tagIncest/TabooFamily Circus Ch. 07

Family Circus Ch. 07


We laid their on the towel by the creek bank for some time, my sister Vickie and me, her on top of me, my flaccid penis still deep within her. I'd been too tired to cum myself but Vickie had enjoyed several orgasms before she gave out. I could feel her wetness on my scrotum as we laid there enjoying the full body contact. After a while, Vickie suggested, "We better go back up to the house. Gram's gonna' think we drowned or something." She climbed off of me letting my wet penis flop onto my abdomen as it fell out of her. I rolled over and stood up, leaned over and picked up our towels and followed Vickie back up toward the house. Watching her ass wiggle ahead of me as we walked made me begin to engorge slightly, just enough for my penis to arch foward a bit as it swung back and forth with my steps.

"Damn, that's a nice looking ass," I thought to myself. From the backyard we could see Gram sitting on the back porch, rocking, glass in her hand.

"I wonder what round she's on," Vickie said.

"No telling," I replied. Up onto the porch we went, Vickie in front of me flopping onto the day bed and leaning back against the cushion. I stood on the other side of Gram.

"Did you have fun down at the creek?" Gram asked.

We both said, "Yeah," kind of in unison.

"Your Mom says you two are intimate with each other. That true?" Gram asked.

"Yeah, it's true," Vickie replied matter of factly.

"Well, she was pretty concerned about it. Worried you might be hurt by it. I told her a lot more of that went on when I was young than most folks realized, or admitted," Gram continued. "You just be careful, you hear?"

Vickie responded with, "We are, Gram," before I could say anything. "We're just enjoying each other, that's all."

"Okay," was all Gram responded as she hoisted herself up out of her rocker. "Come on in, supper's about ready."

"Do you want us to get dressed for supper, Gram?" Vickie asked.

"You can if you want to. Doesn't really matter to me, girl. You can stay naked till the cows come home far as I'm concerned," Gram tossed back over her shoulder as she disappeared into the kitchen. After dinner, Vickie and I helped Gram clean up the kitchen before we went out and sat down on the porch. The sun was getting low and the temperature had moderated a bit and it felt very comfortable out there. Gram soon joined us and sat down in her rocker. "This is nice having you visit. I'm glad you can stay a few weeks this time," she told us.

"Yeah, it's nice," Vickie said. "I really like being here where we can go naked outside as much as we want."

"So I see, girl, so I see," Gram replied. Hearing tires crunch on the gravel of the drive made us all look toward the side of the house when Aunt Liz's car rounded the corner. She parked, and got out of the car. Walking toward us I saw she was wearing a loose fitting cotton dress, almost like a housedress. The sun caught it in such a way that it was obvious she wasn't wearing anything underneath it. The youngest of the three sisters, Liz was still in pretty good shape, actually all of them were for their age.

As she came up the several steps to the porch, she said, "Enjoying an after dinner sit on the back porch, Martha?"

Gram replied, "Yes. Come and join us," as she motioned toward the day bed that Vickie and I slouched on. Aunt Liz sat down between us, patting each of us on the thigh.

"How are you kids enjoying your first day of vacation here on the farm?" she asked.

Before I could say anything Vickie replied, "It's been real nice so far, Aunt Liz."

Reaching between my thighs, sliding her hand under my penis lying on the day bed, Liz gently lifted my scrotum, letting my testicles roll around on her fingers. "I've always liked the softness, the silky softness of a man's scrotum when it's hanging like this. It's so smooth and soft."

Gram said, "Well, Bobby's certainly hangsand feels smooth and soft enough, Liz."

Aunt Liz continued, "You know, Martha, watching Lucille bring this boy to release earlier this afternoon sure brought back some memories. You remember when we used to do that to Jack?" Jack was their brother, my only uncle who had died a few years earlier.

Vickie blurted out, "You did that with your brother?"

Gram replied, "Oh yes, girl. Many times. Kept him calmed down and manageable," she said chuckling as she did.

"How old were you?" Vickie asked.

"Oh, we were doing it from about the time he was twelve or so, I think it was," she replied, "Maybe until he was about nineteen."

Vickie just said, "Wow."

"We used to do it out in the barn didn't we, Martha?" Liz stated.

"Yes, that's a fact," Gram said. "I can remember just like it was yesterday."

Liz continued, "I feel like taking Bobby out there for old time's sake. That okay, Martha?"

Gram said, "That's up to you and Bobby, Liz. You don't need my permission."

"well boy?" Liz asked me, "What do you think?"

"Fine with me, Aunt Liz," I replied as I stood up, my penis and testicles swinging clear of Aunt Liz's fondling. With her leading the way, I followed out to the barn, my penis beginning to engorge a bit at the thought of Aunt Liz's touch.

Once inside the barn, Liz turned toward me saying, "Bobby, I don't want to play with that thing of yours, I want you to put it in me and give it to me best you can," as she quickly unbuttoned her housedress, off her shoulders it dropped.

"Wow," was all I could say when I saw her body. She was in as good of shape as Mom. Large hips and thighs, still had a bit of a waistline, a little bit of belly, but huge tits, tits that hung way down her chest to her abdomen, tits with big areola and nipples pointing the way to her large bush of curly dark brown hair.

"Not bad for an old lady, huh?" she asked. My answer was a quickly growing erection. Looking at it Liz said, "I'll take that as a yes. Come here, boy." She turned away from me and leaned over on a sawhorse, bent at the waist, forearms on the sawhorse, ass pointed out. "Well, come on," she repeated. Looking at her in profile bent over like she was with her tits swinging was about all I could take. My penis was straining to lift itself toward the loft above us as I stepped over and positioned myself behind her. She reached back and grasped my erection, pushing it down, aiming it toward her pussy as I moved closer and felt it slide into her. Damn, she was wet and hot and I slid into her like butter.

"you've been thinking about this, haven't you?" I asked. "You're as wet as you can be."

"Better believe," she replied as she wiggled her butt and pushed back to plant me as deeply as possible. "I've been thinking about it ever since I watched Lucille beat that meat of yours. Now, enough talk." I grabbed her hips and began to thrust. She was taking my entire erection without any problem and I began to pull out almost all the way and pause with just the head of my penis in her on each stroke before sliding it back in its entire length. "Oh Bobby, that's good. Don't stop. I've been needing this for some time now. This is good," she was saying softly.

I leaned over onto her and reached around her for those tits, grasping one in each hand, lifting them, feeling their heft, and they were heavy, real heavy. I could feel the texture of her areolas as I juggled them on my fingertips. After giving each nipple a gentle squeeze and roll between my thumb and fingers I let her tits gently roll off my hands, smooth, soft skin sliding by my fingertips. Raising myself back up, I put my hands on her hips and went back to the long, slow strokes that had been shortened by my leaning over on her. Out to just the head of my penis in her then a long smooth stroke back to the hilt, over and over I drove into her. She was beginning to groan softly so I picked up the pace, still sliding almost almost all the way out but not pausing, hammering back into her hard and fast on each stroke.

"Damn, I wished there was some way to watch her tits," I thought. "I bet they're swinging like mad." I could feel her beginning to shake under me, butt cheeks alternately flexing and relaxing as I hammered her from behind like a pile driver seeking bedrock.

"I want you to cum in me, Bobby. Sow that seed as deep in me as you can. I want to feel your cum hit me, hit me deep inside," she was saying as I was approaching my orgasm. All at once, I couldn't maintain my smooth steady stroke, becoming irregular as I felt my testicles tighten up. One last stroke and I buried myself to the hilt, involuntarily pushing into her with each pulse of my penis setting loose its load deep within her. I stood there for several moments, feeling her pussy squeeze and release on my penis. It felt like heaven. Pulling back, my penis dropped out of her to swing down, slinging a big drop of cum onto the floor.

"Very good," I heard from the direction of the door. "Liz, you always were the sluttiest one of us three." Looking toward the door I saw Vickie and Gram standing there looking at us.

"Yep, I guess I was. And it was worth it. Maybe you should try it. You'd find it a damn sight more satisfying than that vibrator of yours," Aunt Liz shot back as she bent down and picked up her housedress. Without donning it she walked past Vickie and Gram and out the door toward the house.

"Maybe I should," Gram said, "But not right now after you've used him up," as she turned to follow Aunt Liz toward the house.

Vickie stood there looking at me as I approached her. "Aunt Liz is a lot hotter than I figured," she said.

"Oh yeah," I replied. "Did you get load of those tits on her?"

"Yeah, I saw. I guess mine won't be good enough for you now," she replied.

"Yeah, right," I told her as we headed for the house, my arm around her shoulders. Back in the house we found Gram and Aunt Liz sitting in the living room, Liz still naked, sitting on her housedress on the couch.

As we came into the room I heard Aunt Liz saying, "...Becky and Julie over here." Becky and Julie were Gram and her sisters' best friends. They'd all hung together since elementary school and were very close.

"What's that?" Vickie asked.

"I was telling Martha here that we needed to invite Becky and Julie over here to see you kids. They haven't seen you since Christmas," Aunt Liz said. Now with us staying with Gram for several weeks and as often as the five women got together there was little doubt they'd be seeing us. So it wasn't exactly something that needed to be done, I thought as I sat down on the opposite end of the couch from Aunt Liz.

"When?" asked Vickie.

"How about tomorrow afternoon?" Gram asked.

"Great," Vickie answered as she sat down on the couch up against me between me and Aunt Liz. She immediately put her hand on my leg, palm on my thigh, fingertips grazing my penis lying between my legs. As we all sat there, Liz, Vickie, and me naked, Gram carried on like it was perfectly normal for her to be sitting there dressed with three naked people sitting opposite her. The conversation just went on like normal though I was beginning to engorge a bit as Vickie continued to lightly stroke my penis with her fingertips. As my penis climbed off of the couch cushion to stand out in between and parallel to my thighs it wasn't lost on Gram.

"Good Lord, Bobby," she exclaimed, "Doesn't that penis of yours ever get tired? Liz, it's starting to come up again, for goodness sakes. I would have thought you might have put it down for awhile after your trip to the barn."

"Martha, maybe you need to make a trip to the barn with the boy," Aunt Liz told her, "Maybe you can tire it out for the night."

"I think you might be right, Liz," Gram replied. With that she stood up and said, "Come on, boy. Let's go take care of that thing." She headed for the back door with me following after her, but rather than going out to the barn she went only as far as the back porch, motioning me toward the day bed out there. "Over there, Bobby. It's way more comfortable than the barn, I think." I sat down on the side of the day bed and watched as Gram began removing her clothes. She unbuttoned and pulled off her long sleeve blouse, exposing a massive, snow white bra. After folding the blouse fairly neatly and placing it on the rocking chair, she unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans and pushed them down her legs. She was wearing white granny panties that she pulled down and off after laying her jeans neatly on the chair. As she straightened back up I saw that she had a belly like a little pouch that hung down a little but then she reached around behind herself and undid that bra, that massive bra and as she let it fall down her arms her huge, pendulous breasts dropped free. I stood up as those tits swung free. They were massive, absolutely huge with areolas that must have been at least four inches across. They hung down onto her belly with the nipples seeming to be staring down at her feet. "Now, if looking at this body doesn't scare away that erection, maybe you can put it to good use making an old lady feel good, young man," Gram told me. Rather than being scared away, looking at those ponderosa sized tits was making it harder. Gram noticed it moving upward and reached out to grasp it as she turned her back toward the day bed, sat down on it, then turned and reclined onto her back. Pulling gently on my penis, she said, "Come on, Bobby. I'm real sure you know what to do," as she was fingering herself below the full bush of graying hair. She didn't release her grasp on my penis as I crawled onto the day bed and between her splayed apart thighs. Pulling, guiding, she had me sliding into her as I lowered myself on my knees and hands. "Go on, Bobby. Show Gram what you can do for her," she coaxed as I began to thrust in and out slowly. "Yeah, that's it, boy," she said softly as I began to build up to a bit quicker pace and more forceful thrusting. It seemed like I had a full head of steam, like the more I fucked, the more I could fuck or something like that. Like Aunt Liz, Gram was able to take my entire erection to the hilt.

Gram's tits were hanging off the sides of her chest and as I began to hammer her harder, they swung back and forth, back and forth in time with the impacts of each of my strokes. My old Gram was turning me on, watching her jiggle a bit with each thrusting blow. I continued to hammer her, swinging my ass like a pendulum to keep up the rhythm of the strokes and conserve energy. Each impact sent her tits swaying and she was beginning to blink her eyelids slowly as she stared directly at my eyes. My strokes continued unabated, the swing of my ass providing the timing and force of each thrust, Gram's eyes never leaving mine until she began to tremble and shake under me, arched her back, and closed her eyes. Gently and slowly I continued to stroke the full length of my erection as she finished her orgasm. When she opened her eyes she smiled at me before saying, "Stop now, Bobby. I want to do what your grandfather really liked." I stopped and slowly pulled out of her before she rolled out from under me and said, "Here, lie down her."

I laid down on my back on the day bed and Gram crawled onto the bed between my legs, bent over, and began to suck on my penis while stroking it with one hand and fondling my testicles with the other. As I felt her gently juggling my testicles in her fingertips and sucked and stroked, I was quickly rising toward my own orgasm. Within a few minutes I felt myself cumming, my penis pulsing in her hand and mouth, and heard her swallowing as she took whatever load I had to deliver. She continued to suck gently on my penis after I finished cumming, then gently laid it down on my abdomen and sat back up. "There, how was that? It seems I haven't forgotton how to do that," she told me. She got up off the day bed, patted my leg and said, "Come on, Bobby. Let's go back inside." I swung my legs off the day bed and sat up but had to sit there for a moment because I felt a little dizzy. Gram had picked up her clothes and walked inside.

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