tagIncest/TabooFamily Camping Trip Ch. 02

Family Camping Trip Ch. 02


Authors Note: All characters in this account are of legal age and no sex acts are conducted with any persons under 18. All rights reserved.


It was late afternoon when we pulled off Utah 63 into the campground. Dad wound around the narrow paved roads, looking for the site we had reserved, finally finding it at the end of a little drive off a parking area. It was a tight fit for the truck and part of me wondered if we were even supposed to drive back to the site, but dad didn't seem to care. He wasn't interested in carrying all our gear the almost hundred yards from the parking area to the site.

According to the map we had of the park campground, the bathrooms were nearly three hundred yards away if we cut across the open areas, a lot farther if we followed the roads. While that wouldn't really affect me, considering the number of trees in the area, it could be a bit harder for the girls. For the desert I was surprised how many trees there were, not only little low scrubby ones, but also tall and full enough ones to create a considerable amount of shade.

It was well over an hour before we had camp set. Jenny and I decided that since there was plenty of room in the site we should put a little separation between our tent and my parents. We elected to put our tent on the far side of the fire ring from where they set theirs, giving us about fifty feet more separation than the night before. Not that it'd help all that much as noisy as my mother was, but hey, any little bit helps.

With camp set, mom and dad set about cooking dinner while Jenny and I explored around the area a little.

"God I'm so fucking horny," Jenny said quietly as we walked along the twisting road between the sparsely populated campsites.

"Yeah? How come?" I asked.

Jenny turned to face me and stopped walking. She pulled her shirt up over the tops of her bare tits and then pushed her shorts down to expose her bare pussy. "Cuz someone wanted me to walk around without any underwear on!" she said with a grin. "If I could get away with walking around shirtless like you are, you'd probably love it!" I stepped closer and reached out to cup one of her tits and stroked my fingers across her hard nipples.

"Of course I'd love it. But you sure it wasn't me slipping my fingers into your pussy in the truck on the way here that's got you so turned on?"

"God, you were so fucking bad! I wanted to do so much more than tease your cock through your shorts. If you hadn't made me climax when you did, I think I'd have stripped and fucked you right there in the truck."

"Glad you enjoyed it," I answered with a smile.

"Yeah. But after a climax I like to be fucked. So you made me climax, what are you going to do about the fucking part?"

I looked around and then took her hand, pulling her off the road into a vacant camp site. I walked to one of the picnic tables, her shorts still around her thighs, and then turned her between me and the end of the table. I pushed her back, coaxing her to sit on the edge of the table and as she lifted her legs I pulled her shorts down and off, leaving her nude below where her shirt was pulled over her tits. "How about this?" I asked as I pushed my own shorts down, freeing my cock, which had been rock hard for hours.

I teased my engorged head up and down her slit several times before slowly feeding it into her, my fat head stretching her and brining a soft moan of pleasure to her lips. "I think this is exactly what you should be doing," she moaned as I pressed deeper into her, her pussy slowly accepting my fat shaft.

"Ohhh god," I groaned as I started stroking in and out of her already sopping wet pussy, her juices lubricating me and allowing my strokes into her to be even deeper. She lifted her arms and pulled her top off, leaving her naked except for her little white canvas tennis shoes and anklet socks as she sat on the end of the table taking my cock in her.

"God damn you feel good in me," she moaned softly as I plunged into her over and over, my thighs banging against her bare ass. She lifted her legs even higher and leaned back, resting on her elbows, her tits bouncing and swinging wildly on her chest from the impact of my strokes. "That's it brother. Fuck me. Fuck my hot little cunt!"

"Oh damn," I groaned, plunging into her harder.

"You like that? You like it when I talk dirty?" she asked breathlessly. "You like it when I beg you to fuck my hot cunt and pound your fat dick into me?"

"Uh huh," I grunted as my climax neared, the warmth and tingle spreading moments before the irresistible urge to pound a little harder and deeper into her.

"Oh fuck! I think I'm gonna come. Fuck me brother. Fuck your sister's hot little cunt!" she moaned as her legs began to shudder where they rested against my arms, my hands squeezing her hips slightly tighter as my own body demanded that I pound her a little harder.

"FUCK!" I grunted loudly as my body spasmed and jammed my cock into her so hard her ass slid on the table a little bit. A massive gush of pent up cum lanced out from my head deep in her pussy, making her cry out in pleasure, her own climax, just starting a moment before mine, being pushed to incredible heights. I stood in front of her as she lay back on the table, moving her legs to rest on my shoulders as my body spasmed and jerked, pumping more cum into her with each spasm. I could feel her pussy clamping and spasming around my shaft as she too climaxed, moans and gasps coming from her as she lay in front of me.

I lost track of how long I stood there, not pulling out until my cock had completely softened inside her. I stepped back, uncorking a small flood of our combined cum from her pussy as she lay naked on the table, her feet still resting on my shoulders. "Damn! I can't believe that the best sex I've ever had was living in the room next to me the whole time," she giggled. "I should have started fucking you years ago!"

"Yeah," I panted, still trying to catch my breath. "If only it was normal for brothers and sisters to fuck instead of being a bit on the weird side."

"I wonder how many do and just don't say anything?" she asked quietly from where she lay. "Play with my pussy a little more. Just with your fingers."

I stepped the half step back to her, my now deflated cock nearly touching her leaking pussy. I wrapped an arm around her left leg and gently stroked my fingers around her pussy, not teasing any particular part, but just gently stroking it like she had been doing to herself. "Like that?"

"Ohhhhhh perrrrrrfet," she cooed softly. I used my free hand to move up to her right breast, gently stroking my fingers around the creamy soft skin and still hard nipple as well. "Mmmmmmm. How did you know to do that?"

"Dunno. Just thought it might feel nice," I said with a shrug.

"Well, it does," she answered with a soft sigh. "Feels very tender and caring to have you doing that."

I stood there enjoying both looking at her and touching her sexy body, her fingers reaching out and gently stroking the tips along my stomach and around my pubic hair as much as she could reach, my bare body as exposed as hers with the exception of my shorts still being around my ankles. Our tender moment ended abruptly with the sound of a car, the first we'd heard since we started our little impromptu fuck fest. Jenny scrambled to pull her shirt on, having it only half way on, her shorts still on the ground at my feet while I had my shorts pulled up but my cock and balls still hanging out in the open. The car pulled up to the entrance to the site we were in and stopped. When the window rolled down I saw a familiar face.

"Fuck we've been at the wrong campground all along. This one comes with built in studs!" Trish from the last campground said out the window before opening the door.

"Oh god," I groaned softly to myself as she climbed out and walked toward me, my sister trying to cover her tits with the half on shirt. "This is Trish," I said, turning my head to my sister as I tucked my cock into my shorts. "I told you about her. Cell phone girl?"

"Oh yeah," she answered with a nod, going back to getting her shirt back on.

"Another girlfriend?" Trish asked with raised eyebrows.

"No. Sister," Jenny answered for me as she slid off the table and squatted down to get her shorts. She stood bent over, working the tight little terry cloth shorts over her feet while Trish walked up to me.

"Sister huh? Wouldn't have thought that from you," she cooed softly, reaching for the front of my shorts and pulling them down and out to expose my cock again.

"I'd love to stay and play more, but I'm sure dinner is about cooked by now," I said, gently pulling her hand from around my cock and then moving to her other hand to free my shorts.

"But you're coming back later?" she coaxed hopefully.

"Maybe," I answered her.

"I'm planning on it!" she said with a grin before turning and calling back to the car, "We'll camp here!"

The car backed up and pulled into the parking space for the site and Amy and Donna got out, both of them dressed as scantily as Trish was, bikini tops and micro shorts.

"God, it is Trevor!" Amy said as she walked up. "I thought I recognized that cock. I'd say his face, but let's face it, all I was looking at was his cock!"

"God you're horrible," Amy said as she walked up to us, stepping close enough to slip an arm around me. "You gonna introduce us to your girlfriend?"

"Sister," Trish answered for me.

"Ohhhhh. Now that could be interesting. Never done a brother and sister before," Donna said as she looked Jenny up and down.

"Don't mind her. She leans WAY more toward being a les, but she still likes a good cock every now and then," Trish explained to my sister.

"Yeah. Always wanted to try both at once," she said with a devilish little grin. "Wanna stay and play?"

"I think we need to get back to our site," I answered. "Dinner should be ready by now."

"If you have to. Just come back later and play," Amy said before giving my body a little squeeze. She unhooked her arm from around me and stepped back to give me room to follow Jenny as she started to walk away.

"Wow. Those three are really something, aren't they?" Jenny said quietly as we walked out of their site. "You were fucking all three of them when we were taking down camp?"

"Yeah, sorta," I answered evasively.

"Sorta? How do you sorta fuck someone?"

"Well, I didn't do all three at the tent. Donna and Amy and I did it some down with mom when we showered.

"Wait!" Jenny said, abruptly stopping in the road and grabbing my arm to turn me around. In a hushed voice she said, "It just sounded to me like you took a shower with mom and then the two of you had sex with two of them. Now I KNOW that isn't what you meant, is it?"

"Yeah," I answered back.

"Start talking buster!" she said with a wicked smile.

"I walked with mom down to where we did it, and set her up with the shower. Then she got undressed and...well... she wanted to have sex with me first. So we did. Then we cleaned up and they came down the trail and were watching us, so mom licked Amy's pussy and I licked Donna and then I kinda fucked both of them."

"Jesus Trevor. You're telling me mom fucked you? Like completely naked and your cock inside her fucking her?"

"Yeah, just like that," I answered, turning and starting to walk back toward camp again.

"Holy shit," she whispered. "What if dad found out?"

"He'd be pissed I'd imagine," I answered as we turned down the little road toward our campsite.

"So Trevor isn't just a sister fucker, he's a mother fucker!" she said with a giggle as she walked beside me. "Whod've thunk?"

We walked the last little ways in silence. I wasn't exactly sure how to respond, but she was right. I was. Hell I was actively fucking my sister and my mother definitely had seduced me into sex. I wasn't complaining about the amount or quality of sex. Hell Jenny was a DAMN good fuck. But it did make me wonder if my family was on the weird side or if other families had similar experiences and just kept it all under wraps.

"About time you two got back, dinner's been ready for twenty minutes!" my dad said with obvious displeasure as we walked back into camp.

"Sorry dad," my sister said as we approached the table. "We kind of got sidetracked looking around."

"Well, it's your dinner that's cold," he said, making no move to get up.

"No problem. I'll get it," Jenny said, reaching for two plates from the kitchen box. She dished two large plates of some kind of chicken stir fry dish over rice and set them on the table, one on either side. I sat down next to my dad while Jenny sat down next to my mom on the other side.

"So what did you learn?" My mom asked quietly.

"It's surprisingly flat out here. The canyon is across the highway I guess, but we're on a plateau or something and it's really flat," Jenny answered for us.

"So no good place to get a shower like we had this morning?" My mom asked.

"Nope. Fraid not," I answered.

"Shucks. I was looking forward to a shower," she said with a frown.

"You could always just take one by the truck. There really isn't anyone to look but me," Dad said with a grin.

"You'd love that, wouldn't you?" Mom asked him.

"I don't know why you even ask. Hell yeah I would," he chuckled. "But I also know you won't."

"I won't?"

"I wish you would, but no," he said with a sigh.

"I see. Well, heat some water and put it in the bag," she said with a little wink toward me that I hoped dad didn't see or understand.

"You're serious?"

"Of course I am!" she said with a frown. "You don't want me to?"

"Hell yeah!" he said quickly getting up. He walked to the truck and dug around the back until he found the shower bag mom and I hauled back from down in the rocks this morning and came back to the table. "Here son. Hold this while I fill it," he said to me as I sat at the table. I of course did what he asked, holding the top of the bag with the open fill hole up for him. He got a pot of water that had been heating on the stove, probably for dish water, and he poured about half a bag full in through the small fill neck. "Thanks," he said, taking the bag from me and going to the water jug to fill it the rest of the way with regular water. To my surprise, mom got up from the table, took the bag from him and walked to the truck which was parked only a few dozen feet from the picnic table. She hoisted the bag up onto the roof of the truck, the little hose dangling down the side of the truck, and turned to face us.

She stood there, in full view of all of us and began to undress, taking off her shirt first, which of course exposed her bare breasts. I don't think my dad was all that surprised that she did that, I mean I don't think she's worn a bra since they finished the breast implant work. What she did next surprised all of us. She unsnapped the little short shorts she had on, pushed them down, wiggling her hips to work them down, finally letting them slide down to her feet. She kicked the shorts off her feet, tossing them with her left foot towards us. She stood in nothing but a tiny little pink thong panty that barely covered the little patch of curls on her mound and pulled between her full round lips as it disappeared between her legs. She winked at me, or me and my dad, I wasn't sure, and pushed the tiny thong down, wiggling her legs to get it to fall all the way to her feet. I couldn't believe she stripped all the way down to just shoes right out in the open this way, especially not in front of me with dad right there!

She turned away from us and bent at the waist, reaching to her feet to untie her shoes, her pussy pushing out at us between her legs as she stayed bent, slipping off one shoe and then the other. She straightened up and walked toward us, her tits swaying and wiggling as she moved, setting her shoes on the end of the table right in front of us. If it hadn't been my own mother I'd have been turned on like crazy. As it was, my cock was rock hard in my pants as she walked back to the truck.

We sat there in stunned silence as she used the little hose to dribble water around on her body and then letting the hose go, squirted some soap on her hand. She started at her big tits, working around them and making the soap lather up on her chest before working down her stomach and between her legs. She lifted each leg, working the lather down each smooth firm leg before standing back up.

"Trevor. Would you be a dear and come do my back? I'd hate to ruin your dad's view of the little show he's getting."

"Um. Sure," I answered, walking toward her as she picked up the hose and sprinkled water down her chest, the soap sliding off her body as she rinsed it so it didn't dry on her.

"You're not going to do it dressed like that, are you?" she asked almost as calmly as if she was asking if I wanted another piece of toast for breakfast.

"Like what?"

"Dressed silly!" she said smiling at me. "We wouldn't want you to get your shoes all wet, would we? Why don't you go back and take your shoes off." I shrugged at the surprising request, but walked back to the table, pulled my shoes and socks off and then gingerly walked back across the rough sandy surface to the truck. "I think we should get rid of these too, don't you think?" she cooed softly, reaching for the waistband of my shorts. She quickly pushed them down before anyone could object, my rock hard cock popping out at her as she squatted down to push my shorts all the way down my legs. "Lift your feet," she coaxed as my rock hard cock smacked her in the face gently several times, apparently making no attempt at moving away to prevent it.

She stood up and tossed my short toward the table. "Looks like you've been enjoying the show," she said with a grin. "Now, my back?"

"Um. Sure," I answered, taking the liquid soap from her. She reached for the little hose and dribbled more water down her back while I stood behind her, my rock hard cock nearly touching her ass. I squirted a little soap on my hand and then moved enough to set the bottle on the truck and then stepped back, my cock head briefly pressing between the creamy globes of her ass as we moved slightly. I used both hands on her back, spreading the soap down her back to the top of her ass, pausing nervously.

"Keep going. Might as well do all of it."

"Uh. Okay," I said, my voice cracking slightly as I let my hands start to roam her ass.

"Don't forget to go all the way down under," she cooed softly.


She reached back and gently guided one of my hands down under the curve of her butt, not stopping until my hand was pressed between her legs with my palm against her hot pussy. "Uh huh. All the way down," she cooed as she used my wrist to gently rub my hand back and forth across her hot wet lips. "Get it all nice and clean."

"Uh huh," I answered, as she let go of my hand. I rubbed her pussy for several more seconds before she reached for the hose and began to drizzle water down her back. I pulled my hand from between her legs and started rubbing my hands around her back and butt to get all the soap suds off.

"Thank you sweetie. That was nice of you," she cooed softly as she let go of the hose. "There's some water left. Want to use it? she asked softly as she reached for the soap. The bottle slipped from her wet hand, landing on the ground in front of her. She bent to pick it back up, her ass pushing out at me and, surprisingly, pushing so far toward me that my cock slid down the cleft between her cheeks and down between her legs, her hot wet pussy lips sliding along the top of my shaft for several seconds while she picked up the bottle. As she stood she pulled off my shaft, leaving me standing naked, panting slightly. She turned around and picked up the hose again, dribbling water over my body before starting to rub soap all over my chest. She worked her way down to my cock and balls, teasing down around both. "You want me to make you come?" she whispered, only loud enough for me to hear her. "You won't be too embarrassed if I do, will you?"

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