tagIncest/TabooFamily Dinner

Family Dinner


I coughed into my glass of milk when I felt his hand on my thigh under the dinner table.

"Are you okay Cassie?" my mom asked.

"Yeah mom, it just went down the wrong way." I quickly brought my napkin to my mouth to wipe the splashed milk off my face and to hide my expression of shock as my uncle's firm hand gave my bare thigh a squeeze.

My parents’ attention returned to their conversation with my uncle, unaware that he was molesting their sweet daughter right under their noses, literally.

Don't get me wrong, Uncle Jack is definitely attractive. I've always had a crush on him, but nothing has ever happened before because he's my UNCLE! Okay, well maybe I'd been teasing him a little more lately. My breasts had gone up another cup size and I loved the attention I got with them. I had leaned over a couple of times, purposefully letting him see down my shirt. And I had gone braless a few times so he could see my nipples through my t-shirt.

His hand slid higher up my thigh. I looked over at him, but he was still facing my parents. I knew I should clamp my thighs together, but I felt a rush of heat in pussy. So I spread my legs just enough that my leg pressed against his. I was hoping he'd take this as a green light to keep going.

He did. His hand continued under my skirt until he reached my red satin panties.

I had to cross my arms on the table in front of me to hide my stiffening nipples. This also meant I could secretly pinch my nipples without anyone noticing.

I could feel his palm pressing against my pussy, rubbing up and down on the slippery material. I pressed myself against his palm subtly.

"Uhh," a moan escaped my lips before I could stop it. They all turned their heads to look at me. "Uhh, can you please pass the salad?" My mom passed the glass bowl to me and they resumed their conversation. I smiled, pleased at my quick recovery. I grabbed the large spoon and fork and started filling my plate with salad.

I dropped the spoon when I felt a finger in my pussy. Uncle Jack had pushed aside my panties and was now sliding a finger in and out of me.

Again, stares form the table. "Sorry! I'm such a klutz," I apologized, then resumed my efforts with the salad. I had to start filling my mouth with the crisp lettuce to hide my heavy breathing.

He slipped a second finger into me and his thumb was now rubbing my clit. I chomped down on a hard piece of carrot to keep from crying out. I wanted to scream for him to let me come. There was just the little problem of my parents sitting across from us!

"Mmmm," I moaned again. I quickly licked my spoon, savoring the creamy white dressing. "Mom, this new dressing is great!" I hoped she didn't notice the sweat forming on my brow.

"Glad you like it sweetheart." I wonder what they were talking about to make them so oblivious to their daughter's predicament. I was too preoccupied to pay any attention to what they were saying.

All I could focus on were the fingers thrusting in and out of me, in and out. I rocked my hips into the rhythm, as much as I could without it being noticed. He pressed hard against my rigid clit, driving me insane.

I was going to come! I felt it building in my stomach and spreading down through my burning thighs. It was going to happen! I was going to orgasm right in front of my parents!!! I felt a moment of panic and quickly gulped down a bunch of water, trying to catch my breath.

But it was too late. I started coming hard and fast, right there at the dinner table. "AHHH!" I was squealing. I covered the first way I could think of. I threw my hands up in the air, balled my fingers into tight fists, closed my eyes, and arched my back. "AHHhhhh," I faded off into a fake yawn.

I opened my eyes. I had everyone's attention now. "Sorry! I'm just so tired! I think I'm going to get to bed early tonight." I felt my uncle's hand withdraw from my burning cunt.

I cleared my dishes and gave my parents each a kiss goodnight. I walked to the other side of the table, threw my arms around my uncle's neck, and gave him a chaste kiss on the cheek. "Goodnight Uncle Jack," I lowered my voice and whispered softly, "and thanks."

I ran to my room to relive the moment in my own bed. This was definitely the beginning of something interesting....

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