tagIncest/TabooFamily Camping Trip Ch. 03

Family Camping Trip Ch. 03


Authors Note: All characters in this account are of legal age and no sex acts are conducted with any persons under 18. All rights reserved.


To say the last two days have blown my mind would be the understatement of the year. I wasn't a virgin by any stretch of the imagination, but I also wasn't what I would call uber experienced. I'd had sex with my current girlfriend Amanda on a semi-regular basis and a few past girlfriends from time to time before Amanda came into my life.

I wondered how the new changes to my sex life, Jenny's desire to have an ongoing sexual relationship and even my own mother seeming to want the option of tapping my cock from time to time, were going to affect things. How much of this would I or could I or should I ever tell Amanda?

We still had a few more days of vacation for me to consider all this before I had to face Amanda again. Part of me felt guilty about what I'd done, especially with Trish, Amy and Donna, but that was in the past and I can't go back and change it, even if I'd wanted to. For some reason I felt much less guilt about Jenny than I had the girls. In retrospect my sister wasn't the ogre I'd made her out to be. In fact, once you got her juices flowing she was a very sweet, intense, active sexual partner. I wouldn't at all mind having a little more sex with her, but now that we were almost at the lake, there was little chance that would happen.

Mom... well I don't even know what to think about that. She clearly is getting enough from dad, so why she sees the need to fuck me as well is, well, a mystery to me. I wasn't all that sure Dad liked the idea, but he seemed to accept that it happened and let it go, not blaming me at least. I had no idea what conversations they'd had about it when I wasn't around, but now that dad had done Jenny, he really couldn't complain about mom doing me, at least not in my opinion.

Lake Powell is an interesting lake. It's probably about a hundred miles long, with lots of twists, turns and back bays. I shudder to think how many hundreds of miles of shoreline it has. It is, for lack of any better way to describe it, a massively long canyon that is full of water. The shoreline varies between small gravel or muddy, sand beaches to vertical cliff walls. It's a popular destination for houseboat vacations, which is exactly what we were doing next. Out of the hot sweaty, desert and into a nice wet lake.

My parents hadn't been particularly forthcoming on what the plans were, but from what I could pick up overhearing their discussion on the way from Bryce, we were meeting my mom's sister, Aunt Mary, there for three days on the lake.

Ever since I was a much younger boy full of hormones I had to admit that Aunt Mary was a turn on. I'd only normally seen her in the winter, at Christmas and such, but on one occasion when I was a lot younger, I had the chance to see her in a bikini. Back then I likened her to what I considered a Playboy model to look like. I often wondered if she realized how much I fantasized about her hot body. She was several years older than my mom, probably about forty-five or six. I'd always thought she was pretty straight laced, until my mom told me about the two of them doing Uncle Jack when he graduated high school. I could almost picture the two of them naked, one sitting on his face and the other on his cock, both of them completely naked. Just thinking about it now was giving me a pretty good hard-on.

"Here we are!" my dad said cheerfully as we pulled off the highway into a large marina. He drove down to the office and stopped. "Be right back," he said as he climbed out of the cab. I climbed out to stretch my legs, which had gotten pretty stiff on the four hour ride from Bryce canyon.

I stretched my arms over my head and bent over to stretch my back. I felt a hand slide across my ass and down between my legs, grabbing my half hard cock through my shorts. "Too bad we're not going to get to play more. I could really use a little more of this."

"Stop," I hissed quietly, looking around as I stood up.

"What's the matter? Not used to being groped? Us girls have to put up with that kind of thing all the time," Jenny said quietly with a grin.

"Somehow I don't think you were doing that to teach me what a girl goes through."

"Not really. I just wanted to feel your cock," she said with a giggle.

"So you don't mind if I just do this?" I asked, sliding my hands up under her shirt and grabbing both of her boobs, gently squeezing them.

"Not if you don't mind me playing with your cock," she grinned, grabbing me through my shorts in response.

"Really you two?" Mom said as she walked around the truck to where we were grabassing. "I'd have thought you had enough of that this morning."

"Just getting my fill now. Doesn't sound like we're gonna be able to do much of this on the boat," Jenny said as she let go of me.

"Well, probably not," my mom agreed.

"All set!" Dad called as he came out of the office. I pulled my hands from her shirt and opened the truck door to let Jenny slide in before I climbed in after her. My dad started the truck and we wound down to the water's edge and drove down an access road that led to no less than two dozen large floating docks lined with assorted kinds and sizes of boats. He finally stopped by one lined with a variety of what I had to say barely looked like a boat at all. Dad got out and headed down the dock, pausing once to let mom catch up. They walked hand in hand down the metal dock, dad checking the berth numbers until he came to fifty-seven. He stepped across from the deck plating of the dock onto the boat and stepped to a patio style door on what I would call the front deck.

"SUZANE!" I heard my Aunt Mary call loudly as my mom stepped in through the open door.

"After you," I said to my sister. She shrugged and walked in and I followed her, Aunt Mary moving to hug her and then stepping to me for an equally tight hug that pressed her big breasted chest tightly against mine.

"We're so glad you could all make it!" she gushed with a huge smile. "The girls are up top sunning and Russel is futzing around doing something upstairs too."

"We need to unload some stuff from the truck first," my dad said, intending the comment for us to not disappear.

"Oh my goodness. RUSSEL! GIRLS!" she called out the patio door. "Go on up and I'll send them as soon as they come down," she added to my dad, as if that explained everything.

My dad led the way out and we followed, walking back to the truck to get our gear. I grabbed an armful, including my duffel bag, and turned to head back to the boat, bumping headlong into a cute blonde that looked a couple years younger than me. "Oh sorry," I said quickly as she backed up a step. She was a little shorter than I was with long blonde hair pulled back in a braid. Her breasts were full and round, easily a nice C cup, the tiny red string bikini exposing huge expanses of her breasts.

"No problem," she answered sweetly, stepping to the side to let me pass before stepping to the side of the truck to collect a cooler that my dad was holding.

I looked back at her as I walked away, her back half looking totally naked except for a few little red strings holding the triangles of red cloth that struggled to cover her front side. I nearly walked off the edge of the dock and into the water I was so busy staring behind me.

"Watch where you're going or you'll break your dick," my sister hissed quietly. "You'd think you never saw a half-naked woman before."

"Yeah. Is that Chris?"


"Damn. She filled out a lot in the last couple years."

"If that's a guy's way of saying that she's got tits now, yeah, she did," Jenny giggled.

I turned and followed Jenny back to the boat and once inside, dumped my gear by the table.

"There are only two bedrooms, so you kids will have to share the sofa bed and the kitchenette bed," Aunt Mary said as she took the cooler from Chris and turned to start putting the food away in the refrigerator. "You all can fight over who sleeps where

"I doubt that'll be a problem. Jenny and Trevor have been sharing a tent all trip. I'm sure they can manage to share a bed here," my mom said as she stepped to the fridge with an armload of grocery bags.

"Oh? Well, alright then!" Aunt Mary said with a little sideways glance at the two of us.

I made a second trip back to the truck and helped dad stash the bulk of the camping gear into the back seat for safekeeping before he moved the truck to go park it. I waited for him to park and the two of us headed back to the boat with the last load. "So, this looks like fun, doesn't it?" he asked.

"Uh huh."

"That Chris turned into a real hottie, didn't she?"

"Um. Dad. That's not cool."

"What? Saying your cousin is a hottie? It's true, isn't it?"

"Yeah. But don't you think it's a little weird, my dad talking like that?"

"No more weird that my son grabbing his sister's tits under her shirt in public," he answered quietly. "Yeah. I could see exactly what you did from inside the office. You should probably be a little more discrete."

"Yeah. Well that was just paybacks for her grabbing my cock."

Dad chuckled. "You sound like a little dating couple."


"Just sayin'," he said with a shrug as we reached the boat.

"Well, we're all ready I think. Mark. Why don't you and Russel get us untied and under way? Trevor can go up with the girls and enjoy the scenery. I think they're all upstairs already."

"Okay, thanks!" I answered her, turning to walk toward the door and the outside stairway up to the roof top deck.

"Oh Trevor. You might want to put your suit on first," she called after me.

"Good idea."

"You can use my room to change if you want. It's the one closest to the door," she said as I walked to where I'd dropped my duffel bag and picked it up. I walked to her room and closed the door, dropping my duffel on the bed. It only took a few moments to dig out my swim trunks, tossing them on the bed when I had. I stripped down, tossing my clothes into the duffel. I reached for my suit and pulled it off the bed to put on, knocking a small yellow something onto the floor. I reached down and picked it up to put back on the bed and paused.

"Damn!" I whispered to myself as I set my suit down and untangled the strings of the little yellow something. I was pretty sure I was right long before I got it untangled. Afterwards I almost couldn't believe my eyes. It was one of the tiniest, skimpiest bikinis I'd ever seen. Being Aunt Mary's room logic said it was hers, but as I stood looking at the tiny yellow triangles and strings I found it hard to believe she'd wear something this skimpy. By the time I dropped it back on the bed my cock was rock hard from thinking about what Aunt Mary might look like in a bikini that small. I pulled my suit on and hoped my hard-on wasn't too obvious as I walked out of her room and the living quarters of the houseboat.

I climbed the stairs as the boat started pulling back from the dock. I walked out onto the top deck and saw Jenny, Chris and another woman lying in the sun on chaise lounge chairs, extensive amounts of skin glistening in the sun. Jenny had on a little green bikini that I hadn't ever seen before, the triangles covering her nipples barely large enough to cover her areola. The tiny triangle over her pussy was so small that it was easy to tell that she was completely shaved. Part of my mind jumped to images of me taking that suit off and sucking her tits, while the other wondered how she managed to buy something that skimpy without my dad having a fit. Chris had on the same bikini she was wearing earlier, red triangles only slightly larger than the ones Jenny had on. The third woman lay wearing a red, white and blue bikini that had larger triangles, all just lying in place over her surprisingly large breasts. She looked like a younger version of Aunt Mary. It took a few seconds before I realized it was my cousin Dee. I hadn't seen her in several years, not since her wedding almost six years ago.

"Well, hello Trevor," she said, pushing herself up on her elbows and lifting her sunglasses onto her forehead. "My, you have grown since I saw you last," she added as I stared at her, the untied bikini sliding down off one breast to expose it completely. I couldn't help but notice that there wasn't a single tan line on her breast, or anywhere else that was exposed.

"Um. Hi Dee," I stammered, trying to get my mind off the thought of her naked body. "How are things going?"

"Well, better now. I was thinking this was going to be a bit boring. It just got more interesting," she said, sitting up farther, allowing the top to slide all the way off. "Mom didn't tell me you were going to be here, or that you'd filled out so much," she said, swinging her legs over the side of the chair. She stood up, the bikini bottom falling away, revealing a small patch of blonde curls that matched her shoulder length hair. She walked toward me, clearly not bothered by being naked in front of me, or anyone else at the marina that could see her. I was still standing stunned as she wrapped her arms around me and pressed her bare tits to my chest, squeezing us together. I felt her hips press against my hard-on, trapping me between our bodies, only the swimsuit material keeping my cock from rubbing against her bare pussy. "Oh yeah. You've really grown," she whispered, grinding her mound against me.

"Yeah, a bit. You have too it seems."

"Oh? You like my new and improved tits? I had 'em done for my husband, just before I found him at work fucking his secretary. Now I get to use them with whoever I want. And from what I'm feeling, I might want to let you see just how much fun they can be."

"Jesus Dee. You're family!"

"So? Hasn't stopped you from fucking your sister. Why would it stop you from sucking and fucking your cousin?" she whispered.

"Shit! How did you know?"

She laughed softly. "I didn't. I suspected it the way you looked at her, but you just confirmed it for me."

"Oh shit," I said, shaking my head.

"Don't worry. I won't tell anyone," she said with a soft laugh. She tilted her face up to mine to close the two inch height difference and pressed her lips to mine in a long, slow, erotic kiss. I felt one hand leave my neck and slide down my side, her hips pulling back far enough for her to worm her hand down into my swim trunks. "If you decide later you wanna drill my hot little pussy, just let me know," she whispered, wrapping her hand around my shaft. "This definitely feels big enough to be worth the while."

"Uh. Thanks," I breathed as she pulled her hand out of my suit. She leaned in and kissed me one more time before releasing me. She walked over to her chair, bending over straight legged, pushing her ass and pussy out at me while she collected her suit off the deck. She straightened up after taking MUCH longer than needed to collect her bikini, turned around and sat down on the chair. One leg at a time she lifted and swung them onto the chair, spreading her legs provocatively and flashing her pussy at me from a new angle.

"Feel free to come share a chair with me if you want," she said with a grin while she laid the swimsuit across her breasts and crotch again. She slowly stroked her thigh, clearly an invitation to come climb onto the chair with her, or even more.

"Okay Dee. You can stop," Chris said with a huff. "We can all see that you have him turned on harder than fuck. But Mom would throw a shit fit if she came up here and you were banging him."

"You're right of course," Dee agreed, still staring at me lustfully. "Tell me Jenny, is he a good fuck?"

"Very!" she answered. "Not too bad with the tongue either."

"Mmmmmmm. Now that sounds interesting," Dee cooed. "How about it Chris? Think he'd be worth a spin?"

"Jesus Dee. Don't you ever stop?"

"Hell no sis. It's fun to tease guys."

"Come on over here Trevor. I don't bite," Chris said, sliding over on her chair to make room for me to sit with her. She patted the seat and I walked over and settled into the chair with her. I'm fairly thin and so is she, but the oversized chair was still a snug fit for both of us. My hip was pressed to hers as she lifted my arm and draped it around her shoulders. "Don't mind Dee. She's been like this ever since her divorce. She talks a good line, but I don't think she's really as slutty as she tries to pretend."

"Such a horrible thing to say sis! You know I'm every bit as much of a slut as that slutty little secretary."

"See what I mean?" Chris said quietly. "So, has the trip so far been good?" she asked as we turned slowly around the point at the entrance to the marina and headed up the lake, the motor pushing the boat even faster now that we were in open water. Between the breeze and the wind from the boats motion, Dee's bikini kept blowing off. Instead of tying it on again, she just pulled it all the way off and tucked it under her butt.

I wondered how far up the lake we were going after what felt like at least an hour of hard motoring. "I think you need to put some sunblock on or you're going to get burned to a crisp," Chris said softly, reaching down beside the chair to pick up a spray can that was laying on a towel. I took the can from her and climbed out of the chair. I sprayed some of the sunblock on my arms and chest and then rubbed the liquid into my skin. I was still bent over, repeating the process on my legs when Dee got up and stepped over.

"How about I do your back?" she said sweetly, holding her hand out for the can as I straightened up. She seemed completely unphased by the fact that she was standing naked, completely exposed to the boats passing our much slower houseboat. I handed her the can and she stepped behind me, spraying the sunblock on my back and then rubbing it around with one hand, running it up to my neck and down my back all the way to the waistband of my swim trunks. "Did you get everywhere?" she whispered, stepping up closer behind me until her tits pressed against my back.

"I think so," I answered as her hand slid around my body to my stomach.

"I don't think you quite got everywhere," she whispered, tugging on the string that held the waistband tight, loosening it until she could push my suit down over my hips.

"Dee," I started to say as the suit slid down my legs.

"Shhhhh. It's okay. I'm just going to make sure you don't get burned," she said as she moved her other hand with the can around me. She sprayed some of the contents onto her hand and rubbed it around my thighs, between my legs and around the base of my cock. After squirting it into her hand again, she wrapped her hand around my already hardened cock, stroking it with the slick liquid. I stood there for long seconds, enjoying the pleasant sensations her hand was inducing in my cock. "Okay. Turn around. I have to do your backside too."

"Um. Okay," I answered, turning in her arms, her circled arms barely giving me room to turn around before my chest was pressed to hers. When I had turned she reached down between us and pushed my cock down, letting it press between her legs, pushing up hard against her wet pussy. She scooted her feet together to trap me between her legs, her hands on my ass, pulling me toward her.

I felt her spray some sunblock on my ass and then she tossed the can toward Chris. I felt both hands on my ass as she began to rub the slick spray around my butt. "You can touch mine too you know. I like having my ass squeezed," she cooed as she started to rock her hips, driving her pussy back and forth along my rock hard prick.

"Oh shit," I groaned softly, almost instinctively reaching for her ass and helping her move towards me with each stroke she made.

"Come on Dee! If mom comes up here she'll have a conniption!" Chris said from where she was still reclining on the chair.

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