tagIncest/TabooFamily Foursome

Family Foursome


Being the runt in the family, as well as the only girl, has its disadvantages. Lori never had a boyfriend for more than a few weeks, until he made his first appearance at her house, and she was always being bullied by her three older brothers. Her mother had died when she was six and their father still grieved over her death, leaving Lori to be raised by her brothers. Jack was the eldest, now twenty-seven, Michael next at twenty-five, and Alex rounded things off perfectly at twenty-two, leaving only Lori, who turned eighteen today.

Yeah, having three older brothers was a pain, but she knew who the real boss around the house was. All she had to do was pout a little or bat her eyelashes and she usually got her way. They loved her dearly and she took shameless advantage of it and they knew it.

To top it all off, her brothers didn't have to feel that way about her. They didn't have to take responsibility for her or take care of her at all. Her mother brought her into their lives when she had married the boys' father when she was a baby. The adoption had come later, after the death of her mother. The boys had figured it was the only way they'd be able to keep their little angel of a sister and since there were no relatives to object, the deed was done.

For her birthday, she and several of her friends from school had gone out to a local night club that allowed adults who were eighteen or older and they had danced until the place shut down around two. When she returned home, she found her brothers waiting and for once, they didn't look pissed.

"Now, guys," she said as she took in the living room, full of males, staring at her, "I'm a big girl now."

"You're still our little sister," Jack said quietly, looking rather amused by the situation, "We don't have to like the fact that you've stayed out so late. Something could have happened to you."

"Yeah," added Alex, "consider yourself lucky we didn't tag along."

Lori laughed. "You guys are silly. It's not like I could have stopped you from coming along if you had really wanted to go. What's all this about? Why are you all waiting up for me?"

Michael stood from his seat on the couch and reached for her hand. "We have a birthday surprise for you."

Lori took his hand without hesitation but looked warily at them. "You've already given me presents. All of you."

"Yeah," said Jack, "but this is private."

"It's not something we wanted to give you while dad was up."

"Ok, what are you guys up to?"

"Follow us," said Michael, "and you'll find out, little sister."

Lori, curious beyond belief, went with her brothers to Jack's attic bedroom. She always liked that place. It was the sanctuary of her eldest brother and she knew that anytime she had a problem, or was scared, or just needed someone to hold her and let her cry, she need only come here. One or all of her brothers could be found there at any given time and they were more than willing to comfort their only sister.

"So, what's the big secret?"

Without a word, Jack handed her a blue notebook. It was her blue notebook. At first, she didn't understand but, then she looked at it and almost died. This was the notebook she used to write down all her fantasies. Her sexual fantasies. She wanted to write romance novels and had used this as a tool for creating hot, steamy situations for her heroes and heroines. She had written all kinds of things in the book, but there was only one she was thinking about as she turned a panicked gaze to her eldest brother.

Oh God! They know!

"I always knew you were a bit, creative, Lori, but damn!" Alex exclaimed with a grin.

"Look," she said, pleading, "it was just an idea for a story. I found this web site with nothing but erotic stories and wanted to try my hand at something like that. I didn't mean anything by it. Please don't tell dad. He wouldn't understand. It was just an experiment." She looked from one brother to the next, willing them to understand.

"You wouldn't have written something like that, about a girl having sex with her three brothers, if there wasn't something to it," Michael said as he approached her and gently took her hand and kissed it. "You've gotta admit, its pretty exciting stuff."

Lori went absolutely still. Were they thinking what she thought they were thinking? "What exactly do you mean?"

"We mean," said Jack, "that we liked your little story. And I wonder what it would be like to play it out."

She felt her face heat up like a hot coal. They were right, of course. It was more than just something as innocent as a story. Her brothers were the hottest men she had ever seen. All of them sported jet black hair and the bodies of Greek gods. All towered over her fragile 5'3" frame by a good foot, and she totally idolized them.

While she considered Jack's words, Michael tugged her closer to him and bent to kiss her lips. It was gentle and tender at first, but as soon as she started to respond to him, his kiss became ravenous and hungry. Before she realized fully what she was doing, she was clinging to him, desperately kissing him and thrusting her tongue into his mouth even as she sucked his.

She felt hands on her waist, tugging her shirt out of her short skirt, and reaching around between her and Michael, giving it a yank. Her button up blouse split to the hem, sending buttons scattering, but she was beyond caring. Taking her arms from Michael's neck but never breaking their torrid kiss, she let the garment fall from her arms, even as she felt her skirt being slid from her body along with her panties and bra.

Michael's big hands came around her back sliding down to her ass where he squeezed then lifted her with little effort. Her legs instinctively wrapped around his waist and he carried her to Jack's king sized bed, laying her on her back and pinned her small body with his big one. Still fully clothed, Michael ground his pelvis into hers leaving a wet spot on his jeans where her cunt had wept.

"Get undressed, Mike," came Jack's voice. "There's no rush. We've got all night to play with her."

Michael raised his head from hers and paused a moment. "I'm going to fuck you like you've never been fucked before, little sister."

"I've never been fucked before," she answered a little breathlessly.

All three of them broke out into huge grins.

"Then we'll ruin you for other men," came Alex's reply.

Alex and Jack had already undressed and immediately filled Michael's position. Alex settled himself between Lori's legs and breathed in her essence while Jack sat beside her, palming her plump breasts.

"She's gorgeous, don't you think Alex?" Jack asked.

"Oh yeah. She has a cute little bald cunt. When did you shave it, Lori?" He responded.

"I-I've shaved it since it started getting hair. I didn't like the way it looked." She was getting really hot. Her brothers were driving her nuts! She never imagined she'd get to play out this little fantasy. Ever.

"I'm going to suck these fantastic tits and Alex is going to eat that wet little pussy of yours until you scream. When Michael gets back over here, you're going to suck his cock and get him ready for your cunt. Then the fun will begin." With that, both dark heads dipped and she became one writhing, moaning nerve ending.

Lori had never felt such pleasure before. Jack sucked her tits until the little pink nipples stood out a good inch and begged for attention, while Alex lapped and sucked at her cunt, making growling sounds like an animal, raising his head occasionally telling her and his brothers how good she tasted and how he couldn't wait to stick his dick in her tight little cunt.

When Michael offered her his cock, she opened her mouth, taking in the mushroom head. It was too big for her to get much more than the head inside her mouth, but she probed it with her tongue and sucked him in when he pushed forward slightly. He threw his head back on a groan and tangled his fingers in her wealth of raven hair.

"Yeah, baby. Suck it. Suck it good."

"You should see how wet she is," came Alex's voice from between her pale thighs. "She's fucking dripping cunt juice."

"Stretch her a little, Alex," Jack instructed. "Spread her with your fingers so Michael doesn't hurt her too much when he sticks his dick in that dripping twat."

Ever the obedient brother, Alex inserted first one finger, then two into Lori's drenched canal. Her hips arched into his questing digits and she groaned her pleasure around Michael's engorged cock. Another finger joined the two then another and Lori's pussy began to burn from the invasion.

She let Michael's cock slip out of her mouth with a loud pop and said, "It's a little uncomfortable, Alex."

"Careful, not too much," Jack said in response.

"Sorry. She's so goddamn wet!" With that, Alex buried is face back between her legs and began sucking her clit as he slipped one of his four fingers out of her pussy and continued to fuck her with the other three.

"Have you sucked cock before?" Michael asked a little breathlessly.

"Only once," Lori said around a mouthful. "I didn't like it then, but you're yummy." And she could say no more because her lips slid easily back around Mike's big dick.

"God! She sucks like a pro!" Michael seemed to be in heaven as she worked her lips, tongue and teeth around him. Taking her cues from him, she gave him all the pleasure she could while her other brothers made her sweaty.

Jack nipped and licked at her nipples and neck, encouraging her when she reached for his cock and started to stroke it.

"That's it, sweetheart. Pump my cock. You'll get it and all the cock you want soon. We're going to make all your little fantasies come true. You'll be stuffed so full of cock, you won't be able to walk for a week."

Jack was really getting into this. He was actually going to fuck his sister. Immoral? Probably, though technically, she wasn't their sister. Erotic? Oh hell yeah! When he had found her notebook, he had been surprised at her imagination. He had been doubly surprised when he had found the piece detailing the youngest sibling and only sister of three brothers. Coincidence? I think not!

Alex raised his head. "I think she's ready. She's about to cum. I can feel her muscles clenching my fingers."

"You know, I never thought having the smallest dick in the family would ever get me anywhere," Michael laughed. "But I get to deflower this beautiful sister of mine because of it and I can only be grateful.

Lori burst out laughing. "Smallest dick? Michael, I could barely get my lips around the head of you!"

"Hey," he said as he moved into position, "I said smallest of the three of us. That doesn't mean I'm smaller than the average guy." His grinning face was handsome, and she smiled back at him.

"Ready, sweet?"

She nodded, her breath coming in little shallow pants. If he didn't get on with it soon, she was going to have to hurt him.

He lowered himself as his brothers moved away to either side of Lori. Michael kissed her. She responded eagerly, pushing her body against him and clutching his back even as she wrapped her legs around his hips.

"Easy, Lori. I don't want to hurt you," Mike rasped. She was really driving him crazy with her responsiveness.

"I never knew it would feel this good. I want you inside me, Mike. I've been waiting for this forever!"

Mike dropped his forehead to Lori's. "Are you sure you want this. It's having sex with your brother. Are you sure you want me to be your first?"

"You guys have been there for me as long as I can remember. You've all taught me about a lot of things and I can't think of better teachers for this. You care about me and about how I feel. Most guys probably don't give a damn. Besides, you're not really my brothers, so just shut up and fuck me."

"Oh, you'll definitely have a good time. We wouldn't settle for anything less," came Jack's reply. "Fuck her, Mike. Fuck her now."

Mike spread her legs open again and guided his swollen member to her slick entrance and pushed the head inside. She tensed and sucked in a breath, eyes wide never leaving his face. Letting her adjust to the sweet invasion, Mike paused a moment. "Okay?"

"Yes. I want it all."

In one smooth stroke, Mike sheathed himself inside her juicy cunt. Lori yelped when the sharp sting signifying the release of her virginity tore through her, but the brief pain was soon gone and she relaxed as Mike began to slowly move within her.

Jack and Alex let them move together for a moment without touching, as Lori got used to the feel of a man inside her. Then Jack laid his massive cock against her cheek and said, "Suck me."

Lori smiled up at him while Michael gently stroked within her and opened her mouth to receive Jack. The large head was all she managed to take, but that was okay with Jack. The feel of her warm mouth and the sight of his brother fucking her was more than enough to make him ready to partake of her sweet cunt.

Alex watched as he stroked himself. This was a lovely sight indeed. His sister was even more responsive than any of them had hoped for. She moaned around Jack's dick, pushing her hips back at Michael and wrapping her legs around him once more, bring him closer to her.

"That's it," said Alex, "fuck your brothers, you little slut."

Lori groaned and sucked Jack's cock all the harder, reaching blindly for Alex's. She wanted all her brothers had to give and intended on experiencing everything she could.

"Here, Alex," Michael gasped as he pulled his cock out of Lori with a wet suctioning sound as she whimpered her protest. "Have a turn at her. I don't want to cum just yet."

"Oh yeah. Let me."

Lori was on her back, legs spread and mouth still around the head of Jack's cock while her hand pumped him as he was instructing her. She looked sexy as hell. Her other hand came between her legs to dip into her pussy and rub her clit while Alex settled himself into the cradle of her hips and plunged home with a grunt.

Michael watched as Alex furiously pounded his sister. "Turn her over," he said. "Work on her ass while you fuck her, Alex."

Jack grunted his approval as he pulled out of her mouth while Alex flipped her over, raised her ass and started pounding her again. This time, he wet his fingers and gently inserted one then two into her ass hole, fucking her there as well.

Lori threw her hips back, loving what he was doing to her, and knowing what he intended because she had thought it all up. She wasn't surprised when Mike slid his body beneath hers, positioning her legs around his hips and caressing her ass. She was even less surprised when she felt Alex pull out of her pussy and press the head of his cock at the entrance to her ass. She stilled, letting Jack's cock lose from her lips.

Alex gingerly pressed himself forward and stopped when he felt her stiffen. "Are you okay?"

"It hurts, but it's bearable. Just go slow."

Everyone was still. Alex let Lori set the pace of this new invasion. She slowly rocked her hips back and forth, sliding a little more of Alex into her ass with each backward movement. It wasn't long before she felt his muscled abdomen against her ass and she looked back at him.

"Are you all the way in?" she said a little breathlessly.

"Yes," Alex said through clenched teeth. "God, you're ass feels good!"

"Slowly. Do it slowly for a while," Lori said as she again reached for Jack's dick.

Alex did as she asked and Michael continued to caress her cheeks and back pulling her pelvis so her clit rubbed against his dick as it lay on his abdomen between them.

It wasn't long before Alex was fucking her ass as easily as he had fucked her cunt and Lori was throwing her hips back to meet his aggressive thrusts, moaning around Jack's cock as she did. Alex gave one final punishing thrust before he stopped, ready to cum.

"You gotta try this, Jack. She's so hot and tight."

The two men exchanged places only Alex simply watched, not offering his cock to Lori's eager mouth. Michael used this pause in the action to slip into Lori's cunt while Jack positioned himself at her rear entrance. Mike kissed her as Jack slid gently into her and then all three began moving slowly at first, then with more rigor as Lori became used to the sensation and got more turned on. Soon they were both pumping furiously into her like she had been doing this same thing for years.

Jack pulled out of her ass as he felt himself on the verge of cumming and Mike turned her over with himself in her ass. Lori groaned as she became accustomed to the new position and tried to balance herself on her arms and legs.

"Just lay on top of me, sis. I'll support you."

Easing herself back on Mike's strong chest, she brought her arms down to her belly and spread her legs, bending her knees and simply relaxing into his strength. She loved the feel of his dick buried in her ass.

"That's it, Lori. Spread your legs for Alex. Use your hands and spread your pussy lips for him. Show him how you want him inside your cunt."

She did as Mike instructed. Looking up at Jack with lust in her eyes, she saw her own passion reflected in his eyes. He was hungry for her, as they all were. It was a stimulating thought and she felt herself getting more excited than ever.

"Fuck me, Jack. I want more!"

"You're going to cum this time, sis. I want to feel your cunt squeeze the life out of my cock. Do you want to cum?"

"God, yes!" she all but screamed. "Make me cum. Please."

Jack slid into her with ease as he and Mike gave her the ride of a life time. Mike slid into her ass as Jack was sliding out of her pussy. The pace became so vigorous, there was no way she could keep up with them, all she could do was lay there between her brothers and enjoy the ride. And enjoy it she did! It wasn't long before she felt it. It started at her cunt where Jack was joined to her, then spread through her abdomen and legs. Soon, her toes began to curl and she wrapped her arms around Jack, gasping for breath, and let out a war cry of pleasure. Her nails racked Jack's back unconsciously as she bucked and thrashed about between them.

When Jack felt the last of her spasms wane, he gave himself the ok, pulled out and, with a horse shout, came on her breast and stomach with some of his seed dripping down to her bald pussy. Michael had had all he could take as well and, not being in a position to pull out, shot his load deep inside her tight little ass with a groan.

Alex was just as turned on as his brothers, but he wanted her lips around him when he came. Offering her his cock as his brothers bathed her in their cream; she eagerly sucked and pumped him, making him lose his control as he pulled out of her mouth to cum on her face and neck.

They all lay still for a few minutes, Lori still on tip of Mike, Jack and Alex to either side. All of them sedated.

"God that was fantastic!" came Michael, his voice muffled in Lori's ear as he nuzzled her neck.

"You can say that again," Lori sighed. "Thank you, guys."

"We should be the ones to thank you," Jack said as he popped a nipple lovingly into his mouth. "It's not every girl that would let us do what we did to you."

"It was something I wouldn't have missed for the world."

They all rested a while, then Mike carried Lori to the shower and bathed her before all four piled up on Jacks bed and drifted off to sleep. Needless to say, none of them would ever have a dull or boring sex life.

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