasn't already involved?

He turned his attention back to the TV and watched as his dad positioned himself between Nancy's spread legs. They had turned so they were perpendicular to the camera and Mike had a great profile shot as they started to fuck. His dad slowly pumped his cock into her and seemed to know just how to move to cause her ecstasy. Nancy moaned deeply and began to play with her nipples as John stared down at her excitedly.

The fuck lasted for a long while. Clearly his dad knew how to keep his control and seemed to be playing with Nancy's lust as he drove her toward her orgasm. When Nancy did start to cum she softly moaned, "Ohhh, daddy!" Her body visibly tensed and Mike could see the muscles in her lean stomach and on her sides reacting to the strength of her orgasm.

When she finished cumming John leaned down and they exchanged several long, deep kisses. Mike could see their tongues moving back and forth much more clearly this time and his throbbing cock again jumped.

In spite of his shock at what he was seeing and the knowledge that what he was watching was not only wrong but something that he should never be seeing, he couldn't contain his own excitement. This was especially true when his dad resumed fucking Nancy. He was now clearly more focused on his own pleasure and he fucked her harder and faster than before.

Nancy moaned wildly and gasped, "Yes!" as John grew even more excited and began to fuck her even harder and faster. As he started to cum John let out a long groan but kept up his firm fuck. Nancy again moaned and John continued fucking her as his cum filled her.

After cumming John lay down on top of her and the video ended with several minutes of them exchanging long kisses and caressing each other. By the time the screen went to static Mike was so wildly excited and confused at the same time he didn't know what to do other than pick up the remote and immediately press rewind.

As he watched his dad and sister fuck for the second time he started stroking his own excited cock. It was about the time that he watched his sister eagerly sucking and teasing his dad's cock that Mike lost his control and came all over himself. When Mike finished cumming he didn't even bother to clean himself up as he sat and watched the rest of the tape until his TV screen went to static.

Why had she given this tape to him? How was this supposed to help explain things? It only made Mike more confused about what was going on with his family and with himself because of the way watching the tape made him feel.

He picked up the phone and called home. When Leslie picked up the other end and recognized his voice she started by acting surprised he called and made some small talk. Mike was too confused and excited for small talk and simply said, "I think you know why I'm calling."

"Oh," she replied before asking him to hold on. The phone line was silent for a few moments before she picked it up again and said, "That was fast. So I assume you've watched the tape."

"Yes," replied Mike before he burst out with a series of questions not really giving her enough time to try and answer any of them.

"Hold on," she said calmly. "I'd love to meet and talk with you about this. I think I can answer some of your questions. How about lunch tomorrow? Your dad has plans with his friends so I'm free."

For the rest of that day and the beginning of the next Mike's head was filled with questions. Almost in spite of himself he watched the tape several more times. His sister was remarkably hot on the tape despite the fact that, at 18 years old at the time, she still looked like her body was developing.

He remembered how Nancy looked and acted while sitting on Santa's lap. She had certainly changed some during her first years of college. She seemed to be a much more mature person while still keeping her wild side. Aside from that her body had filled out beautifully as she lost her "baby fat" and developed into a truly fine looking woman. Mike wondered how she would look now fucking and sucking like she was in the tape.

The last few hours before lunch seemed to drag by. Finally, his mom knocked on his apartment door. When he opened it she met him with a couple of bags of take out food. She said she decided it was perhaps best to stay in given what they wanted to discuss.

For a few minutes they prepared their plates before sitting down at the kitchen table. Once there it didn't take them long to start the conversation.

"I imagine you have many questions," Leslie said. Then, before he could even reply she began talking. She explained that the tape had been her way of showing him two different things. The first was that she had been serious when she said that she and his dad had done some wild things. The second was that she wanted him to know that what had happened between them didn't mean anything had to change.

"Would you have ever guessed Nancy and your dad had been doing that?" she asked.

"No," Mike honestly answered.

"Good. Your father and I like to look at it as adding a wonderful new component to our family relationship. It doesn't mean that any of the other parts of the relationship have to change. Instead there is just this wonderful, exciting new aspect."

"How did it start with them? I mean..." Mike said before his words trailed off.

She explained that it had been the result of a very particular series of events. It was soon after Nancy's 18th birthday when they realized she might have a certain interest in her dad. Despite the fact that most parents would be bothered by this interest, neither of them were because they had their own secrets.

The compounding issue, she explained, was that Mike's dad also had a certain interest in Nancy. At this point Mike sat in complete shock at the idea his dad would secretly lust for his own daughter.

Leslie explained that when his dad was younger he had been involved in his first incestuous relationship. Apparently John had gone off to college as an innocent, somewhat naïve 18-year-old boy. His family lacked the money to pay for tuition and room and board for the dorms, so his parents asked John's aunt if he could stay with her.

John's aunt was his mom's sister and happily agreed to the arrangement. Leslie interrupted her story to tell Mike that she was omitting many of the details, so he should ask questions if he wanted more information.

She explained that eventually John realized his aunt had started flirting with him. He was usually too busy with homework or too shy to go out much and so he didn't have many other women around. Being a horny 18-year-old John happily responded to her flirting, thinking it was all quite a big joke.

In the end it turned out that his aunt and uncle, although still married, really hadn't been happy together for a while. His aunt, apparently excited at both having someone else around to talk to and at having a young man to occasionally flirt with, one night lost control and stepped over the imaginary line.

John's uncle was away for the night and by the time John realized that her flirting had gone to a whole new level and meaning he was too horny to think straight. Before he knew it he was kissing his aunt and that soon led to his giving his virginity to his own aunt.

That started a wild and intense affair between John and his aunt that continued even as he and Leslie began dating. John continued living with his aunt for all four years of college, and they only stopped their affair when he finally graduated and moved away because of a job offer.

Leslie paused her story and let Mike digest that whole idea for a few moments. He had met his dad's aunt a few times and it was really hard to picture her as anything beyond the kindly, elderly woman that she currently was. Mike realized that this did explain why his dad always seemed to have a special interest in keeping in touch with his aunt through the years.

"You OK with hearing all this?" Leslie asked. Mike nodded yes and so his mom continued telling the story of his dad's affairs when he was younger. The next tale she told was from the summer after his dad's junior year in college. He had just turned 21 and his younger sister, Mike's Aunt Andrea, had just graduated high school.

By now John had started staying on campus with his aunt during the summers. Partly he did this to take some classes so he had an easier load during the school year, but mostly it was so he could continue being with his aunt when he didn't have to worry so much about homework and classes.

This particular summer his sister came to stay for a week to get a taste of college life. She didn't think she wanted to go to school but her parents thought it was important. They figured that if she stayed with her brother at the university for a week then she would realize how cool college was and want to go.

What they hadn't counted on was her getting drawn into her brother's affair with their aunt. His sister had really wanted to go out and party like a college kid and so John snuck her into a bar that he knew was pretty easy to get into. Before he knew it she was drunk and being very flirtatious with some of the guys at the bar. Eventually they left since he was afraid she was either going to get herself in trouble with the guys or by drinking too much.

Back at their aunt's house John told his aunt what had happened. She reacted much differently than he expected. Instead of scolding him and his sister or trying to get her to sober up, his aunt simply took her off to bed. John assumed she was going to put her in bed to sleep it off but when they didn't return he went to see what was going on.

Much to his surprise he found his aunt and sister kissing wildly as they sat on the bed together. His aunt hadn't been trying to sober his sister up, she'd been trying to seduce her. Mike watched in amazement at the sight of his aunt and sister making out and then moving to more excited foreplay as they began removing each other's clothes. By the time his aunt spotted him and motioned for him to join them all three were wildly excited.

For whatever reason, most likely the alcohol impairing her judgment, his sister didn't protest as John joined them on the bed. The three of them spent that night together exploring and pleasuring each other.

Leslie said that John had been struck by the intensity of the feelings and sensations he experienced by being so intimate with his family members. It was something he never forgot and something that still appealed to him to this day.

The rest of his sister's visit had been spent repeating their initial fuck as often as they could whenever their uncle was out. After that visit John and his sister remained occasional lovers. They never became as intense or frequent as John had been with his aunt, but through the years they very much enjoyed the occasional fuck when they could manage it.

Mike thought about his Aunt Andrea. She was a neat lady but he didn't feel a very close relationship to her. She was probably pretty average looking, but certainly not unattractive. He tried to picture her sucking and fucking his dad as Nancy had done in the video.

"Do they still get together?" Mike asked.

"Sometimes," Leslie answered. "We don't see her very often with her living so far away, but I know your dad really enjoys his visits with her."

"But what about dad and Nancy?" Mike asked remembering what topic had started this conversation.

His mom told him that even though his dad had these amazing experiences and wanted to include more of his family in them once they turned 18, he wasn't sure how to do it with his own children. As Lily, Mike, and then Mary turned 18 and then moved out of the house John was unable to find any way that would seem even remotely natural to involve them.

At this point Mike had to interrupt her. He asked, "But wait. That sort of explains dad, but you were OK with this?"

"Sure," she said somewhat sheepishly. "I already told you that your dad continued being with his aunt after we started dating. What I didn't tell you was that I also became involved with both of them." She quickly, and almost with a tone of embarrassment in her voice, told Mike that she had been largely bi-sexual during college and had been with other women before.

After being with John and his aunt and then on a few occasions through the years with John and his sister she came to appreciate the intensity of these encounters. To her surprise these sexual relationships didn't seem to alter John's relationship with either his sister or aunt and, if anything, seemed to bring them closer together. After seeing how their relationships evolved in the wake of these encounters and feeling the intensity and lust they shared while fucking, Leslie said she slowly came to the realization that it might be OK to involve other family members if done correctly.

Shortly after she turned 18 Nancy became a bit more sexually expressive with her parents. She would do things like kiss them on the lips when everyone else simply exchanged pecks on the cheek. There was never anything overtly sexual but almost just an innuendo of sexuality that had John going wild.

Things came to a head one night after John had his poker buddies over. He usually drank more during these poker nights than at other times and so perhaps his judgment was clouded when, upon finding themselves alone in the living room late at night, Nancy began telling him about certain urges and feelings she'd been having. She only talked of feeling like this for an "older guy". John hoped it was him and with his drunken judgment he decided to find out.

He moved beside her and they talked a bit more before John, probably too boldly, initiated a kiss. If she was surprised or upset she didn't let on and eagerly responded as the kiss quickly became more heated and intense.

The kiss quickly led to more and before they finished Nancy let her dad fuck her on the couch. The encounter left his dad so excited that he immediately woke his mom and fucked her as he told her all about what had happened downstairs.

Eventually, John found out that one of Nancy's friends had admitted to her a few months earlier that she had been experimenting with her dad. Nancy's friend hadn't fucked her dad but they had been practicing oral sex on each other in addition to other forms of foreplay and masturbation games.

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