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It was the morning after my eighteenth birthday and I awoke with a hot, horny bottom, wondering what was in store for me today, remembering what Daddy said when he tucked me in bed last night. Kissing me deeply he told me how pleased he was that I was such a hot vixen and how my performance tonight had signaled to him that I was ready for the next phase in my training. Hearing this made me quiver with anticipation and as he tucked me in he ran his hand across the marks he had made earlier on my bottom signaling that I was his to do with as he desired.

At that moment, I heard the bedroom door open. I pretended to be asleep, in the hopes that Daddy would decide to crawl into bed with me and was startled when the bed covers were pulled off me, exposing my naked and well fucked body.

I opened my eyes to find my mother standing over me with a stern look on her face. As I attempted to cover myself, she reached down and squeezed my breast, hard -- inserting a finger in my wet pussy and cum oozing ass. Pulling her fingers out of me she shoved them in my mouth and told me to suck them clean. The taste of my Daddy's cum, the juices from my pussy and my hot shit fudge made me very hot and I greedily sucked and licked her fingers until there was nothing left.

She then told me that Daddy had left strict instructions about how I was to be prepared for the afternoon's activities and she grabbed me by the hair and bent me over her knee. The quickness of her movement caught me by surprise and I let out a loud fart as I scrambled to obey her -- knowing that if I didn't it would only be worse. Her beating took on a frenzied tempo and I felt the welts on my ass rise up as her hand came down hard on my bottom repeatedly.

When she was finished, she grabbed me by the arm and forcibly led me into the room she used for her patients. She pushed me face down on the table and spread my legs apart -- strapping them to the table securely. I heard the enema bag being hung on the rod and started writhing in anticipation. It had been a long time since my last one and I knew my bowels were impacted. I could hardly wait for their release.

As she eased the nozzle into my bottom she gently squeezed the bag, forcing the water to spray my anal wall. It felt so good. I started moaning in pleasure and rubbing my pussy. At that moment, she grabbed my hands and tied them together behind my back -- telling me that I was not to cum - Daddy's orders.

My bowels were full of hot soapy water when the cramping began. I cried out, asking if I could relieve myself and she laughed -- telling me we had only just started and there was a lot more for me to take.

I started to whimper, which excited her and she reached over and pinched my nipples until they were hard and tight -- all the while squeezing the bag until every drop was emptied into to me. When I could no longer hold it, she pulled the nozzle out and pulled me up on my knees -- so my ass was hanging over the end of the table.

She placed a bucket underneath me -- all the while instructing me to hold my water. I couldn't take it anymore and started forcing it out. She let me drain half of the bag then swiftly plugged me and pushed me back down. I heard her filling the bag again and began begging her to let me eliminate what was already inside me.

She came over and looked at me lovingly and gave me a hot, wet kiss before saying that my bowels may be Daddy's to fuck, but they were hers now to control and she intended to make me suffer for being the naughty little girl she knew me to be. She then told me to open my mouth and she shoved a cock shaped gag in it to quiet me.

Up on my knees again, she pulled hard on the plug and it popped out with a loud, slurping sound. I felt shit running down my legs. She instructed me to release what I had left and the stench of shit mixed with hot sudsy water filled the room. The oozy shit was all over the table and it began dripping on the floor. She shoved the nozzle deep inside me and let the enema fill me once again -- this time beating my back side and legs with her riding crop.

When I was completely full, she unstrapped me and leaving my hands tied helped me off the table, forcing me to my knees. She unhooked the gag and ripped it from my mouth -- shoving my face in her hot, wet pussy -- while commanding me to shit myself until I was empty. She came, just as I had finished and shoved me to the ground to lie in my fecal waste.

Straddling me, she squatted over my breasts and urinated. As her hot piss ran down my neck I positioned my mouth under her to drink what was left. When she was spent, she pulled me up and led me outdoors to wash my down.

The hot, soapy water felt heavenly and I stood there for ten minutes relishing the moment -- when I heard my Uncle Paul's truck door slam...

Uncle Paul was a country vet and he spent most of his days visiting farms tending their livestock. He knew of my love for horses and he often brought me with him when delivering a colt or foul.

I was hurrying to finish showering so not to miss him, when he stepped into the outdoor shower room and told me to dry myself off and meet him naked in the training ring in five minutes. I knew not to question him, so I quickly combed my hair, pulling it back in a pony tail and rushed to be on time.

When I arrived in the ring, both Daddy and Uncle Paul were there. Daddy was holding a bit and harness in one hand and a crop in the other; while Uncle Paul was bent down over a bag full of equipment.

I looked around for Lightning and was surprised when Uncle Paul handed me what looked to be a pair of heel less black patent leather boots modeled after a horse shoe and instructed me to put them on and walk around the ring so they could appraise me.

With some effort, I balanced myself on one foot and began lacing up the first boot, stepped into the second one and after lacing it, began prancing around the ring. Uncle Paul and Daddy were very pleased with my performance and I heard Daddy say he couldn't wait to see me harnessed.

Uncle Paul then instructed me to go to the barn and wait for him in the first stall. When I entered the stall, I saw two rings mounted to the barn wall. The stall had been freshly prepared with hay and it smelled sweet and inviting.

I turned, to see Uncle Paul entering alone. In one hand he had a beautiful black butt plug with thick horse hair extending off the end and the harness in the other. I was at full attention when he threw the harness over my head and gently encouraged me to take the bit in my mouth. I gagged as he pulled on it to make sure it was tightly fastened behind my head.

He then forced me to bend over by pushing gently on my upper back, encouraging me with soothing nickering sounds. He slipped something soft and black over my head and led me over to the mounted rings, tying each outspread arm securely to the stall wall.

I felt his hands run down my backside and I quivered with excitement. Next, he spread my legs widely apart and I felt his greasy fingers probe my shit hole. His hands were big and I couldn't help but wonder how they would feel spanking me.

When I was good and greased, he began pushing the plug against my primed and eager shit hole. As he pushed harder, I opened for him -- doing what Daddy had taught me - pushing outward like I was taking a shit so I could grab the plug and pull it deep inside me.

I felt the horse hair sweep against the back of my legs and I swished my ass around to show it off. Just then, he swatted me with the crop -- making me catch my breath. He untied my hands and grabbing the reins pulled me into the open barn where Daddy was waiting with a rope.

Uncle Paul pulled the cloth off my head as Daddy threw the rope around my neck -- commanding me trot to the outdoor ring. His crop was longer than Uncle Paul's so he was able to let the rope out quite a distance while still whipping me from behind.

If my legs grew tired, he struck my haunches hard and told me to get them up. Wanting to make him proud I obeyed him -- breaking into a trot and working up a lathery sweat. I could see the excitement in his eyes as he struck me over and over, barking instructions as I travelled the ring in pristine form.

I noticed Uncle Paul out of the corner of my eye. He was naked and his cock was raging hard. Daddy pulled hard on the rope and ordered me to kneel in front of Uncle Paul. Uncle Paul spanked my face with his hot cock and began shoving it in my mouth while pulling my face against him -- choking me. I gagged, spit out the bit and devoured his prick until drool and spit spilled out of my mouth. At that moment he came and I choked down as much of his hot cum as I could -- while he slammed hard against the back of my throat.

Daddy then picked me up from behind, ripped the butt plug out of my ass and rammed into me -- picking me up off the ground and fucking my bowels until they were full of his sperm. As he slipped out of me, I fell to the ground whimpering.

Uncle Paul slipped the butt plug into my gaping shit hole, picked me up and carried me to a tub of warm sudsy water. I stood in the tub while he bathed and dried me as you would an animal - lovingly stroking my haunches, smoothing my hair and drying me so I tingled all over.

He led me to my stall, where he had placed a blanket. He placed me on all fours and began nuzzling my backside. I spread my legs and he began licking around the plug -- becoming more and more turned on by my scent.

As he nudged me over and over down there, I began pushing the butt plug -- teasing him with it -- encouraging him to be more forceful with me. He grabbed the plug in his mouth and I pushed it out -- squirting his face with his brother's cum -- before he buried his face deep in my bowels, sucking out every drop -- eating me dry. With one last slap, he was gone and I was left to sleep surrounded by the sweet smell of hay with my body pulsating from pleasure.

Falling asleep, I heard Grandpa greeting Daddy and Uncle Paul; a smile forming on my lips in anticipation of an evening of loving anal abuse.

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