tagIncest/TabooFamily Comfort Ch. 05

Family Comfort Ch. 05


All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old


The slamming front door startled Claude from his nap in an easy chair in his sister's Denver living room. Glancing at his watch, he noted it was 4:50 p.m. His 18-year old niece, Nel, must be returning from the mall, on time, as promised. He checked his slacks, making sure he had re-zipped his fly after putting his horse back in its stall. He had, but the recurring memory of Sally's naked pulchritude, before he kissed her cunt 'sweet dreams', was making his organ swell anew.

Nel bounded into view. As she stepped into the sunken living room and crossed the carpet, her young pert breasts jumped under her white bulky sweater. Neither as full as her mother's, nor as large as her girlfriend Megan's, Nel's bust was nonetheless impressive.

Advancing quickly toward her seated uncle, Nel's sharp eyes took in the modest lump in his crotch. She was on his lap, kissing him, with her arms hooked around his neck, before he had an opportunity to protest or protect himself. Not that he actually had such an intention. "Mmmm, Uncle Claude!" Nel gasped, coming up for air from her long kiss. "Looook at YOUUUU!" She lowered her right arm and inserted it between their bodies, feeling for his growth with her slender hand.

"Hold on, kiddo," Claude weakly argued, "Your mom could come in her at any moment..."

"Ha!" Nel snorted. "Not likely, unk. She popped two Valium at the pizza parlor and I crushed a third one and stirred it into her root beer with a straw." Nel giggled. "Mom's down for the count, probably all night, but certainly for now!" She looked quizzically and asked, "Didn't she, like, seem super tired by the time you got home? I bet she passed out in her suit!"

Claude, amazed by his conniving secret granddaughter, declined to edify her as to how he had put Sally to bed. "That was very risky, Nel," He said, choosing his words carefully, "Weren't you afraid of overdosing and hurting your mom?"

"Nuhn-uh," Nel answered with a straight face, staring into her uncle's eyes. "We had a drug segment in Health, to make sure us kids don't do anything stupid, I guess. Anyway, there was lots of information about sleeping pills and stuff. I read the label, too." She shrugged. "I knew one more pill wouldn't hurt...besides," She added, pushing her left hand up under Claude's wine cashmere sweater and twiddling the center button on his blue dress shirt, "I wanted to make sure we had some quality uncle-niece time." Her busy hand wormed its way between the plackets and tickled his left nipple beneath his T-shirt.

Claude groaned as Nel resumed kissing him hard, stifling further comment or criticism. She pushed her ass back on his thighs, simultaneously giving her right hand more room to penetrate his trousers' defenses and sandwiching her left hand between their chests.

At last her exuberance abated. Climbing off Claude's lap, she tugged on his arms, saying "Megan told me she told you I had a crush on you and there's NO WAY you can pretend you don't like me just a little bit!" She laughed and wiggled, pulling him until he had to stand, and then hugging him close. Not letting go, she pushed his arms behind his back and held all four of their hands tight on his butt, forcing his expanding groin against her.

Suddenly she dropped his left hand, turned and started marching toward the hall. "C'mon, unk," she said, leading him like an errant puppy, "You know you can't escape and you don't want to, anyway!"

Claude admitted to himself the truth of the statement as he followed her flouncing gabardine clad bottom to her fragrant pink and cream teenage boudoir. At the end of the hall Nel halted. Using her free hand, she turned the knob, opened her mother's bedroom door wide and verified Sally was, indeed, 'down for the count.'

"You see?" She exalted, pointing to her inert parent, peacefully reposed under the covers, just as Claude had left her a couple of hours ago. "Now, shush!" she commanded, shutting the door again, "No excuses and no worries!"

Claude gave in to the circumstances and Nel's puppy instantly morphed into a big dog. Growling low in his throat, he turned his niece and pulled her against him. Still firmly holding her left hand, he slid his right hand over her ass, down the back of her thighs to the hem of her navy pleated skirt. Without pause, he returned upward, underneath, his hand inserted edgewise between her legs. He reveled in the texture of her white cotton tights as the back of his hand grazed Nel's right inner thigh while his half-curled palm pressed on her left. At the top of the cul-de-sac, he parked his paw snug against her virgin pussy, tickling her through her layered underwear.

Nel's tits, pressed flat, were hot discs and her nipples throbbed. Her whole neural network was overwhelmed by instant messaging. She felt giddy, short of breath and excited beyond her wildest dreams. "Uuuhnn! Ohhhh!" she muttered, closing her mouth around a section of her uncle's neck, just above his right shirt collar.

Claude knew what he was doing to her. He felt the wet explosion between her legs as her cunt welcomed its visitor. He made no effort to contain her squirming, twisting bottom. Instead, he forced her left hand upward until he and his niece were jointly clutching her left breast through the cable ridge of her heavy sweater. His strong hand closed and she complied: squeezing, rubbing, mauling her own boob until her puffed areola and its proud stub ached.

Claude danced his prize through her bedroom doorway and fell on top of her on the rumpled, still unmade, double bed. Nel gave out a "Whoosh!" as she landed and her uncle's 200 pounds drove her against the mattress, pushing the air from her lungs. "Like you said, kiddo," he snarled, "'You can't escape and you don't want to, anyway!'"

Claude backed his frame off his granddaughter's trapped body enough to give her room to breathe. "No, no, unk!" Nel wheezed, as her lungs inflated, pushing her tits back into close contact with Claude's chest, "No, I don't want... to... escape. OH, NO! Please, I want you! Please, please, take me... TAKE... me!" she whimpered, verging on tears in her ecstatic anticipation of her success.

"Oh, I will, sweet cheeks." Claude answered her prayer calmly, now that the playing surface was leveled and Nel was aware of the differences between teasing and advertising and the consequences of each. "But first things first. Let's peel the onion, shall we?" He smiled and kissed her.

Nel's Mary Janes were long gone and, since Claude's hand was already under her dress, he pulled her tights down and off quickly, tossing them on the floor. They landed in a pile on her stuffed turquoise dragon, their crotch panel resting on the plush toy's flaming felt tongue.

Next Claude unzipped and unhooked his niece's skirt. She hiked her butt making it easy for him to take it away and fling it in the same general direction as her tights. Claude was momentarily distracted by the sweet peach veiled behind Nel's sheer beige nylon hipsters, nestled on their cotton gusset. He remembered it well from the morning of his arrival, but closer examination could wait a few minutes more.

Pushing his hands up Nel's sides, under her thick sweater, he told her, "Raise your arms, kiddo, it's way too hot for a sweater!" She giggled, lifting her arms, as Claude inverted the bulky wool garment, pulled it over her head and threw it with total disregard for its landing.

"Ahhh," Claude sighed, "Now we are getting somewhere." He kissed her lips warmly again and got off the bed. He stared non-stop at his nubile niece, studying her in minute detail as he removed his own pullover and finished unbuttoning his shirt. Tugging its tails from his waist he cast it, along with his T-shirt onto the wine cashmere heap beside Nel's outer clothes now burying her dragon.

Nel, in turn, gaped at Claude's muscled chest and stomach with their small patches of curly salt-and-pepper hair. She remembered her delight at discovering his hard cock rising from a similar thicket of steel wool. She began salivating and panted slightly as she watched her uncle open his trousers and step out of his charcoal wool armor, kicking off his oxfords. Claude stripped his socks and clambered back on the bed, straddling his niece's legs, his ass centered over her knees.

Leaning forward, bracing himself beside her torso on his forearms, he whispered, "Now where were we?" He chuckled softly and kissed her yet again, more passionately, receiving her probing hungry tongue into his mouth. Nel moaned and writhed, reaching up with her arms to clasp Claude's back, raking his spine lightly with her fingernails. "Oh yes, 'peeling the onion', now I remember." He said, breaking the kiss.

Nel's chest was heaving, drops of perspiration popped on her forehead and she trembled as Claude's hands swept the spaghetti straps of her camisole off her shoulders, onto her biceps. Claude stopped and traced the edges of Nel's puffed halos extruding against the beige satin. She squeaked and dug her nails into his back. He grinned and said, "That's my girl, show me how much you like me."

Placing his palms against her hidden titties, Claude clutched the neckline of the camisole and drug it over Nel's chest and stomach. She bridged her neck, stretching her boobs within the demi-cups of her matching sheer beige net soft-bra. Claude wondered if they would burst their bonds as the satin slid below her navel. Undulating, Nel lowered her chest and lifted her hips, allowing easy travel for her cammy to join the jumble off the bed.

"Nothing but net!" Claude exclaimed, "As they say in the NBA." He looked appreciatively at the provocative transparency of his niece's foundation pieces. Her nipples stood like soldiers on parade and bits of palest, thinnest, fuzz protruded through her hipsters' gauze panel, above her quivering cunt. Swiftly he slid his hands along the mattress, behind Nel's back, and opened the simple clasp on her bra, releasing all tension. She rolled, first right then left, shrugging and shimmying until her happy boobs were free and her uncle had discarded the no longer useful lingerie.

Nel beamed with pride and pleasure as Claude bent his attention to her bosom and suckled her tits avidly. He alternated conscientiously to avoid offending either the left or the right half of her treasured chest. Nel rolled her head from side to side, as much to watch his tender vacuuming as to cope with the horrendous, wonderful nerve shocks he created. Claude snuffed and sucked loudly, with gusto, occasionally nipping, in response to his niece's ferocious nails, scratching his ribs and scalp.

After a time, Claude judged it good to address Nel's pussy in a proper detailed fashion. Without breaking his concentrated efforts on Nel's breasts, Claude pushed her panties down below her knees. Nel, not liking the way they bound her legs, kicked and flailed until the flimsy underpants flew from her ankles to some unknown sector of her room.

Recognizing his niece's agitation, Claude kissed his way from Nel's hilly vale, across the bare, flat, taut plain of her young belly. He dallied briefly at her navel oasis, dipping his tongue deep to the bottom of its knotted well, and continued to her merest pubic patch at the edge of her personal fertile crescent. He nuzzled his chin against the fine, tiny follicles and pushed his hands well under her bottom when she arched her hips in response to his first kisses.

Claude raised Nel's ass and folded her back onto herself, requiring her to spread her legs. She naturally dropped and rested her thighs on his strong broad shoulders as her uncle's face buried itself in her sopping trench. Nel felt her sexual tension build as it never had when she played with herself in the shower. She could not stop squirming as she suffered Claude's punishing tongue and agile lips. She moved her hands from his back to his head and pulled him tight into her twat, hoping, and not hoping, to end the terrible, joyful, sensations there.

Claude ruthlessly latched onto Nel's clitoris. Seizing her ass cheeks more tightly than ever, he pulled her against his maw, even as she was pushing his head downward. Nel screamed. Her shrill voice pierced the entire house and was unrecognizable, even to herself. "AAAAHHHHHH! OHHHHHHH! AYYYYEEEEEE! She slammed her taut thighs against her uncle's ears, pulled his hair and beat her heels on his lats, as her mightiest orgasm ever wracked her body from head to heels.

Claude froze, holding Nel immobile against his face while she lurched and flailed until, at last, she stopped. He raised his head from her wet, pink, creamy pussy and grinned at his frazzled niece, beaming back at him with shock, awe and immense satisfaction. "'But Wait! There's MORE!'" he crowed, quoting the ubiquitous late-night TV ads, "You haven't gotten the 'Ginzu Knife' yet!"

Without further ado, while Nel was still airborne with her legs draped, Claude released her left cheek and used his right hand to guide his standing steed into her unguarded, unused pasture. His mushroom easily slipped past the slippery outer lips of her vagina but bumped into resistance at its smaller restricted entrance. Claude was elated at the discovery. "She claimed she had only read about sex in Cosmo," he said to himself, shaking his head in wonder at his good fortune.

Nel grunted her surprise at her uncle's dick knocking on her door. Her fingers were one thing, but this was something else entirely. She loved sucking on his cock, and she wanted it in her, but she was afraid all the same. He was such a big man and his erection looked monstrous. She was sure her mouth was much larger than her pussy. "How could he ever fit inside?" she wondered, as she felt Claude retreat and re-enter. This time he paused and stayed pressed against her os. She felt him flex and wiggle his cock. Her pussy tried to open and close and draw him in as she automatically contracted against his presence.

"OK, my pet," Claude said, enigmatically, "Here's where we get wet!"

"Aren't I already, like SWIMMING in wet?" She asked herself.

Just then, Claude tensed his left hand on her bottom, clutching her cheek as if it were a rabbit in an eagle's talons. His right hand, on her hip, pulled her up and into his groin. At the same time he thrust his pelvis forward with a single unstoppable force, penetrating her, ripping through her hymen, before resting deep in her trench.

"UUUUNNNNHHHH!" she screamed, nearly as loudly as before but with a different pitch. Her pussy stung like all get out, and her bottom felt like spikes had been driven into it. Tears welled up and then sprung from her eyes. She clenched her teeth and clawed once more at her uncle's broad back.

Claude remained motionless, waiting for her cunt to accept his thickness, as its design intended. Nel began to relax as the initial pain quickly faded. Now no more than a muscle memory, like a sharp slap, it soon disappeared entirely. Her uncle was still a statue, impaling her. She tentatively wiggled her butt and squeezed the intruding dick with her pelvic muscles. She felt it twitch. "He did that in my mouth when I sucked," She remembered. She contracted her cunt again, feeling him respond and feeling no pain. Gradually Nel began pushing her hips up and back, and rotating side to side. "Ohhhh, uhhhnn," she murmured aloud, enjoying the fluid motion.

Claude smiled and began stroking slowly, easily, shallowly as Nel warmed to the new activity. Soon enough, however, he himself was approaching his own climax. Nel was visibly and audibly reacting more and more strongly to the deeper, harder compressions of their hips. Once more she began to roll about, randomly clutching and squeezing him with her hands. Claude wanted to hold out, to make her come again, but sensed his constricting nuts were on autopilot.

Puffing and grunting with each push, Claude continued until he knew he was going to fire his load. He gave a final lunge and drove his cock as deep as he could go. "AARGH!" he shouted, unintentionally, uncontrollably, as he pumped jet upon jet of his ancient cum into his young virgin granddaughter.

Nel screamed a third time. "AAYYYEEEE! OhMyGod, UNNNNCLE!" as her second tsunami broke over the jetty and flooded her cunt. Weeping with unrestrained joy, she hung to her uncle and submitted to her and his reflexive thrashings.

Claude held his niece's recovering body in a semi-vertical position. His left hand grasped both ankles, rolling her torso back onto her shoulders. Withdrawing his bloody cock from her deflowered twat, he pulled his stained boxers off with his right hand. Carefully, gently, he inserted them, as a wadded sop, between Nel's legs and then lowered her, guiding her off the bed. When she was standing before him, he gathered her into the crook of his left arm, still pressing his loosely balled up shorts against her tender young pussy.

Nel was silent, fused against him, her head lay on his chest, her arms lightly encircled his waist. "We should take a warm shower, kiddo," he said soothingly, "and then lie down and cuddle for a while. What do you think?" he asked, kissing the top of her head, not minding its lank matted condition.

Nel rubbed her cheek up and down on Claude's sternum and replied, "Unh huh... yeah,... OK, unk" so softly Claude had to strain to hear.


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