tagIncest/TabooFamily Camper Ch. 07

Family Camper Ch. 07


Ann waited a few minutes, giving her father plenty of time to get well away from the spot where he had left his wife, and then rose to her feet. She walked into the little open spot the couple had chosen for their exercises and confronted her stepmother directly. Lucy had settled back into a sitting position and had a somewhat glum look on her face.

"Well? Did you see it all?" Ann asked. "Was it as good as you hoped for?'

"Mmmmm, did I ever see it!" Lucy replied, at once adopting a more cheerful expression. "Darling, it was simply beautiful, watching you two! And what an exciting sight! Ohhh, I was so thrilled by it all!"

"That was a little tricky of you, bringing Dad along to watch too," Ann said. She smiled to soften the force of her words and to show that she did not hold Lucy's deviousness against her. "But now that it's been done, I suppose I don't mind too much. As long as he wasn't really angry, I mean."

"No, he wasn't angry, "Lucy told her, "He was turned on by it too. Err, how long have you been here?"

"Long enough to see what you two were doing," Ann said, again smiling. "I got here in time to see. . .well, to see you sitting over him."

"Ah, that was the third round," Lucy said. "He was. . . unusually active today. Perhaps it was the added excitement of watching you two. At any rate, he came very close to giving me all I wanted. And for that, my dear, I owe you a great thanks."

"All you wanted? You mean that sometimes he doesn't"

Lucy looked away and took a deep breath before answering. Obviously she was taking time to consider every facet of the question before replying to the girl. Finally she looked back and told Ann that her own sexual drive normally exceeded Ken's, often by a large degree.

"That's why you saw me giving myself the hand job the other night," she said. "A lot of the time he'll get his orgasm and then he'll be unable to continue. Lucky for me, he can usually hold it off for a long time, so normally he can do quite a job one me. More and more, though, it's beginning to look as though that won't be the case for very long."

"And it doesn't work that way for you? I mean, you can get off once, but then you want it again? Is that the way it is?

"Honey, I've got to confess that I'm just a little greedy where that is concerned," Lucy admitted. "I've always been that way, ever since I first began enjoying myself with a man. The more of it I get, the better I like it-and the more of it I want. I'm just glad that I've learned how to do it to myself."

"Uh, that's just as good? Ann asked.

"No, not in any sense! But it's a helluva lot better than nothing! To tell the truth, there isn't anything in the world like having a big, hard, hot prick shoved way up your cunt, or so I've found it. And that moment when he shoots his balls off, spurting all that lovely, beautiful, steaming cum into my cunt, ahhhh! That's just heaven, nothing else!"

"The way you're talking about it," Ann said, giving her a sly grin, "I just might have to start finding out about things like that for myself! Was it that way for you from the very start? Have you always liked doing thing like that with a guy?"

Lucy was quick to tell her that such had not been the case at all. She had lost her virginity a week after her fifteenth birthday, she said, and the initial experience had not been a pleasant one at all. Her first lover had been clumsy and inexperienced and overly eager. Those three qualities, Lucy vowed, were enough to guarantee an unsatisfactory beginning to any girl's sexual life.

"And I was scared to death of getting pregnant too," she added. "That didn't help any at all. Before you do anything like that, please come to me and ask me about contraception. You deserve to be free from that worry, at least".

Ann continued to question her stepmother about her early sexual experiences and found that Lucy was quite willing to confide in her absolutely. Her first enjoyable experience in bed, she told the girl, had come with an older man, a friend of her family who was married. She blushed at admitting the details of her adultery, though se said that the joy of learning every facet of lovemaking made the risk worthwhile.

"Oh, he was a super lover," Lucy said, smiling as she recalled the man. "He was about thirty. Not especially good looking, but not a dog either. Oh, did he ever know how to make a woman's body sing with joy! I was seventeen, ready to start my senior year, and there was nothing we didn't do together!"

Ann then asked her about the time she had been watching, as Dave had worked his cock into a spurting engine of creamy lust, and Lucy answered that question as frankly and completely as she had answered all the others. She told the girl how Ken had fingerfucked her at first, then moved over her and slipped his cock into her cunt from the rear. Ann's pussy gave a decided twinge of delight upon hearing that. It was as though her part in their sexual play had the ability of making her clitoris hum and throb with renewed delight. Upon thinking about it more directly, she had to admit to herself that she was right. There was a perverse kind of joy in knowing that her parents had been watching her, had seen her naked, had found her antics exciting enough to be provoked into fucking each other with the same kind of mad, frenzied abandon she had felt herself.

"Mmmm, it felt like heaven, having that big too of his sliding into my cunt from the rear while I was watching you two!" Lucy murmured. "God, he's got the biggest prick I ever saw on a man! It felt like a baseball bat, except that no bat was ever that hot! And he was shoving it all the way home, too, all the way home, and I came like a little pig! After Dave had shot off and finished jacking off, we turned over and he got on me. I lifted my legs way up high so he could get every inch of his prick in me, and he fucked me right down to the bottom of my horny cunt! That bit when you came up, when I was getting over him, that was the last of it. I just did that to make him cum better. I can get a better grip on him with my cunt when I'm sitting up like that, you see, and I wanted him to feel my cunt with every fiber of his being!"

"It looked as though he was feeling it," Ann said. "And that part after? I never really believed that girls did it to guys with their mouths. I mean, I know about blow jobs from the girls at school but it seemed to be such a far out thing. . .well, it was just a surprise, that's all."

"Oh? A lot of people think it's disgusting, using your mouth to give another person sexual pleasure. You know, they act as though a prick or a pussy were disgusting, evil, dirty or something. As you may have noticed, I don't happen to share that belief!"

Ann had to admit that she had a very good point there. As she openly admitted, the sight of Lucy first touching her nipples to her father's sperm coated prick and loins had been exciting enough, but then the way she had sucked up that big fucking tool and sucked it clean had been even more exhilarating. Even talking about the act proved to be arousing.. She was somewhat surprised to find that her pussy had begun emitting warning signals of distress as they talked. That did not deter her. She felt pugnacious enough to risk danger and continued expressing herself with perfect freedom.

"Hey, you're still turned on about it all!" Lucy suddenly exclaimed. "I can see it in your face now! Sure, you're enjoying this as much as I am!"

"All right, what if I am?" Ann retorted. "Seeing you to fuck was out of sight, as far as I'm concerned, and hearing about all this has been a real turn on too! Sure, I can feel things happening between my legs!"

"Ok, let's work it out together! Lucy suddenly proposed. "You know what I mean, Ann, and don't pretend that you don't! Sure, maybe it'll make it better for both of us if we watch each other cum! How about it? Do you want to do it with me? We can show each other what we do, tell each other what we're feeling, all that good stuff!"

The question brought home a sharp question to Ann. She had been flirting with exactly that proposal, as even she had to admit. But she would never have had the brass to make it an open suggestion. Now that Lucy had done so, would she be able to go ahead and carry out the deed she had been contemplating?

Ann had been sneaking admiring looks at Lucy's body throughout their talk. The woman's big breasts, still firm and lusciously molded, bore their conical nipples proudly. Her trim belly swelled out into a pair of neatly turned hips and then flowed down in graceful thighs Ann had ever seen. Not at all inclined to play the coy maiden and cover her pussy, Lucy had sat with her legs folded tailor fashion and thus Ann had been able to see the deep, womanly cleft running below the base of her belly. Her long scarlet cleft showed plainly. Most interesting of all, Ann decided after a quick peek, was the big, indecently scarlet lips hanging from that outer cleft. She had never seen a pussy of that type before and its outrageously sensual pattern intrigued her.

"You know you'd like to watch," Lucy told her, giving her a friendly but warm smile. "I've caught you darting glances down at my pussy, you know, and I believe you'd like it even better if you could see everything, right? And I've got to admit that I'd enjoy watching you, too! Come on, dear, let's help each other out. What do you say?"

Ann's reply came quickly enough. She stood up and shrugged out of her shorts, then pulled off her tee shirt too. She felt extremely self conscious about her breasts, being so much smaller. In comparison they looked like nipples only, puffies as some called them. Just a handful of breast, very puffy areolas and little finger long nipples. She was aroused to the extent she just wanted to be completely naked. Nothing else would satisfy her at that moment and she proceeded to achieve the desired state without any hesitation.

Lucy's open admiration of her body and her readiness to voice that admiration went a long way toward easing any twinges of self-consciousness that the girl was sensitive about her lack of bustline and she went out of her way to lavish praise upon Ann's more striking features as away of compensating.

"Suppose you show me your favorite way of doing it? Lucy suggested. "Or would you rather I go first?"

"No, I don't mind showing off for you," Ann said. "After all, I watched you the other night, so I guess it's my turn now!"

Ann decided that since she was being so completely open and honest with her stepmother, that she would maturate in the way which gave her the absolute maximum of sexual pleasure. Like Lucy, she still felt a desire for more of that intimate delight and she knew that fingerfucking herself in a standing position would make her cunt deliver a long, powerful climax. She stood directly in front of her stepmother and spread her legs wide, positioning her feet apart. This opened up her thighs and allowed Lucy to look directly into the most intimate part of her body.

"Ah, you have a lovely pussy! Lucy murmured appreciatively. "I went through a phase in college, you know, where all the girls in my dorm played show-and-tell. We'd all gather around and show each other our pussies. We'd spend hours comparing them and wondering which would turn a fellow on the most. A lot of people might think we were a little queer. We just wanted to look, to see, to know what we were like down there. For a long time I was terribly ashamed of my pussy, but once I learned how to cum, how to get the most enjoyment out of it, I stopped that.

"I never saw one like yours," Ann said, reaching down to stroke Lucy's large cleft lightly. "You know, with the lips so big and hanging out so far and all. It's really something to see! I've showed my girlfriends mine but most of them look pretty much like mine. I think my friend Carry, hers is a little like yours. She's got a buzzer that sticks out just like a little finger, but the lips don't' show as much. She says that when she gets turned on she can't even bear having a pair of panties on because they rub against her clitty and it just makes her life miserable till she can get herself under control again."

"I can sympathize with her," Lucy agreed, watching closely as Ann's fingers worked the outer cleft of her pussy apart, exposing the soft, pink inner lips. "With big flaps like these I've got, I can really feel it when I start getting hot. But I don't mind. I love going around with a hot, steamy cunt!"

Ann found that showing off for another person, especially one so warmly appreciative as her stepmother, had a definite and powerful sexual attraction for her. Always before, when she had touched herself in the presence of a friend, or even Dave, she had felt that she was doing a forbidden thing, engaging in some kind of naughty practice. Lucy made it quite clear that she did not regard her sex as naughty, dirty or evil and this healthy attitude made it much easier for Ann to concentrate upon reaching a state of ecstatic, trembling pleasure. The girl also found that her body warmed more quickly and more thoroughly when she talked about sexual matters, so she continued in that vein.

"I always like to think about something super sexy when I'm doing this," she said. "Like watching Dave jerk off. It really gets me going to see that cock of his shooting cum all over. And the expression on his face when he's getting off, that's a total thrill! Gee, it's even better, though, to remember how it looked when you were sitting over Dad and running his prick up your cunt- that's a real shot! Or maybe when you were sucking him. That really makes my clit shake and rattle!"

Maybe you ought to try going down on Dave some time," Lucy suggested. She made the statement as much to test Ann's reaction as for any other purpose. She suspected that the thought might arouse the girl to an especially high pitch of sexual excitement. "A randy young stud like him, he'd be able to shoot out so much cum that you could really get yourself a mouthful!"

"God, I'd love to do that!" Ann gasped, feeling a whitehot flash of sexual heat shooting through her cunt as she heard and digested the outrageous thought. "I used to think it would be awful but now, after I saw the way you went down on Dad, I could do it, I know I could! I tasted Dave's cum today, you know; I rubbed it around on my tummy and my tits, where he shot it, and then I tasted my fingers! It tasted odd at first, but afterwards I decided I really liked it! Oh, Yeah, I'd love to feel him shoot a load of cum in my mouth!"

The words fired her intensely sensual nature and she began caressing herself much more purposefully. She pressed down hard against the inner lips of her pussy, mashing them with her fingers, and then began rubbing a forefinger around the mouth of her cunt. That tight little opening responded violently and she pressed even harder against its slick, tingling surface. Occasionally she brought her finger up close to her swollen, rock-like clitoris. But she dared not touch it. It was already painfully aroused and she knew that the joy would be too intense to bear if she were to attack it directly.

"My Gawd, you fuck yourself beautifully! Lucy gasped, amazed at the ferocity of the girl's manipulations. "Go ahead, Ann give yourself a cum! Make your cunt cum! Let me see you cum!"

Lucy had been idly touching her own gaping, juicy slit all the while but now, seeing her stepdaughter caught up in the throes of a violent, unyielding passion, she wanted her to complete the act. Lucy also wanted to join her in her outburst of sensual joy and she began fingering her own cunt much more actively, thrusting a pair of fingers into the opening and digging down hard in the heated, steamy maw which enclosed them. Her cunt still held a measure of Ken's cum and the thick semen added to the slipperiness of the hot, feminine flesh. Her pussy lips, larger now that hey had been infused with hot blood and fired with earthy lusts, throbbed painfully and her clitoris gave off thundering aches of utter anguish.

One thing held back the culmination of her sexual feeling: she wanted to avoid a climax until Ann was able to enjoy it herself and to see every phase of her self-induced pleasure. Lucy had more than a slight streak of exhibitionist in her makeup and she invariable received a greater thrill from her sexual activity if she knew that another person was watching her as he heaved and thrashed about under the lash of her orgiastic fury. Ann's climax was also interesting and thus she was able to delay the explosion which lurked within her womb.

"Oooohhh! Aiieeee!" Ann whimpered, jerking her hips to and fro as she fucked herself against her hands. "Annnnggghhhh-owww! Omigod, I'm cumming, I'm cumming all over! Unngghhh! It's cummming forever, I can't stop! Aggghhhh!"

Her cries trailed off into guttural, incoherent wails of agonized joy as her cunt delivered itself of every trace of sexual feeling. The waves of libidinous pleasure radiated outward from the tense, throbbing tunnel of her cunt, rocketing over her body with lightning speed and dynamic force. Heaving and grinding back and forth, she trembled from head to toe as the powerful impulses mounted to an incredible crescendo. Her nipples had become as hard as rocks and resembled little fingers sticking out half and inch from her puffed aureoles. They too gave off intense feelings of sensual release, as did virtually every nerve in her body. A red wave of lusty fog swept through her brain, obliterating every sense impression except those directly related to the storm of sensual abandon which had taken such amazingly complete control of her body.

"Ohhhh, I never felt it like that before," she whimpered weakly when the last tingle of orgasmic delight had disappeared from her loins. She carefully lowered herself down to the ground upon her clothing. "My God, I thought somebody was actually pulling my cunt right out of my body! Mmmmm, it was just so fucking good!"

"It was fucking beautiful" Lucy told her as she swung into action on her own account. "I could tell that you were feeling it over all your body, Ann. I was so happy that it was good for you! It made me want to cum too. And believe me, I'm not going to waste very long in getting there myself!"

Nor was she exaggerating or misstating the case. Lying back and drawing her feet up so that their soles were flat on the ground beneath her, she allowed her knees to fall wide so that her entire pussy law open to view. Reaching between her thighs with her right hand, she began stroking the crimson slit running along the base of her belly. The unusually large lips had turned several shades darker and now seemed even larger that the first time Ann had seen them. They hung down like banners proclaiming the woman's state of extreme sexual hunger.

Lucy pinched the big, tender lips between her fingers for a moment, pulling them this way and that. She needed only a little of that kind of stimulation. Her body had become fully charged with deep, throbbing arousal simply from watching Ann fuck herself into insensibility. Accordingly, she quickly speared more fingers into the rim of her cunt and tucked the palm of her hand down against the dark, projecting tip of her clitoris.

"I like to have something inside," she explained in a coarse, husky tone. "But I also like to have something going up against my clit. Both of them together, they're just the greatest combination in town!"

"What do you think about when you're doing that?" Ann asked. "Anything in particular?"

"Cocks!" the woman promptly said. "Big ones, lots of them, and they're all hard as rocks and spurting cum all over my body! It's like they were bathing me in cum, shooting it into every opening in my body and all over me too! Ahhh, I love to see cocks shooting cum!"

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