tagIncest/TabooFamily Friendly Ch. 02

Family Friendly Ch. 02


Dan did get to hear the story of how I had the shit fucked out of me. It was two days later, on Friday. I had to wait for the right moment, the best presentation. I mean, come on, when you know it's going to drive your husband sex crazy when else would you tell him...when he's balls deep in your cunt pounding away.

Jesus, I thought he was going to blow his load inside me when I told him how I had squirted all over the floor. "Fuck baby" he grunted at me. "He must have pounded your horny cunt good."

"You... Have...no...idea." I grunted back at him, in time to his powerful strokes. "Best fucking Wednesday afternoon in a long time."

"Wednesday?" Dan looked puzzled. "But you were home all day. How...who..."

I wrapped my long legs around his ass...pulling him in tight...holding that thick cock deep inside me. "I know" whispering back up to him. "You should have smelled the workout room baby. It reeked of us."

I watched my husband's eyes grow wide...as he slowly began to realize. "Peter..." he gasped. I could feel his cock throb inside me. Fuck, he was close...and so was I.

I stared Dan straight in the eyes...my cunt pulsing around him. "Peter...our son...fucked his mommy GOOD", I rasped.

"Oh fuck", my husband groaned. Then, his cock literally exploded inside me. I could feel his hot seed filling my belly, washing my walls.

"That's it baby" I moaned up to him. "Cum in me...just like our son did". It felt like he was pumping a gallon of cum deep inside me.

It was later in the evening, Dan was working in the garage on restoring his old '67 mustang. I was lounging on the couch, watching television. I could still feel his semen dripping out of me. Hearing the front door, I looked up and saw Mindy enter the house. The disgusted look on her face spoke volumes.

"I take it the date didn't go well?" I asked as she passed behind the couch.

Mindy gave a snort and came around...flopping into the chair off to the side. "You could say." She muttered sourly.

I remained silent...letting it stew. "I mean Jesus...he wouldn't even...you know..." then she sighed, "nevermind".

I leaned forward to face her. Her dark hair hung around her shoulders, I could see under her senior letter jacket the tight pullover she had on. 'I bet no bra either', I thought. My mind circled the frustrations I had felt, before her father. Before I finally let loose and went after what I really wanted. I had been 18, just out of high school. My first orgy had been an eye opener and a game changer for me.

'Fuck it', I thought. Her brother had fucked the shit out of me two days ago. Her father had filled me with so damn much cum I was still leaking three hours later. Time to set aside the girl talk. Time to talk woman to woman.

"Look Mindy" I cleared my throat. "Time to get this out in the open. And no filters...got it."

When she nodded silently, I decided to let loose with both barrels. "What...he won't lick your pussy?"

"MOM"! Mindy exclaimed.

"What"? I laughed back. "So a girl likes a little pussy munching. Your point is?"

"Jesus mom", I watched as she pulled off her jacket. Yep, no bra.

"That wasn't all was it." I said. "What... did he have a pencil dick?" No reaction. "Or did he have a hair trigger." I watched the blush spread over her cheeks.

"Fuck mom" Mindy gasped back.

I laughed. "That's what it's about darling. Fucking. Not romance, not love. Can he blow your cork, before he blows his own."

I watched as Mindy's eyes flashed. Got her, I thought. "This from the woman sitting here with the 'I just got fucked look', Jesus" her daughter retorted. "I mean, come on mom, I can smell him leaking out of you for God's sake."

I laughed. "You bet little lady. And he fucked me raw" Then I saw it, or should I say 'them' her nipples were rock hard pressing like two pebbles out of her top.

"T M I" Mindy tried to say, but I could hear it in her voice. See it in the sudden fidget. 'Oh My God", I thought.

I shifted forward on the couch, my eyes locking to hers. "Either you are still horny as hell" I said. "Or the fact your father fucked me like a pro porno star. Has got your engine running. Which is it."

Bingo, the flush that just rushed over Mindy's face was a dead giveaway. 'Holy Fuck', I thought. First Peter...now this. "If you lie to me" I told her, staring into her eyes. "I will ground you until graduation. Clear."

"Mom...I can't..." Mindy stumbled.

"Yes you can" I told her more softly. "Say it"

"God mom...it drives me crazy." Shit, I swear her nipples swelled at the mere thought.

"You want to fuck your father" I whispered to her.

"Mom...oh God...I'm sorry...I mean..." Mindy stumbled

I stood up and took her hand. "Come with me." I knew she was scared. Probably thinking I would freak out. In a way I was. But the soaked crotch of my sweat pants was the evidence of how 'freaked out' I was. I led her through the kitchen to the door leading to the garage. Then turned her to face me.

"I want you, right now, to go out there. Tell your father you are home. Then I want you to hug him." I watched her eyes turn into saucers. "I don't mean a kiddie hug. I want you to mash those tits against him until you feel his pounding heart through them."

I reached out, and tugged the bottom of her pullover. Drawing it even tighter over the swell of her breasts. Watching her nipples stand out tall and proud. "Now go, and when you are done, come to your bedroom. I'll be waiting."

Ten minutes later, sitting in her computer chair, I watched my own daughter walk into her bedroom with a dazed look on her face. The flush in her cheeks told me everything. "Pretty big when it's hard...isn't it" I softly told her.

Mindy literally shuddered at my words. "So fucking...big...Oh God...I want..."

"How wet are you?" I interrupted her.

Mindy finally turned and looked at me. If possible, her face got even redder. "Fucking soaked" she whispered.

Since my glory days, I had never been adverse to enjoying a woman. Hell, Dan had fucked me raw while I carpet munched more times than I could count. "Show me" I commanded my own daughter.

Without even an ounce of protest, Mindy stripped in front of me. Her eighteen year old breasts, standing firm and proud. Capped by two pink, very hard nipples. Between her thighs I glimpsed her shaved pussy. The glisten of her own moisture decorating her thighs.

"Is that what you wanted to see?" Mindy asked hoarsely.

"See yes", I told her. "Now...I want to hear it. Lay on that bed. Finger that wet pussy, and tell me what you want daddy to do to you."

Right before my eyes, Mindy climbed on the bed. Her hand quickly slipping between her thighs, as I heard the wet squelch of her fingers. "Oh daddy...please...fuck me." She gasped.

For the next ten minutes, I watched as my daughter finger fucked the hottest, wettest pussy I had seen in a long time. All the while, moaning how bad she wanted her father's cock in her.

When I heard the door to the garage open, then close. I watched Mindy, she had reached a height she was beyond caring. 'Now', I thought. "Louder" I commanded her. "Tell me."

"Please Daddy", Mindy babbled. "Take me...use me...make me your woman...oh God...fuck me daddy...fuck me...I need your cock...your cum..." All the while I heard Dan's footsteps coming up the stairs.

When his shadow stopped at the open door, I looked up. His eyes were locked to Mindy as she feverishly fingered her dripping pussy. I stood and walked to the doorway. I had to use my hand to turn his head, to see into his eyes.

"Strip", was the only word I said.

"But..." Dan tried to mutter.

"Now" I almost growled.

Once he was done, standing in our daughters doorway stark naked. I reached down and softly patted that raging, ten inch monster. "She's all yours baby...have fun." Then I walked out of the room, down the hall, and into our bedroom.

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by chytown09/24/18
by UAlbanyGirl51805/21/18

I’m enjoying the series

Actually was hoping mom would finger or eat her daughter, but great set up for the next chapter, which I’m going to read now!

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by Sex4lf5705/17/18

Please, get an editor. Sentences like ""Or the fact your father fucked me like a pro porno star. Has got your engine running. Which is it."" are not complete sentences. Each of the first two sentencesmore...

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by Anonymous05/16/18


What an awesome mom !!!!!!!!!

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by Anonymous05/16/18

re: the last sentence

Not Peter's bedroom?

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