tagIncest/TabooFamily First Ch. 10

Family First Ch. 10


Disclaimer: All characters in this story are at least eighteen years of age. Likewise, all sexual activity depicted in this chapter involves characters that are at least eighteen years old, whether directly stated or otherwise.


A heady mixture of nervousness, anticipation, and raw lust swam through Christina's mind as she made her way across the yard to the side entrance of her family's garage. She'd fantasized about having sex with her dad countless times over the past week, but they just that: fantasies. This was real. The man who raised her was waiting for her right inside, knowing he'd be filling her up with his cock before the night was through. Everything had sounded so perfect just a few minutes prior, but now that the moment was upon her, she couldn't help but wonder if she was about to make a huge mistake.

As she stepped inside, a thousand other questions flooded into her brain. What if she wasn't good enough for him? Or, what if sex with her dad was too good? What if Danny or her mom got jealous? Could fucking her dad be the thing that finally shattered the delicate interpersonal web of love and lust her family had carefully constructed over the past few days? Their feelings for each other had gone to such an extreme place in such a short amount of time. Could those same feelings change to anger and resentment just as quickly?

When she reached the entrance she froze, suddenly paralyzed under the burden of every choice she'd made that had lead to this exact moment in time. Her anxieties grew and multiplied until she felt a gnawing certainty that what she was about to do was the beginning of the end of everything, and that when all was said and done, she would be the one who ended up taking the blame for the disintegration of their loving family.

She'd felt the same pangs of fear and indecision on the night she'd decided to sneak into Danny's bedroom window to confess her feelings for him. As before, she took a few deep breaths and gave herself a moment to acknowledge her worries before letting them go. When her head finally cleared, she was relieved to find that the only emotion that stayed stubbornly lodged in her brain was a calm certainty that no matter what came later, she was about to have one of the most thrilling nights of her life.

Beaming with a new sense of confidence, she traipsed lightly over the cool concrete of the garage floor, her memory flashing back to the morning romp she'd shared with her parents. She shivered at the mental image of her father's eyes — how they burned with lust as he gazed at her naked body. There was no doubt in her mind that he loved her and wanted her, and she wanted him too. She loved him in ways that couldn't be expressed with father's day card and a kiss on the cheek. She wanted to give all of herself to him -- to know what it was like to be taken by her handsome father, to feel him on top of her and inside of her, and to be completely surrounded by his love.

"Is that you, Pun'kin?" Ray asked, his voice echoing down the hall from the kitchen as she stepped inside the house.

"Yeah, it's me, Dad," Christina called back. "I'm just going to get cleaned up, then I'll meet you downstairs."

"Sounds good, sweetie. Dinner will be ready by the time you're done."

A gasp of embarrassment escaped her lips when she stepped into the upstairs bathroom and caught sight of herself in the mirror. Not only was her hair a grungy mess that stuck out in eight different directions, she was totally nude. She'd been so distracted by the prospect of finally having sex with her dad that she'd somehow managed to leave her clothes folded in a neat pile in the corner of her aunt's kitchen.

Thank god for tall fences, she thought as she imagined all of the awkward questions that might arise if one of their neighbors had managed to catch sight of her creeping out of her aunt and uncle's home without a stitch of clothing on her body.

She was also thankful that she was able to make it upstairs without passing through the kitchen. Most of the afternoon had been spent in a sweaty tangle of bodies, and it really showed. Her entire crotch was a mess of saliva, cum, and pussy juice that clung to her thighs and matted her pubic hair. The rest of her wasn't in much better shape. Despite the thorough tongue-bath her aunt had given her, Christina's breasts and stomach were still flecked with remnants of her uncle's spend, and her whole body carried the unmistakable stink of sex.

Tearing her eyes away from her own bedraggled appearance, she stepped into the shower, sighing as the warm water cascaded over her body. She scrubbed her skin until it was a bright shade of pink, shampooed her hair, shaved her legs and armpits, and trimmed her pubic hair into a neat little triangle before finally stepping out of the water and drying herself off. Standing in front of the mirror, she did a slow turn, making sure that she'd left no trace of her afternoon activities.

Much better.

Next, she applied a bit of mascara to accentuate the green in eyes and a light layer of blush to highlight her freckled cheeks. The overall effect made her both sweet and innocent, and sexy and alluring, at the same time. To complete the package, she pulled her hair into a pair of girlish pigtails. When she was finished, she smiled to herself in the mirror.


Wrapping a towel around herself, she walked down the hall to her bedroom, smiling when she saw the simple, white package laying on her bed. Inside, sitting above a mass of tissue paper was a note. A bright smile spread across Christina's face as she read it.


I can't express in words how much your father and I adore you. The last week has been quite a journey, but it all pales in comparison to the immense joy you've given us ever since that day, eighteen years ago, when we brought you into this world.

I know you've never been one for frills or lace, but when I saw this, I just knew it would look perfect on you. If you enjoy it half as much as I know your father will, then I'll consider it money well spent.

I love you to the moon and back,


P.S. You ARE going to give me details tomorrow. Don't even think of trying to get out of it.

"I love you too, Mom," Christina whispered to herself before setting the note aside.

Turning her attention to the small package, she carefully removed the white tissue paper to reveal a silky, blue babydoll with matching stockings and garter belt. Diane had been right. This was definitely not something she would have ever thought to buy on her own.

Nevertheless, she couldn't wait to try it on. The garter and stockings took a moment to figure out, but the babydoll was easy enough to slip over her head. An irrepressible grin lit up her face as she stood in front of the mirror, inspecting her appearance. She couldn't help but feel like the garment had been made just for her.

The silky, blue dress hung from small spaghetti straps that revealed her pretty, freckled shoulders. The bust-line was low, giving an enticing glimpse at the slight swell of her breasts, which were encased in a sheer material that did nothing to conceal her small, pink nipples. From there, it flowed loosely over her tummy and hips before ending just beneath the curve of her tight ass. She'd never worn stockings before, but she loved how they emphasized her long, slender legs. They connected to the belt with a pair of small ribbons, each of which was tied in a cute little bow. There were no panties, which Christina thought was just as well.

She was once again amazed at her mom's impressive powers of intuition. It was the perfect gift for a girl who was about to spend her first night alone with her father, and she couldn't wait to see the look on his face when he finally saw her wearing it.

As she stood there, examining her appearance, she realized that it was time. There was nothing left to do other than to go downstairs and fall into her father's loving arms. Taking one last deep breath, she opened her bedroom door, stepped out into the hallway, and quietly padded her way to the kitchen. The first thing she noticed when she reached the kitchen was the smell of bacon and eggs.

He's making breakfast for dinner, she thought as another wave of the warm and fuzzies washed over her.

Her mind filled with happy memories of her childhood. Ray had never been much of a cook, but sometimes, when Diane was out working late with a client, he would make scrambled eggs, bacon, and pancakes for her and her brother. She'd always loved those nights and cherished the memories of having her father's attention, basically all to herself. Apparently he cared deeply about those memories as well.

When she stepped into the kitchen, Ray was busy flipping pancakes and didn't immediately notice her presence. Not sure what to do or say, she coughed quietly to grab his attention.

"Ah, there you are," he said, turning away from the stove to face her. "I was starting to wonder whether you'd forgotten about--"

He stopped mid-sentence when his gaze fell upon her. She stood stock still -- her whole body lit up by the late evening sun streaming through the kitchen window. Blood rushed to Christina's cheeks as she saw his awestruck expression. His eyes took a slow, tour from her toes up to her perky breasts, before finally meeting her own nervous gaze. For several long seconds, they stared at each other in silence, each of them looking for some hint of hesitation, but finding only warmth, love, and a heavy dose of unnatural desire.

"Do you like it?" Christina finally asked.

"You look beautiful," he replied, his voice airy and a little distant, as if he was talking to some kind of supernatural apparition. "When did you...?"

"Mom bought it for me while you guys were out running errands," she said, finishing his sentence.

Ray grinned. "Ah, so that's what was in that package. She said I'd enjoy it more if it was a surprise. I guess she was right. Your mom's got a real eye for that kind of thing."

"You don't think it looks... silly?"

"I think you look good enough to eat," Ray replied, the corners of his mouth turning up into a wolfish smile.

"Well, there's always dessert," Christina replied, returning his predatory grin with one of her own and throwing in a playful wink for good measure.

This time it was Ray's turn to blush. Deciding to let the innuendo drop for the time being, he said, "I made chocolate chip pancakes, bacon and eggs for dinner. Remember when I used to cook for you and your brother when you were little?"

"Of course I remember," she replied as she took a seat at the dining room table. "How could I forget? It used to make me so happy when we got to spend time together, especially when John would take his downstairs, and it was just you and me."

"Those are good memories for me too," he said. "I miss the days when you were my little girl sitting in my lap, eating up every word I said."

"I'm still your little girl, Dad. You know that."

"Not so little -- not anymore." he said, his voice carrying a note of wistful sadness.

Christina flashed him a toothy grin. "Maybe not," she said. "But I'm not too big to sit in your lap... if you want me to, that is."

Her heart fluttered as the words left her mouth. In any other context, their back and forth might have been entirely innocent, but neither of them had any illusions about what Christina was really offering.

"I'd like that," Ray said, his voice shaky and low. "Just let me finish up here and we can eat."

Christina couldn't help but giggle when he turned around and and in his nervousness, nearly knocked a plate of eggs on the floor, just barely managing to grab it before it slid off the edge of the countertop. The fact that he was just as jittery and anxious as she was, helped ease her own feelings of restlessness.

"Very funny," he grumbled before turning his attention back to the task at hand.

When everything was finished, Christina stood up and pulled out a chair, smiling innocently up at him. It was only then that she realized how her father was dressed. He wore a nice pair of freshly ironed slacks and a buttoned down shirt. On top of that, he'd also shaved and gotten a haircut. He looked like he was dressed up for a date at a fancy restaurant, not an evening at home with his daughter.

Christina's heart swelled with happiness at the realization that he'd gone to so much trouble just for her. Her father never failed to make her feel completely loved and adored. She just hoped she could make him feel the same way.

"Is this all for me?" she asked as she ran her hand up his torso before taking a moment to straighten out his collar.

Ray cheeks reddened yet again. "Gotta look nice for my little girl," he said simply. "What do you think, does your old man still clean up okay?"

"More than okay," Christina said, as she crawled into his lap.

A deep, contented sigh escaped her lips as she snuggled into him. For a moment, all thoughts of forbidden pleasure faded to the background as she was reminded of how safe and content she felt in his arms. Time seemed to slow as she looked up into his deep blue eyes. His face was so close that she could feel his warm breath cooling on her cheeks, and in the moment, she wanted more than anything to feel his lips pressed against her own.

As if he could read her thoughts, Ray leaned slightly forward, but instead of giving her what she wanted, he instead planted a gentle kiss on the tip of her nose. The sweetness of the gesture made her stomach churn and her heart palpitate wildly in her chest -- somehow turning her on more more than a tongue-filled make-out session ever could.

"I love you, Pun'kin," he whispered.

"I love you too, Daddy. Now let's eat. I'm starving!"

Eating a meal while sitting in her dad's lap turned out to be more tricky than either of them would have guessed. Their arms seemed to constantly bump into each other as Ray did his best to carefully guide his fork around Christina's body without letting anything spill or drip onto her new lingerie. Eventually it became a sort of game. When they weren't busy chewing, they giggled and joked about the awkward contortions they went through in the quest to fill their stomachs.

"Mmm... That really hit the spot," Christina said once her plate was finally clean. "That was the first thing I've had to eat since breakfast."

"You must have had a busy day," he said, a hint of mischief creeping its way into his smile.

"You could say that," she replied, her cheeks flushing a bit as she remembered all the filthy things she'd done with Danny and his parents.

"I hope you're not too worn out to spend some more time with your dear, old dad."

"I could never be too tired to spend time with you," she said, smiling prettily up at him. "And you're not old."

"Well not with you around to keep me young," he replied, the warmth of his own smile intensifying with each passing moment.

For several long moments, Christina stared lovingly up at her him, reveling in the indescribable feeling of adoration in her father's gaze. He'd always had a way of making her feel like there was no one else in the world he'd rather be with than her, and this was no different. She hadn't even tried to conceal the fact that she'd been ready and willing to throw herself at him at the earliest opportunity. She would have been more than satisfied with a night of raunchy, taboo sex, but he'd gone out of his way to make their first time together special -- not because he had to, but because he wanted her to know just how much he loved her.

And boy did she love him back. It felt like there was almost too much of it building up within her, and that if something wasn't done about it soon, it would all come bursting out in a massive explosion of happiness.

"Daddy...?" she said, her voice coming out in a husky whisper. Her eyes were wide wide as saucers -- somehow looking both innocent and wildly sexual at the same time.

"Yes, Pun'kin?"

"Will you take me upstairs, now?"

"Nothing would make me happier," he whispered.

This time when he kissed her, it wasn't a loving peck on the nose. Ray's mouth pressed firmly against his daughter's moist, swollen lips, kissing her with a desperate urgency that Christina hadn't seen coming. Draping her arms around his shoulders, she pulled him in even closer and shoved her tongue as far into his mouth as it would go.

Her simple request had moved their evening into a new phase. Where moments earlier everything had been sweetness and romance, now there was only a deep sexual hunger -- a forbidden passion that had been building up inside of them and was finally breaking loose. As their tongues and lips slid frantically against each other, Christina felt a familiar warmth building between her legs. At the same time, she felt her father's cock begin to harden beneath her.

Before[1] she had a chance to get used to this pleasant new sensation, though, she felt Ray's lips pull away from her as he lifted both of them out of the chair. Christina wasn't as little as she used to be, but Ray had no trouble cradling her in his arms in much the same way he had when she was a child. As he carried her upstairs, neither of them said a word, mostly because there wasn't anything left to say. Christina knew exactly what was going to happen when they reached her parents' bedroom, and the only thing on her mind was the long-awaited fulfillment of her incestuous fantasies.

"Close your eyes," Ray said when they reached his bedroom. "No peeking."

He didn't say anything more, and Christina complied without argument. Her heart thundered wildly in her chest and her breathing grew shallow as she felt him reach out to open the bedroom door. She couldn't imagine what could be waiting for her in that room that would make her more excited than she already was.

"Can I open them now?" she asked as he lowered her onto the bed.

"Not yet," he said, his voice straining with pent up lust.

Even with her eyes closed, Christina could tell that the room was dark, and she fought the urge to peek There was a tinkling of glass and what sounded like the striking of a match. She listened for a moment or two more as he shuffled around the room before she finally felt the mattress shift next to her.

"Okay, now."

Savoring the anticipation, Christina opened her eyes slowly. She took her time absorbing the scene around her. The bed was surrounded by a dozen or so candles that bathed the whole room in a dim, flickering light. On the bedside table to her right sat a bottle of champagne, nestled in a bucket of ice, flanked by a pair of tall-stemmed glasses. The whole setup made her think of the cliche romantic comedies that her mom was so fond of. She'd always hated those movies, but now she couldn't help but be touched by how badly her father wanted this moment to be special for her.

The warm, loving atmosphere he'd set up for the two of them only made her more desperate for some form of release. Without any conscious thought, her slick thighs pressed close together, putting pressure on her swollen sex. The walls of her pussy twitched and pulsed with an instinctive need to be stretched and filled with her father's big, hard dick. Her whole body was his for the taking. There was literally nothing she wouldn't do for him, or let him do to her if he'd only put an end to that achingly empty feeling between her legs.

Eventually, her eyes focused in on her dad, who was standing at the foot of the bed with both of his hands behind his back. When he saw that she was looking in his direction, he pulled out a small, black package, tied up with a simple, red bow.

"This is for you," he said.

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