tagIncest/TabooFamily First Ch. 07

Family First Ch. 07


Mary woke up feeling disoriented and confused. The bed she'd slept in wasn't her own, and what's more, she was completely naked. It wasn't until she felt the mattress shift as her brother snuggled up next to her that her memories from the previous night came flooding back.

In the harsh light of day, it seemed hard to believe that she'd actually had sex with Ray and his wife, Diane. For a brief moment, her all too familiar feelings of regret and shame threatened to overtake her, but she quickly banished them from her mind. She'd given herself over completely to her forbidden desires, and it had been one of the most magical nights of her life. She knew most people wouldn't be able to comprehend what she'd done, but she didn't care. The experience had left her feeling happier and more sexually fulfilled than she'd been in years.

She wasn't even particularly bothered by the fact that her husband, Tim would be coming home from his business trip later that afternoon. It would probably be an awkward conversation, but she planned on telling him everything as soon as he arrived. There was no way to predict how he would react. All she could do was hope that once she explained herself, he would understand.

He'd have to. She certainly wasn't going to stop fucking Ray or Diane anytime soon. Come what may, there was no way she'd go back to the way things were before.

Making Danny accept what she'd done might not be so simple, though. Despite his recent sexual awakening, she knew her son would have a hard time reconciling his image of her as a devoted wife and mother with the reality of what she'd allowed herself to become. She just hoped he wouldn't be too upset when he finally learned the truth.

Thinking about her son brought back memories of the night before. Her pussy throbbed as she remembered the taste of his cum as it dripped from Diane's well-fucked hole. Mary wished she could have been there to see the moment when Danny emptied his balls into his aunt's cunt and wondered whether she would have been able to stop herself from joining in had she been there.

The tingling between her legs intensified as she allowed her impure thoughts to take hold. She drew a picture of Danny in her mind, trying to envision every detail of his slender, boyish physique, which was just starting to show the telltale signs of oncoming manhood. She fantasized about how exciting it would feel to be pinned down by that youthful body, moaning and writhing while he had his way with her.

It wasn't just the thought of having sex with a younger man that excited her. Somehow, the fact that the man in question was her own son made her fantasies even more thrilling. She wanted to know what Danny's cock tasted like and how it would feel when he used it to probe the same hole he'd emerged from 18 years prior. Her pussy melted as she imagined the excited smile he'd have on his face as he prepared to enter her for the first time. Thinking about being her son's personal slut made her dizzy with excitement. It was filthy and wrong, but it made her pussy and breasts ache for attention.

Her lewd fantasies were interrupted by the feeling of Ray's arm draping itself over her body. He didn't say anything, so she couldn't tell whether he was asleep or awake. Either way, his touch made her feel all warm and fuzzy, and she couldn't help but lean back into his embrace.

She let out a contented sigh as his palm moved higher and came to rest on one of her breasts. Her nipples reacted instantly, hardening against his soft touch. Without a word, he pulled her closer until his erection pressed firmly against her ass.

She was trying to decide what to do about the situation when she felt Ray's free hand reach between them and guide his erection into the valley between her ample butt cheeks. She let out a muffled groan at the sensation of his warm cock rubbing against her sensitive rear entrance.

"Morning, Sis. Sleep well?" he whispered as he gave her breast a gentle squeeze.

Mary replied with a quiet, "Mmhm," as she involuntarily clenched her cheeks around his shaft.

Nothing more was said, and she quickly lost herself in the pleasure of Ray shaft thrusting between the mounds of her ass and his hands as they gently massaged her heaving bosom. She pushed back against him, making soft mewling noises as her whole body tingled with delight. Ray's movements were slow and languid. The intense urgency they'd felt the night before was gone, replaced with a feeling of warm intimacy.

Eventually, Ray's hands started moving lower. Mary trembled as he ran his fingertips over her gentle curves, eventually moving over her round tummy and down to the furry patch between her thighs.

"Can I...?" he asked, his voice husky and low.

"What about Diane?"

Mary's pussy was on fire, and she was desperate to feel her brother's fingers work their way into the moist folds of her pussy, but she couldn't ignore the fact that Ray's wife was slumbering right next to them. Somehow it seemed rude to wake her, and Mary wasn't quite sure how Diane would react to the two of them messing around without her express permission.

Her dilemma resolved itself when she heard Diane's voice say, "Don't hold back on my account."

That was good enough for Mary. Lifting her leg slightly, she guided Ray's hand down to her slit. A guttural moan escaped her lips as he started rubbing slow circles around her opening, gathering her moisture on his fingertips and dragging it up to her sensitive clit. She did her best not to squeal when he finally pushed a finger deep into her soaked canal and started working it in and out. He made sure to brush her clit with with his palm on each inward thrust. The combination of Ray's hard cock thrusting between her ass cheeks, his finger in her cunt, and his warm breath cooling on her neck drove her wild with lust.

Deciding to take some initiative of her own, she reached behind her back, grasped her brother's cock, and gave it a few strokes before guiding it toward her cunt. Ray withdrew his finger, giving her free reign to aim his bulbous, purple head at her entrance. When the angle was just right, she let go, allowing him to slide deep into her quivering hole.

Mary panted and moaned as Ray took her from behind. From that angle, his cock repeatedly rubbed over her g-spot. He kept one hand pressed firmly on her abdomen, extending her intense pleasure even further.

Soon, the room was filled with the sound of squeaking bedsprings and the wet slapping of flesh. It was too much for Mary to take. Her eyes rolled back in her head and her whole body went stiff before she broke out into a wave of orgasmic convulsions that shook her right down to her core.

Her internal muscles clamped down hard on Ray's cock, but he didn't slow the pace of his fucking. He kept driving into her, harder and faster, pushing her to ever increasing heights of ecstatic bliss.

Mary let out a surprised squeak when Ray hugged her tight and rolled their intertwined bodies until she was laying on top of him, taking his cock from below.

"I love you, Mary," Ray groaned before planting a series of wet kisses on the exposed skin of her neck.

"I... love... Ungh!... you... too," Mary replied between each powerful thrust of her brother's cock.

Her head lolled to the side, and she was surprised to see Diane's smiling face. Mary's sister-in-law was sitting with her back against the headboard. Her legs were spread wide, and she was plunging two fingers in and out her wet cunt with one hand and tweaking a puffy nipple with the other. She was obviously enjoying the show.

Mary's large breasts hung on either side of her torso, jiggling along with Ray's enthusiastic fucking. They seemed to draw Diane to them like a magnet, and moments later, Mary felt the added stimulation of her sister-in-law's lips wrapping around one of her stiff nipples. Diane alternated back and forth between her breasts, sucking gently on her sister-in-law's blood-engorged flesh and teasing her tips with quick, fluttering motions of her tongue. Smiling from the corners of her mouth, Diane took one of her sensitive buds between her teeth and gave it a gentle nip that made Mary yelp and jerk in surprise.

"Like that?" Diane asked, smiling wickedly up at Mary's flushed face.

"Mmmyeah..." Mary groaned.

Diane went right back to work, nibbling gently on one nipple while pinching and pulling on the other until Mary lost herself to another shuddering climax. All the while, Ray kept plowing her from below, making wet squishy sounds with each thrust of his hard cock.

Ray's cock pounding away at her pussy and Diane's mouth on her breasts felt incredible, but it wasn't just the physical sensations that she found so incredibly stimulating. The fact that it was her own family that was making her feel this way somehow enhanced every aspect of the pleasure she received from them. They loved each other dearly, and sharing her body with them was just another way for Mary to express that love.

A disappointed whimper escaped her lips as Diane pulled back and took a moment to appreciate the sight of Mary's roiling flesh. Her distress was short lived, though, as Ray's insistent fucking quickly brought her to the edge of her third orgasm of the morning. A long stream of grunts and unintelligible mumbling spewed from her lips as she experienced a series of short but intense lightning strikes of pleasure that were unlike anything she'd experienced before. A warm numbness settled over her as she felt her consciousness begin to slip away, making room for her more primal needs. Her belly and thighs gave a few mighty contractions before her whole body started trembling and writhing on top of her brother, moving with a purpose that was entirely its own.

Although Mary wasn't aware of it, Diane had moved to the foot of the bed, and positioned herself between her spread legs. Her sister-in-law marveled at the sight of her furry cunt as it was split in two by Ray's hard cock. Her dark inner-lips clung to his shaft, leaving milky-white trails of her lubrication every time he withdrew from her clutching depths. Thick gobs of the creamy fluid clung to the base of Ray's shaft, coated Mary's thighs, and matted in her pubic hair.

Diane just had to get a taste. Resting her elbows on the bed, she leaned forward and swiped her tongue from the base Ray's hanging balls all the way up to Mary's clit, gathering up as much of her sticky girl-cum as she could manage. Soon, she was lapping away between their legs. Mary howled with delight at the unfamiliar but supremely delightful sensation, and, if Ray's heavy breathing was any indication, he was enjoying it as well.

All the while, Mary was wracked by wave after wave of orgasmic bliss. The combination of Ray's cock ramrodding in and out of her soggy cunt combined with Diane's lips and tongue on her clit was nearly too much for her to handle.

It was almost a relief when she felt Ray tense up beneath her, signaling the onset of his orgasm. He kept a firm grip on her hips, lifting her up and down on his straining erection at an ever increasing pace. Finally, with an animalistic grunt, he buried himself one final time in Mary's steaming depths. Mary let out a throaty growl as she felt his swollen cock spraying her insides with his creamy spunk.

Through her fog of lust, she could hear Diane's voice egging them on. "That's right, honey! Fill her up with your hot cum! Show your little sister how much you enjoy fucking her hot cunt!"

When Ray was finally spent, he went limp beneath her. Mary rolled off to the side, afraid that the weight of her body would prevent him from catching his breath. When his cock softened enough to dislodge itself from her opening, she felt a wet stream of fluid start to flow out of her and onto the sheets below followed immediately by the feeling of Diane's mouth covering her gaping entrance.

She lay there for several minutes with her head buried in her pillow as she allowed her sister-in-law to clean her messy cunt. Her whole body felt numb and utterly relaxed as Diane's warm tongue lapped away at her wet folds.

Moments later, Diane pulled away and turned her attention to Ray. He let out a quiet whimper as she took his softening cock into her mouth. Mary turned her head so she could get a better view of Diane cleaning their combined juices from him. Ray smiled lovingly at his wife and gently ran his fingers through her auburn locks. It was amazing how loving and intimate they were with each other, even after doing something so nasty and depraved.

Just as Mary was starting to think that maybe this arrangement might work out after all, she heard a voice from the other side of the room.

"Oh, my god! Mom?! What are you doing here?!"

Mary's breath caught in her throat as she looked up and saw Danny and Christina standing in the entrance to the bedroom, slack-jawed expressions of shock written on their faces. Christina wore a skimpy pair of pink panties and nothing else, leaving her small, freckled breasts out in the open for everyone to see. Perhaps even more surprising than that was the way Danny's cock tented the front of the swimsuit he'd worn the night before.

Acting on instinct and pure adrenaline, Mary scrambled under the covers, hoping to keep her son from seeing her naked body. Diane and Ray made no effort to cover themselves, but they looked every bit as surprised as the pair of teens that had just barged in on them.

"I-Um... It's not--" Mary mumbled, unable to come up with a coherent response.

"--Not what?" Danny interrupted, his expression shifting into an angry frown. "Not like you're cheating on Dad with Uncle Ray and Aunt Diane?"

His anger struck her like a freight train. There were so many things she wanted to say--so many potential responses, but the words just wouldn't come.

Diane quickly came to her rescue. "That's not what's happening here, Danny," she said. "Yes--we did just have sex, but your mom is not cheating on your father."

Danny's seemed taken aback by the firmness in his aunt's voice. She'd managed to take the edge off of his aggressive attitude, but he still looked far from calm. Mary, for her part, made no attempt to hide her complete and utter mortification.

"Christina, why don't you take Danny back to your room to cool off and give us a moment to compose ourselves. When we're ready, we'll call you downstairs to talk this over," Diane said, her voice calm but insistent.

Christina locked eyes with her mother, and the two of them shared a moment of silent understanding before she turned back to her cousin and said, "Come on, Danny. She's right." Taking him by the shoulder, she lead him back toward her bedroom.

When the teens were safely out of sight, Diane turned back to Mary. "Are you alright?" she asked.

"Yes, I think so--or I will be, anyway," Mary replied. She was still shaken from the encounter, but thankful for Diane's cool head and take-charge attitude. "I just don't understand why they would barge in on us like that. Didn't they hear what was going on in here?"

This time it was Diane's turn to blush. She hesitated a moment before saying, "I think they were planning on joining us."

Mary's eyes narrowed in confusion, and Diane cast a questioning look at her husband who had been silent throughout this whole ordeal.

"Tell her," he said. "The only way this works is of we're completely honest with each other."

Diane gave a resigned sigh, but nodded her agreement. Turning back to her sister-in-law, she said, "Remember last night when I told you that Ray and I have given each other permission to explore our fantasies?" Mary nodded. "Well, I guess you already know first hand about our fantasies involving you and Danny... Would it surprise you to hear that we have similar feelings for our daughter as well?"

"No. I suppose it wouldn't," Mary replied. She could hardly fault them, considering the way she'd been thinking about her son over the past few days. "I guess it's safe to assume that Christina feels the same way?" she asked.

Diane chuckled. "Yeah... You could say that."

She went on to explain in explicit detail everything that had happened since Christina returned home the previous morning. She couldn't help but take note of the way Mary's nipples hardened when she talked about what it had been like to have sex with Danny.

There was a momentary pause when Diane finished her story. "So you're really not upset with us?" she finally asked, clearly surprised by the way her straight-laced sister-in-law seemed to have taken everything she'd said in stride.

"No. I'm not upset," Mary replied, surprised by her confidence. "It sounds like Christina is every bit as interested in incest as the two of you are. Besides, it's not like I'm in any kind of position to judge."

She hesitated, then flashed a nervous grin and said, "While we're making confessions, I guess it's only fair to tell you that ever since I found out about Danny and Christina's sexual relationship, I can't stop thinking about what it would be like to... well..."

"Fuck your son?" Diane offered.

Mary smiled sheepishly and nodded.

"Do you think that's something you'd really like to experience?"

"I honestly haven't thought that far ahead. It's an exciting thought, but I would never want to push something like that on him if he wasn't interested... Right now, I'd settle for knowing that he isn't going to hate me forever..."

Ray placed a comforting hand on his sister's shoulder. "Danny could never hate you," he said. "He was just caught off guard and reacted poorly, but he had to find out eventually. Honestly, I'm tired of the way we've been sneaking around each other's backs. I'm sure he'll forgive you once he has all the facts."

"Based on the way he was tenting his shorts a minute ago, I'd be willing to bet that he'll do more than just forgive you if you play your cards right," Diane added, raising an eyebrow suggestively.

Mary's blush deepened, but she returned Diane's smile. "I hope you're both right," she said.

"Only one way to find out."


Back in Christina's room, Danny paced back and forth, repeatedly running his hands through his hair as he tried to sort out his feelings. On one hand, he felt betrayed. He'd always viewed his mom as the living definition of a caring housewife. Now that image of her was shattered forever.

Worse than that, though, was the knowledge that deep down, beneath all of his confusion and anger, he was turned on by what he'd seen. He'd never considered his mother as a sexual being before, but now that he had, it was impossible to see her any other way. He was barely even aware of Christina's presence as she sat on her bed, waiting patiently for him to cool off.

No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't erase the vivid mental image of his uncle's cock splitting open the thick, dark lips of his mom's pussy or the way their juices poured out of her when he was finished. Any decent person would have done something, anything, to put a stop to it, but all he could do was stand there, transfixed by the sight of his mom having sex with his aunt and uncle while secretly wishing that he could join them. It wasn't until he thought about his dad that he finally mustered up the willpower to say something. Even then, he couldn't keep his eyes off of the lurid tableau laid out before him.

When he grew tired of walking back and forth, he flopped belly first on Christina's bed, buried his face in one of her pillows, and let out a frustrated groan.

He stayed that way for several minutes, breathing heavily and trying to get his emotions under control. When he finally managed to regain a bit of his composure, he turned on his side and looked at Christina. She stared back at him with an expression of patient concern.

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