tagIncest/TabooFamily Chronicles: Naughty Cousin

Family Chronicles: Naughty Cousin


Anna trailed around the house in a bikini. She was turning thirty. She could not believe it. The last thing she wanted was to be old. The children were growing around her. She wanted her youth back. The way to get it was a bikini. Ashlee made her feel young.

He smacked her ass as she passed by him. Her pussy dripped as a remembrance of their activities this morning. He bent her over the kitchen table. His massive cock plowing her insides. His hips bucking into her as she screamed for him more and more. Ashlee held her wrist in place. He held her prisoner. Thrusting her body against the edge of the table. Her pussy left defenseless as he beat her cunt.

Her breathing sped up as she rushed into the house. The lemonade was running low and they were spending July fourth weekend with Joshua, Serena and Linny. As she stepped into the house she made the lemonade rather quickly. When she was about to bring the pitcher outside, noise caught her attention. Someone moaned.

Curiosity had Anna walking down the corridor as light as she could barefoot. The bathroom door was left cracked. What she saw took her breath away and made her pussy gush.

Her cousins; John and Dallas were double teaming their sister Tennessee.

Seesee was riding John's cock while Dallas was pounding her ass. She was kissing John to avoid her screams from calling out. The other two were lost in pleasure. When she looked up she noticed him watching her.

Anna walked away. She brought the pitcher outside and squeezed Ashlee's hand as he was locked in conversation with his uncle Joshua. It was their code for she wanted him inside of her now. The two flew over to the side of the house, slipped her bikini to the side and fucked hard and quietly. Coming together, she calmed down.

Anna allowed Ashlee to clean first. He went outside to chat with the others while she went inside after him. Bumping into Dallas, she saw the three. She mumbled past them toward the bathroom. Her memory lost on the way he pounded Seesee ass. Ashlee had never been there before and never suggested. She found herself glancing at her round ass in the mirror.

Fuck, she masturbated until she came once more.

Anna was surprised to look up and find Dallas staring right at her. "Uh, what are you doing?"

He stepped in and shut the door behind himself. "What are you doing?"

She sighed. Her eyes struggling to stay above his waist.

"I make you feel good. I see."

She cracked a smile. "Get over yourself. Ashlee made me feel better."

He stepped forward watching as she wiped herself. "Is that why you're fucking yourself," he whispered.

Anna ignored him. She faced the mirror. Making sure her bikini was on correctly she pinched her cheeks and fixed her hair. She saw him watching her every move. "Your hairs wet."

"I took a shower."

"Just you," she asked.

He grinned at her in the mirror. "I had company."

The doorbell rang. She heard the voices of Eric, Sophie, and her mother. Looks like the party got busier. "I should go."

Dallas moved behind her so quickly he pinned her there. "Stay," he asked.

"Someone could come in."

"I locked the door."

"Someone might hear."

Dallas turned on the shower.

Hearing no further objections, he placed his hands on her waist and began to kiss her neck. His fingers trailed down to her ass. Slipping the ties out as her bottoms fell to the floor. He massaged her ass cheeks. Before reaching up and yanking her top off of her.

Dallas twisted Anna around and lifted her hips so she sat on the counter. His cock entered her pussy. He had to be an inch or two longer and thicker than Ashlee. Good thing she was so wet and his come was inside. Otherwise, she might have had a problem with the monster invading her walls.

Dallas fucked her good and hard making her come. He lifted her off the counter top and dragged her into the shower. "We'll both be wet," she protested.

He smacked her ass in response. He spread her legs and thrust inside of her. "Oh, fuck." He withdrew and slipped back inside. "Mm," she shut her eyes. "Yes, Dallas."

"Hold the wall," he said and forced her arms out. "Keep holding."

He began to fuck her. Dallas thrust his cock in and out of her walls. She dripped onto his member. Wanting to cry out and refraining made her knees wobbly. He pounded her poor pussy good. She'd be sore especially after the monster burst Ashlee gave moments before.

His hands seized her pressing her forward as he came. He slipped out and shot all over her asshole. Most of it sliding down the drain as the water poured over them.

Anna cried out at the loss. "Nooo," she moaned.

Dallas kissed the back of her head. "I gave you a squirt in that sweet pussy. Fuck, so tight after three kids, cuz."

Her ass pushed back toward him and he laughed.

"Hold your ass cheeks open for me. I'm taking your ass today."

She nearly came at his words. She spread her feet out until she felt stable and gripped open her ass cheeks. Anna was grateful the water ran right down the crack. Dallas hopped out and grabbed a container. She heard him squirt something and then hop back inside.

He squeezed her open more until she felt stretched. "Okay, baby. This is going to be uncomfortable at first. You'll feel a burning sensation, but don't worry. I'll take that away."

Anna felt calm with him. She faced forward. The head of his cock entered inside of her. A tightness immediately swelled around the massive entity snaking it's way into her forbidden passage. He pushed forward passed her sphincter which relinquished it's hold. Pain swirled at her entrance and she fought the urge to push him away. Deeper he trudged and she felt the fire inside. Hot and burning, tears welled in her eyes.

"I'm almost there," he whispered.

Her legs trembled uncertainly. "Dallas, it hurts."

She felt his kiss against her back. "A couple more inches."

Her asshole felt full and suffocating. Shit, maybe she couldn't do this. "I'm in," Dallas told her.

She felt his chest against her back. She turned her head to his. His tongue licked her face. Her fallen tears. He removed her hands from her ass and replaced them on the wall.

"You're so beautiful," he kissed her lips. "So damn beautiful." He made out with her.

His body was oh so still as they made out. Frozen as he caressed her breast and teased her nipples. Slowly he circled his hips. His movements drawing grunts of pain. Before he withdrew and entered her again. The burn was still there. The first few minutes she breathed to make it through.

Then, the burn was gone. Dallas began hitting something inside of her. His cock seemed to be teasing her. "Fuck me, please."

She heard his groan of pleasure at her request. "He'd been waiting."

Still, he went slowly. Pulling out and then disappearing into her. He did it a few times. His strokes began getting shorter and shorter with each thrust. Until finally, he pounded her ass with the same ferocity as he attacked her pussy.

Anna screamed. She could not help it. Dallas had to cover her mouth as she loved his cock so much.

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