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Family Curse


My junior year in high school was coming to an end. For a lot of people, that would mean getting to stay home instead of going to school. For me, it meant being able to actually go home, not to say that I wanted to. I went to boarding school. I went to an all boys boarding school that was so far from the nearest town, the only women we ever got to see were the few women teachers and the even fewer women RA's. Yeah, it sucked. We had an RA who was college age and she was pretty but she was an emo who was mean to most of us. We had a couple of teachers who were in their twenties but one of them was really fat. That left most of the boys fantasizing about Ms. Turner.

I mean, don't get me wrong. I had fun at school. No, not sexual fun because I don't like guys. There were some boys like that at school but this story isn't about them. It's about me. I had other, non sexual, very clean and boring fun that could momentarily distract from the fact that all I really wanted to do with my life was put my dick into a pussy. Like Ms. Turner's if she were at all available and didn't act like a bitch.

It was a week before school was actually going to let out. The seniors had already graduated and us juniors were the oldest on campus and I was the oldest student in the school at that point because I'd already turned 18. And before you go assuming I was held back or something, there are lots of reasons why a guy could legitimately graduate at 19. My family moved from state to state for a while and changing schools can be messy. Not every state has the same requirements for classes that need to be taken in order to graduate. So what if I have two year books of me in the third grade. That proves nothing.

As soon as classes were finished on Friday my family was already waiting for me. Yay, I hate those people. I had to hurry up and change out of my school uniform and into a shirt and black tie. There was hardly any time for even speaking with my parents or my sisters before we were on the road and going really fast down the interstate. My mother and younger sister sat in the back and I had to sit in the front seat. It was there little subtle way of telling me to watch the road.

Now I don't know what the entire process is for dealing with a dead body but on Friday night there was a church service. We stayed that night in a hotel with me and my dad in one room and my mom and younger sister in another room. Why pay extra for the extra room? Good question. The next day there was the actual funeral. My very distant and reclusive uncle had died. My parents were sort of well off, at least enough to afford to send me away rather than raise me, but they had nothing on uncle John.

I guess to be clear, he wasn't actually my direct uncle. He was more like my grandfather's uncle. I don't know all the family tree terms to know what exactly that made him to me. I just know that during the very few times I'd met him, I was told to just call him uncle.

So the funeral happened and then there was this big meeting where the last will would be read. Now, if you're imagining a board room in a lawyer's office, you'd be wrong. Instead we were sitting in fold up chairs on part of a basketball court in a gym. Who was in charge of planning that? Am I right?

There were something like fifty people there I guess. I didn't count or anything but there were like six or seven people in each row and there were at least ten rows. But not every chair was filled. Anyway, I sat there feeling jealous of my older sister Terri who was able to pull out her phone and do whatever people do with their phones. I didn't have a smartphone or any phone because my school had a rule against it. I had to make sure not to look over at my sister too much. I didn't want my parents to get the wrong idea. Hell, I even had to avoid looking at my mother or she might start thinking ... Nevermind.

Although, I will say this. It always amazes me that I was the one who got in trouble and got shipped off to boarding school. I hadn't even done anything. It wasn't my idea. I was just there.

Anyway, I was twisting and shifting in my seat to try and find a comfortable way to sit. It was while I was doing so that the lady announcing who was getting what and passing out letters to people called my name. I looked up.

"And lastly, Mr. Argento has requested that you receive something as well but I need to discuss it with you in private."

There was a bit of an uproar over this from some of the other people there. I halfway thought that there might be some mistake but the lady pointed at me and asked me to follow her. As I got up I felt everyone's eyes on me. I knew what they were thinking. No one really knew how much uncle John had. The amount of money and other property given out was already significant but everyone was imagining that there were millions more. I tried not to notice it as my relatives looked on me with suspicion, anger, and maybe even avariciousness.

In a private room I was handed a letter. "Your uncle, Mr. Argento has asked that I read to you this specific sentence. Besides what I will read to you, I have no other information about this and I can't answer any questions. Do you understand?"


"John Ferris, you have inherited the family curse."


"I'm sorry. That's all there is."

"What?" was all I could say. The lady left me standing there thinking this was a joke. It seemed the kind of thing uncle John would pull. One last laugh. I could already imagine what the letter said. It was probably something like 'pull my finger. Ha ha.'

When I came out of the room several people were waiting for me to tell them about what I'd gotten, perhaps thinking that I was now a millionaire and if I could please share some of it with them.

"He gave me his old stamp collection." I said. "I told them I didn't want it."

Upon hearing this, the people who were all smiles and acting like they were just so ready to be really nice to me and be my best friend completely lost interest in me. I heard later that my dad's cousin Roger tried to get the lawyer lady to give him the fictitious stamps if I wasn't going to take them.

A big part of Sunday involved driving me back to school. I was back inside the gates, back in my dorm room, and once I was officially signed back into school, I had to get back into uniform.

Anyway, I finished out the last week of junior year without much thought of the funeral or anything. I couldn't wait to be able to watch tv again, wear normal clothes again, or just walk outside. Not that my school didn't have outside. We had plenty of outside with lots of trees and birds and whatnot. What we lacked were stores, restaurants, or other people.

Friday there weren't going to be any classes. We had a little ceremony in the auditorium and then we were free to go home just as soon as someone in our family could come for us. They told me it didn't matter that I was 18, the school had rules and until my family could come and sign me out, I had to obey those rules.

Well, wouldn't you know it, before lunch, just about everyone else was gone. But not me. My parents were too busy. I know I shouldn't complain since they do have their own lives and everything but when you're in a place that you just want to get out of, every second on the clock that you have to wait with your bags packed feels like forever. But at least I had it better than the kid who was going to have to wait until the next day for someone to come get him.

I was getting hungry so I hopped over to the cafeteria. For dinner they were cooking fajitas. Those never got old. It almost made up for the fact that I was still stuck there. The previous summer I'd gone all over town looking for a restaurant where I could get them. Even when I found one, they still weren't as good as the cooks at school made them.

Anyway, after eating I decided to get seconds. Why not? Those would be my last fajitas in a while and I was the only one in the place. When I stood up, I happened to see out the window and I saw Ms. Turner talking with another teacher outside. Yeah, there was at least one other thing at this school I'd like to eat.

I was slowly enjoying my second plate of the worlds best fajitas. In my mind I was replacing Ms. Turner's ugly blue dress that looked like a cross between a sailor outfit and some funky thing a puritan would wear with a sexier and more revealing blue dress. No, scratch that. Red dress. Yeah, that was better.

Did I have time to go back to my dorm and masturbate before my folks arrived?

My goal was to go and do just that but on my way back to the dormitory I happened to be stopped by none other than Ms. Turner herself. My sexual fantasies and Ms. Turner had a very strange relationship. Things worked out best when I viewed her from a distance and didn't have to actually interact with her. She sort of had a way of ruining it if I talked to her for too long. Yes, she was sexy and I imagined very fuckable. But she was also snobbish, boring, and stuck up. Maybe stuck up and snobbish are the same thing but you know what I mean. She didn't exactly have a glowing personality. She'd never read the book on how to win friends or influence people.

Other teachers would soften the blow by pointing out something positive when they had to let a student know they needed to improve something. Mr. Anderson had this way of getting students emotionally invested into doing well in math class of all things. It was like magic. I don't give a shit about trigonometry. The triangle of the sun, the earth, and some distant star can lick my balls for all I care. But when Mr. Anderson was my teacher I felt like I'd die before I let him down. Everyday I was there busting my ass to get those answers because somehow it was important. I couldn't disappoint Mr. Anderson.

Not so with Ms. Turner. She'd be asking us if we understood something in class and most of us would be actively tuning her out so we could carry on sexualizing her in our minds. The ones who were listening would just say over and over again that they did not understand even if they did just to spite her. This one kid in class refused to even take tests that she gave. Instead of writing his name at the top he'd write obscenities in other languages.

The general feeling among the students was fuck Ms. Turner.

"Still waiting for your ride?"

Yeah, bitch, I'm still waiting. Rub it in why don't you. Or maybe I should just steal your car and leave you stranded here.

"Just a little longer." I said.

"I had actually wanted to talk to you about the essay you wrote."

Now! For fuck's sake, bitch. Why didn't you do your job and do it earlier? Nevermind. I know why. You were up all night thinking up rude ways to insult me, my family, my writing, and the fact that I even exist. You'll probably rope my dead uncle into it somehow.

"What was wrong with it?"

"Nothing. I didn't say there was anything wrong with it."

"Which essay?"

"The one on ... um ... karate. You don't have a copy of it with you by any chance?"

Yeah, I go around with essays I write for your stupid fucking class in my back pocket.

"Not on me."

"In the dorm, maybe?"


"Can we go check?"

Ok, so the school has a lot of rules. They have rules for us kids as well as rules for the teachers and staff. I thought I was hearing in this that maybe Ms. Turner had lost the essay out of just being a dumb, clumsy bitch and she was covering her ass by getting another copy from me. Now, you might be thinking that I should just let her get in trouble owing from her being a bitch but in that moment I didn't see the need for that. Besides, I was pretty sure I didn't have a copy in my bag. But if I did, sure, I could give it to her.

Now the usual rules of the school dictate that women were not allowed on the second floor of the dormitory. But this was not a usual day. This was the day that moms as well as dads were coming and going back and forth, up and down the stairs. I expected Ms. Turner to wait in the downstairs lobby for me to go search for the essay but she didn't. It did feel just a bit weird when she followed me up the stairs but the emo college girl RA didn't say anything.

I unlocked the door to my room and again, I expected her to at least wait outside but she followed me into my room. That destroyed my plan of just laying in bed for a while to make her wait. She was going to make me feel like a little kid and supervise me while I searched for it. Did I mention she's a bitch?

So we were in my room, my roommate had already gone home, and I was just about to go to my bag and get my school issued USB so I could put it into the school issued word processor and scroll through my documents to see if I had a copy of the file she wanted. Oh, did you think that we used computers? How quaint. No, they did not trust us with computers or the internet or even a CD player because apparently there was a way to put porn on a CD of all things. I didn't know how anyone planned on watching porn through a CD player but they were banned just in case.

I was unzipping my bag and the zip sound was accompanied by they sound of clothing falling to the floor behind me. I turned back to Ms. Turner and she was standing in just her underwear. It wasn't sexy underwear either. I guess it was the type of thing a woman wore if she never thought a man would ever see her in it.

But the unsexiness of her underwear aside, her body was ten times the bombshell that I'd thought it would be. And she wasn't stopping either. She was busy trying to get out of her bra as I stood there stunned.

"What are you doing?"

"Don't you want to do this?" She looked at me. "Well? Don't you?"

So, I had no idea how to answer that. Sure I wanted to do it. But ... oh, and then her tits were exposed for me to see. My dick took notice and I nearly came on myself right then.

"You're over 18, right?"

"Uh ... Uh."

"Yes, or no?" she demanded as she unhooked some contraption that was connected to her stockings so she could get her old lady brand panties off.

"Yes." I answered.

"Good." she said and then she forced herself onto me and started to kiss me. Without knowing what I was supposed to do I put my hands in the air like a cop had a gun on me.

This was only the second time for me to ever kiss a girl. The first time was actually a part of the reason I'd been sent to boarding school. Lucky for me, no one at school knew the real reason I was there. The official story was that with my parents moving so much it would be better for me to have a stable school life at a school with a good reputation.

She forced me to walk backwards and then the bottom of my legs hit my bed. She pushed me down to the mattress and she started getting me out of my uniform. What was I supposed to do? What was going on? My life up to this point had not prepared me for this. Was I going to lose my virginity? Yeah, don't looked shocked. I went to an all boys boarding school. What did you expect?

I wasn't sure what had brought this on but I was in a situation where I could actually act out one of my key sexual desires. However, something about this just felt really wrong. I felt like I should say something. I felt like there was more communication required before two people could just jump to light speed like this. I tried to get her hands to slow down. I tried to ask a question. Her response was short and to the point.

"Fuck me."

So I was on my back with a naked woman on top of me. She still had her stockings on but the parts that mattered were naked. If I'd wanted to I could reach up and grab her tits or I could reach around and put my hand on her ass. I wasn't doing that but I could have been.

This had to be some kind of trick. The second I touched her she would scream rape and then the cops would be called out. Ms. Turner was just that kind of bitch. In a way, I was not surprised at all when the door to my room swung open and the emo RA chick was standing there.

I didn't exactly know how to feel. On the one hand, doesn't anybody knock? Besides that, she wasn't even supposed to be on the second floor. And she picked that moment to catch us. Not a couple of minutes later after the sex might be finished and I'd officially not be a virgin anymore.

And yet, on the other hand, I had to be thankful because she was saving my ass. There was no way I could trust Ms. Turner of all people. I didn't know what this game was but with me on bottom and her naked on top of me, there was no way she could say I was forcing her into it.

I waited and wondered what would happen. Ms. Turner took her attention from me and looked over at the intruder. I expected her to read us the riot act, then yell at us, and finally call the police. I was hoping she wouldn't call the police on me but rather the teacher who had decided it was a good idea to fuck a student.

None of those things happened. Instead, the RA closed the door behind her and locked it. She walked over to us and then right in front of me the RA and Ms. Turner started kissing each other on the lips. It wasn't cute kissing either. They were going all in with tongue and eventually slobber. Their hands were not idle either. The RA (sorry to keep calling her that but I don't know her name) started putting her hands all over Ms. Turner (whose first name I used to know but forgot). Ms. Turner was getting the RA out of her clothes and before I even had time to react mentally to this, they then turned their attention to me. Ms. Turner was holding my hands while the RA pulled my pants off of me.

"I'm sorry. Whatever this is about, I'm sorry."

"You don't want to fuck us?" the RA asked.

I cringed. "No." I said.

"Yes you do." Ms. Turner said. "You think about fucking us all the time."

"I'm sorry. I'll never do it again."

"Why not? Don't you think I'm pretty." asked the RA.

"Yes. Of course."

"Then prove it." said Ms. Turner. "Fuck her."

"Um ... um ..." I was still struggling to find words to say when Ms. Turner got my dick out and without hesitation she started to suck my cock. The RA wasn't going to be left out. She got down there and started licking my balls.

So I guess that officially meant that they weren't just trying to scare me. At least some of this was real. But why? Wait. I was having a thought. A very brilliant thought. The pleasure the two ladies were giving me was sort of leading me to the conclusion that I didn't care why. No. In fact I had much more pressing matters to attend to, like if I was going to cum in this woman's mouth or be able to hold out until actual sex happened.

The next thing that happened was I was on my bed and the RA got up on top of me. My bed was not really big enough for this. Ms. Turner was holding the RA to help keep her balance. She lowered her pussy down onto my erection that was standing directly up in the air. I'm a bit embarrassed to write this but at that very first moment when I lost my virginity I exploded. Her pussy wasn't even all the way down onto me and I was shooting cum into her.

"He came in me." the RA said. Ms. Turner's response was to kiss the RA and encourage her to keep fucking me anyway. After all, I hadn't lost my erection. If anything, it was getting bigger.

Just as I was getting control over myself so I could properly say I was fucking her and not just being fucked, Ms. Turner asked if she could lick the cum out of the RA. The RA got off of me and the thought I had in my mind was 'no, don't take it away.' They pushed me off my bed and I was standing there watching the RA put her back to my bed and Ms. Turner go between her legs and start kissing her pussy lips. I didn't know what to do and I was mesmerized by the sight of this actually happening.

"Are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck her?"

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