tagIncest/TabooFamily Camping Trip

Family Camping Trip


It all started with a camping trip. A camping trip never to be forgotten. It was the summer Carla turned 18, and her family decided to have a family reunion at the lake. Carla was not the "pretty" girl, and was not very developed for her age. She had always been short and a little chubby, but considered "cute" by everyone. Carla had tan skin and dark hair, and the enthusiasm of a perky cheerleader. Carla always presented to be sweet and obedient, and she was, but she also had been curious about sex but never had a way to find out more about this obsession she couldn't stop thinking about. Carla was a virgin and had never been on a date. You could say she was VERY naive.

As opportunity would present itself, one evening Carla heard some "making out" sounds coming from a campsite near hers. She peeked out of the tent to investigate. The sounds were coming from a camper near the restrooms. Carla decided to investigate. Using the restroom as an alibi, she walked past the camper towards the toilets. As she walked past, she peeked in and seen a couple having sex. Carla gasped with pleasure and excitement, but nervousness overtook her and she walked on by, quickly to the restroom. She paused there for a moment and surveyed the situation. It was dark and no-one else was in sight, so she returned to have another look.

The woman was on all fours, completely naked, moaning loudly as the man was behind her pumping his cock in and out of her dripping pussy. Carla was mesmerized. She wanted so desperately to be that woman, to know what that feels like. She watched until they were done, as the man yelled out "I'm cumming" and then collapsed onto the flimsy camper bed. Carla was tingling and dripping in her pussy by this point. She was dizzy with excitement and drunk on lust. Unfortunately, she had no idea what to do, so she returned to her little tent and privately touched herself, wishing she could experience a boy firsthand.

The next day was spent canoeing and swimming. The lake offered little for a teenage girl in terms of recreation. No malls, no movies, just itchy plants and mucky water. After a hotdog cookout, it was starting to warm up, and Carla decided to go sit by the water. Her cousin Brian came down and sat with her. Brian was 3 years older than Carla and gorgeous. He was a college football player and was tan and muscular. He had a charming smile and a soft demeanor that made him very easy to talk to.

"What's up?" asked Brian as he plopped down in his Hawaiian print trunks and white tank top.

"Nothin." Carla replied.

"You seem down, what's wrong?" Brian asked in his empathetic manner.

"Na, I'm just bored," Carla was still spinning from the sights of the night before and couldn't wait for nightfall again, so she could see if there was an encore performance...

Then Brian said the words that made Carla's heart nearly jump out of her chest. "Yeah, it's not nearly as exciting as what you were doing last night, huh?"

Carla just looked at him, not knowing what to say. She had a look of fear and trepidation. Had he seen her? Did he know what she did?

"It's OK," Brian smiled, "everyone likes sex. Don't be embarrassed. Tell me what you seen."

"Um" stammered Carla, "I seen two people naked, and they were having sex. I didn't do anything bad though!"

"I know, don't worry, I won't tell." Brian knew exactly how to talk to her.

"Please don't" pleaded Carla "my mom and dad would KILL me!"

"Don't worry, just tell me what you seen," he prodded.

"Well, they were doing it, and then the guy said he was coming...do you know what exactly that means?" Carla was so innocent, yet a fire of curiosity burned deep within her.

"You've never seen a guy cum?" Brian asked

"No," Carla replied, embarrassed and ashamed.

"Well, we have to do something about that!" With that Brian took Carla by the hand and led her to a thick spot in the woods around the lake. "Come here and stand next to me," he ordered. Carla stood next to him and he took out his now erect cock and she marveled at the beauty of it. "Let me rub it on your leg," Brian requested. Carla let him stand there and rub his thick heavy cock on her leg and bikini bottom covered butt. "Put out your hands!" Brian yelled. Carla cupped her hands and held them out just as Brian exploded his hot slippery load all over her fingers and palms. Carla was startled and excited. She felt the warm creamy liquid on her hands. She lifted a finger to her nose and smelled it. It smelled funny. It was a strange smell, it reminded her of mushrooms, but sweeter.

"What do I do now?" Carla chuckled.

"Taste it." Brian said with a grin.

"No way, that's GROSS!" She exclaimed.

With that Brian led her back to the lakeside where she washed the gooey substance off her hands and from that day on, they became special cousins, with a special connection, and a relationship that became more and more intimate....

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learn grammar

Better grammar will make your story more interesting, it's distracting as is.

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Poor grammar.

"Seen" versus "saw" is pretty poor.

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by prop6908/10/17

Short but exciting

Ready to teach his naive cousin about the birds and bees.
Don't get stung

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