tagIncest/TabooFamily Evolution Ch. 02

Family Evolution Ch. 02


Will was amazed at how quickly it felt normal for him to sleep with his sisters. He would initiate as often as they would, sometimes it was tender and loving and other times it was just pure raw sex. His sisters were alike in many ways but unique in others, Daisy tended to be more submissive while Lexi was more aggressive.

The three siblings had not yet slept together and while that's nearly every man's fantasy, Will was happy to let it happen whenever it happened. While they never worked out a schedule for when Will would be with one sister or the other, Will had the idea his sisters had worked out something behind his back. Not that he was complaining, he enjoyed the time he had with Lexi and Daisy separately.

Generally Will and Daisy would have sex during the way while Lexi and Mary were out of the house (on the days that Lexi worked day shifts at the restaurant) and Will and Lexi would have sex at night when she got home, often with Lexi spending the entire night in her brother's bed. On the occasions Lexi worked nights, the roles reversed.

It was a Wednesday a few weeks after they started sleeping together when Will and Daisy found themselves home alone. Daisy didn't have a part-time job, deciding instead to (occasionally) work with her brother in his wood shop during the moments his wood wasn't inside of her.

That morning they had breakfast together with Daisy sitting on her brother's lap feeding him fruit. She rubbed against his growing erection as she fed him some mango, "eat up lover, you need your strength" she teased.

Will smiled as he pulled his sister closer to him; squeezing and then tickling her which made her squirm and playfully scream. "Yes ma'am."

Daisy took a piece of fruit for herself and then gave another to her brother, alternating back and forth until their meal was done. "What's the plan for today?" she asked with a mischievous glimmer in her eye.

"I'm almost done the dining room set for the Brooks family; I want to get that finished before a certain someone saps my strength."

Daisy giggled, "Are you talking about moi?"

Will stood up, holding his sister in his arms as her legs wrapped around his waist, she bit her lip as he pressed her against the wall, "I'm talking about the horny little minx wrapped around my body right now," he said as he leaned in to kiss her.

Daisy moaned as she kissed her brother, she felt completely safe in his arms and loved the feeling of his cock as it pressed against her. Will and Daisy kissed like the lovers they had become, his tongue slipped into her mouth as they kissed with the kind of hunger a brother can only have for his sister and a sister for her brother.

Finally Will broke the kiss, "I could do this all day but I do have to work."

Daisy pouted, not letting her brother get away that easy. "You sure you couldn't stay for a little longer?" she asked as she leaned in to kiss him again.

Will groaned as his kissed his sister back, "mmmmmmm Daisy, you know I'd love to go back to bed and spend all day there with you but..."

Daisy smiled, "...but you made a commitment, I get it," she said.

Daisy slithered down her brother's body as he pulled her away from the wall. She fell to her knees and looked up at him, "but that doesn't mean I'm not going to show you what you're missing..."

Will didn't have the willpower to stop his sister as she undid his jeans, pushed down his boxers and pulled out his cock. She started to stroke him as she looked up at her brother, "oh how I love this cock..." she said as she leaned in to lick and then kiss his shaft.

Will moaned as Daisy licked his cock and placed sensual kisses along his shaft. Daisy had become extremely enamored with his cock since their first night together and had taken it upon herself to improve her cock sucking skills. Will never had an issue with the way she sucked his cock, but he sure wasn't going to tell her to stop "practicing" as she called it.

Will looked down at his youngest sister as she started to suck his cock. Her soft pouty lips washed over his shaft and he shuddered with lust, "every brother should experience this feeling, the feeling of your own sister sucking your cock..." he groaned.

Daisy smiled around her brother's cock and moaned her agreement. She lifted her lips from Will's cock, swirled her tongue around his head and then sucked him back into her mouth.

Daisy hummed as she sucked her brother's cock, she felt his hand move to her head as she sucked him and moaned, she loved when her brother touched her, guided her and commanded her. Will started to fuck his pretty sister's face as she sucked his pole, she moaned and whined around his cock as his hands moved from guiding his cock deeper to sweeping hair from her face so he could watch his sister suck his cock.

Daisy started to cup and play with her brother's balls while she sucked his cock; she pulled his dick from her mouth so she could suck on his balls as well. "Mmmmmm fuck yessssss Daisy," Will groaned.

Will looked down as his cock rubbed against his sister's face while she sucked his balls, she looked so sweet and yet so dirty. Daisy stroked her brother's hard cock, loving how big and hard it felt in her hand, she stroked it slowly then started to suck on the head again before inhaling her brother once more.

Will's moans grew louder and louder as his sister sucked his cock until he couldn't help himself anymore, "I'm going to cum Daisy," he warned.

Daisy responded by sucking her brother's cock even harder, her signal she wanted to taste him.

Will looked down at his sister once more and then shuddered with lust, his cum shooting down Daisy's throat.

"Uhhhhhh Daisy, Daisy, Daisy..." He moaned.

Will grunted and jerked as he came, his sister gobbling up his cum. "Mmmmmmmmm god yes..." he groaned.

Daisy swallowed her brothers cum and then lifted her mouth off his shaft, licking her lips with a satisfied smile on her face.

Daisy stood up, "something to remember me by when you're out working big boy," she teased before kissing his cheek and walking upstairs.


It wasn't easy but Will was able to get his mind off his sister and onto his work as he got settled in his work shop. He was working on a couple projects beyond just the dining room set, he was restoring a dresser and a couple chairs, staining a desk and making some deck chairs for use at a cabin up north. It was a lot to do but he had his methods and never took on too much to avoid feeling overwhelmed. His reputation was starting to get to the point he could afford to be picky with his projects and charge more.

Will was lost in his work when Daisy entered his work shop with some lemonade. He looked up when she turned off his music and smiled when he saw her. Daisy was wearing some short cut offs and a tank top, her hair in a ponytail. She looked positively delectable.

"Thought you could use some refreshment," she said, meaning more than just the lemonade.

Will smiled as his sister poured them both a glass, "thanks" he said as he downed the drink.

"Whatcha working on?" Daisy asked as she stepped closer.

"Well, I was just stripping this desk down so I could put some Tung oil on it, it's a great piece of wood, I don't know why people mess with them, just let the wood do the talking," he replied.

"I like your tongue," Daisy teased.

Will chuckled and held out his hand, Daisy took it. Will led her over to a different desk he had just sanded and put some Tung oil on, "doesn't that look better than some crazy color? Sometimes all they need is a little oil and some T.L.C."

Daisy nodded her agreement as she turned to her brother, "can I help?" she asked. Will smiled and guided her over to the desk he was working on when she entered, he handed her some sandpaper.

"I'm almost done sanding this one down, it just needs a little more work," he said.

Daisy smiled as she took the sandpaper and bent over the desk, displaying her tight round ass to her brother as she started to work. "Like this?" Daisy asked as she looked back over her shoulder.

Will smiled and moved behind his sister, his body pressed against hers, his cock against her as his hand took her hand and they sanded together.

"Mmmmmmm" Daisy moaned.

"It needs to be nice and smooth," Will whispered in Daisy's ear, "just like my sisters pussy..."

Daisy teased her brother "which sister?"

Will grinned and pressed his cock against his sister, "both" he replied.

Will took the sandpaper from his sister's hand and put it on the desk, he stood Daisy up but held her body against his. He kissed her neck, his breath hot on her skin as she felt his hand move down her body to unzip her shorts and slip his hand inside.

Daisy whined with lust as she felt her brother's hand slip under her panties and rub her pussy. Will half groaned in her ear, "mmmmm nice and smooth..."

Daisy turned around and they kissed once more as her shorts fell to the floor. Will picked her up off her feet and carried her over to the desk he used for his paper work. Daisy clung to her brother and giggled when he roughly cleared the desk so he could put his sister down on it.

He kissed her again and then pulled her panties down, throwing them over his shoulder. Daisy's chest heaved with excitement and lust as she watched her brother take off his t-shirt and then his jeans. She pulled him closer and tugged down his boxers, watching as his cock spring free.

Will leaned into his sister as he kissed her once more. Daisy moaned as she felt her brother's hard cock rub against her while they held one another and kissed.

Will pulled off his sister and pulled her off the desk with him, "turn around Daisy, and bend over the desk."

Daisy smiled and did as she was told; she lewdly bent over the desk, displaying her wet pussy to her brother. Daisy heard Will groan with desire and it made her even hornier, she loved the way he looked at her. Daisy watched as Will's hand snaked into his pants to grab his phone, he couldn't help himself and just had to take a picture.

Daisy moaned as her brother took a picture of her with his phone. "Turn the video on for a moment Billy", she said.

Will did as he was asked and groaned when his little sister wiggled her ass and rubbed her wet pussy on camera for him. She licked her own fingers clean and looked right at the camera, "I love fucking my big brother..."she moaned.

Will pressed stop and then put his phone down, "my little sister is going to get a fucking right now," he said.

Daisy smiled and moaned as her brother grabbed her body and held her tight, he pushed her down, her breasts rubbing against his desk.

She felt his hands on her body and then felt his cock slide inside of her as both brother and sister moaned with desire.

Will groaned as his cock slid back inside Daisy, her pussy was so warm and tight he couldn't get enough of it. He pulled back and then thrust inside her again as he started to fuck her hard and deep.

"Ooooooooooo yesssss.." Daisy moaned as her brother started to fuck her.

Will looked at the sight of his youngest sister bent over his desk, his cock deep inside of her and fucked her even harder. He grunted as he fucked her harder and deeper, her tight young pussy gripping him tightly as they mated in his wood shop.

Will leaned into Daisy as he thrust into her again and again; he leaned down to lick up her spine as his cock slid balls deep inside her.

Daisy pushed back against her brother's cock, fucking her big brother as her big brother fucked her.

Will's balls slapped against his sister as he thrust deeper and harder into her. Daisy's moans and whines of lust fuelled his desire as he fucked her even harder.

Will thrust into his sister over and over, not stopping, not slowing down as he fucked his youngest sister. Daisy looked back at her brother as he fucked her, her hair tangled, her skin glistening with sweat as she was fucked hard by her brother. "I love this so much Billy, I love you so much... " she said.

Will smiled as he pulled out of his sister, "I love you too Mags."

Daisy frowned when Will's cock left her; he lifted her off the desk and onto his lap as he sat back into his chair. "Be a good sister and sit on your brother's cock."

Daisy smiled as she propped herself up on her brother, grabbed his cock and started to sit on it. "Huhhhnnnnnnn..." She moaned as she bit her lip and took more and more of Will's big cock inside her.

Will's hands moved to his sister's body, holding her and stroking her softly as she moved deeper and deeper on his dick until his sweet little sister was impaled on her brother's cock.

"You're so insanely hot," he groaned as he kissed her, Daisy returned his passion ten-fold.

Will held Daisy's body as he started to thrust up into her, lifting her body with him until she joined him by riding his cock.

Daisy's breasts bounced as she rode her brother. His big thick shaft thrust up into her as he fucked her back.

They kissed each other hungrily, lost in the sex as they fucked like rabbits. The only person Will had ever felt this way with was Lexi and no one had come close to either of his sisters.

Will and Daisy groaned, moaned and moved together, their bodies glistening with sweat as they fucked each other royally. The more she fucked her brother the more Daisy knew she only wanted to fuck him, she may have been only 18 but when you know, you know. And Daisy knew the only man she ever wanted to fuck was her brother.

The sound of their mating brought Daisy back to the present as their orgasms grew and grew and then erupted all at once.

Will shot a big load inside of his sister as she shuddered and came all over his cock, Daisy gripped her brother tightly as she came all over him and felt him fill her once more.

"Mmmmmmm yes oh god yes oh god yes oh god yes," she groaned.

Will thrust into his sister once again as he groaned with her, "ummmmmmm fuck Daisy, you're incredible, you're so amazing."

The two siblings came down from their sexual high and kissed once more, Will's cock still inside his sister.

Will looked up at Daisy, "how about we go shower and then have some lunch?"

And with that Will picked up his naked, freshly fucked sister and quickly carried her inside the house.


Will actually did get some work done that day and the entire week with plenty of assistance from Daisy. Despite his pseudo lesson the other day in his work shop she knew how to sand down a piece of wood and helped her brother's productivity by sanding and staining what was necessary depending on the client.

Between fucking Daisy, Lexi and the growing success of his small business this was quickly becoming a summer to remember. It was certainly a busy one, he rarely had a moment to relax between working and fucking his sisters.

Will and his sisters didn't just have sex. They went out on two and three person dates, acting as any normal siblings would, who also just happened to have sex. Will and Lexi went to some baseball games, Will and Daisy went to some symphony in the park performances and all three went to the fair a couple times when it was in town.

During all this time Mary continued her torrid pace at work, completely oblivious about what her three children were up to at home. She had no reason to suspect anything; they took care of themselves and never caused any trouble.

It was a warm Friday night when Lexi and Will walked home from a date night out, dinner and a movie. They had acted somewhat like a couple but nothing that would raise any eyebrows; in any event, they didn't run into anyone they knew. Mary was working another late night at the office, something that bothered both Will and Lexi.

"I hate how hard mom is working, I can't believe the hours they make her work," Lexi said, clearly annoyed.

"I know," Will said, agreeing with his sister. "They take advantage of her hard working nature, she just can't say no. We'll have to talk to her about taking some time off or she's going to burn herself out."

Lexi leaned into her brother as they walked, taking his hand and leaning into his arm, "in the meantime, that means she is working late and Daisy is at that pool party, so we have the whole house to ourselves..." she smiled.

Will and Lexi walked up to their house and entered, locking the door behind them. Lexi turned around to face her brother, "where do you want to do it, the kitchen? Living room? Hot tub? Den?"

Will grinned and picked up his sister, he threw her over his shoulder and carried her downstairs. Will smacked her ass as he carried Lexi down to his apartment, "down here, you get loud and we don't need to get caught," he said.

Lexi grinned from ear to ear as Will carried her downstairs, she grabbed his door and slammed it shut as they went down the stairs.

Once they reached his room he threw her on the bed but Lexi wasn't content to lie there and wait for her brother. She grabbed him by the collar and rolled him on his back, straddling him as she pinned him down.

Lexi grinded against her brother as she leaned down to kiss him and then pulled off his shirt, "I've wanted to do this all night," she moaned.

Will lay back and enjoyed the sensation as his sister took off his shirt and started to kiss his chest, her kisses moving lower and lower until she reached his belt, undoing it as she tugged down his pants.

Will's cock made a lump in his boxers as his pants were discarded. Lexi leaned down to pull his cock out of his boxers and immediately started to suck his throbbing member.

Will groaned loudly as his sister sucked his cock, lewdly sucking and slurping on his cock as he laid on his back.

Lexi moaned and groaned around his cock as she sucked it, she paused sucking him so she could stroke his wet cock and suck him again, deep throating his prick. Lexi's tongue dragged slowly up Will's shaft before she sucked his cock deep inside her eager mouth, her head bobbing up and down his cock.

Lexi paused sucking Will's cock so she could get naked as well, her nipples hardened as Will lay back to watch her strip, her body still over his as her top came off followed by her bra, skirt and panties.

Lexi's pussy was wet and she felt her brother's eyes on her as he gazed at her, he truly enjoyed her body. She was used to men staring at her, her breasts in particular, but Will loved every inch of her body. He spent most of the previous night kissing her torso before he ate her out for 20 minutes and then fucked her. Their fuck Thursday night was slow and sensual, more tender than usual. Tonight was going to be pure lust.

Lexi squealed as Will pushed her back and got between her legs, he loved eating her pussy. Her hands went to his head as his tongue washed over her pussy. Will quickly buried his head between his sister's thighs as he tasted her moist twat and devoured her.

Will's tongue teased and taunted Lexi as his hands grabbed her thighs and put them over his shoulders, Lexi offered her pussy to her brother as he ate her out on his bed. Lexi had spent almost as much time in her brother's bed the past month since they started as her own. She preferred to sleep next to her brother after they fucked and even on the rare nights they didn't.

Now Will played with her clit as he rubbed and fingered her wet snatch. Her passion and lust for her brother was obvious, her pussy on fire as Will ate her out.

Will kissed his sister and then slithered up her body, leaving a trail of pussy juice marked kisses all over her body as he went higher and higher. Finally Will reached Lexi's breasts, he loved her breasts, they were large but not overly so for her body. Lexi had the kind of breasts that looked as good naked as hidden behind a t-shirt, the kind of breasts that were impossible to ignore.

Her nipples were very sensitive as Will started to lick and suck them; he left a trail of saliva as he went from breast to breast and back again.

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