tagIncest/TabooFamily Encounter Ch. 01

Family Encounter Ch. 01


"Oh yes, baby, suck my cock. Oh, Rachel, your tongue feels amazing."

This was my daily routine. I woke up and as soon as I gain my senses I can feel my cock start to stiffen. The more I think about it, the harder it gets. My balls start to ache and I need a release. A quick jerk is all I need before I get out of bed. My name is Richard. I'm 24 years old. Rachel, my fantasy girl, is my 19 year old sister. I felt ashamed when I first started fantasizing about my sister while jerking off, but I can't help it. I've had girlfriends in the past, but as soon as Tricia turned 18, other girls were not an option. Tricia had brown hair down to her shoulders. She had medium sized breasts...perfect to suck on and squeeze, or at least I imagine they would be. She had the perfect body in my mind.

My day continued normally. I went to work at the hardware store, using my lunch break to beat off once more. On Fridays, I always had to stay late. I had to clean the store up by myself and make sure everything was in order. I arrived home at around 10:30. The lights were all off at my house. My parents, my sister, and I were going to our cabin by the lake for the weekend. We were leaving very early in the morning and I knew they wanted to go to bed as early as possible.

I entered my house and grabbed a drink from the fridge. My body was sore and I needed to masturbate once more before sleeping. I walked upstairs and I could hear a thumping sound coming from my parent's room. Their door was closed and I knew they were fucking. My parents had a very healthy sexual side to them. It didn't bother me in the least bit, in fact, I could feel my cock start to tense up. I walked by their room and headed to the bathroom. I quickly brushed my teeth and changed into a pair of boxers and a T-shirt.

When I was done, I noticed that the thumping sound had stopped.

"Perhaps, they are going to bed..." I thought.

Rachel's door was before mine. I noticed that her lights were off, but her door was open a crack. I took a peek inside while slowly walking by, but she wasn't there. I walked up to the door, knocked softly twice and opened the door. No sign of her.

"Must be at a party or something...mom and dad will be pissed if she comes in after midnight", I thought to myself.

I paused in the doorway for a second. My mind began to wander while the blood started to rush to my crotch. I walked in and left the door ajar just in case someone came. I headed to her dresser and opened her top drawer. In it was a rainbow of panties and thongs. I lifted a couple up, imagining my sister in them. I reached to the back of the drawer and pulled out a small vibrator she tries to hide there. I brought it close to my nose and slowly smelled the aroma of young pussy. I closed my eyes and licked the dildo to get the magnificent taste on my tongue. My cock was rock hard at this point.

"Alright, goodnight Mom. Goodnight Dad."

"What was that!?" My head jerked around to the door. My sister was saying goodnight to my parents. I didn't know what to do. I couldn't go in the hallway or stay in this room. Certainly not with my boner sticking straight out and without sign of calming down. I panicked and ran into her closet. I was telling myself I was doomed. This was punishment for all those times I thought about her. Her closet was in the corner of her room opposite her bed. I ran in and while I started to close the door, she was opening the door to walk in. I didn't even have time to close the closet door.

My heart was pounding against my chest. I was sure she could hear it. I leaned against her dresses and jackets in the closet, but could still see into her room through the crack in the door. I was surprised when she entered the room wearing nothing but a faded yellow T-shirt that just barely covered her belly button and a pair of bright red cotton panties.

She looked so sexy, but I couldn't help but wonder where she was this entire time.

I watched her go up to the mirror next to her bed and watch herself. I watched her close her eyes and start to run her fingers over her breasts. Her nipples were instantly hard as she began to squeeze on her breasts. She made soft moaning sounds while her own hands explored her body. She watched herself twists her nipples outside her shirt and rub her fingers on the soft fabric of her underwear. She slowly walked to her bed and laid down. She removed her shirt and threw it to the side.

At this point my jaw dropped. Her breasts came to life bouncing around after being set free. She lay on her back with her crotch pointing straight toward me. This was turning out to be a dream come true. I watched red fabric of her panties start to darken as she rubbed herself more. She then removed her panties and threw them straight out and they landed right next to the closet door. I looked down, and then looked at her. Her eyes were closed and her mind was lost in ecstasy. I reached out and snatched the pair of underwear and brought them to my nose. They were very damp and the smell was so sweet my mouth began to water. I couldn't hold back anymore. I lowered my boxers and, in the darkness, I wrapped the damp panties around my cock and began to pump. I pictured myself fucking her soaking pussy while I watched her stick one finger, then two, then three into her hole. She sucked on her fingertips and I watched her body tense up and watched her lift her hips in the air while she had her orgasm. The sight of her giving herself over to pleasure was my breaking point. My cum shot into her panties, completely soaking them.

The smell of sex felt heavy in the room. While pulling my boxers up, I began to dread what would happen next. I'd have to sit in this dark closet without making a sound waiting for her to fall asleep. To my surprise, she fell asleep soon after. She didn't even both putting her clothes back on. She lay there stark naked, practically spread eagle. When I could hear her breathing heavily, I finally left the closet.

I walked by her bed, staring at my sisters body. The little girl who used to pester me all the time was now the object of my lust. I'd do anything to fuck her brains out right here, right now. I stared at her pussy, still a bit red from her vigorous rubbing.

"Perhaps...just a sniff." I thought

I slowly walked up to her bed. Her bald pussy was still wet from her juices. I brought my face down to her crotch and took a whiff. That's all it took to bring my boner back to attention. I needed to see how much I could get away with.

I brought two fingers down and placed them on her pussy lips. I paused and waited for any sign of life, but she continued her steady breathing pattern. I began to slowly rub my fingers in circles around her clit and her lips. This was already getting so hot. I released my cock from my boxers and began to slowly beat off. I rubbed my fingers against my lips to taste her sweet juices. I brought my hand back down to her body, this time her breasts. I rubbed around her nipples in circles. I could see that they were starting to stiffen. I started to beat my cock faster. Just then she moved. I panicked and almost let out a quick yell, but all she did was turn to lie on her stomach. I paused for a couple of minutes. Her breathing was still steady, she was still asleep. I got my first great shot of my sister's ass. I started pumping my cock again.

I noticed her head was very close to the edge of the bed. Her soft lips just begging to have a cock near them. I grabbed my dick and pressed it against her lips. My eyes rolled in the back of my head. There was no way I could fuck her mouth without her realizing it, so I simply rubbed my head around her lips a few times. I pulled away and started to beat even faster. I walked down to her ass and began to caress it with my fingers. I spread her cheeks ever so slightly and looked at her brown hole. It looked soft, but tight. I slowly used one finger and began to rub her asshole. My other hand began to ferociously pump on my cock. As I was getting more and more into it, I managed to start opening her asshole up and letting my finger slide in. At this point, I didn't care if she woke up.


I stopped everything. Was my sister awake? What did she just say? I stopped and listened closely.

"..daddy...don't stop...mmm"

I couldn't believe it. While I was fingering her asshole, she started to have a sex dream about my father!

I didn't know what to do. Thoughts began rushing through my mind. I pictured my father fucking Rachel's ass. I couldn't believe it. Was this just another fantasy of mine? I needed to know.

There was nothing I could do now though. I sucked on my finger for a bit, then reinserted it into her ass. I was determined to cum right there. I pumped my cock. I could feel my balls tighten and soon I released a few strings of pearly white cum onto her lower back.

My last orgasm was quite fulfilling. I decided to leave the cum on her back and I decided that there was some questions that needed to be answered, but first...sleep.

To be continued...

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