tagIncest/TabooFamily Development Ch. 01: News!

Family Development Ch. 01: News!


All Characters In This Story Are 18+ Years Old


The kitchen was awash with Sunday morning sunshine. Claude James sat at the old-fashioned lemon Formica topped table stirring a shot of milk into his coffee. Sunbeams filtered through the daffodil gauze curtains at the window over the stainless steel sink and the large bay window at Claude's back. The sparkling shafts of light bounced off the fixtures and the table's chrome legs and trim, creating a warm golden aura around everyone and everything in the room. It was impossible not to smile.

Claude watched the milk swirl through the black liquid in a slow eddy until, at last, it disappeared into an opaque caramel pool. He did not know, could not know, how many other 57-year old men were getting fucked thrice daily by two rambunctious babes, but he counted himself lucky to be among that population, however large or small it was.

He glanced up from his mug. His 38-year old daughter, Sally Martin, and her 18-year old daughter, Nel, moved harmoniously around, performing assorted small domestic post-breakfast tasks. As radiant as the sunshine was, it was dull by comparison to the glowing joy evident in the two women's faces, even as they loaded the dishwasher or tied up the garbage for Claude to later remove.

It had been just two and a half weeks since Claude had driven to Denver from Portland, reuniting with them at the passing of his and Sally's mother, Carla. All inhibitions, mores and taboos had been swiftly discarded as grandfather, uncle, dad and brother were redefined into the single overarching role of lover.

By tacit agreement Claude spent the week nights in Sally's king-size bed, reserving Friday and Saturday nights for Nel. Both women looked forward to their goodnight fuck sessions and Claude's reliable morning wood. During the day, while Sally was at her job and Nel was in school, he puttered around, planned the move of his mediation and arbitration consulting practice or, simply rested.

Nel always got home at least an hour and a half ahead of her mother, allowing ample opportunity for interpersonal quality time with Claude. He had bent her over the desk in the den; taken her on the living room couch; fucked her on his lap in the family room recliner; reamed her standing up against the refrigerator and, of course, made her in her unmade pink-and-cream double bed under the jealous stare of her plush turquois stuffed dragon.

Although Sally and Nel 'played nice', willingly sharing their resident stud, they had yet to join each other in a menage, being more than satisfied by the de facto schedule which had developed across the long fortnight. For his part, Claude appreciated the three relaxing Saturday and Sunday afternoons when his 'rabbits', as he lovingly thought of them, had allowed him to lounge around, more or less unmolested.

Claude sipped his perfectly balanced cafe au lait, studying Nel, stretched on tiptoe, as she put the cereal boxes away in the cupboards. Her slim bare legs tapered from her favorite fuzzy squirrel slippers up to the hem of her iridescent mint silver-green satin robe. Its normal drop was just above her knees, but now it was pulled well above mid-thigh and gave Claude, from his seated vantage, a direct view up the inside of her thighs to the shadowed overhang of her bottom in pink bikini panties. His cock hopped once in his shorts, reminding him it had been over six hours since Nel had awakened him with her soft wet mouth on his sponge-topped boner. "Ready to go again, eh, fella?" Claude silently asked his impudent dick as it fattened and hopped once more.

Suddenly he felt Sally's hands on his shoulder tops. She stood behind his chair and gently squeezed his trapezius muscles as she bent over and kissed the top of his head through his unruly pepper-and-salt hair. Her heavy mature breasts pillowed themselves on either side of his neck as she rubbed and pinched. "She's a cutie, isn't she?" Sally whispered, spreading her hands and walking her thumbs along Claude's spine between his shoulder blades and his nape.

Claude broke off gazing at his granddaughter, who now was bent, unconcerned, in a provocative 'L' with her head in the fridge as she re-arranged various items and made room for the Tropicana bottle. Tipping his head back, he stared into Sally's hazel eyes, seeing Carla's golden flecks in her irises. "And why shouldn't she be?" He asked, huskily. "You're a cutie. And Carla was, too."

Sally kissed his upside down mouth, still rubbing his shoulders, and dipped her tongue briefly between Claude's open lips while nuzzling the cleft of his chin with her nose. Pulling back, she straightened up and said, "You are the sweetest man, ever."

Nel came over, drying her hands on a dish towel, and stood beside her mother and uncle. Tossing the towel aside, she slipped her left hand behind Sally's waist and half-hugged her, pulling her close. Their unharnessed breasts squashed against each other, laminating Sally's blue velour robe to Nel's satin shorty. Nel stroked Claude's stubbled jaw with her right hand, kissed Sally on her cheek and said, "He IS 'the sweetest man ever', and I'm the luckiest girl ever to have you guys for my family!" Shifting topics, she observed, "This is Memorial Day Weekend... are we gonna, you know, like, do anything special?"

"How about we all get dressed and drive up to Pikes Peak? You can show your mom where you sprinkled Grandma's ashes," Claude suggested. "The Toronado won't have any trouble, now that Buck's put that new carburetor on it and tuned it up."

"You mean, right now?" Nel squeaked, excited by the idea. "YES! Oh, do you want to, Mom? Say you DO!"

Sally was caught up in her daughter's enthusiasm and laughed. "Well, sure," she agreed, "That's a fine idea, but it's already almost 11 o'clock... that's a late start for such a long day trip." She noted with a sinking voice.

"It is," Claude concurred, "But, we might be able to get a room at that motel in Manitou Springs where we stayed before... We can call and see if there's a vacancy, anyway." He offered.

"OK, then," Sally smiled, stepping back from the chair, allowing Claude to stand up. "Call and ask."

"Draper's Motel," Betsy Draper answered on the third ring. "Why sure, I remember you, Mr. James," she said cheerfully, when Claude identified himself, "and your darling... nieces... too!" She continued conversationally, "How's your old Olds doing? Beuhlah, Buck and I were just talking about you the other day, and that's a fact."

"Hunky dory, all around," Claude replied, mildly curious that he was a subject of conversation after a single night's stay two weeks ago. "Jeez, I hope she isn't going to bring up her stupid missing 'Do Not Disturb' door hanger!" He exclaimed silently. "But, listen," Claude continued into the phone, "My sister and I, and her daughter, are going to be in Manitou Springs tonight. I know it's the middle of a holiday weekend... but, do you have a vacancy?" He asked.

"Hmmm, well," Betsy paused, "I don't have three rooms available... in fact, I only see two rooms and they're both single kings, like #11 that you stayed in last time?"

"Ohhh... just a moment, please," Claude said. He covered the phone and counted to ten before speaking again to the innkeeper. "Well, it's just for the one night and we are a close family. Could you put a roll-away bed in the room, and would it be big enough for my 6'3" height to be comfortable?" He asked.

"Why sure, Mr. James," Betsy assured him, "We do that for families all the time. And the roll-away is a full-size twin, so no worry there!" She chuckled. "I imagine you'll sleep just exactly like you do at home... and, because you're a returning guest, I won't charge you extra for the roll-away, either."

Claude coughed. He was unsure whether he was just sensitive to his new situation or if there was an intended innuendo in Mrs. Draper's voice. "Fine," he said aloud, "That'll work out great. Thanks for the discount."

"Bye-Bye," Betsy said, "Check-in's after 2 o'clock."

Claude cradled the receiver on the wall phone and turned around. "All set," he said, grinning. Nel stepped across the room and hugged him tight, laying her head on his hard chest. Sally gave him a thumbs up signal and he smiled at her over his niece's light-brown boxy haircut.

"C'mon, then, you guys," Sally said, starting down the hall, "If we're going to go, let's get going!"


By noon everyone was cleaned up, dressed and in the car with their overnight essentials. Claude wore his familiar Pendleton brushed wool shirt, Levi's and Asolo hiking boots. Nel trusted to the weather report, which had forecast low winds and mild conditions on the mountain. She wore a green and black plaid flannel shirt, unbuttoned dramatically to show off her pert braless teen breasts, khaki cargo shorts and her Keen boots. She had brought a black Cordillera down vest, just in case it was colder than expected. Sally had her black stretch stirrup pants tucked into a pair of sturdy Rockport walking shoes. Under her pants and thick white wool turtleneck sweater she had layered silk thermal long johns. Her dark orchid poplin L.L. Bean windbreaker was in the Toronado's trunk along with Nel's vest and Claude's shearling ranch coat.

About a half an hour into the drive, Nel, sitting in between her mother and uncle, sidled closer to Claude, pulled his right hand way from the steering wheel and placed it on top of her bare left thigh at the loose leg hem of her shorts. She kept her left hand on top of him and squeezed his hand and her own leg at the same time. Meanwhile, she rested her right tricep and elbow on the top edge of the seatback, behind Sally, casually laid her open hand on the back of her mother's neck and began idly interweaving her fingertips through Sally's soft long brown hair. Nel cleared her throat and said quietly, "I think we've done it."

"Hmmm?" Claude mused, perplexed, but enjoying the sensuality of Nel's skin above and below his hand.

"Done what, honey?" Sally queried, rolling her head on her shoulders as she relaxed beneath her daughter's toying digits.

"You know, Mom..." Nel started, then broke off. She decided she had to spell out what she had thought was the obvious context of her statement. "I think Grandpa has made a baby in me... I think we've... DONE it!" She laughed her lilting laugh and pulled Claude's hand off her leg and onto her flannel clad abdomen, cleaving her jutting titties with his upper arm. His elbow pushed her middle shirt button against her sternum and she squirmed her bottom reactively as her pussy turned to pudding.

Sally's head snapped left and her eyes met Claude's as he, too, did a double-take at the announcement. "What... erm, what makes you say that?" She asked, stunned.

Claude instinctively spread his fingers across Nel's midriff and pressed in with his palm. His extended thumb and pinky slid her soft shirt across her warm tummy. "I take it you're late for your period," he said, evenly, but unable to conceal his smile or stop his hand from stroking Nel's belly. His elation was instantly transferred to his cock. It throbbed in its denim prison.

"Uh-huh," Nel confirmed. "Of course, I'm not positive, 'cause I've never been pregnant before... DUH!" She laughed again as she heard her words. "What I mean is... ever since I stopped my pills last fall, I have been super regular. Every 28 days, just like the health books say." She took a deep breath, holding her inflated chest against her uncle's arm, imagining it was the world's biggest erection and she had it trapped. "So, anyway," she exhaled, "I figure my period was supposed to start this past Monday, which means I'm a week late." She looked at Sally and grinned. "That's significant, isn't it, Mom?"

"Yes, sweetie," Sally smiled softly and turned a quarter in, facing her brother and daughter. She crossed her body with her right arm and put her hand on top of Nel's, on top of Claude's. "That's very... significant. And, you know what?" She patted their hands twice then rested on them again. "I think I might be right there with you! I am less than a week late, but, my flow hasn't begun like it should, either."

Claude was thunderstruck. "Wow! That is some terrific good news!" He exclaimed sincerely, not caring if it sounded lame or trite. "Double BUBBLE! God! I LOVE you BOTH so much!" His swelling dick, bent over and pinned, complained painfully, but, in his joy, Claude ignored it.

Nel bounced on the leather upholstery and flexed her abs against their tripled up hands. "Really, truly, Mom? Oh my God, that's so COOL!" She giggled giddily.

"But hold your horses, hon," Sally cautioned. "Let's not get all worked up until we can get a test. It's still too early to be positive."

"I know, Mom," Nel panted in her excitement, "But I can keep my fingers crossed, can't I?" She asked, then stopped, mouth agape. "Oh Man! I just thought of something!" Her voice had a hint of panic.

"What, honey? What's wrong?" Sally asked, picking up the vibe.

"If I am pregnant," Nel hypothesized, "Which I, like, totally, totally, hope is true... does that mean Grandpa and I can't... DO IT for nine months? Her eyes were wide for fear that she would not feel Claude's thick penis inside her for nearly a year.

Claude roared with laughter, despite the risk of hurting his naive niece's feelings. "Absolutely not!" He practically shouted into the coupe's cabin. "Unless of course you don't want to." He pulled his hand from under Nel's and Sally's and slid his arm behind his granddaughter's torso, tucking her tighter to his ribs. "We can pretty much make love whenever you feel like it, kiddo," he reassured her. Taking his eyes from the road only long enough to swiftly, sweetly, kiss Nel's forehead, he glanced at Sally for back up. "Right, Baby? And US, too?"

"Yes, Nel, it's true," Sally said, "We may or may not be in the mood for sex during our time, but, it's not uncommon for expecting mothers to enjoy... intimacy... right up until nearly delivery." She lifted her hand to Nel's face and softly touched her cheek. "We'll make appointments with Dr. Wilson and you can ask him any questions that may come to mind."

"Can't we find a drugstore and get a home test right away?" Nel asked.

"I don't see why not," Sally agreed. "Claude?"

"Sure, Baby," Claude nodded, "The GPS is right there in the glove-box. See what you can find... We'll be passing through Colorado Springs in another 40 minutes or so."


Mother and daughter walked out of the Walgreen's holding hands and swinging a small plastic bag as they approached Claude, sitting in the Oldsmobile in the parking lot.

"Yay!" Nel exclaimed, sliding across the bench seat and kissing Claude's cheek. "We got a couple of test packs!"

"Four, actually," Sally corrected, closing the door as she sat beside Nel. "They were on sale and we'll want to test again if the results are negative."

"That seems unlikely," Claude chuckled, "considering how many times I have plowed your gardens and unloaded my seed into your doubtless fertile furrows. Obviously, if you were expecting your periods last week, you must have been ovulating when I got here from Portland." He grinned broadly in fond remembrance of deflowering Nel and initiating her to the wonders of fucking, even before his sister gave him the green light to screw the hell out of her. Claude absent-mindedly rearranged his fat dick in his jeans as it perked up while he reminisced.

Sharp-eyed, Nel saw the tumescent snake bulge as his hand moved. She covered his strong hand with her small palm and scratched her nail against the back of his fingers. "Can we check into the motel right away? I want to find out if you got me." She cooed as her fingernail slipped onto Claude's leg and dug into his hidden dick.

Sally reached over and pulled Nel's shoulder, squaring her in her seat. "I think the instructions will suggest we test ourselves first thing in the morning. Let's go up the mountain like we planned, OK?" She patted her daughter's right leg. "I know you're excited... I am, too... but, especially if we are new mothers, we're going to need patience." She kissed Nel and studied her gray eyes. "OK?" She asked, again.

Nel sighed. "OK, Mom," she whispered, "I'm no child... I can wait a bit."

"That's my girl," Claude said, approvingly with a beaming face. He leaned across and took advantage of the proximity of Sally and Nel's faces to kiss them both, with his arms around their torsos. "Let's roll! I think we should tell Carla's ashes what's happening!" He turned the ignition and pointed the coupe back toward Highway 24.


The weather was perfect. The drive was scenic. The car performed flawlessly. Claude, Sally and Nel dawdled up to the top of Pikes Peak, stopping for a late lunch at Glen Cove Inn, reading the information at Crystal Creek Visitors' Center, and staring eastward to Manitou Springs from the Summit House Observation Deck where Nel, with her friend, Megan Taylor, had cast Carla's spoonful of spirit just 15 days ago. In all, the family spent three and a half hours, Tollgate to Tollgate, and they might as well have been asleep for all the impact the trip had on their preoccupied minds.

Claude checked his watch as the Toronado pulled into the Draper Motel. "Six o'clock," he announced. "What are our thoughts for dinner?"

"Uncle Claude!" Nel said, emphatically slapping his left thigh with her open left hand. "Mom and I have something more important than FOOD to think about! Can't you hurry and get the room keys? PLEASE?" She implored.

Claude was chortling as he opened the driver's door and got out of the car. Poking his head back into the interior, he said, "JK, kiddo! Sit tight... I'll be right back!" Then he closed the door and walked into the office. A few minutes later, he returned and moved the car to face Room #1. "OK, here we are," he said, popping the trunk release and stepping out of the Olds."

Sally and Nel looked at each other, grinned and exited the vehicle as Claude brought the suitcase to the door and unlocked the room. "Oh my God, unk," Nel said, still wrestling in her mind whether she should call Claude 'Uncle' or 'Grandpa'. "There's just the one big bed and that rolling thing against the wall... umm, who's going to sleep in that?" She asked, alarmed and fearful that she would draw the short straw.

Sally closed the motel door and stepped in front of her brother. She pushed her right hand into his empty left hip pocket and rubbed his taut muscular buttock with her middle finger tips. "Yes, daddy," she crooned softly, "Who's going to sleep where?" She grinned and kissed Claude deeply, not worrying about Nel or what she thought. She rotated her body, blocking her daughter's direct view, and squeezed Claude's bulging package with her left hand while she applied firmer pressure to his ass with her pocketed right hand. "HMMMM?" She breathed into his face, "We're all waiting for your decision."

Nel could not stand not seeing, or clearly hearing, what was happening. She bounded back across the room and embraced Claude and Sally. "Don't make me sleep on that stupid little bed, PLEASE!" She whined, in a sad little-girl voice, as she pushed her face between Claude's and Sally's and applied a passionate big-girl kiss to her grandfather's lips. She tasted her mother's raspberry lip gloss. Inexplicably her cunny felt surprisingly tingly and gooey.

Claude wrapped the women tight in his long powerful arms. "What's the problem?" He asked, genuinely amazed by their reactions. "They must not have been listening when I talked to Betty Draper on the phone," He thought to himself. Out loud he explained, "The extra bed is for show... you know, not everyone thinks it's 'OK' for a man to fuck his sister, daughter, niece and granddaughter... We want to be discrete, RIGHT?" He pulled his head away from Nel's mouth and kissed Sally hard before separating from them both. "Now, wasn't there something you guys have been wanting to do all afternoon? Why wait until morning? Go see what the tests say... if you can make any pee!" He gave them each a swat on their bottoms and pushed them away.

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