tagIncest/TabooFamily First Ch. 04

Family First Ch. 04


After her mom's visit, Christina tried to focus on the videogame she'd been playing, hoping it would distract her from all the strange things she'd just heard. It didn't work. No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't stop replaying their discussion over and over in her mind. The thought of having a steamy threesome with Danny and her mom was not something she ever would have considered on her own, but she found it incredibly exciting nonetheless. She couldn't wait to tell Danny all about it.

Fortunately, she didn't have to wait long. After dying over and over again on the same boss battle for fifteen minutes, she got a text from Danny giving the all clear to come over. After checking her appearance in the mirror, she crept quietly into the hallway.

As she made her way to the stairs, the sound of muffled conversation coming from her parent's bedroom caught her attention. Unable to resist the temptation to snoop, she dropped to her hands and knees and pressed her ear to the gap between the carpet and the bottom of the door. She felt guilty for spying, but she was unbearably curious about her dad's reaction to everything that had happened over the last few days.

The first sound she heard was the creaking of bedsprings, followed by her father's hoarse voice saying, "Is everything okay pun'kin?" Christina's breath caught in her throat. That had been his terms of endearment for her for as long she could remember.

An even bigger shock followed shortly thereafter, when she heard her mom say, "I don't know, Daddy! I just feel so hot and itchy between my legs, and the more I scratch, the worse it gets!" Somehow her mom managed to make her voice sound innocent and dripping with sexuality all at the same time.

Jesus, is Mom pretending to be me... for Dad?" she asked herself. The answer came soon enough as her parents continued playing through their taboo scenario.

For several long minutes, she lay there in stunned silence, listening to her parents work each other up by pretending to be a father and daughter. They never said Christina's name, but the fact that Ray kept calling Diane 'pun'kin' left little doubt in her mind about who they were imagining in this scenario.

Christina was already worked up in anticipation over visiting Danny, but hearing her parents fantasize about fucking her added even more fuel to the fire. She knew she should be shocked, and maybe even offended by what she was hearing, but the thought of having sex with her Dad was too strange and exciting to ignore.

Given what she'd learned about her mom's incestuous fantasies, she supposed it made sense that her dad might feel the same way. It was a surprisingly flattering realization. She'd always thought he was a handsome man and never failed to notice when other women, her mother included, were checking him out. Christina felt confident that he would never cheat on her mom, but he must have had plenty of opportunities over the years. Butterflies formed in her stomach at the thought that he might want to fool around with her, of all people.

Her train of thought was interrupted by the sound of Diane begging Ray to fuck her, followed by a piercing shriek of sexual release as he gave her what she wanted. Christina stumbled back, surprised at the forcefulness of her mother's howls of pleasure.

The sound of their intense fucking was loud enough that she no longer needed to put her ear to the door to get a good sense of what was happening. There was something so incredibly strange and exciting about listening to her parents fucking, and soon her clit was erect and begging for attention. Just as she started to reach beneath the hem of her pants, though, she realized that the last thing she wanted was to be caught masturbating in the hallway outside of her parents' bedroom. There was also the fact that Danny was probably waiting for her and wondering what was taking so long.

It wasn't until she was outside in the cool night air that Christina realized just how much of a sexual charge she'd gotten from spying on her parents. As excited as she was, part of her also worried that things might be moving too quickly. Losing her virginity to Danny had been a big step, but actually fucking her parents would be a whole different kind of crazy.

The fact that it was even a possibility was hard to believe, but she was even more surprised by the intense ball of excitement that formed in the pit of her stomach every time she wondered what her dad's cock looked like or whether her mom was good at eating pussy. The attraction wasn't all physical, of course. Her parents were attractive people, but beneath all of that was a solid foundation of love and support. She knew, deep down, that if she actually did fuck her parents, they would go out of their way to make it a spectacular experience for her.

It was the same mixture of lust and genuine affection that had driven her into Danny's arms, a decision she hadn't regretted for even the tiniest instant. She couldn't wait to tell him about her conversation with her mom, as well as what she'd overheard.

Danny knew she was on the way, so she didn't bother knocking on his window before she slid it open and carefully crawled inside. He was sitting on his bed, propped up against the headboard with a few pillows. He had been typing something out on his phone, but he tossed it aside when she came in. She let out an excited sigh at the sight of him, hoping she never got over the intense feelings of attachment and affection she felt whenever he was nearby.

"Everything alright?" he asked. "I was starting to think something happened."

"Yeah, everything's fine. I'll tell you all about it in a little bit. First, though, I need to get out of these clothes."

She loved the way Danny's eyes stayed glued to her body as she pulled her t-shirt over her head and removed her bra. This wasn't the sexy strip-tease she'd given him the night before. The only thought going through her mind was how badly she wanted to feel her naked skin against his own. Her body burned with excitement as he devoured her with his eyes. Smiling seductively, she pulled down her jeans and underwear, kicking them aside before joining him on the bed. Danny wasted no time stripping off his t-shirt and underwear, joining her in her nudity.

"That's better," Christina said, wrapping her body up in his. Danny pulled her into a lover's embrace, meeting her in a passionate, tongue-filled kiss.

He was more aggressive than he'd been in their previous encounters. As his tongue dueled with her own, and he gently caressed her exposed skin, she wondered whether he'd taken her advice about being more aggressive to heart.

They made out for several long minutes, simply enjoying each other's presence and savoring the buildup of their arousal. Christina loved the way her erect nipples dragged against his sparse chest hair and the feeling of his hard cock rubbing insistently against her taut stomach, leaving trails of precum cooling on her skin.

Surprising her yet again, Danny pushed one of his legs between her own, pressing his thigh against the length of her slit. "Mmmm... that's nice... " she moaned as she rutted against him. It wasn't quite the same as fucking, but the feeling of constant pressure on her clit and swollen pussy lips felt blissfully erotic.

Returning the favor, she reached between them and grasped his cock, eliciting a sharp moan. She stroked him slowly, paying particularly close attention to the sensitive skin beneath his cockhead as they moaned into each other's mouths, only breaking their wet, tongue-filled kisses when one of them needed to briefly come up for air. Christina's skin felt electric as they ground their bodies into each other, every inch of her desiring further contact with his body.

Just as she was getting ready to take things to the next level, Danny broke their kiss. "Your hand feels amazing, but I bet your mouth would feel even better." he said, smiling awkwardly. He still seemed a bit uncomfortable taking charge, but she appreciated that he was making an effort.

"I bet it would," she replied, grinning back at him. "But what about my poor, neglected little pussy?" She unsuccessfully tried to suppress a giggle as she pouted like a sad puppy. "It's so hot and wet for you, and it needs your attention." She suddenly realized that she was unconsciously mimicking the voice she'd heard her mom using just a few minutes ago.

Danny flashed her an irrepressible grin. "Want me to kiss it and make it feel better?" he asked, gently spreading her legs and exposing her moist gash to his hungry gaze. She loved how he seemed to genuinely enjoy getting her off, even if it meant postponing his own pleasure.

"I've got a better idea," she said, narrowing her eyes and smiling seductively back at him. "Why don't we take care of each other at the same time." He didn't need to respond. His twitching cock did a better job of expressing his feelings than words ever could.

With her legs splayed open, she reached forward and took him in hand yet again. Leading him by his cock, she wordlessly guided him into position. Soon, he was on his hands and knees, his throbbing dick bobbing right in her face. She suddenly got a wicked idea. Lifting her neck, she sucked both of his balls into her mouth, eliciting a surprised yelp from Danny. She let out a guttural moan as she gently suckled them, sending pleasant vibrations up the base of his shaft.

"Ahh... fuck, that feels nice," Danny groaned, lowering his hips to give her easier access.

"I'm glad you're enjoying it, but this pussy isn't going to lick itself," she said, using her index and middle finger to spread her lips, exposing the pink treasure within. "Oh, yessss..." she hissed as Danny leaned forward and buried his face between her legs.

He made several broad swipes with his tongue before using his hands to spread her open even wider. Christina loved the feeling of being so open and exposed to him. The knowledge that her cousin was staring at her most private of places caused a small dribble of her lubrication to leak from her opening, making her shiver as it dripped down to the pink star of her sensitive anus.

"Eat me..." she muttered, as she turned her attention from his balls to the underside of his straining erection. A moment later, Danny was using his whole mouth to pleasure her, alternating between lapping hungrily at her pulsing entrance, and gently sucking her lips into his mouth, tickling her blood-engorged flesh with the tip of his tongue.

Christina went wild as Danny explored her sex with his mouth. With her feet planted firmly on the bed, she pushed her hips upward, trying to drive more of herself into his mouth. She was so wrapped up in the lightning bolts of pleasure flowing from her crotch that she forgot about the hard cock hanging in her face. It wasn't until Danny lowered his hips and started grinding against her lips that she realized she wasn't fulfilling her end of their bargain.

Gripping the base of his cock, she guided him to her open mouth, causing Danny to let out a deep groan that reverberated through her loins. She loved having his dick in her mouth. The soft skin of his shaft felt like it was made for her tongue to lick, and the musky taste of his sweat and precum worked like a powerful aphrodisiac, filling her with some instinctive need to taste his cum.

Christina discovered that from this angle, it was much easier to suppress her gag reflex, making her curious about how much of him she could take. She'd always enjoyed watching porn videos of women deepthroating men's cocks, and she'd often wondered whether she'd be able to do the same. This seemed like as good a time as any to find out.

With his cock lodged firmly between her lips, she gripped both of his firm ass cheeks and started pulling him down, letting him slide deeper and deeper into her mouth until she felt his head brush against the back of her throat. She paused a moment, taking a few deep breaths from her nose, before pulling him deeper, suppressing her gag reflex as he pushed into her throat, continuing until her lips were wrapped tightly around the base of his shaft.

Danny let out another excited groan but, much to Christina's delight, he never stopped tending to her overheated pussy with his mouth. If anything, he became even more insistent, alternating between thrusting his tongue deep into her opening, and making gentle fluttering motions on her excited little clit.

Christina let out an excited gurgle around his invading member, not quite believing that she'd managed to take the whole thing. It felt so incredibly erotic to have her cousin's tongue working over her pussy while her mouth was stuffed full of his pulsing, twitching cock. Even the feeling of his fuzzy balls tickling the tip of her nose was thrilling in its own weird way.

It wasn't enough though. She wanted more. The only thing that could satisfy her lust was to feel his wonderful cock fucking her face, sliding in and out until he filled her mouth with another load of his delicious spunk.

Unable to speak, she gripped his hips and gently rocked him back and forth, showing him what she wanted. Danny picked up on her cues immediately, and started thrusting in and out, savoring the tight seal of her lips on his shaft and the feeling of her wet tongue curling and sliding around his sensitive head each time he pulled out.

As Danny slowly fucked her face, Christina found herself wondering whether her parents ever did this kind of thing. Imagining the two of them in this position sent shivers down her spine. Would her father enjoy fucking her face as much as Danny did? She sure hoped so.

Her taboo fantasies about her dad, combined with Danny's insistent tongue on her clit were too much for her overstimulated body to take, and within moments, she was cumming. She jerked and shuddered against him, trapping his head between her thighs and holding him closer to her pulsing center. It wasn't until she started to come to her senses that it suddenly occurred to her that Danny might not be able to breathe.

After loosening her death grip, Danny did indeed come up momentarily for air. "Mmm... I love when you cum in my mouth," he said. "And you're making my cock feel so good." With his free hand, he gently rubbed her swollen pussy, enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm.

With another lewd groan, Christina got back to work sucking his hard cock, and before long, Danny was fucking her face with quick, shallow strokes, grunting every time the ridge of his cock-head slid into her throat. Sensing that his orgasm was imminent, she grasped the base of his cock and started frantically jerking his shaft while focusing her suction on his sensitive tip, coaxing out the hot cum she so desperately desired.

"Ohhh, FUCK! Here it comes!" he moaned, pulling his face away from her drenched crotch.

"Mmm Hmm..." Christina replied, letting him know she was ready without letting up on his straining erection. Moments later, she felt his shaft swell and he started pumping her mouth full of his sticky semen.

Christina felt a fresh wave of excitement as he started spurting in her mouth, but she quickly realized that she wouldn't be able to swallow all of his significant outpouring. Instead, she contented herself with holding as much of it in her mouth as she could and letting the rest dribble out around the corners of her mouth.

When his balls were finally empty, Danny gave a satisfied grunt and rolled off to the side, allowing Christina to sit up straight. She savored the awe-struck look on his face as she opened her mouth wide, showing him the pearly white mess he'd made and inadvertently letting more of it drip down her chin and onto her freckled breasts. With slutty smile, she gathered his sticky fluid on her tongue and swallowed it with an exaggerated gulp.

"I love it when you come in me... and on me," Christina said taking note of the way Danny's eyes were drawn to her cum-smeared breasts and making no effort to clean them off. She felt her pointed nipples crinkle and harden as his warm cum ran over them.

Danny smiled shyly back at her. "I love making you cum, too," he said. "It's so hot seeing you lose control like that."

Now it was Christina's turn to feel self-conscious, even though she knew there was no reason to be. Neither of them were accustomed to being objects of sexual attention, and as nice as it felt to be wanted, it still wasn't an easy thing to get used to.

For several long minutes, they just sat there, basking in the pleasure of each other's company. No matter how crazy and complicated the situation around them became, their relationship remained an emotional oasis for them both, just as it always had.

It was Danny who finally broke their silence. "So... We should probably talk..."

"Yeah, you're right," Christina replied, knowing exactly where this conversation was headed. "My mom told me what happened this afternoon. I'm sorry, Danny. I really didn't think she'd say anything."

"Don't worry about it. We were both careless. I just can't believe we got busted on our very first time!"

"Well we are kind of amateurs at this," she said with a grin.

Danny smiled along with her. "I just about had a heart attack when she told me she knew about the two of us 'being intimate' as she put it. What's weird, though, is that she didn't seem all that upset. I'm not sure what your mom said to her, but whatever it was distracted her big time. This is going to sound weird, but she had this glazed over look in her eyes, almost like she was turned on or something."

"Wow..." Christina mumbled. She didn't know what this new bit of information meant, but she was sure it had something to do with her mother. "Do you think she got turned on talking about the two of us?"

"The idea of my mom getting turned on by... well, just about anything, is almost too weird to think about. There was definitely something going on there, though." Changing the subject slightly, he said, "I guess the good news is that she's not angry... All she said was that we'd have to be more discreet and that she'd have to talk to my dad about it when he gets home from his business trip."

Danny seemed a bit dismayed by this point, but Christina knew that if anyone would be fine with the two of them hooking up, it would be her uncle. Unlike her aunt, Tim was one of the most fun-loving, laid back people she knew.

"I wouldn't worry about it," she said. "If your mom is okay with it, I can't imagine a situation where your dad isn't."

"Good point," he said, brightening up considerably. "So, did your mom talk to you, too?" he asked.

"Yeah, she did. She said basically the same thing your mom did. The only time she got angry was when I told her about what we did in the locker room this afternoon."

"Can't really blame her," Danny said. "Honestly, I'm still paranoid about the door being open when we left. I love you, and I love fucking you, but we'd be so screwed if anyone at school ever found out."

"You're right. It was stupid. I wouldn't worry about the door, though. That area of the school is practically empty in the middle of the day." From his concerned expression, she could tell that he wasn't entirely convinced. "At least now that our parents know what's going on, we won't have to worry about sneaking around behind their backs. I'm not thrilled that we got caught, but it's kind of a relief in a way--don't you think?"

"Definitely. So, has your mom told your dad yet?"

Christina hesitated. "I... Yeah... I'm pretty sure he knows..."

"What do you mean, 'pretty sure'?"

"Well... I still haven't talked to him about it. Mom went to tell him everything after she talked to me, and I may have overheard a few things on the way out, though."

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