tagIncest/TabooFamily Christmas Party

Family Christmas Party


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"Let's go Alex, we are going to hit traffic if we leave much later," my mom's voice grating on me like nails on a chalk board.

"I'm coming!" I snapped back, "I don't know why we leave so damn early." I mumbled under my breath.

"Watch your tone young man." My father's voice commanding, but not yet angry, I knew I was on thin ice. If he had heard my 'damn' it would have been a different conversation. My father demanded total and complete respect from his children towards all adults.

"Yes Sir." I mumbled as I grabbed my bag and descended the steps.

I was halfway through my freshman year at college and I was no longer the tall gangling high school boy I was last year. I was always in great shape, I had started doing triathlons when I was 10, and was training for an iron next spring. But like most endurance athletes, I was skinny with no muscles.

I did some research when I was 18 on ways to reduce my times. Lifting weights was supposed to increase my speed and reduce injures. I was afraid to go to the gym, I had no idea what I was doing.

My roommate at State was a body builder. We struck up a great relationship. I helped him learn to swim, and increase his endurance, he taught me how to lift weights. I had spent a lot of time in the gym with him, and began to see results; I had muscles now, defined lines.

As I settled into the car I was relieved to see my sister, Katie, had earphones in and her iPhone loud enough to block out any noise. I did not need to listen to her bitching for the 5 hour drive. She had a serious boyfriend meaning she was less happy then me about the trip to Grandma's.

I'm not sure of the exact age, but about the time I became a teenager, I no longer enjoyed the annual trips to my grandparents' house for holidays. The 5 hour drive, the endless questions from aunts about how and what we were doing. When we outgrew gifts, I saw no reason to make the trip.

My father had 3 brothers; all married to different varying degrees of beautiful women. There were 9 cousins, 3 girls, and 6 boys, including me and my sister, Katie, who is 3 years older.

My dad's oldest brother, Uncle Ty, had married a woman 7 years younger, Clair. Aunt Clair was probably 15 years older than me, but I always enjoyed sneaking a peek down her blouse.

She was not a super model but very pretty with the right makeup. The few extra pounds she carried were hid well and the added weight helped give her those lovely 38D breasts. She dyed her hair an auburn that brought the green in her eyes out. Most important, Aunt Clair loved to show off her breasts too anyone and everyone.

I heard my mom on many occasions complain to my dad that Clair needed to "cover those puppies up" at family functions. My dad would nod his head and mumble agreement, but I know he enjoyed the show as much as all the men and teenage boys.

As we pulled in the driveway, I felt I was in National Lampoons Christmas movie. My grandparents and any uncles, aunts and cousins who had already arrived poured out of the house to welcome us.

Katie and I had an inside joke about how fake it all felt. Our mother had taught us to put on a fake smile and endure the barrage of hugs and kisses. I could not tell Katie, but I enjoyed the hugs from Aunt Clair, those full plumb breasts pressing into me. It gave me a hard on just thinking about it, and I prayed she would not feel it and no one would see it.

After suffering though the hellos, how are you, look how you have grown, we moved inside for cold cut sandwiches and chips. You never wanted to eat too much at lunch time, because in just a few hours, appetizers would be arriving, and then dinner. This was Christmas Eve, and the real meal was Christmas Day, so pacing one's self was key. My father had told me this for as long I can remember, but I learned it the hard way when I was 9. I ate so much that Christmas Eve I threw up. I was still feeling sick Christmas Day, so I didn't eat any of the best food.

To my disappointment, Uncle Ty and Aunt Clair had no arrived yet. I had been dreaming about her "puppies" for the last few hours of the trip. Grandma Grace explained they were running late, Uncle Ty had to work this morning because of a large project needing completed before the end of the year.

The front door opened and the warm air rushed out to bath me in the aroma of pumpkin pie, apple pie, chocolate chip cookies to my nose. When I moved inside I saw the tables set up buffet style with snacks, desserts, and appetizers.

I grabbed a plate and moved around the large dark walnut dining room table, adding pepper jack cheese, a few slices of salami, turkey and ham, being sure to avoid the bread, knowing I would need the room for dessert later.

I finished my trip around the buffet with a large glass of hot apple cider. Locating an empty spot on the sofa next to my uncle Frank, I sat down to pick at my food.

"How's school?" The question from Uncle Frank surprised me, and I swallowed the cheese hard, causing me to cough. He had never said more to me than hello, good bye, and move out of that seat.

"Ah, you know, its school, classes, homework, more classes."

"And parties, girls, more parties and more girls!!!" He responded with a wink. "You don't need to hide it from me; I went to state as well.

His smile told me more about Uncle Frank than I had ever known and maybe more than I wanted to know. I had heard mom talk about how Uncle Frank was quite the partier before he married Aunt Liz.

I smiled back and finished eating what was on my plate. Hoping that was the end of the strained conversation. I took my plate to the kitchen, tossed in the trash. On my way back to the living room I grabbed a cookie shoving it into my mouth in one large bite. Back in my seat beside Uncle Frank, I closed my eyes to day dream before Aunt Clair arrived.

The sound of the horn shook me from my day dream, of Aunt Clair and I, all tangled up. One like I had seen in porn during the late night parties at State.

"Ty is here!" I heard Grandma yelling and shuffling to the door. This was the signal that we all needed to rise and move outside. This was the last arrival, so this was the last time we all needed to move outside into the cold northern wind to say hello. But this time I was not upset it about. This time I would get to feel those magnificent lush breasts smash into my chest.

As I stepped outside Aunt Clair walked from behind the car. Disappointment hit me full on; she was wearing a heavy down coat. "Damn the cold" I said to myself. But we were here all weekend, I would definitely get a chance to see them, and if there is a God, feel them pressed into me.

As hellos were completed, we moved back inside to the warmth of the house. There were comments about how great the house looked, what a perfect Christmas tree. What a great job grandma did with getting the perfect scent of pine in the house, not over whelming, but warm and inviting.

The evening progressed as always, eating, conversations about the past few months. Most had not seen each other since 4th of July, the other holiday we spend with my dad's family so there was a lot of catching up to do. Tomorrow was the big dinner and everyone would dress more formal. Guys in ties, maybe even sports jackets. The ladies in skirts and dresses, and if my prayers were answered, they would be short skirts and low cut blouses.

I was leaving the kitchen with a slice of warm apple pie. I stopped in the doorway leading to the living room,looking for a place to sit.

"Caught you!" Aunt Clair whispered in my ear.

I almost dropped my pie as I coughed out the bite I just put into my mouth. I could feel my face begin to redden, my breath caught in my throat.

"Caught me?" I squeaked out.

"Under the mistletoe, look up silly" she said as she pointed about my head to the door way.

Before I could say anything she leaned in and kissed me. She didn't pull me closer, or move into my space, she just leaned in and kissed me, ON THE MOUTH. Her lips were soft and moist. She had kissed me hello and good bye many times before, but only on the cheek. I tried to step back, surprised by the force of her kiss, but I was paralyzed.

"You are looking all grown up Alex. It looks like you have been working out."

My head was spinning, but I needed to talk. I needed to say something or everyone would see through me, see that I wanted my Aunt right there.

"Ah, yea. My roommate has been helping me learn the ropes of the gym."

"You look good, keep it up." She squeezed my hand and moved away.

I surveyed the room. Had anyone just seen that conversation? Did everyone see the bulging hard on in my jeans? As I completed my scan, I was relieved to see everyone was deep in their own conversations. I turned and walked into the kitchen to put my plate in trash.

I returned to the living room and found a seat on the floor next to Katie, a pretty good seat as it turned out. I could see Aunt Clair and if she had on a skirt, from this angle I would be able to see so much leg, but to my disappointment she was in jeans.

I heard the clock strike 11. I loved to hear that old grandfather clock tick away and the gongs were music to my ears, unless I was deep in sleep. As the clock finished its soothing chorus, I realized most had already moved off to either prepare for bed, or were already in bed.

Only the men were left. With no eye candy, and of course no TV, which was strictly prohibited over the holiday weekend, I began to feel sleepy and decided now was the perfect time for me to exit as well. I stood up and said my good nights.

To my great relief, the bathroom was empty so I quickly grabbed my toiletries and locked the door. My joy was quickly replaced by frustration as the shower never heated up. I wanted to enjoy some alone time in the shower relieving sexual tension from the night. But it was not going to work if the water was cold.

I completed my cold shower and dried off. I pulled on my boxers and white t-shirt affectionately known as a wife beater. I finished brushing my teeth, don my robe and made my way to the bedroom I was sharing with 2 other male cousins.

I curled up on the air mattress, being the last one to bed meant I missed out on the bunk beds, and closed my eyes. Dreams returned of the threesome fantasy I had started earlier in the day.

I woke with a raging hard on and realizing I needed to use the bathroom. I used my phone as a flashlight and as quietly as possible made my way down the hall to the bathroom. I held my breath as I flushed the toilet and washed my hands. It always seemed so much louder at night, and I expected it would wake everyone.

I turned off the light and opened the door. I stepped from the bathroom and paused to allow my eyes to adjust from the bright vanity lights to the darkness. As I moved towards the bedroom I could sense I was not alone.

"Trouble sleeping?"

I knew right away it was Aunt Clair. My heart stopped as panic gripped me.

Not expecting anyone to be up, I was wearing only my wife beater and boxers.

"Just needed to pee." As the words left my mouth I regretted them. What a teenage boy thing to say. Needed to pee, what the hell is wrong with me, I heard my inner monologue chastising me for being so immature.

"After the way you looked at me at all evening, I thought maybe you were dreaming about me." She giggled softly, almost like a school girl, but still womanly.

As my eyes adjusted to the darkness, I could she was holding a green terry cloth robe closed with her right hand just below her breasts. The ties hanging unused at her sides.

"You noticed that?" I whispered. I could hear my heart beating in my ears. The sound of bass drums, thump, thump, thump, the volume getting louder.

"It was hard to miss. I'm not sure if you took your eyes off my breasts!"

I could feel my face redden, and my cock harden. I wanted to say something, anything to defend myself. I opened my mouth but no sound would escape.

"Of course you would stop staring at my tits when I stood up,and just stare at my ass!"

Her voice was just above a whisper, with a sexy huskiness to it. The air between us heavy with sexual tension, thick with desire. The ensuing silence between us deafening. Seconds feeling like minutes. Time measured in heart beats.

Did she want me to defend myself? To explain what I was doing. To assure her I was not the pervert she thought I was.

She released her robe as she stretched her hand out towards me. The robe opened, exposing the most beautiful breasts I have ever seen; honestly only the second pair I had ever seen in the flesh.

As she stepped towards me I retreated into the bathroom. She stepped into the door, sealing off any escape I had. I retreated farther. She again moved closer to me and pushed the door closed behind her.

Aunt Clair moved closer and closer until I was against the counter when at last she stepped into me, her breasts pressing into chest, her lips brushing my check. I could feel her hot breath against my skin, the bitter smell of wine mixed with her sweet perfume filling my nostrils.

Her leg moved between mine, pressing into my throbbing hard on. I stopped breathing; fear gripped me; fear and excitement.

She sucked my ear into her mouth, causing me to moan. Her hand moved over my mouth, gently reminding me we were not alone.

As she released my ear, she whispered, "Don't be scared Alex, this is our secret. No one ever needs to know."

I was scared, but not for the reasons she suspected. I had lusted after Aunt Clair as long as I could remember. I wasn't scared of getting caught by others. I was scared she would learn I was virgin.

She had me pushed up against the counter top.

She reached around me and grabbed both arms by their wrists, pulled them towards her, placing my hands on her hips, where her panties would sit, if she had been wearing any.

She pressed her lips to mine and kissed me. Gentle at first, then gradually applying more pressure.

"I'm a virgin" I said. I didn't want to say it, it just rushed out in one long word, im-a-virgin.

"What?" Aunt Clair responded in low voice.

I froze, I blew it. I blew my chance with the woman I had been lusting after since my first wet dream.

As panic gripped me, she asked again. "What did you say sweetie, I couldn't hear you?"

"I'm a virgin; I've never been past 2nd base." I said slightly louder, but with even less conviction.

"What's 2nd base these days?"

"Ah, ah, um, we made out. Kissed and she gave me a hand job. I got to rub her tits and pussy."

Again, as soon as the words left my mouth I regretted them. 'Tits and pussy', such a high school thing to say.

"Relax sweetie, we are going to change all that tonight."

Suddenly a hallway light came on. We both held our breath as footsteps began to move towards us.

"I'll jump in the shower; you head back to your room." Clair whispered in a commanding voice.

As I started to leave the bathroom, she touched my arm, "We will finish this later Alex."

I thought my cock would explode right then. This woman, so sexy it hurt to look at her, promising me we would finish what we just started.

I walked out into the hallway to see my father headed towards me. He too was dressed in wife beater and boxers.

"Trouble sleeping?" Dad asked in a hushed voice.

"Huh?" I replied, trying to avoid eye contact while at the same time keeping my back to him so he wouldn't see me raging hard on.

"Trouble sleeping or just taking a leak?" He asked again.

"Oh yea, just needed to pee, you know."

"I know all too well. Good Night son, see you in morning."

"Night Dad." I replied as I quickly double timed it back to my shared room.

As I lay in bed trying to go back to sleep, I couldn't help but wonder if dad knew what had just happened between Aunt Clair and I. I also needed to know if she got caught in the bathroom. I wanted to go back and check, but I was paranoid I would get caught. I had already used the bathroom.

Morning finally came. I waited patiently in bed to hear someone downstairs making coffee and breakfast. Now that I heard talking, I quickly got up, dressed and went to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

As I approached the bottom of the steps a wave anxiety swept over me. Would she be down here already waiting? Did dad know what had happened? Did he tell anyone?

Oh My God, what if Uncle Ty knows.

I was frozen halfway down the steps. I was Debating returning to bedroom when my sister started down the stairs behind me.

"Morning geek, now move." She chipped as she bumped into me on her way to the kitchen.

There was no going back now, I had to move forward.

I stepped off the last step and into the kitchen. The Kitchen smelled of coffee, eggs, and bacon. I quickly surveyed the room, seeing dad, Uncle Ty, Uncle Frank and my Grandmother. I wasn't sure if I was relieved or disappointed Aunt Clair was not there.

Dad was standing by the coffee pot, talking to Uncle Frank about work. Grandma was by the stove, frying bacon, eggs and pancakes, while Uncle Ty cracked more eggs for omelets.

I searched the dining room, breakfast bar and kitchen again for any sign of Aunt Clair. I desperately wanted to see her but she was nowhere to be found.

I gave up and walked towards dad and Uncle Frank to get a cup of coffee. I was lost in my own thoughts about what had happened last night, not prepared for the harassment that was about to come.

"Who do you think you are?" A quick sharp question from Uncle Ty.

"Think you're man enough for coffee?" Uncle Frank asked me.

"Did you ask if you could have a cup?" Dad asked as he joined in.

All three men looked at me with the stern glare I had seen on my dad's face when he wanted to be taken very seriously. But like dad, they had perfected using it when torturing a nephew.

I was certain they were kidding, but how could I be sure. I still had the fear they all knew I was staring at Aunt Clair's breasts all last night. Or worse, they knew I had seen her naked and made out in the bathroom.

"You know coffee stunts your growth!!" Laughed Uncle Ty followed by chuckles from my dad and Uncle Frank.

I started to breath normal again as I added cream and sugar to my cup before pouring the last cup from the pot. I looked around for the coffee and filters to make a fresh pot.

"Don't worry Alex, I'll make another pot." The words stopped me cold. I could feel my face getting red; see the coffee cup begin to shake in my hands.

"I'll do it Clair." I heard my mom say. "You shouldn't clean up after my boy."

"I don't mind cleaning up after Alex. He's such a good boy."

I felt a hand on my shoulder; I could tell it was not my mom's. As I turned away from the counter and towards Aunt Clair I could feel my cock harden. I held my breath.

"Look Sue, I can still embarrass him to the point of blushing."

I believe I saw Aunt Clair wink at me as I slid past, me pressing my hard cock into her back as we traded places by coffee pot.

*** The house was empty; everyone had gone to breakfast the day after Christmas. I had over slept and no one wanted to wait for me. I brushed my teeth and headed downstairs to make coffee and eat leftovers.

As I stepped off the stairs, Aunt Clair was sitting in the living room, in only her green robe.

"Good Morning sleepy head," she said as she smiled at me.

"Good morning," I replied, wiping the sleep from eyes.

She stood up and opened her robe.

"I told you we would finish. With everyone at breakfast we have plenty of time to do this right."

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