tagIncest/TabooFamily Comfort Ch. 06

Family Comfort Ch. 06


All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.


"I think we should use the big shower in your mom's bathroom," suggested Claude, "Don't you?"

18-year old Nel was still wiped out, emotionally and physically, after being vigorously fucked and surrendering her virginity to her 57-year old uncle. She nodded her head quietly. Her light-brown hair, cut short and boxy, rubbed against the salt-and-pepper thatch between Claude's pecs as her head slowly bobbed agreement. She leaned closer against her uncle's hard naked body, smelling her own pussy juices, mixed and mingled with his cum and their sweat. The odor hung like a palpable exotic fog. She did want to shower and be squeaky clean again, but she was strangely reluctant to give up the wonderful aromatic moment. She feared she may never again capture so intoxicating a fragrance.

Claude stroked Nel's spine from nape to tailbone, lifted her chin and delicately kissed her sweet cupid's bow lips. "You are such a good girl, kiddo," he whispered, "Can you walk there on your own?"

Finding her strength returning, Nel straightened up and smiled, "I think so, unk..." She giggled, adding, "My knees are weak and I feel like pudding in my pussy but other than that, I think I'm catching my second wind."

They walked nude, hand in hand, across the hall, through the master bedroom and into the master bath. As they passed Sally, still in the throes of her Valium induced sleep, in her king-size bed, Nel smirked conspiratorially and slipped her arm around her uncle in a walking hug. He looked at her and mouthed silently, "You're naughty!" as he pinched her outside ass cheek. Nel yipped, let go of his waist and skipped ahead to turn on the shower.

They stood together in the double-sized stall under the tall shower head and turned slowly under a soft warm spray. When they were thoroughly wet, Claude squirted body wash on Nel's chest. He lathered her breasts with firm unrushed circular massages, drifting to her stomach and then, reaching behind, he applied his hands to her shoulder, back and bottom. Nel loved his languid strokes but found her pussy was tingling again and she wished he would touch her more intimately.

She stepped closer and closed her small right hand around his dangling dick, cupping and squeezing his balls with her left hand, hoping he would take a hint. Claude's cock thickened noticeably but she heard him say, "No, kiddo, give it some more time."

Nel felt disappointed by the rejection until Claude slid down her body and pulled her ready cunt to his mouth. He explored the edges of her outer lips, gently playing feathery kisses on her borders until he reached her stiffened clit, poking from its hood. When he kissed her there, Nel stiffened, grabbed his ears with her fingers and squeezed with all her might, instantly coming in a trembling climax. "OOHHHH! Ohhh! NNhhhh! Uhnncle CLAUDE!" she exclaimed amid her garbled moans. "Oh... what you... DO to me!" Nel gasped as the surge passed.

Claude stood and held her close. Grinning over her still shaking shoulder, he breathed into her ear, "I love it when you love it."

"Oh how I love it!" Nel answered, "And you. I love you, unk... my hunk." She laughed at her silly word play and kissed his neck.

"Thanks for that, kiddo," Claude replied. He looked at his watch and saw it was 6:00 p.m. "Now, I promised us a snuggle... do you want to lie down for a little bit? Or maybe eat some supper?" he asked.

Nel's face lit up with the options. "Both!" she said brightly. Then, rubbing her stomach and hearing herself gurgle, she said, "I'm pretty hungry, though. Let's eat and then snuggle."

"Sounds like a good plan." Claude stepped from the stall and said, "I saw a platter of cold cuts and cheese slices in the 'fridge. I'll build us some sandwiches. Come out when you're ready." He quickly toweled off and left. On his way to the den he ducked into Nel's bedroom and scooped up his strewn clothes. He laughed out loud at the stuffed dragon with its turquoise nose and felt tongue buried in Nel's discarded white tights and gabardine skirt. "Atta boy, Dragon!" he said to it through his laughter, "You get in there!"

Back in the den he hung his slacks and shirt in the closet and pulled a clean pair of shorts and a fresh T-shirt from his bag. He had packed a pair of slippers, but no robe. "Fuck it, what's there to be modest about, now?" He asked himself. He picked up his boxers, blood-stained by Nel's cherry and redolent of her cum, and took them into the kitchen. He looked in drawers until he found a suitable sized Baggie, put the shorts inside and sealed it. Returning to his bag in the den, Claude packed his 'trophy' in a side pocket and went back to the kitchen to make the sandwiches.

Nel got out of the shower shortly after her uncle left the room. She dried herself and was walking through the master bedroom when she heard Sally cry out, from a million miles away, "Nelllll?" Hurrying to her mother's bedside, Nel sat on the edge and touched Sally's shoulder through the covers.

"I'm here, Mom," she said quietly, completely forgetting she was still naked.

Sally lifted her head, squinted her unfocused eyes and spoke through a dense haze, "Are you... aww... rye? I thaw I... di' you... scream? I heard... screaming." Then her eyes closed and she dropped back on her pillow.

Nel stroked her hair and soothed, "I'm fine, Mom," she said, "It must have been a dream."

Sally again attempted to open her eyes and speak. "Ohh, 'K, thasss... good."

Nel saw her mother's purse on the bedside table. "Take some more Valium, Mom," she suggested, "You need the rest. I'll get you some water and the pills, if you like."

"'K hon'," Sally said, struggling, "Thasss a... 'dea."

Nel hurried to the bathroom and returned with a glass of tap water. She dug the pill bottle out of the purse and shook three tabs into her hand. "Here, Mom," she said, "Take these." Realizing Sally was too incoherent and weak to sit up and swallow alone, Nel set the glass down. Still holding the pills in her left hand, she drew back the covers and slid her right hand behind Sally's shoulders. "What the...?" Nel exclaimed inwardly as she saw her mother's full naked breasts flop over the sheets when she was raised up. "Poor Mom! She forgot her pajama top... she must have been SO out of it."

Nel supported Sally and said, "Here, put these in your mouth, Mom," as she pushed the tabs delicately past her mother's lax lips. "Good. Now, sip this water and swallow the pills, Mom," She continued her careful step-by-step instructions as she tipped the glass and assisted Sally safely to take the medicine. When Nel was satisfied the pills were down and her mother would not choke or spit up, she set the glass back on the table and laid Sally back on the bed.

"Let me fix the covers for you, Mom," Nel offered, but there was no reply. Sally's eyes were again closed and she seemed to have already returned to her stupefied slumber. Nel lifted the covers to shake and smooth them over her mother. "Holy shit!" Nel blurted out loud as she saw her mother's fully nude form curled on the mattress. Nel could not remember seeing her mother naked below the waist and only rarely had she seen her breasts. Panties and bras were as daring as her mother got around the house and even swimming she wore a modest one-piece tank suit.

Nel felt inexplicably compelled to touch Sally's bare left hip. Fascinated by the vision in front of her, she pushed until her mother rolled onto her back, revealing the abundant thicket adorning her motte. Nel looked down at her own skimpy patch. "Wow." She exhaled softly, "THAT'S something!" Glancing carefully back and forth between her mom's face and cunt, Nel extended her right index finger and poked it into the curly bush, jerking it back quickly as if she had touched a hot stove. Sally reacted not at all. Gingerly, Nel returned for another poke, this time remaining long enough to twirl her finger in the twining hairs. Sally mewed, nearly inaudibly. Nel snatched her finger back and swiftly covered her mother up. Sally did not wake, however.

Nel started to leave the room and noticed Sally's stockings and garter belt draped over the upholstered straight-backed chair near the closet. On its cushion lay her big bloomers and lace bra in a haphazard jumble. Nel opened the closet and saw Sally's suit and blouse neatly hung up and her pumps lined up with her other shoes. "That's so weird!" She muttered, "Why would she hang those up and not pull a nightie or PJs on?" Nel shrugged, shook her head at the incongruity and decided to chalk it up to disorientation from the Valium and stress from the mortuary. She took a last look at her sleeping mother and returned to her room, closing the master bedroom door behind her.

Back in her pink and cream bedroom, Nel picked up her dragon and shook her tights off his face. "Do you smell that, Turk?" She asked in a high little-girl voice, "That's my sex-scent. I'm a WOMAN, now, Turk!" She hugged the plush toy and danced around her room, scuffing her bare feet through other articles of castaway clothing. Kissing Turk, she put him on her bureau where he could watch her, then walked slowly, sensuously, she thought, to her closet.

Nel moved her hand along the hang-bar, looking at her nighties. "I think PJs would be to childish, Turk, don't you?" She called over her shoulder. The dragon offered no opinion. She selected a long-ish, flowing lavender-gray nightgown. It had wide shoulder straps and a scalloped empire bust line but was otherwise shapeless as it fell, clinging close to her flat stomach and slightly flared hips. She admired herself in her full-length mirror, smoothing the thin cotton over her body with her hands, dawdling at her thighs and bottom as she turned this way and that for a better look. "You like it, Turk?" she asked the stoic dragon. "Well, I like it, and I bet Uncle Claude will, too!" She stuck her tongue out at the stuffed animal, pulled her old quilted polyester robe on, stepped into her fluffy squirrel slippers and flounced out to the kitchen. "Here I come, unk, ready or not!" She said to herself, hoping upon hope he would, indeed, be 'ready' and she would 'come.'

At least the food was ready. Claude had set out two plates with simple packaged meat and cheese sandwiches, on white bread with regular mustard and mayo, but no lettuce or other veggies. As Nel entered the kitchen he asked, "What do you want to drink, kiddo?

"Umm, milk?" She replied. "There should be some in the 'fridge... Mrs. Harris was sure nice to bring the deli tray over yesterday. She said we'd be glad not to have to bother with a lot of cooking, and she was RIGHT!" Nel bit into her sandwich and started chewing like she had not eaten for weeks.

Claude chuckled as he put down two glasses of milk and watched his sexually awakened niece dig into her first post-coital repast, such as it was. She grabbed her glass and gulped down half it's contents in a single long series of swallows. "No wonder she had no trouble when I shot off into her mouth," Claude thought to himself. His cock wiggled in his shorts with the memory of her early morning sneak-attack blowjob. His watch showed 6:30 p.m. "Had it really only been 15 hours ago?" He wondered with amazement as he ate his sandwich mindfully.

"Yeah, I don't know who Mrs. Harris is, but that was very nice, alright." Claude agreed, "Hits the spot with no trouble."

"She's our neighbor across the street," Nel mumbled around a mouthful of bologna and cheddar. "You'll probably see her at the funeral... she's, like, Mom's best friend." Nel drained her glass, chasing the last bite of bread crust, and grinned across the yellow Formica and tube-steel table. "Can we go 'snuggle' now, Uncle Claude?" She asked plaintively, "I want you to hold me like you do."

Claude regarded his own, still half-uneaten sandwich and nearly full glass of milk. "Sure thing, kiddo, let me finish this. Go on in the living room, I'll be right there."

"OK, unk," Nel answered, then coughed slightly, "You know, I really liked it when you called me 'sweet cheeks.'"

"Did you now?" Claude said, "I guess I wasn't aware I had done that. Well, you DO have 'sweet cheeks,' and if you like that nickname, that's what I'll call you." He smiled and shoved the last bite of sandwich into his mouth.

"Yay!" Nel clapped her hands, "But only when we're alone and you are making love to me, please. It made me, like, instant-wet when you said it. Plus, I like to be called 'kiddo,' too." She stood, stepped around the table and pecked her uncle on the cheek before skipping into the living room.

Claude was dumbstruck by her innocent tenderness. He pledged to himself to always honor that innate sweetness. He downed the final swallow of his milk and followed his nymph granddaughter and niece, inhaling the mysterious lingering scent unique to her bedroom and body.

As Claude stepped down onto the living room carpet, Nel bounded toward him and jumped. He instinctively held out his arms and caught her, though her momentum rocked him back on his heels. "Whoa, there, Sweet Cheeks," he laughed, "Give me some warning, why don't you?"

Nel hugged his neck and clamped her legs around Claude's thighs, up against his buttocks. She giggled into his neck, loving the strong support of his hands and forearms under her bottom. She got that 'instant' gooey feeling as he used her new pet name. "I told you 'I want you to hold me like you do,' unk," she said, nipping and then nuzzling his left earlobe while her butt squirmed in his grasp.

Claude could not help laughing at her irrepressible delight with her discovery of fondling and fucking. He separated his interlocked fingers and held Nel's ass securely with his left hand while his right hand spanked her padded backside. "Well, you are a minx," he said as he whacked her three times and then kissed her.

Nel fake yelped, unlocked her ankles and slid out of his basket but not from his embrace. "And you are a meanie!" she complained falsely with a put upon pout. "I thought we were gonna 'snuggle,'" she added, bringing the subject back to her main agenda.

"Right," Claude answered, "Where shall we go?"

"I liked that big chair you were in when I came home," Nel answered, slipping out of his arms and walking toward the overstuffed armchair.

Claude crossed the room ahead of her and sat. "Well make yourself comfy, Sweet Cheeks," he said with a broad smile.

Nel got up on his lap and turned half around, her left arm loose around her uncle's shoulders. She stroked his left cheek and jaw with her soft right hand. "That's what was raspy," she remarked casually, "I wondered about that."

"Do you want me to go shave?" Claude asked equably, as his right arm closed around his niece's robe. His hand found and idly rubbed her hidden right breast. He raised his left hand to Nel's right cheek and added, "I would hate to scrape away a single layer of your beautiful skin."

"Oh no!" Nel promptly responded, afraid she would be displaced, just when her pussy was starting to tingle again and her tummy felt funny like it did before. "I kinda like it rough. It doesn't hurt, really." She slid her soft palm back and forth on his face, leaned in and kissed him. She opened her mouth and squirmed as Claude pushed his tongue tip over her pliant lips.

Claude's cock grew rigid and its head popped, like a purple crocus, from the snowy folds of his new shorts. He lowered his hand from Nel's face to her throat. His fingers pinched the zipper tab on her thick housecoat and slowly pulled down until it gaped. Nel pressed her mouth harder against his and turned further inward, laminating her nightgown against her uncle's T-shirt. "Mmmmmm," she buzzed into his cavern. She felt her cunt's juices begin to seep as her body recognized the growing stiffness prodding the back of her thighs.

Pulling back from the kiss, without breaking their chest-to-chest contact, Nel asked, "Do you think my titties will grow to be as large as Mom's? And what about my pussy? Will my hair get as thick as hers, do you think?"

Claude was shocked by Nel's candor and serious tone. He swallowed hard before answering, "I'm sure I could not know, kiddo," he began, hoping objective honesty would defuse any more personal line of inquiry, "Different people, even with the same gene pool, develop in different ways. You have lovely breasts right now, and if they didn't grow any more they would always be lovely and no one could say anything to the contrary..." he swallowed again. "Of course, we both know your pubic area, delightful as it is, is sparsely covered with very fine, practically invisible, hairs. That said, you are also still a young woman and it would not surprise me if more hair grew in. I also would not be amazed if no more grew." He reached his left hand into her open robe, cupped her left tit briefly, then traced his hand over her stomach to her lap. Burrowing his long middle finger into the cotton nightie, he tickled the subject of his discourse. "Personally, I think your quasi-bald nest is perfect as it is."

Nel twisted her hips and spread her thighs a bit as his finger drifted closer to her hot wet slot. Claude continued speaking. "Stand up a moment Sweet Cheeks," your bathrobe is getting in our way."

Nel complied and Claude leaned forward, pulling the heavy barrier off her shoulders and down her arms. It fell in a heap to her feet in front of the chair. "Oh my!" He exclaimed with a low whistle, "Isn't that just a pretty nightie on a pretty girl!" He reached out and pulled her, still standing, between his outspread knees. His big hands coursed over her sides from armpits to hips. The heels of his palms pressed against her boobs on the way and his strong fingers dug into her bottom when he stopped. She inhaled deeply and let out a long sigh, squeezing her thighs tight together against her inflamed grotto.

Claude flexed his fingers repeatedly, inching the back hem of her nightgown higher and higher until it was bunched in his hands in the hollow of her back. Nel felt the cool room air on her firm round cheeks. His hands let go of the material and it cascaded over his wrists, leaving his fingers skin-on-skin against her bottom.

He spread his legs to the widest extent allowed by the great chair and pulled her further in. Nel climbed onto the cushion, her knees squeezing Claude's thighs against the chair's arms. He raised her nightgown above her breasts until her arms, braced on his shoulders, permitted it no further. She leaned forward, inviting, demanding, Claude to suck her puffed halos and hard nipples. How could he refuse?

"Ooohhhmmmm, yessss," she purred as her uncle's lips latched onto her right breast, taking the top third into his great mouth and drawing tightly upon it. Claude's right hand left her ass and clutched her left boob, milking it with regular pulsing pressure. Meanwhile his left hand slid between her legs and against her soaked cunt. "My god, she does get ready quick!" he thought to himself for the umpteenth time since he first felt her young cunny.

His middle fingers located the recently enhanced entrance to her tunnel and easily probed until they were stopped by the webbing of his hand. He curled his tips and extended his thumb to depress her clitoris. She gasped, sucking in great volumes of air in a series of short deep gulps. "That's my girl. That's my little Sweet Cheeks," he praised, as her pussy walls collapsed and contracted against his digits. She grunted and started rocking her hips as he continued finger fucking her and replaced his mouth on her aching tit.

Nel's grunts turned to moans, then yips and yowls as she writhed her ass in rapid rotations around his pumping hand. "OH UUUNNNCLE!" She screeched, "Here I come! Here I come! OHHH MY GOD!"

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