Family Debt


Jane Lewis joked with her daughter Chloe as the two women made their way up the front garden that led to their two storey home in Mintford in Essex. Jane was a forty-two year old hairdresser. She was five feet ten. She had long blonde hair and large firm breasts. Chloe was almost a duplicate of her mother except she was three inches shorter. Her blonde hair was shoulder length and she was twenty-two and studying at university. They shared the house with twenty three year old Robbie, Chloe's brother. Their father had deserted them many years earlier and Jane had struggled to keep them fed and clothed. Compounded to this was the fact that Robbie had several clashes with the authorities. They were generally minor offences but his mother feared that some day it would evolve into something more serious. However things had been quiet with him. He had a part time job in the local engineering firm and he had kept out of trouble for sometime now.

It was Saturday and Jane and her daughter had indulged themselves with some shopping. As she made her way to the door Jane noticed it was open. This made her uneasy and both women put their bags down. Jane tensely entered the hall. "Robbie? Robbie are you here? Is everything alright?"

There was no answer.

It was when she turned into the living room with Chloe close behind that she got the first shock. Robbie was being held by two youths in their twenties while a third was standing before him and gripping his hair. Robbie's face was bloodied.

"What the hell are you doing to my son? Get out of my house at once or I'll call the police," yelled Jane.

The youth facing Robbie swung around and laughed contemptuously. He walked over to Jane. Putting his hand to her cheeks he squeezed, making her lips round.

"Get your fucking hands off my mother," Robbie cried weakly. The youth turned towards his companions and nodded. Robbie received a severe punch to his midriff that made him keel over and gasping for air.

"Robbie!" screamed Jane. "Why are you doing this to him?"

"Because he owes me money," replied the youth in anger. "Ten thousand pounds, in fact."

"Ten thousand?" repeated Jane.

"That's the value of the consignment he dropped when he ran from the police."

"Consignment? You mean drugs?"

The youth didn't answer. Instead he turned to Chloe. "Hallo Chloe."

It was only then that Jane noticed that her daughter's head hung as if in shame.

"Chloe, do you know this man?"

"Lady, Me and Chloe were an item in college. We sure had some good times. Eh Chloe?"

"It was a long time ago Joe."

Joe nodded. "You're right. It was along time ago before you became Miss Goody two shoes."

"Before I got sense, you mean."

Joe smiled. "That too."

"Look Joe, I can get the money just give me some time..."

Joe cut Robbie off. "You've had months to pay me back." Joe turned to the two others restraining Robbie. "Take him out back and work him over and if he says another word cut his tongue out too."

"Noo!" screamed Jane and Chloe in unison.

Joe turned to the two women. "Well, it looks like we have a problem, ladies." I'm owed money. The wimp doesn't have it so I suppose it's up to you."

"We don't have that sort of money," cried Jane.

"That's too bad. I guess we'll have to teach him a lesson."

"Please, he's had enough. You heard what he said. Give him more time. We'll all work to pay it off," responded Jane in desperation.

Joe paused for a moment. He seemed to admire Jane in her white blouse and blue jeans. Then putting his hands on Jane's breasts he squeezed them through the fabric of her blouse. "I suppose I could be persuaded to postpone payment."

"Please, my husband..."

"How stupid do you think I am Mrs Lewis? I know you've been separated for years, laughed Joe.

"You bastard!" screamed Chloe.

"You know me so well. Don't you hon?" Joe responded with a grin. He turned back to Jane and continued to squeeze her breasts. "So what about it, sweetheart? Your tits are clearly crying out to be fucked."

There was a roar of laughter from the others.

Jane simply spat into his face like a last act of defiance.

Joe laughed as he cleared his face but suddenly became serious and without warning, back handed Jane across her face, almost making her captors keel over.

"Mum" screamed Chloe.

Joe ignored Chloe's pleas and gripping Jane's blouse, ripped it open, scattering buttons and exposing her plain white bra. "Now, I'm only going to say this once. If you don't want anything to happen you or the wimp, you'll do exactly as you're told. Now both of you, take off your clothes."

Jane tried one last attempt to reason. "Please, let my daughter go. I'll do what ever you want."

"Too late." Now both of you get naked or the next thing you see the wimp's tongue."

Tears streamed from both women's eyes as they stripped in humiliation with youths cheering and laughing.

Jane and Chloe huddled together in a vain attempt to hide their nakedness as their clothes lay in an untidy heap on the floor. They were heaved apart by Joe and he made them stand in front of the other youths who stared at their exposed bodies with a lustful hunger in each of their eyes. It was only then that Jane realised there was more than the original five youths in the room.

"Well boys, what do you think?" asked Joe as if displaying merchandise.

"Gosh boss, I haven't my cock sucked in a while." The others laughed.

"That's a good idea," responded Joe and forced both nude women to their knees. "Ok ladies, start sucking or else," he ordered sternly.

Jane was horrified as the huge hard organ was driven deep down her throat. Her blonde hair was gripped and her head was bobbed in and out. Fearing she's suffocate, Jane began to suck. She felt her body being jerked slightly and suddenly felt her arse being invaded by another cock and it began to plunder her charms. Whoever was behind her also squeezed her wonderful breasts. After a few moments her entire body settled into a satisfying rhythm. This was clearly the same situation for Chloe as both women, along with their captors began to moan deeper and deeper. There was a burning sensation in Jane's arse as cum exploded there. Almost at the same time her mouth as flooded and because her head was yanked back she was forced to swallow the unpleasant liquid. Her hands were soon also swamped. The ritual continued for a long period, until each member of the gang was satisfied.

Exhausted, Jane and her daughter were pulled to their feet and they sighed with some relief. The relief was short lived as Joe dragged them both upstairs followed by one of his gang.

Chloe tried to plead. "Please Joe. For what we meant to each other..."

"Harry, she's a good fuck. Enjoy," was Joe's only response, as the youth dragged her into the bedroom. Joe pushed Jane into her own bedroom and onto the bed. He stripped rapidly and mounted his prey with purpose. Jane wanted to resist his kisses but remembered the threats Joe had made against Robbie as well as Chloe and herself.

Jane was amazed at her reaction as her tongue became intertwined with Joe's. As he withdrew it, Joe began to kiss, nibble and suck as he made his way down Jane's luscious body. Her neck and her bare shoulders tingled but as he reached her magnificent melons that were awaiting his touch. Jane's resolve not to show any

pleasure began to weaken as his tongue began to make a decreasing circular movement around each of them that culminated with his arrival at each of her nipples, sucking and licking as he did so.

Jane pursed her lips tightly hoping to prevent moans. However it was a lost cause as Joe's gentle caressing, which took her by surprise, given his violent actions, she couldn't resist. "Mmm," she released as Joe's tongue continued to work on her right breast and then plunging down the valley between her breasts and working his way to her left with the same pleasurable effect.

Encouraged by Jane's moans, Joe worked his way her flat waist. Her body wriggled with excitement as he did so. Finally arriving at her pussy, Joe paused for a second, as if planning his next move.

"Ugghh," moaned Jane as Joe's tongue drilled through her pussy lips and began to lash her clit. Jane could no longer conceal her sexual delight. "Ooooh," she repeated several times as her clit was being worked on.

There was a temporary pause as Joe once again withdrew and with amazing gentleness pushed his cock deeply into her vagina and began to pump. His movement, slow at first, accelerated with each stroke. Jane's body began to react and move to counter each thrust. Gradually, they settled into a mutually satisfying rhythm.

"Oh, oh my God," cried Jane as she gripped Joe's hips as if guiding his movement. As they reached the point of no return and their breathing became deeper they both began to perspire. They also struggled to prolong the wonderful sensation they felt. At last, however, Jane's love juices finally began to flow and as they collided with Joe's cum, they both experienced huge orgasms. Breathless and totally exhausted Jane fell rapidly asleep. Joe followed a few moments later.

After his mother and sister were dragged upstairs Robbie was hauled back into the living room after some more physical punishment and made stand upright. He could hear the noise from both rooms and could only imagine what was going on. He bowed his head, knowing he was the cause if it.

The hours drifted slowly by and Robbie desperately wanted to sleep but his tormentors prevented him from doing so. Along with the physical torment guilt tortured his mind. Finally the gang members relented and he collapsed in a heap on the floor.


Jane could feel the warmth of the early morning sun as she slowly began to wake. For a moment she contemplated about the wonderful sex she had just had. The sight of her "lover" standing at the end of the bed brought her back to the reality of her family's perilous situation. "I can see where Chloe's talent comes from. You're a good fuck. Almost as good as your daughter."

Jane was about to respond in anger when there was a light knock at the bedroom door and Joe opened it. Harry led Chloe into the room and Joe tossed her onto the bed beside her mother.

Joe smiled as the naked women as they huddled together on the bed.

"What are you going to do to us?" asked Jane nervously.

"That's a very good question Mrs Lewis," replied Joe. He turned to Harry. "Well, what do you think?"

Harry whispered in Joe's ear. Joe gave a surprised look to his companion and nodded with a smile, clearly delighted with Harry's idea. He then turned to Jane and Chloe.

"Well ladies, you both had a good fucking and you look like you need to get cleaned up. Let's go," With that, he grabbed the naked women and dragged them to the shower and pushed them in. Jane and Chloe screamed as the initial cold water struck their flesh but as the water turned warm it became soothing.

"Chloe, you know what I want. Get to work or your precious brother get's it."

Chloe was shocked.

"What's he talking about Chloe?" asked Jane anxiously.

"We've got to do this mum, for Robbie's sake. Just copy what I do." Without waiting for her mother to reply, Chloe grabbed her mother and kissed her passionately. Jane had no time to be shocked as her daughter slowly but systematically kissed, nibbled, sucked and licked her. Her cheek, bare shoulder and her breasts tingled as Chloe's tongue expertly went to work. As the steamy jets sprayed about them mother and daughter's breasts came together. The warm sensation of her daughter's smooth skin excited Jane. Chloe too, felt that same excitement as her mother's body touched hers. Chloe knelt as she placed her hands on Jane's bare hips and she drilled her tongue through her mother's pussy and lashed the older woman's clit. Jane release a soft moan of satisfaction. As Chloe continued to probe Jane became lost to her audience simply wanted this wonderful sensation to continue. "Oh fuck," she cried several times. It was her first lesbian experience. She never dreamed of being with a woman and certainly not with her daughter in the shower.

Joe whispered something to Harry and Harry then left the room. From the stairs he called to the others to drag Robbie upstairs. By the time Robbie was brought up Jane had replicated what Chloe had done to her. They were both kissing passionately as Robbie arrived. It was a shock to him to see both his mother and sister in a passionate embrace and apparently enjoying the experience as they moaned excitedly. He never realised how beautiful both women were. He had never seen either of them naked before and the whole shower scene was very erotic to him.

"Hey look. They wimp's all hard," shouted one of the gang. The others laughed and the women, caught up in their own lust didn't hear. Finally Jane and Chloe orgasmed and they both gasped for air.

Joe turned to Robbie. "So that turns you on eh? We'll have to do something about that. Strip him!" ordered Joe. Joe grabbed Jane and Chloe and threw them back onto the bed. As Robbie stood naked before the women Joe spoke firmly to them. "Now listen up, both of you. You've both had a good fucking but the wimp has been sadly neglected."

There was a roar of laughter at Joe's words.

"Chloe, the wimp's going to fuck you and enjoy it and you, Mrs Lewis, are going clean Chloe up with that tongue of yours."

"But they're brother and sister..." Jane's protest was cut short as Robbie was dealt another blow to his middle.

"Now get to work."

Robbie reluctantly mounted his sister and began to pump her hard. The group cheered and his stroked seemed to fall into sync with it. Finally there was a huge roar from the group as Robbie's cum exploded inside Chloe and she pushed him to one side. Then Chloe's legs were pushed apart and her mother's tongue invaded her pussy and began to lash her clit. The taste of her son's cum inside her daughter made Jane feel sick. Nonetheless, she knew none of them had any choice as she continued lashing away, encouraged at the same time by Chloe's moans of apparent satisfaction. At last Chloe orgasmed and at least Jane hoped this was the final humiliation for them all.

"That was quite a display. The wimp is going to work off his part of the debt and so are you two ladies," said Joe.

"How?" asked Jane suspiciously.

"I know a few guys who would pay handsomely get laid by two good looking women like you."

"You're crazy. There must be another way..."

Jane's words were interrupted by Joe. "Other ways, yes, but this would be quicker. The sooner you start the sooner you'll have all the debt paid. With both of you it will be paid twice as fast."

Jane looked at her daughter who simply nodded with resignation. "How do I know you won't cheat us?" asked Jane.

"Look lady, all I want is my money. Ask your daughter. She knows me better than anyone."

So it was that Jane and Chloe were drawn into Robbie's problems and they paid with their bodies for it. After several weeks things began to return to normal except that Robbie moved out to a flat and Jane and Chloe rarely saw him.

Despite her ordeal Jane began to have strange thoughts. She could never get the image or the memory that wonderful moment in the shower with Chloe. She fought against her fantasy. It was worse when she showered. She would fantasise that Chloe was with her and she would orgasm at that sheer thought. Another time Jane would stand in front of the mirror of her bedroom dressed only in her robe. Putting her hands inside the robe Jane would rub her wonderful breasts and finger her pussy until she would finally orgasm and sigh with satisfaction although it was not the same without her daughter. The scenario was always the same and it went on for several weeks. Then one day Jane once again stood in her robe before her mirror. She uncharacteristically left her bedroom door slightly ajar and had also forgotten that Jane was not in university. Jane closed her eyes and again began to fantasise. Suddenly, she felt the sensation of a gentle kiss on her neck. Jane opened her eyes and saw Chloe's reflection standing behind her. She was also dressed only in a robe. Jane wanted to say no but another gentle kiss on her neck prevented her from doing so and a third was paralytic.

Chloe slowly eased Jane's robe from her body and began to kiss her mother's bare shoulders, at the same time she gently rubbed Jane's magnificent breasts, making her moan with pleasure.

Releasing one of her hands, Chloe opened her own robe at let it slip to the floor.

"Oooh," sighed Jane as Chloe's breasts pushed up against her naked back and the heat of her daughter's flesh excited her.

Jane turned around and as her lips met Chloe's, they kissed passionately. After several moments Chloe led her mother to the bed and dismissing their remaining inhibitions, indulged in a night of passionate love making. They would satisfy each other for years. Jane and Chloe also indulged in numerous lesbian affairs. Jane frequently seduced some hairdressing clients and Chloe would seduce classmates at the university but in the end they always felt more comfortable together, although to the outside world, at least, they were mother and daughter.

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