tagIncest/TabooFamily Cuckold Ch. 01

Family Cuckold Ch. 01



This is part one of a story that is based largely on many real life experiences I have had the pleasure of experiencing. I would like to thank two Literotica authors, GoodHusband and Pro_Ball_Player for their own stories, which gave me the inspiration I needed to use snippets of fiction and fantasy to weave my experiences together into a single story.

If you don't like stories with themes of cuckoldry, femdom, incest, humiliation and S&M, please stop now. Otherwise, please let me know how you like this first part. There are more to come, but I'd appreciate your feedback


The Family Cuckold: Part 01


"Robin, come here! Now!"

The pain in my stomach, which had been bad all afternoon, doubled in intensity and I groaned as I felt the acid flow.

Earlier today, Mary (my wife), had told me that it was time that our daughter Gina learned about our relationship. Gina had turned 18 last month, and Mary had been hinting and threatening for a while now that she was going to tell her.

At first I thought she was just fucking with my mind, that it was just an extension of our BDSM games.

Even at lunch today, while Gina was out with friends as Mary told me that it would be this evening, I tried to convince myself that she wasn't serious, but then I saw the cruel excitement in her eyes and began to get scared.

We had been married for 18 years, now, and had long ago discovered our inner selves; I was naturally submissive and a masochist, craving both pain and degradation. Mary, for her part, had been willing to experiment, and had grown to thoroughly enjoy total dominance in our sexual relationship. She humiliated me at every opportunity, both in public and private, cuckolded me on a regular basis, and even overcame her initial fear of hurting me when I confessed my masochistic fantasies.

I was now (and had been for many years) her panty-wearing slave, anxious to serve her and her lovers in whatever way she desired. I had even learned to become her personal toilet, drinking her golden piss almost every day, and even more than that when she was in a particularly cruel mood.

As Gina had started to grow up, we had worked hard to keep our sex life hidden from her. But as she passed through 16, Mary had begun to be more open about her dominant role in the home; nothing overtly sexual, but just more open about ordering me to do things around the house, like doing laundry, cleaning, etc., and using mild verbal abuse when I was not perfectly obedient. At the same time, she was always careful to show that she loved me - she did not want Gina to even think that we weren't getting along, or that a divorce might be in the future.

I had heard Gina come home 45 minutes ago, and had busied myself in the basement ever since, hoping in vain that "out of sight" really would be "out of mind". No such luck!

As I climbed up the basement stairs and entered the family room, I heard the sound of glasses clinking. Walking around the corner, I was treated to the sight of both of the women in my life sitting on the couch, each with a glass of wine in their hand, and an open bottle of Pino Grigio on the coffee table in front of them.

Gina was leaning back into the corner of her end of the couch, one leg folded under her butt, the other bent at the knee, with her foot propped up on the coffee table. She had a somewhat short denim skirt on, which was showing most of her leg from a few inches below her crotch, which was hidden from my sight by her left hand as it held the wine glass in her lap.

Above the skirt she was wearing a thin peasant blouse. Thin enough to reveal the shape of her braless tits, but not so sheer that you could actually see her nipples.

Not that I hadn't seen them before; Mary had encouraged a fairly relaxed dress code in the home, and having one or both of them wandering around in just panties and a thin t-shirt or top was something I had been forced to get used to. Mary viewed it as one more opportunity to dominate me, chastising me severely if she thought I was in any way reacting to what I saw. I, of course was not permitted to be so casual, primarily because Mary insisted that I wear panties, and that Gina not discover that part of my life.

For her part, Mary was relaxed in the opposite corner of the two-seat couch, wearing a pair of thin pink nylon shorts and an equally thin white cotton cami. I could easily see the shape and color of her nipples, but partly because of her crossed legs, and partly because she kept her pussy shaved completely bare, I was not sure if she was wearing panties. Probably not.

I was interrupted in my thinking by the sound of Mary's voice.

"Come and stand here, Robin! We have to have a little family discussion"

I did as I was told. Glancing briefly at Gina's face, I could tell she was curious; about what was to come, but also by my obedience and the obvious anxiety in my own face.

Looking mainly at Gina, my wife took a sip of wine and started talking.

"Darling, there are some things which I've been wanting to tell you, discuss with you, for a while now, and I think you're now old enough and, especially, mature enough to get it. Before we start, though, there are some very important things you need to know and remember, ok?"

"Err, Sure, Mom"

I was still standing in front of them, shifting nervously from one foot to the other, and I could tell that while also slightly nervous, Gina was fascinated by whatever was about to be said. She took a gulp of her wine, and swallowed it quickly.

"Ok", Mary continued, "first and most important, I want you to fully understand that whatever you think about what I'm going to tell you, your father and I are extremely happy with you, with our marriage, and with our entire life and situation. This is really important, Gina. Do you understand?"

"Sure, Mom, I understand"

"Good, I'm glad, just please keep remembering that.'

"Now, the second thing is that this is family business and, as you will soon understand, this needs to be only between the three of us, unless I tell you different."

Mary paused and looked at Gina, who nodded her understanding. She seemed to have the slightest hint of a smile, but I wasn't sure.

"Finally, and as I said, I've wanted to talk to you about this for quite a while, now, but had to wait until I was completely sure you were mature enough. You are, and from now on I want you to know that there will be no more secrets. From now on, you will know everything, and I want you to talk about what you think, whatever it is, openly and honestly, even if it seems to be in disagreement with us, with me. Ok?"

"Sure, Mom, ok"

Gina seemed more confidant, now, and was sitting a little straighter in the couch, leaning forward towards her mother slightly.

"Good. Here, give me your glass, you need a refill"

Without paying any attention to me, Mary took Gina's glass, refilled it (as well as her own) and handed it back. Smiling at each other, they each took a long sip of the wine.

"Robin! Can't you see this bottle's almost empty? Go and get another one, in an ice bucket. Now!"

I rushed out into the kitchen, pulled a fresh bottle from the wine chiller, uncorked it, and put it in a bucket of ice. When I returned to the family room, I carefully placed the bucket on the table between them, and resumed my place, standing in front of them, but on the far side of the table from the couch. I was so nervous I was almost shaking, my brow and palms were sweating, and my mouth was dry. Mary looked at me with a sadistic smile, and even Gina seemed to be smirking. She had definitely noticed that I had not been asked to join them in a drink, and that I was being obedient to Mary's strict tone of voice.

"Ok, now where to begin?" she asked rhetorically.

"I know that you know all about sex; we've talked about it many times and you're on the pill so I assume you are either doing stuff or will be soon. Don't worry, this isn't about you, it's more about sex in general, and me and your father specifically." Another sip of wine for Mary, almost a gulp for Gina, and a lump in the throat for me.

"Sex is a wonderful thing, Gina, you know this. What you may not fully appreciate is just how many different forms sexual pleasure can take. Some people call them fetishes, others perversions. I just think of them as preferences. So long as people are enjoying it together, and not hurting those who are not involved, then as far as I'm concerned, it's their own business!"

"Now, your father and I are just like everyone else. We share some preferences too. I'm sure that you've noticed that I tend to run the house around here, and that he" (Mary tilted her head towards me, then returned her attention to our daughter) "he pretty much does what he is told, don't you, Robin?"

They both looked at me expectantly. My face was burning red in embarrassment. Gina's cheeks were also a little flushed, but she didn't seem embarrassed; her eyes had a little sparkle, and she still had that part-smile, part-smirk on her lips.

"Yes, dear, err, that's right", I stammered, my mouth felt like it had been cleaned out with blotting paper.

"Yes, of course it is, I said it", she replied.

"Now, this doesn't just apply to our living or household decisions, Gina, it is also true, especially true now that I think of it, in our sexual lives. I am extremely dominant, and your father is equally submissive. We both like it this way, and would not want it to be any different. Do you understand, baby?"

"Yes, kind of", she looked at me, then at Mary. "I heard a bit about this kind of stuff at school, and then read about it on the internet, a little. I sorta guessed you might be into something like that."

"You did? What did you think, baby, did it bother you? Please tell me, and remember, be honest, I won't mind, whatever you say!"

"Well, I guess there are people who like to order others around, kind of like a slave, and, umm, there was stuff about people who like to do stuff, like use canes and things. Is that what you do?"

"Well, something like that, yes. But before I explain more, you didn't answer my other question. What did you think? Did it bother you? Did it gross you out?"

"Oh no, I umm thought it sounded kinda cool, you know. Like, the guys at school, they are so immature, such jerks, always wanting to like get into your pants and stuff. I kinda liked the idea of not having to put up with them, even being in control of them"

"Yes, I'm so pleased you feel that way, it proves I was right about your maturity. And, yes, you're right about men - and not just young ones either. Pretty much all of them are jerks. Fortunately, some can be trained to be different. Some are different, like this one."

Gina's eyes were wide, now, and definitely sparkling with interest. She looked me up and down, and then looked back at Mary. "Different? Different how, Mom?"

"Well, as I told you, I am naturally dominant and, luckily for us, your father is naturally submissive, aren't you dear?"

"Y-yes, yes, I am"

"And, because he is a natural submissive, he doesn't simply do as he is told, he actually enjoys being told to what to do, no matter what it is, or how embarrassing it might be. Isn't that right, Robin?"

"Yes, dear"

"In fact, your father actually likes to be embarrassed and humiliated, Gina, he is a real submissive."

"I know this may sound strange to you, but I assure you it's true. Your father gets very excited by being treated like that, by being degraded. Tell her, Robin"

"I, umm, I, umm, it's err, true". I was stammering, fumbling my words. So flustered I could barely speak. Gina was looking at me in almost disbelief, eyes wide, lips parted.

"Of course, when he is disobedient, then he gets to be punished. Fortunately, he likes pain, and I have learned to quite enjoy giving it to him, enough that it persuades him to behave properly"

Gina looked back to her mother. "You mean you hit him? Ohmygod! What do you do? Spank him? Do you dress up in leather and stuff?"

"Yes, I spank him, among other things. And, no, I don't dress up or wear a special costume. Your father, however, does"

Taking another gulp of wine, Gina looked back and forth between us. "You mean Dad wears leather?" she asked, clearly confused.

"Well no, not leather, Baby. I think it's time for you to learn a little more about us, and to see just how submissive your father is, don't you?"

Without waiting for an answer, Mary kept talking. "You realize that it's natural for a woman to control a man, I want you to experience how it feels, even to learn to do it, if you like"

"R-r-really?" she asked

"Yes, really. Robin! Where is your mind? Can't you see our glasses need filling again?"

With trembling hands, I took the bottle and carefully poured two more glasses of wine.

"Thank You. So, Gina, would you be interested to see what he likes to wear?"

I gasped, knowing that she was going to do it, knowing now with certainty that Mary was going to let our daughter see me humiliated

"Well, umm, sure, I suppose so", she answered.

"No, I'm sorry, Baby, that won't do. If you want to see, you have to be certain. It might be a little shocking for you, so you must be sure. Either way, it's ok, but you can't be half-hearted"

For a fleeting moment, I thought I had a chance to escape.

But, I should have realized, there was no way Gina could overcome her curiosity, or give up the opportunity to find out something about me, something about our sex life. She thought about it for just a second and then looked me in the eyes and said "Yes, I want to see, I want to know what he wears"

Mary lifted her glass and took a couple of sips, clearly savoring both the moment and the wine.

She grinned at Gina, and then looked up at me. "Well, you heard your daughter, didn't you?"

"Y-Yes, but, M-Mary ..."

"No buts', Robin. You heard her. She's interested, she's mature enough, and she want's to see. Now, you know what to do. Or, you know what will happen!"

Gina spluttered slightly on her wine, hearing what Mary said, realizing she was ordering me to do as my daughter wanted, and threatening me if I disobeyed. Her cheeks were completely flushed now, but with excitement, almost as much as mine were with shame. She was looking at me intently now, desperate to see how I would react.

"Do it!" Mary instructed, one more time.

My head dropped. There was no way I could look either of them in the eye. Slowly, I raised my trembling hands to my chest and started to undo my shirt buttons. Fumbling, I got them all undone, and let it fall off my shoulders and down my back.

At first, Gina didn't understand, thinking she had missed something.

Then my hands moved to my belt, and I started to unbuckle it.

Now her eyes grew twice as wide, if that was possible. She licked her lips nervously and flicked her stare from my belt buckle, to my face, to Mary, and back to my waist.

"Ohmygod, wh-what's he doing?"

I knew that Mary would kill me if I stopped, if I didn't do what we both knew she wanted, so I slowly kept going.

"You'll see, Baby, just wait and see", Mary whispered.

Slowly, I pulled the belt out of the loops and placed it on the table between us. I looked one more time at Mary, hoping against hope that she would relent, change her mind. She just looked at me, and smiled, one of her sexual, sadistic smiles.

I undid the button at the top of the zipper and then, holding the sides together with on hand, pulled the zipper down with the other. Closing my eyes in fear, I relaxed my fingers and let the shorts open and slide down my legs.

"Oh my god. Oh my fucking god" Gina murmured. She very rarely swore in our presence, and even less frequently used the F-word, but neither Mary nor I reacted. It somehow seemed perfectly appropriate.

The shorts were down by my ankles, now. I was standing in front of my wife, and my young daughter, wearing nothing but a pair of bright yellow, sheer, lace trimmed boyshorts. I knew she would be able to see my cock and balls quite clearly through the thin material. The pink lace around the legs would be drawing her eyes to my crotch.

"There, you see baby. It's not quite leather, but he does like to dress for our little games. So much so that he wears those pretty much all of the time. It reminds him of his place in our marriage."

"And, now that you know about him, it will remind him of his place in this family; would you like that?"

"Huh, W-what do you mean?"

Gina was staring openly at my crotch now. And, either despite or because of the intensity of the situation, I could feel myself hardening.

This was both an unimaginable nightmare and such an extreme fantasy that I had never even dared to consider it. Was Mary really implying what I thought she was? Did she really intend for me to start submitting to our daughter, as well?

"Well, baby, this is how I see it. Your father is submissive, and loves to be controlled and humiliated. I am dominant and love to do it to him. You are young, but mature, and have already done enough reading to know you might also enjoy dominating a man."

"Personally, I can't think of a better way for you to learn and experiment, and for all of us to enjoy and be even closer as a family. We will have to figure out some, umm, ground rules, but the real question is, do you like the idea?"

"I can't believe this! You mean I can like tell him what to do and stuff? And he will have to, umm, do it and, like, obey me? Yeah, are you serious, I'd love that! But, he's, you know, my dad! That'll be kindof weird, huh?"

I could tell that Gina's mouth could barely keep up with all the thoughts, questions, ideas, doubts that were racing through her mind. But one thing was certain; she wanted to do it, and I didn't know which to most: scared or excited. When Mary had told me she was going to tell Gina, I didn't think it all the way through. I was totally unprepared for where this was going.

Mary laughed at the tumble of words coming out of Gina's mouth.

"Ok, ok, let's go slow, girl. I can see you're excited, and I can't tell you how pleased I am."

"Yes, that is what I mean. You can start controlling and dominating your father, and use him to learn how to do it, and to see if you like it."

"And, yes, he will have to do what you say, just as if it were me that was ordering him. If he doesn't behave, just tell me and we will both work on his punishment."

"Now, you are right. He is your father, and always will be. One of the most difficult things you will have to learn is to still treat him with the love and respect that he deserves as such, while at the same time being dominant over him. I will help you, and between us we will figure out how to make it work. You are an adult, now, and you can handle it. Just remember, while the rules have changed somewhat, there are still rules in this home that you will need to live under as long as you are living here."

"The bottom line, though, is that as a mature, adult woman, you are superior to him in most respects."

Mary picked up her glass and, taking a long drink, leaned back into the couch. She glanced at me, and then looked expectantly at Gina.

"Ohmygod, Yes, Yes, I wanna do it. This is so cool, so hot, you just don't understand! Hell yeah! I promise I'll learn. Ohmygod!" Her eyes were flicking back and forth between Mary and me; she was totally excited, almost breathless.

Mary turned her attention to me. I was still so shocked I was just standing there, speechless. Speechless but partly erect. I could feel the weight of my cock as it stretched the front of the panties I was wearing. As her eyes left mine and traveled down my body, she immediately noticed my state of excitement.

"You see, darling, see how he is! Any other self respecting man would never let himself be in this situation. Standing in front of his wife and daughter, wearing nothing but panties, listening to them discussing what they will do to him. But not your father. Look at him, baby, don't be embarrassed, look at him; he's actually turned on by this. You will soon learn that there is nothing easier to control than an excited male!"

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