tagIncest/TabooFamily Dreams Ch. 2

Family Dreams Ch. 2

byStan Dombroski©

When I awoke the next morning and found that I was alone in my bed I thought it all had been just a dream. Disappointed that I might have imagined it all I was pleasantly surprised to turn over and find my sisters black silk panties lying on top of the pillow next to me, as if she had put them there for me to wake up to. Upon closer examination I found that they were dripping wet with my sister's cum. Obviously she had masturbated all over them. Excited that she would leave me such a gift I was still a little disappointed that I had missed out on her masturbation. I would have loved to watch her long slender fingers slowly lubricate themselves in her juices as they probed the opening to her tight little pussy.

Finally slipping inside and starting to slide in and out at a frenzied pace while her other hand forcefully rubbed her clit. I knew my cock would not be able to stop itself from rising to the occasion and that I would be forced to grasp it in my hands and stroke myself in rhythm with my sister. The anticipation and pace increasing every minute until she could no longer stand the pleasure of watching me stroke my cock while fingering herself. She would be the first to succumb letting her orgasm ripple through her loins as she spilled her love all over the panties that I would now cherish forever. With my sister finished I would soon succumb to my own orgasm and would spill my seed into her open mouth and all over her anxiously awaiting face and as she tried to catch as much as possible. Realizing that if my daydream kept on going I would have to act out the solo part of my fantasy I quickly got out of bed, threw on a pair of boxers and an old T-shirt and went in search of my new lover.

I found her in the kitchen eating her morning breakfast and conversing with our stepmother. Giving her a sly grin behind our mothers' back she smiled at me and took a sip of her milk letting some of it spill out of her mouth and dribble down her chin. The picture of that white liquid slowly escaping through her luscious lips drop by drop slowly cascading down her chin and, upon reaching the end hanging there for a moment before dropping down and landing on her shirt directly in between her perky breasts. All the while her eyes locking with mine almost made me ignore the fact that someone else was in the room. Quickly realizing that I did not know how our mom would act to the news that her son and daughter were involved in a sexual affair I barely managed to control my lust. There would be time later for our fun and games.

"Good morning honey." Our stepmother greeted me. "Did you have a good time last night?"

With that question my sister choked on her breakfast and almost started laughing.

"Great time mom." I replied trying hard not to laugh as my sister locked eyes with me. "Probably the best time I've had in a long while."

With that I sat down at the table intent on joining them for breakfast. However my sister had other ideas, for from the moment I sat down she had her feet running up and down my legs sending little jolts of pleasure strait up to my loins, always climbing a little higher towards my crotch before they slid back down. Quickly feeling myself getting aroused I threw her a look as if to ask her if she knew what she was doing and all she could do was smile. Smile and drive her feet directly into my now rock hard cock, quickly finding their way inside my boxers she began to stroke me. The feel of her naked feet upon my penis was more than I could bear and her stroking quickly brought me to the point of explosion. Not being able to stand it any longer I let go and pretended to cough violently to cover up my moaning.

"Are you OK Stan?" my mother worriedly asked, "You sound as if you're coming down with something." Her hand quickly finding its way to my forehead feeling for my temperature. Not finding one there it proceeded to fall down to my cheek.

I don't know if I imagined it or not but I could have sworn that her hands were not just feeling for a temperature but stroking my face as well. Slowly and gently caressing it with her soft hands while my sisters feet were still in my crotch only now rubbing themselves on the outside of my boxers to wipe of my cum. The presence of my sisters feet still in contact with my manhood combined with the feeling of my stepmom's hands stroking my face was enough to send into another spiraling orgasm, and another fake coughing fit to hide it.

"Maybe you had better stay in bed today." Was my stepmothers answer to my next faked attack. "Your sister and I can take care of you."

"Yeah I'd be glad to help you out if you stayed in bed today." My sister replied with a knowing grin.

"I'll think about it. Right now I need to get in the shower." Was my short reply, neglecting to add that I need a shower because my sister caused me to blow my wad all over myself inside my boxers. As I made my way to the bathroom I began fantasizing about getting my sister and my stepmom into my bed and wondered if the two of them would go for it.

Our mother had died while we were young and our father did not deal with it to well, so rather than getting back out into the dating scene he became intent on making lots of money. After he made a small fortune he realized that he missed female companionship and went in search of a new wife. Finding our stepmother didn't take him long, she was a dancer in one of the clubs that her loved to frequent, and they were soon married. At first my sister and I were reluctant to accept or new mom especially because we were only ten and eleven years old at the time and she was barely twenty. She quickly won our hearts with her kindness and we grew to accept her as our new mother. The fact that she left the door open to the bathroom while she undressed to take a shower didn't hurt either, especially while I was going through puberty. I always thought that my stepmother had a special affection for me not knowing if the soft touches and caresses were real or imagined I decided that today I needed to find out.

After stripping naked and turning on the shower I left the door to the bathroom slightly ajar to allow a little of the steam to escape. We had one of those large showers that could easily fit two people and had two shower heads opposite each other. I turned both showers on and hiked up the heat so that I could steam as well as rinse myself off. After quickly wiping as much cum as I could out of my boxers I climbed in and closed the door. Grabbing the bar of soap I turned to face one of the sprays and began to lather up, the thought of my sister with our mother still plaguing my mind. After just a few moments of cleaning myself I heard a noise that I was sure was someone entering the bathroom.

"Hello?" I called out to see who had come in. Not receiving an answer but seeing a shadow of a woman undressing through the door I thought my sister had come to join me. I cautiously whispered out "What are you doing? Do you want to get caught? Mom is still in the house you know."

Apparently ignoring my answer the woman on the other side of the curtain continued to undress. "Whatever" I thought to myself "if she isn't worried about getting caught by our mom than neither was I. With that decision made I turned up the heat in the shower and watched as it began to form a cloud of steam. I was turned away from the door to grab the shampoo when another person entered behind me. Thinking it was my sister I ignored her and tried to pretend that she wasn't there. It was hard to do though when her hand gently landed on my back and slid down my ass and slipped between my legs to grab my balls. Gently massaging my balls her other hand reached around me brushing across my muscled chest and slowly tickled its way down my belly finding my now engorged penis.

The feel of her breasts against my back was different then I remembered it from the other night but I easily ignored this fact as her hands stroked my stiff cock and fondled my aching balls. She began to lick and kiss her way up my neck to my ears where she began to gently nibble on my lobes as her hand left my balls and finding the soap began to wash my back while the other continued to tease my cock. Starting to turn around my head was forcefully pushed until I was once again staring straight ahead. Not minding this little game I eagerly played along hoping that no one would walk in on us. Suddenly the hand that was washing my back dropped to my ass and began to tickle my anus. Curious as to where this was headed I was surprised when on of her fingers, lubricated by the soap slipped inside my ass and began to stroke. Softly at first and then more forcefully I was surprised by the reaction of pleasure that was mounting from her exploration. This new feeling combined with her stroking of my cock was driving me wild with desire. I knew I couldn't hold out much longer, if she kept this up I would quickly release my seed right into her hand.

Suddenly I caught the noise of another entering the room. Quickly turning around trying to figure out a way to explain this to our mother my eyes opened wide in shock to find that it was my stepmother, not my sister, that had joined me in the shower. Seeing the shock upon my face she smiled and started to kiss me full on the lips. Her tongue found its way from her mouth to mine and began to explore. Gently probing and playing with the wonders it found. The feel of her kiss was so right that I knew all those years I did not just imagine my mothers caress, it had really been there.

After our lips parted my mother smiled and said, "Surprise!" She then turned and opened the door to the shower allowing my naked sister to join us. It was almost too much, first my ultimate fantasy with my sister that had been plaguing me for years comes true and now here I was faced with my stepmother and my sister, both with hot young naked bodies glistening with beads of water and droplets of sweat. Knowing where this was heading I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn't dreaming.

"Oh dear God." I croaked as I was trying to take it all in. Before me were two of the most beautiful women I had ever known. First my sister with her blonde hair quickly getting wet and sticking to her skin, her perky breasts that were just the size to fill my hands with enough left over to suck into my mouth. In between those breasts was a trail of peach fuzz that led me down a path over her belly with just the slightest bulge directly to the soft moist folds of her tight young pussy. Her well-toned legs that led me up to her firm ass that begged to be fondled. Her full sensuous lips that I knew could take my entire cock into her mouth and throat. Just seeing her standing there an image of beauty I couldn't help but to recall the joys and pleasures we had found in each others bodies last night.

And as if one beautiful woman in my life wasn't enough there was now my stepmother also. Her breasts were large but firm held in place as if by magic and detecting none of the tell tale signs of surgery I knew they had to be real. Her legs were toned and led my eyes, to my joyous surprise towards her delicate flower shining in the light void of even the slightest stubble. Glistening with water that flowed from her ample breasts and down her flat stomach it fell like a waterfall that tempted me to drink from its source Knowing that I had my work cut out for me I wondered how I was going to hold up against these two. Only then did it dawn on me that they would find as much pleasure in each other as they would me.

"We've had a relationship for few months now." My mother answered the questioning look on my face. "We both couldn't wait for you to get home. However one of us jumped the gun last night." With this she gave a stern look to my sister and playfully slapped her on her ass, her hand lingering to run up and down her luscious curves.

"I just couldn't help myself." my sister replied. "He got me all worked up at the club that I couldn't bear the thought of not fucking him for one more night." With that said she grasped our mother's hand from her soft behind and moved it to the front to begin to stoke and probe her soft moist flesh.

"That's OK honey. We have him right were we want him now don't we?"

That said the two of them turned towards each other and smiled, and in unison they dropped to their knees in front of me, each grabbing one of my legs and running their fingers up towards my throbbing member. My sister reaching their goal first she grasped and stroked my pole as her face and open mouth slowly descended into my lap.

"Now just a second!" my mother cried as she slapped my sisters hand away. "You got the first serving yesterday I think today it's my turn. With that said she grasped my cock in both of her hands and led it towards her open and waiting mouth. At the moment my manhood entered her mouth she bit down lightly with her teeth and then began to caress it with her lips and the sides of her mouth. Farther and farther down went her lips until she had swallowed me whole. Pulling away, a trail of spit leading from the end of her lip to the tip of my penis, she continued to stroke it with her hand.

My sister, not one to let mom have all the fun took over from there, grasping my balls in one hand she removed my mothers hand from my penis with the other. Then grasping me in her hand, she directed me into her warm moist open mouth where she began to suck while running her lips up and down the length of my shaft. Faster and faster she went her head slapping against my stomach until it became more than I could bear. Grasping her face in my hands I pulled her away so that I could shower them both with cum that sprang from the tip of my penis. The sight of them both waiting there on their knees and naked in front of me, water streaming down their faces from the shower, mouths open trying to catch my juices their hands hiding in the moist folds of flesh between their legs. I lost myself in that moment it was more than I could bear, if I had known this would be the outcome I would have retuned home a long time ago.

After I finished the women got up and led me from the shower and into my sister's bedroom where the activities were sure to continue. Not sure if I would be able to participate right away but looking forward to what I thought would be the best show of my life I settled into the armchair that was conveniently positioned in front of my sister's bed. My mother and sister stood in front of me toe to toe their erect nipples the only part of their naked bodies that touched. Skin sparkling with beads of water from the shower would soon glisten with sweat. As if in slow motion their lips moved forward towards each other and their tongues slipped between them and met an instant before their lips locked. My sister's hands slipped up my mothers belly and began to massage her breasts as my mothers hands slipped between her legs and gently rubbed the folds of her pussy. Seeing my mothers hand start to shine I knew my sisters juices had begun flowing. I watched with rapt attention as my sister led my mother to her bed and forced her onto her back.

Once there she lifted her leg and started to kiss her feet, her tongue darting between our mother's toes and her lips slipping around and sucking on them. After just a few moments of this foreplay my sisters lips started kissing and sucking their way up my mothers legs her hands forcing them farther and farther apart until I could see the moistness that covered her lips and folds. Spreading her labia with her fingers my sister started kissing and licking my mothers clit her finger slipping deep inside her pussy and began stroking in that irresistible in and out motion. First one than two then three fingers found their way inside the penetration of each one bringing a grunt or groan of pleasure. Just imagining the feel of my mothers soft moist pussy as it slid up and down my sisters fingers was enough to bring back to full arousal. I did not want to spoil the show just yet but I couldn't a little stroking of my own. Watching my sister finger our mother I grabbed my stiff cock in my hand and slowly stroked it.

My stepmother, tired of waiting for her turn to taste the flavor of my sister's love moved her hips around so her pussy was directly over her face. All the while my sister continued to stroke our mothers pussy and lick and suck on her clit. As my mother's face rose up to bury itself deep between my sister's legs I heard a moan of pleasure escape from her lips. Not able to take it any longer I made my way over to the bed to join. My sister, now sitting upright directly over mom's face grasped my penis in her hands and stroked and played with it.

"Give mom a taste of what you gave me last night big brother." She begged.

Not being one to disapoint I made my way to join them on the bed. There laying before me were two gorgeous and naked women, wrapped in each others arms their flesh entwined their hands running up and down each others bodies, intent on giving pleasure to one another, I couldn't wait to become a part of it. My sister still straddling our mothers face at up so that I could join in their lovemaking. I placed my hands upon my mother's feet, the feel of her flesh against my hands sent shivers of pleasure through my body. Slowly my hands made their way up her legs, lifting and parting them along the way.

Climbing onto the bed and kneeling between her legs I leaned forward so that I could take her nipples in my mouth and tickle them with my lips and tongue. My sister's hands grasped my shoulders as I made my descent and ran down my back to my hips where they drew me into mom's embrace. My mothers legs encircled me and pulled me closer and I trembled as my cock made contact with her pussy. Her wetness told me that I need not wait any longer to enter her and slowly I stroked my cock against the outside of her pussy parting her lips with my manhood and teasing her clit with the tip. Anxious to feel me inside her, my mother's hips rose up to catch my teasing cock and slowly I slipped deep inside of her. Wanting to pinch myself to see if I was dreaming I held myself deep inside of her for moment, enjoying the feel of her moist insides against my stiff penis. Slowly I moved in and out of her wanting to enjoy ever stroke to its fullest.

I tried to imagine the sight of us there, my mother laying on her back on the bed her mouth and tongue exploring my sisters pussy, her hands pulling my sister close to her. My sister sitting atop of our mother's face, facing me while her hands roughly massaged her breasts, her eyes locked onto mine as I slowly made love to our mother. Our moans and cries urging each other to continue with the pleasure we were giving and receiving, the smell of our sex and sweat combining into the sweetest perfume. Faster and faster we went each of us crying out with ecstasy, our hands roaming each others bodies our limbs entwined around each other as if we were playing twister.

Our tongues licking off the sweat and juice of our lovemaking from each others bodies our lips kissing and sucking every inch of exposed flesh that they could find. Our cries and moans increased in frequency as we pleasured and received pleasure more and more. Until none of us could take it any longer and one by one we gave into our orgasms, crying out with joy as bolts of pleasure struck us like lightening, sending jolts of electricity running up and down our veins, causing our bodies to tremble and lose control of our limbs. Our bodies, covered with each others fluids, collapsed in a heap in the center of the bed as we tried to catch our breath. Not knowing where one of us began and the other ended but not wanting to move, we lay there enjoying the closeness of each other enjoying the moment that follows lovemaking.

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