tagIncest/TabooFamily Comfort Ch. 14

Family Comfort Ch. 14


All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old.


Nel raced her mother's Nissan Altima through the suburban Denver side streets, desperate to show her new gold locket to her friend, Megan Taylor, and tell her about the conquest of Uncle Claude. "I'm not a virgin! I'm not a virgin!" She sang in a playground sing-song voice as she wiggled happily behind the Nissan's wheel, scarcely aware of the outside world.

For instance, she did not see the Denver motor officer tracking her speed toward his position at 43 m.p.h. in the 30 m.p.h. residential zone. Just as he was getting set to take her, a bright red Camaro approached from the opposite direction, doing at least 60. He triggered his laser and saw the L.E.D. flash '61' as the Chevrolet blew past, evaporating the Altima from his targeting. Nel's mind registered the red streak and she exclaimed "WOW!" when it whooshed past, but she did not hear the policeman's bike roar onto the street, or see it in her mirrors, as he chased the more serious offender. Stoked and oblivious, she continued on to Megan's house.

Megan's dad, John, was just backing his Cadilac out of the driveway when Nel pulled up. She smiled at the custom license plate frame: 'Gianni's Li'l Sicily... Ittsa Nice Place' and wondered, for the umpteenth time, if he was aware of how the kids behaved in his dark back booths on those busy weekend nights. He waved through the window at Nel as he drove off and she pulled into his vacated spot in the driveway. She hurried up the front walk and was met at the door by her girlfriend.

The Taylors were pure Italian and Megan had the short version of Sophia Loren's pulchritude packed into her 5'2" frame. Her dark sloe-eyes were set in a round cherubic face with a slightly olive complexion under dark, almost black, brunette curly hair, cut short in a helmet bob. Nel remembered Megan had once explained her great-grandfather changed the family name from 'Sarto', which was Italian for 'tailor' to 'Taylor' when he arrived at Ellis Island to escape the Great War. "He wanted to be more American," Megan had told her, and that was why all his progeny had traditional English names.

Megan wore a long, V-neck baby blue T-shirt, cinched by a 4" black patent leather belt with a gold buckle, over a distressed button-front denim skirt. Her short, but muscular and shapely, bare legs tapered into shiny black strappy open toed pumps showing off her sky-blue toenail polish. The impact of her 38DD-30-37 figure was profound. Although, at 134 lbs., she was borderline overweight, the distractions and attractions of her cleavage, thighs and hips denied that fact to any but the most clinical of observers.

"You look KILLER, girl!" Nel exclaimed, stepping into the house.

"Yeah? Thanks!" Megan replied, "You are pretty freaking hot yourself. That PINK looks GREAT on you," she complimented, studying Nel's lamb's wool sweater blousing provocatively over her shaped breasts. Her new gold locket nestled between them as they crowded the sweater's plunging neckline and showed the least bit of bra edge. "And look at you, wearing a blue jean skirt, too! We are SO on the same wavelength, I can't believe it!" She reached out her hand and lifted the shiny heart from Nel's bosom. "But what's this? Did you have a birthday I didn't know about? I thought you were July 11th..." Megan added with a smile.

"Thanks, Meg," Nel answered, pleased by her older classmate's comment. Megan was 19 and much more experienced than Nel in matters of boy-grabbing fashion. "I have LOTS of news... You ready to go to the mall?" She pulled on her friend's elbow and headed back out to the Nissan.

Megan, calling "I'm there!" to Nel's back, grabbed her purse from the hall table and pulled a light denim jacket from the closet. "Bye, Ma, I'm hangin' with Nel Martin at the mall! See ya, later!" She shouted to the interior of the house, then closed the front door and walked to the car as rapidly as her high heels allowed.

During the drive to the mall and the walk across the parking lot and through the corridors to the food court, Nel talked non-stop and Megan was all ears. She was particularly keen to hear the details of how Nel lost her cherry to her hunky Uncle Claude, who, it seemed, was not really her 'uncle' but a 'family friend' whom Nel had called 'uncle' as she grew up. Not that it made any difference to Megan, who was crazy envious of Nel. "SHIT!" She thought angrily to herself, "She was a virgin until Wednesday and got fucked by a MAN and I have been screwing BOYS all year! Not Fair!" She slurped the melted ice in her empty drink cup. "And you say your MOM knows about this and is OK with it?" Megan asked, incredulously at the end of tale. "Cripes, I can't tell her about my lap-dance with her 'uncle' now..." She cautioned herself, "She'll think I am lame... if she even believes it!"

"Oh yeah, Meg," Nel reiterated, "She's invited Uncle Claude to move in and she said... I'm quoting here: 'we may as well get used to sharing. Can you play nice, Nel?'" Nel stared at Megan. They both covered their excited laughing mouths with their hands and opened their eyes wide as Sally's words hung over the table.

"No one besides you knows or can know, Megan," Nel hissed, "Pinky Swear it's secret! SERIOUSLY!" Of course, Nel knew this was unenforceable, but she hoped her best friend would not blab and there was no harm in putting it out there as an expectation.

"TOTALLY!" Megan agreed, nodding her head vigorously. "I mean you haven't told anyone that you're smuggling me your pills... HAVE YOU? We, like, trust each other." She lowered her head and leaned across the table. "Pinky swear... it's secret!" and she stuck out her extended left little finger.

Nel hooked it with her own and said solemnly, "Pinky swear!"

Megan looked up just then and saw two identical towheaded boys walking into the food court. One punched the other in the shoulder and the second one pushed the first one back. He stumbled against a table and the second boy reached out an caught him before he fell. They both started laughing hysterically.

"Crap!" Megan said under her breath, "The Perkins Twins just showed up."

"So what?" Nel asked, "They're cool, aren't they? I thought you even went for a ride with them once."

"Oh yeah, THAT was a disaster," answered Megan. "They were acting all studly-dudley and making lots of talk about what they wanted to do to me and how many times they wanted to do it and I said, "Put up or shut up. Let's go somewhere and you can pull out your gear and we'll see what's what!" Megan laughed derisively. "We parked behind the school gym and I started to strip for them... Travis came in his pants and Trevor kept laughing at him so much they could neither one get hard... It was totally stupid." Megan shook her head in disgust. "I put my tits back in my bra, got out of the car, told them 'go home and practice' and walked home." She looked over at the twins again. "Uh oh," She warned, "They see us. Shut up about what I just said, right?"

Nel was nodding assent when the 18-year old brothers walked up and sat down, uninvited. "Hey Nel, Megan," they said in near unison. "What up?" added Travis. Or maybe Trevor. Nel could not easily tell them apart if they weren't calling each other by name. "Yeah, Megan," Trevor, or maybe Travis, said hanging his left arm over her shoulder and half-hugging her against himself, "S'up."

"Probably not YOU, Trev," Megan answered smartly, pulling his hand off her arm and leaning away from him. She smiled to take the edge out of her voice and left her victim bewildered as to what had just happened.

"That's a pretty sweater, Nel," Travis said, rubbing the back of his right hand down her left upper arm, "All pink and smooth and soft... like you, I bet." He diluted the compliment by awkwardly peering at her cleavage.

"Uhmmm, Thanks... Travis," Nel guessed, hoping Megan had correctly identified the other one. She looked across the table and said, "Are you ready to roll, Meg? I still have that... thing I have to do."

Megan stood up and said, "Absolutely, let's do it. Bye guys, see you in school."

Leaving the stunned boys sitting, holding their cocks as it were, the girls walked across the dining area and caught the down escalator to the first floor without looking back. They walked through the pavilions and browsed all the stores until nearly closing time when Megan suggested they go to her father's pizza restaurant, see who was there and maybe get something to eat. As they walked out to the Nissan, Megan said, "By the way, do you think it would be OK if I invited myself along on your trip to Pikes Peak tomorrow? I wouldn't want to intrude, or anything, but..."

"Heck yes!" Nel quickly agreed, "I'm sure Uncle Claude would be completely fine with that." She grinned and said, in the best Marlon Brando she could muster with her young girl's voice, 'I'll make him an offer he can't refuse.'" The teenagers were still laughing about it when Nel parked the car at Gianni's Li'l Sicily.

It was still early for the after-movie crowd and the customers were mostly families sitting in the better lit front area of the small restaurant. Megan ordered a large pepperoni and black olive pizza from Wally at the counter and waved to her father at the bar. "Hey Dad!" She shouted, "Can I get a pitcher of root beer, please?"

John 'Gianni' Taylor, smiled when he saw his daughter and Nel. "Sure thing. Coming right up!" He answered.

When he brought the frothy pitcher and two iced mugs on a tray, Megan thanked him and then said, "Dad? Nel's invited me to go up to Pikes Peak tomorrow with her and her family. I'd like to go, but I'm scheduled to work. Can I switch with Jennifer or someone and work on Sunday, instead?" She made her best 'Please-please-Daddy?' face and rocked up on her toes.

Gianni laughed in spite of himself. "You know I can't say no when you use those goo-goo eyes and bounce on me, Princess." He confessed. "I'll work something out. I have a golf game on Sunday, so I'll go to early mass. When you get up check the refrigerator for your shift time and don't let me down, OK?"

As Nel picked up the drink tray, Megan beamed at her father. "Thanks Dad! You're the best!" Then she turned and led the way back to the dark corner booths to see if any kids were there and, if so, what they were up to.

"Hey, again, Megan," said a familiar voice from the dark. "Hey, Nel," called another quietly. The Perkins Twins greeted the girls and one of them slid out of the half-circle settee, standing until first Megan, then Nel, slid in from the other end and scooted around to the center. The standing twin walked in front of the table and sat beside Nel, putting his arm around her and cupping his hand on her right shoulder.

"You guys left pretty quick," Travis said, "I didn't get to finish telling you how hot you look." He squeezed Nel's arm, sidling close, pushing his right leg against her left hip, thigh and knee.

Trevor kissed Megan quickly, full on her lips, and said, "Yeah, I thought you were mad at me, or something, the way you cleared out."

"I kinda was," Megan answered. "You know I don't like make-out moves in places like the food court." She did not back away from Trevor's warmth as she continued, "Anyone might see and a girl has to watch out, you know?" She felt Trevor's right hand on her bare knee sliding up and under the hem of her skirt.

Trevor heard her sudden sharp intake of breath and smiled, "Yeah, I get it." he said, "I like dark nooks better, too" and pushed his hand higher on Megan's leg. She reached down with her left hand, stopping his progress, but not resisting his presence.

Looking to her left, Megan saw Nel was occupied with Travis and moved her hand, unbuttoning the bottom button on her denim skirt. "You might want more room," she hissed softly, "But don't mess yourself."

"I won't," Trevor replied, "That was Trav, remember? Besides, we've been practicing... just like you... said!" He shoved his hand between Megan's spreading thighs and felt her dampening slice beneath her moistened panties. She scooted her bottom forward on the bench, pressing her plump lace-covered lips against him.

Turning her head toward Nel, Megan asked, "Trav, will you get the pizza when it's called?" She noticed Nel was half turned to the boy, rubbing her right hand on his ribs through his orange Denver Broncos home jersey.

Travis looked over Nel's shoulder at Megan, and said, "Yeah, OK," huskily, then turned back to nuzzling Nel. Megan smiled at her friend's changing attitude and turned back to her twin.

Kissing him, harder than he had kissed her, but still only briefly, she said, sotto voce, "That's good. That you've been practicing..." she clamped her thighs tight, trapping his hand "Are you ready to get in the game?"

Nel moved her hand from Travis' side across his chest, under his left arm. He continued to stroke her back, plucking lightly at her bra strap under her sweater, and slid his left hand to the side of her right breast. She traced the numeral '8' in Peyton Manning's '18' on Travis' chest as he whispered, "So, 'pink and smooth and soft'..." squeezing his palm, "I said, 'Like you'... was I right?"

Nel moaned under his touch. She had not intended to let this boy get to first base, but she was not prepared to throw him out if he tried to steal second, either. Instead of answering his question, she lowered her hand from his chest and pushed his hand up and under her lamb's wool sweater and camisole, guiding him to her satin harnessed treasures. He flattened his hand on her midriff and slid his fingers beneath her cup. He pushed with his left hand on her firm right tit and pulled her tighter against him with his right hand. Nel's breath escaped in a long sigh as she felt the crushing vice on her chest. A flashing river of heat burst in her tummy and flowed to her cunt.

Trevor growled, "What do YOU think?" He kissed Megan deeply, worming his right middle fingers past her gripping thighs and pushing her lacy briefs into the cleft of her invisible camel-toe. At the same time, he thrust his tongue through her lips and past her teeth, while crushing her right boob under the weight of his left hand.

Megan hummed at the assault, spread her legs once more and pushed her right hand over Trevor's hip, under his blue jeans' and jockey briefs. She grabbed his bare ass cheek with her fingers, digging her nails into the muscle. "I think," she gasped, breaking the kiss but not her hold, "You might be ready..."

Gianni interrupted the teens by shouting "Megan! Pizza's up!" from the front of the restaurant.

Megan pushed Trevor off her, turned to Travis and reminded him, "You said you were on that..."

Grumbling, Travis pulled away from Nel, slid out of the booth, pushing his hand down the front of his Levi's to straighten his excited cock. As he walked up to get their food, Nel squared herself to the table, re-adjusting her bra and cami under her sweater. She smiled weakly at Megan and let out a long "Whewwww!" as her breathing calmed down.

Megan also sat up, causing Trevor to face forward as well. She grinned and winked at him. "Geez, I hope Trav didn't cum in his pants from just feeling up Nel..." she chuckled. "He does have a problem like that, doesn't he?

Trevor snickered and said, "Maybe. But I learned MY lesson. I'm not laughing and I'm not soft..." Under the table he picked up Megan's right hand in his left and put it on his crotch to prove his point. "Put me in coach, I wanna play!" he cooed, for her ears only.

"Down boy," Megan giggled, "Here's our pizza!"

They ate their pie, chattering about all things school and teen except their raging hormones. Travis sat as close as possible to Nel, while keeping his hands to himself. Trevor and Megan physically ignored each other but made constant eye contact as they bit and chewed their slices.

Suddenly Nel noticed the Bud Light Clock on the bar wall and announced, "Oh My God! I've got to get home! It's half past 11!" She poked and prodded Travis until he slid off the banquet and she could get up. Looking at Megan she asked "Are you coming?"

"Not yet, I'm not," Megan answered with a laugh. She turned to Trevor. "Can you guys take me home? It would be out of the way for Nel and I don't want her to get grounded or anything."

"Sure, sure," Trevor said quickly, "We'll take care of you, no worries."

"Absolutely!" Travis seconded, with a huge smile.

"OK, great, thanks!" Megan said, then to Nel, "You go on, I'll be fine... What time do you think you'll be by for me tomorrow morning?"

"Oh... yeah," Nel had forgotten that. "Ummm... I think Uncle Claude said he wanted to leave no later than 8 o'clock. It'll be a full day. Maybe be ready by 7:30, you think?" She asked.

"Not a problem," Megan said pursing her lips and raising her eyebrows, "You guys ready to leave?" She asked the twins, "I really need to get to bed!"


Nel was all in a dither as she drove home. Her body still craved physical attention but she was disappointed with her behavior at Gianni's. "You can't just let any boy touch you like that, no matter HOW good it feels!" she chastised herself. "It has to be all about love or else you're just a slut!" She pounded her hand against the Altima steering wheel. "Well, what about Megan?" She argued back, "Is SHE a slut? Last week, you admired her for being free and in control of her body... Has she changed? Can't you be like her and have sex and fun and still know you're in love with Uncle Claude?" Her debate raged and was still unresolved when she parked in the driveway and walked up to the house.

Inside, she went to the kitchen, poured a small glass of milk and saw the microwave clock read 11:57 p.m. "So at least you're no 'pumpkin,' even if you are horny, Cinderella," she laughed to herself as she drained her glass, rinsed it and put it in the dishwasher.

Nel walked slowly down the dark hall, pulling her sweater over her head as she went. Sally's door was closed. Nel entered her own bedroom, pulling off her denim skirt and kicking her wedgies to one side. She stood in front of her closet mirror and admired how perky and full her titties looked in their push-up bra, under the camisole. She rubbed her pussy with her left hand through her cotton panties and tugged at her breast tips through the polyester and satin layers protecting them. "Unnhhhh," she groaned. "Are you asleep, Uncle Claude?" she wondered aloud, deciding to go check on him and her mother. Nel pulled he camisole off and tossed it onto the bed as she left the room. It landed on Turk's head, blinding him, but the plush dragon did not seem to mind.

Across the hall, Nel quietly, slowly, opened the master bedroom door, grateful it did not have squeaky hinges. She tiptoed into the darkened room and saw her mother, curled on her left side, facing away, on the far side of the king-size bed. Claude was similarly curled, but on his right side, with his back and butt up against Sally. The covers were up to their chins and their breathing was slow and regular. Nel walked carefully around the bed and peered closely at her mother, trying to gauge how deep into dreamland she was, wondering, too, if she would mind 'sharing' Uncle Claude while she slept.

Creeping back to the other side of the bed, Nel eased the blankets and top sheet up from the mattress just enough to slip under them. Backing up against Claude, she squirmed and wiggled, holding her breath, until her bottom was spooned against his thighs and crotch. She reached between her legs with her right hand and felt for his soft penis, pulling it gently. It stretched and grew under her touch, pressing heavily against the crack of her ass, resting, at the base of her pussy, against her panties' gosset. She anointed its head with her seeping fluids. Claude's cock twitched, gaining strength and rigidity.

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