tagIncest/TabooFamily First Ch. 05

Family First Ch. 05


A cool breeze floated through Mary Wheeler's open window as she lay awake in her otherwise empty bed. She was having trouble sleeping and hoped some fresh air would help clear her mind. It wasn't working.

The day had begun with the revelation that her son, Danny, had been having sex right under her nose, and had only gotten worse from there. She cringed as she remembered the verbal beating she'd given her sister-in-law, Diane, when she learned that not only was Danny fucking his cousin, Christine, but Diane had actually encouraged the relationship. All of that would have been bad enough, if not for the knowledge that her most shameful secret, something she'd tried to bury and deny for decades, was finally out in the open.

She felt like an idiot for the slip-of-tongue that lead to her admitting her sexual attraction to her brother, Ray. She undoubtedly could have come up with a serviceable lie or simply refused to answer, but the truth was that she was sick and tired of keeping her feelings locked up inside.

As soon as the words left her mouth, she braced herself for a torrent of disgust and ridicule, but it never came. Instead, Diane was actually aroused by the thought of her fucking Ray.

The only question that remained was whether she could actually convince herself to go through with it, and that was where things got complicated.

Diane had insisted that it wouldn't be cheating, and technically, she was right. Mary was in an open marriage, after all. Still, she doubted that Tim had been thinking about his brother-in-law when he gave her permission to take other lovers. In hindsight, she wondered there wasn't a tiny sliver of hope that her taboo fantasy might one day be fulfilled when she consented to his request.

Even though she knew that Tim slept with other women when he went into the city for business, they never talked about it. Part of their agreement was that he would keep that part of his life completely separate from his family. What she knew for sure was that whenever Tim returned from a long business trip, the first thing did was take her upstairs and fuck her like a man possessed. Whenever she was feeling jealous or lonely, she tried to remember that whatever part of her husband she was sharing with those other women was always paid back to her with interest when he came home.

She knew that Diane didn't approve of their arrangement, but the truth was that it worked for them. Sleeping with Ray would be something entirely different, though. She wouldn't be having sex with some anonymous man that Tim would never have to meet or engage with. It would be happening quite literally in their backyard.

As thrilling as the idea of fucking her brother was, she knew that if she actually went through with it, she wouldn't be able to look her husband in the eyes ever again. She'd spent the better part of twenty-five years reminding herself that her incestuous fantasies were sick and wrong. It didn't matter that her nipples stiffened at the thought of his touch, and her pussy tingled with excitement every time she saw him in a swimsuit. Even in the unlikely circumstance that Ray was actually interested, and Tim and Diane gave their consent, she knew she'd never get past the mental blocks she'd spent so long constructing for herself.

It wasn't just concern for Danny that had driven her to anger earlier that afternoon. She was jealous as well. Danny and Christina had thrown caution to the wind and done something they enjoyed, apparently without guilt or regret. Part of her wished she could do the same.

Just as she was resigning herself to the fact that she'd never have the nerve to follow through on her sister-in-law's offer, her mind flashed back to what she'd done with Diane in the back seat of their family car. She remembered the way her fingers went clammy and her pussy throbbed when Diane pulled down her pants, exposing herself to Mary's excited gaze.

Something about seeing Diane's lewd display woke something within her that wouldn't be denied. It wasn't that her inhibitions had disappeared. Far from it. Her brain was screaming at her the whole time, reminding her how slutty she was being, but for once, it didn't seem to matter. In the moment, that 'other' self had been in complete control, leaving Mary with no choice but to give in to the throbbing desire building between her legs.

All they'd done was masturbate, but Mary knew she'd have done more if Diane had asked. The thought frightened and thrilled her in equal measure. She'd always loved the way Tim took control when they made love. There was something so intensely erotic about completely giving herself over to him and his desire, feeling objectified and loved in equal measure. She never imagined that her sister-in-law could make her feel the same way.

Her heart thumped in excitement as she remembered their encounter, and again found herself wondering whether her fantasies might actually become a reality. She certainly wouldn't be able to do it alone, but if Diane gave her the necessary push over the edge, she might have a hard time saying no.

She allowed herself to imagine what it would actually be like to join her brother and sister-in-law in bed. She wondered if Diane was serious when she said that she wanted to eat Ray's cum from her pussy. Never in her wildest fantasies would she think of something so nasty, but she couldn't ignore the tight ball of excitement that formed in the pit of her stomach as she pictured Diane licking between her legs.

Unable to ignore her arousal any longer, one of Mary's hands traversed her round tummy and gently rubbed the furrow of her cunt through her silky nightgown. Her other hand naturally went up to cup and squeeze one of her large breasts.

As she gently toyed with herself, she imagined Ray's naked body. When they were young, she'd listened in on him countless times while he masturbated, but she'd never been able to work up the courage to try to get a glimpse. Even though she'd never managed to see him in the buff, she felt certain that his cock would be wonderful and fit perfectly inside of her.

She imagined kneeling between his legs and lapping hungrily at his cock and gently sucking on each of his heavy testicles before taking him into her mouth. Would Diane join her? She wondered what it would be like to share a man's cock with another woman. An involuntary spasm of pleasure shot through her as she thought about giving Diane a deep tongue-filled kiss with their mouths on both sides of Ray's cock.

As the filthy images ran through her mind, Mary hiked her nightgown up around her waist and pushed her wet panties around her ankles, desperate to remove the silky barrier between her fingers and her hot, swollen cunt.

Soon she was masturbating in earnest, shoving her middle and index finger in and out of herself as she imagined her handsome brother kneeling between her legs and fucking the shit out of her. In her fantasy, it was Diane's hand that was pinching and pulling on her thick, brown nipples, sending her lust into the stratosphere.

She'd masturbated countless times while thinking about her brother, but this was the first time that Diane had ever played into her fantasies. Generally speaking, Mary had never had any sexual interest in women, but there was something about the idea of Diane being there with them, taking full advantage of the situation that she found incredibly erotic.

The heat between her legs was building to the breaking point as she alternated between fingering herself and rubbing quick circles around her engorged clit. She could feel a powerful orgasm begin to build deep in her gut, but before it had the chance to take hold, she was distracted by the sound of footsteps outside. She knew that it must be Christina, coming to give Danny another late night visit. Her suspicions were confirmed when she heard his bedroom window open, then shut behind her.

In her overexcited state, she couldn't help but imagine what the two of them would be doing together down there. She pictured them locked in a lover's embrace, shuddering at the strange mental image. Despite her reluctant acceptance of the situation, it was still hard to believe that her son and niece were having sex with each other just two floors below.

She attempted to ignore the distraction and finish herself off, but to no avail. Every time she closed her eyes and tried to think of Ray, she found her thoughts drifting back to Danny and Christina.

Rather than dampening her already considerable arousal, thinking about the two of them having sex only made her more excited. To her immense frustration, every time she pictured Ray's face in her mind, she found it naturally shifting into Danny's. The more she tried to push those thoughts aside, the more difficult it became.

Oh god. What's wrong with me? She asked herself as she worked her fingers in and out of her clutching hole while images of her naked son flashed through her mind. Thinking of having sex with Ray had been nasty enough, but fantasizing about Danny took things to a whole new level of depravity

Right or wrong, she knew there was only one way to dispel the fire building between her trembling thighs. She let out a frustrated groan as she gave in to the perverted thoughts that were flooding her mind. She imagined her naked son climbing between her legs. In her fantasy, he rubbed the head of his cock up and down her drenched slit before holding himself right at the threshold of her entrance.

She could hear his voice saying, "Can I, Mom? Can I put it inside?"

The mental image was almost too much to take. She felt little flecks of lubrication splash against her thighs as her fingers squelched in and out of her hole at a furious pace. She raced towards her orgasm, pinching and pulling on her turgid nipples as they poked through the silky material of her nightgown.

It didn't take much more of this before she was cumming. Her breaths came in sharp, stabbing exhalations as she pictured her son sliding his cock deep into her hungry cunt. Her fingers formed a vice-like grip on one of her nipples, extending her pleasure to the absolute limit. She bit back a shriek of pleasure, still having the presence of mind to be aware of her open window and the possibility of attracting unwanted attention.

When the intense pleasure started to fade, she collapsed backwards, letting her arms hang limply to her sides. Unfortunately, her relief was short-lived. When she finally came back to earth, all of her hesitation and shame came flooding back.

She felt filthy and awful. Fantasizing about Ray was something she'd grown used to over the years, but masturbating to thoughts of her son was just wrong. She felt more sure than ever that the path Diane was leading their family down would lead to their inevitable ruin. It was too late to do anything about Danny and Christina, but they were horny teenagers, and she was a mature adult. It was her responsibility to control her urges, no matter how aroused they made her.

She did her best to go to sleep, but had little success. When she did manage to drift off, her dreams were filled with lewd fantasies involving her brother and her son. Every twenty minutes or so, she'd snap back awake with an all too familiar burning in her loins.

In the wee hours of the morning, Mary finally passed out from sheer exhaustion. Her eyes were closed for what felt like a minute or two, before the sound of her bedside phone ringing loudly in her ears jolted her awake. The sunlight streaming through her open window told her she'd overslept.

"Hello?" she said, fighting back a yawn and using her free hand to rub the sleep from her eyes.

"Sorry, did I wake you?" Diane asked from the other end of the line.

"No. I was awake," Mary lied.

"Good. Do you have a minute to talk?" From Diane's chipper tone of voice, Mary could tell that her sister-in-law had no regrets about what they'd done the night before.

"I-um..." Mary hesitated. She wished that she could just pretend that it had never happened, but she knew Diane well enough to know that she wouldn't be able to wriggle out of this conversation. "Sure... What about?" She finally asked.

"Calm down, Mary," Diane said, sensing the obvious tension in her friend's voice. "I just wanted to let you know that Ray's going to put some burgers and hot dogs on the grill tonight. You and Danny are welcome to join us... assuming you have nothing else going on, of course."

From the tone of Diane's voice, it was clear that there was more going on than just a family cookout. "You told him, didn't you?" Mary asked, her voice more resigned than angry.

"Are you mad at me?"

Mary suddenly felt lightheaded and short of breath. Luckily, she was still laying down in bed, otherwise, she might not have been able to keep her footing.

"I... No, I guess not..." She finally replied. "Did he, um..." She couldn't bear to finish the thought.

"You'll just have to come to dinner and find out," Diane replied.

Mary was caught between feelings of relief and abject terror. Despite the thrilling possibilities that lay in her sister-in-law's enigmatic response, she couldn't help but remember the resolution she'd made with herself the night before.

"Okay, I will let Danny know to not make any plans for tonight. But... just forget everything I said last night-okay? I appreciate what you're trying to do, but I don't think I could live with myself if I actually went through with... something like that..."

"Don't worry, Mary. It's just a cookout. No one's going to force you to do anything you don't want to do." She paused. "If there was something you wanted to do, though..."

Mary didn't respond, and for several long moments, the phone line was silent.

"Anyways, we'll probably start cooking around six," Diane said, finally relenting. "See you tonight!"

"Okay, sounds good. See you later," Mary replied before hanging up the phone.

For several long minutes, Mary just sat there, staring off into space as she contemplated everything that had happened. It had been easier to ignore her fantasies when she was still able to convince herself that the opportunity to fuck her brother would probably never come. She wasn't so sure that was the case anymore.

She took momentary comfort in the knowledge that Danny was invited to the cookout with her. Surely Diane wouldn't try to instigate anything sexual with their kids present.

Deciding that she'd lose her mind if she stayed in bed much longer, she decided to get up and do some work in her garden. She hoped some fresh air would help clear her mind. With a weary sigh, she climbed out of bed and went to the bathroom.

I look like a wreck, she thought to herself as she saw her exhausted and disheveled reflection staring back at her. Her shoulder length, wavy brown hair was a tangled mess, and her eyes were bloodshot, with dark lines forming underneath them from lack of sleep. The idea that Ray would have any sexual attraction to her seemed laughable, particularly in the state she was in.

Stripping out of her night-shirt and panties, she took a long, critical look at herself. Mary had never been particularly confident about her body, having always been on the heavier side. No one would consider her overweight, but her body was soft and round in ways that Diane's most definitely was not.

Her round belly sloped down to wide hips, thighs, and an ass that her husband never got tired of groping. Her breasts were easily her most noticeable feature. Her impressive mammaries easily filled her D cup bra and were capped off with wide, brown areola and thick nipples that loved to be pinched and played with when she was aroused. They'd started to sag a bit as she'd gotten older, but they still managed to draw stares just about everywhere she went.

Hopping in the shower, she soaped herself up, doing her best to ignore the way her nipples came out to play when she ran her soapy fingers over them. After toweling herself off, she put on a pair of jeans and an old t-shirt-her normal gardening attire. She grabbed her gloves and a spade from the garage, and went out back to the small plot of soil that she and Diane had fenced off years ago.

As she dug holes, pulled out weeds, and watered the vegetables, she was reminded of why she loved gardening. The warm sunlight and fresh air, did wonders for her state of mind. As she worked, all of the confusion and indecision of the past twenty four hours started to fade into the background.

Just as she was finishing up, she heard the sound of Danny's bedroom window opening and watched as her niece crawled out, dirtying her knees on the mulch below. Christina was so focused on the process of carefully pulling herself through that she didn't notice Mary standing a few feet away.

Christina let out a squeak of surprise when she looked up and saw Mary staring blankly back at her. After an awkward silence, Mary finally said, "Good morning, Christina," unsure how else to respond in such a situation.

"I-um... Good morning..." Christina replied, her eyes downcast in embarrassment. Mary couldn't help but notice that her niece's shirt was was wrinkled, and her red hair was a tangled mess. It didn't take a genius to guess what she'd been up to.

Another agonizingly long silence stretched out before them as each of them waited for the other to say something and relieve some of the awkward tension in the air. Mary knew that her relationship with Christina would likely never be the same, but it was difficult to pinpoint exactly what had changed. As they stared at each other, she suddenly realized that in her confusion and anger over Christina and Danny's relationship, she'd managed to forget the genuine affection she felt for her niece. The girl standing before her wasn't the naughty seductress she'd built up in her mind. She was just... Christina-the girl she'd loved almost as much as her own daughters and who had always been a loyal friend to Danny, being there for him in ways that a mother couldn't. For the first time, she thought that she really understood Diane's point of view.

With a faint smile, Mary finally said, "You know, I appreciate you two trying to be discreet, but there's really no reason for you to crawl in and out of that window anymore."

"Sorry, you're right," Christina replied. "I just-we haven't talked since... Well, you know... And I didn't want to be any more disrespectful about it than I've already been."

"I appreciate that, honey. I understand why you two weren't too eager to fill me in on what's going on. I just wish this hadn't all been happening behind my back."

"I'm sorry, Aunt Mary. I know Danny is too. It all just happened so quickly, and well... honestly, I was afraid that if anyone knew, we would have to stop... and I really don't want to stop."

Mary couldn't help but smile at her niece's reaction. She knew all too well how tempting those feelings could be, and she had a hard time faulting her niece for following through with them. Part of her wished she had the courage to do the same.

"It's okay, Chris. Believe it or not I understand just what you mean." Christina's eyebrows lifted in response to that remark, but Mary didn't give her the opportunity to ask the question that was obviously on her mind. "Anyways, from now on, you can go ahead and use the back door when you come over for... that," she said, unable to think of a suitable euphemism.

To her surprise, Christina started giggling before snapping her mouth back shut again, doing her best to suppress her laughter and failing miserably. "Yes, I suppose I can," she said. "Thanks for being so cool, Aunt Mary. I need to get home, though. I'm sure my mom's curious about what I've been up to."

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