tagIncest/TabooFamily Chronicles: Incest is In

Family Chronicles: Incest is In


"Hey sis," Ashlee called to Alexandra. "Where's the husband?"

Alexandra glanced at the clock. "Work for another four hours." She invited him into the door. "Kids are at school so it's just me. I bet you didn't come to see your sister."

Ashlee shrugged. "Sure, I did."

Alexandra shook her head. She was still in her house robe at noon. "Yeah, right. You didn't tell me you were dying."

"I didn't tell anyone," he replied.

Alexandra remembered. "Yeah, knocking up two women sure made you loved."

He shrugged. "Anna and I are good."

"You hurt London's feelings," she replied.

Ashlee remembered. He had plates and glass thrown at him. He quickly changed the subject. "What're you up to today? You're looking good."

He walked up and began dancing with his sister.

Alexandra squeezed out of his embrace. "Don't start your charms on me, Mister. I am a married woman unlike you."

"You're right. I'm not a married woman."

She shook her head. "you know what I mean. Besides, you're committed to Anna."

"She and I are in an open relationship with family."

Alexandra's cheeks flamed. "What? When did this happen? With who?"

Ashlee walked up to her, she kept backing up until she backed herself into the sofa and fell down. He leaned onto her and she leaned over to rise up, but he followed and stopped her assent. "Are you interested?"

Alexandra always found Ashlee attractive. While, Avery was a strong mature man. Her younger brother had the mysterious bad boy thing going on. She admitted she was a little jealous when she heard he was with Anna and London. Still, she's a married woman.

Ashlee was practically on top of her. The heat of his breath against her neck. "Lee, I'm married."

"I know," he whispered right against her ear. His mouth tickling her earlobe. "I won't tell if you don't."

For a precious moment she thought of giving into him. But she loved Avery so much. His face came around to hers. His lips so dangerously close. Her hands flew to his chest. "I can't."

Ashlee wouldn't be deterred so easily. Wearing only a housecoat he easily maneuvered her legs open. Alexandra wasn't offering much of a fight. She knew if she said no, he'd fly off of her. As much as her mind screamed the word, she couldn't bring herself to actually say it. The worst part is his body against hers thrilled her.

Ashlee thrust against her pelvis. She'd just got out the shower and wasn't wearing a thing. He knew now and she also felt his hardness protruding through his jeans. Against her will, she gasped in surprise and arousal. It was all Ashlee needed.

His lips crashed against hers. At first, she was numb. And in the next second she joined him. Seconds, she was nude lying before him. A body of a woman who'd given birth to two children. The same one she's had since she was a teenager. Ashlee took his time, he finger fucked her while sucking on her breast. Back arched, she knew it was wrong, but she wasn't stopping him. She didn't want to.

He unzipped his jeans and threw off his shirt. Moments later, his cock joined her body. She moaned loving the feeling of finally having Ashlee in her body. He resumed kissing her and massaging those D cups on her chest. He fucked her slowly moving in and out with such precision it drove her wild.

After she orgasmed, he began his assault.

"More," she asked him in surprise.

Ashlee laughed. "We're only getting started."

Alexandra was stunned. Avery was a good lover, but he lasted less than ten minutes. Ashlee had been fucking her for twenty already.

Seconds passed before she began to scream. "Ahhhhh...uhhhhhh."

Alexandra looked down to see his hands on her waist. Watching as his cock repeatedly disappeared in her body only to jet out and slam back inside. Each motion forcing her to cry out at the joy. Faster and faster, he fucked her.

"yes," she screamed. "keep fucking me."

her eyes rolled into the back of her head when Ashlee placed her ankles on his shoulder. His cock dipped deeper inside of her. "Oh, nooooooo. I love it. Yes. Harder. Deeper. Lee. I never knew. I never knew."

She came over and over in his expert hold. Her pussy was soaked. She could hear his cock splashing inside of her walls. The arousal causing her head to whip left to right. There was nowhere to turn and he forced her to take him over and over again. Harder and Harder. Faster and Faster. Again and again.

"LEEEEEEEEEEEE," she cried out and gripped his shoulders as the mother of all orgasms ripped through her core. His amazing strength gathered her into his arms and maneuvered their bodies so she rode him as she rolled through her orgasm. They kissed and he came inside of her while she trembled in the after effect.

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