tagIncest/TabooFamily Fuck Toy Ch. 02

Family Fuck Toy Ch. 02


God, but I loved Grandpa. He was dashingly handsome - not like so many of my girlfriends Grandpa's. He still looked so young. It was that Greek blood, I was sure of it. His sexy milk chocolate skin, his dark hair and his strong features, along with his still muscular physique and his total command over me. I felt beautiful when he gazed at me and very, very horny. My only desire was to please him - above all others - even Daddy.

When I opened my eyes, he was sitting in the corner of the stall, appreciating the view, with a gentle and loving smile on his face. I smiled back and licked my lips.

Getting up on my hands and knees, I crawled to him and put my head in his lap. He began stroking my hair, which felt exquisite. I was his pet and happy to be. He bent down and gave me a juicy, wet kiss - sending electric shockwaves over my body - making my nipples hard and my pussy wet. Pulling back slightly, he whispered "I love you" and I responded "I'm yours". He then looked at me and said "You know I'm going to hurt you, don't you?" and I quivered and said "I need you to".

With that, he smiled and let out tiny laugh acknowledging how lucky he was to have such a needy, slutty and eager granddaughter. He wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth or waste any time.

He got up - rolling me off his lap and leaving the stall with orders for me to stand up and trot around the barn with those sexy fetish shoes on. I immediately did what I was told; holding myself up proudly - showing off for Grandpa. When he was satisfied he threw a rope around my neck and pulled me to a sudden stop. Tying the rope to a post, he walked out of view for a few minutes. I took this moment to spread my legs and take a long, hot piss. Before I finished, I was interrupted by a hard smack on my ass. When I reached around to protect myself Grandpa grabbed my wrists, pulled them together and tied them securely behind my back. He then pulled them upwards towards my head, forcing me to bend forward exposing my backside - inviting the punishment I knew was coming.

Smack - oh that hurt! I could feel the welt raising across my ass. That strap was thick and wide and it left a burning that begged for more. Luckily, I didn't have to worry that it might not be enough. Grandpa was in rare form and the beating he gave me made every hole hungry. Every welt tingled - as each time I told Grandpa to stop, he increased the intensity. Grandpa could be mean that way too - he knew that his hits were hard and that I would not be able to bark orders when the pain was so great. Grandpa made the rules though, so when he wanted to beat me, he beat me hard - and bringing me to a place I never thought existed. I loved him for it, almost as much as I loved the pain.

As I fell to the ground whimpering, he picked me up and brought me to the house. Daddy and Uncle Paul were still there. Daddy looked at me as Grandpa brought me upstairs and mouthed, "I'm sorry baby! Let him take you, it's easier that way!"

When we got to Grandpa's room, he laid me on the bed, took off my hooves and cut my ties. I brought my hands in front of me and placed my hands on Grandpa's raging hard, huge cock. I couldn't wait to get my mouth on it, but I knew I was not to do so without permission. Looking up into his eyes I said, very sweetly, "I need you to fuck my mouth with your big, fat, cock. I want you to choke the shit out of me with it, but only if it pleases you." Taking a deep breath he said, "Would that please you slut?" Opening my mouth and sucking on the tip of his mushroom head I smiled and said "Oh yes, very much".

He threw me back on the bed and straddled my face. His balls bounced off my chin as he rammed his cock deep into the back of my throat, making me gag and swallow every drop of pre-cum and spit, over and over again until he came and splattered his hot cum in the back of my throat. I gobbled up every last, juicy, hot, drop!

Grandpa flopped onto the bed beside me and grabbed me to him, spooning me while he fondled my breasts, pinching my nipples. He moved his hand down my stomach, gently fingering my pussy, moving his hand across my hips and touching my ass. I sucked in my breath as he moved over each welt before saying, "Oh baby, your ass is so raw. I'm sorry baby, I couldn't help myself."

To which I responded, "I always think I can't take anymore than the last time, but if I stay open and tell myself that I'm yours and that you know my limits better than I - and simply surrender myself to your will, then it's as pleasurable for me as I imagine it must be for you - maybe more so."

"God you're amazing" he said. "Get up on your knees."

"I was hoping you'd say that" I answered with a smile. Up on my knees now, I looked over my shoulder and said – "bottoms up!" He spread my cheeks and planted a hot, wet french-kiss on my puckered shithole - with the final result being the sound of his lips smacking to complete the kiss and sending me over the edge. He waited for me to catch my breath and then asked me if I wanted him to abuse my bowels and if so, how badly. I couldn't respond at first. I wanted to be badly abused but I was afraid - what if I couldn't take it - would he push me in the same manner as he did when he beat me? What if I couldn't open myself to him and allow him to own my bowels? I know I fantasize about that, but....

He slapped me hard across the face then, bringing tears to my eyes and said " I asked you a question. I can see in your eyes that you long for the abuse, but as part of the humiliation, I need you to tell me explicitly so there is no misunderstanding that you asked for it. Now, tell me."

I started to speak, softly and he shook his head and said "Unless you want another smack across the face, I suggest you take a deep breath and tell me what your dark, dirty little whore wants."

I swallowed and took a deep breath. He lifted my chin so I made eye contact with him and cocked his head expectantly. I looked him in the eye and said "I want you to own my bowels." Looking back at me he said "More! And this is the last time I will ask you so make it good."

After another deep breath I said "I want - correction, I need you to control my bowels. I've asked Daddy to do it, but he doesn't do it consistently enough. If you did it, I know you'd do it the way I need you to. I want you to plug me so when you want to take me dirty, I'll be full. I want you to regulate my bowel movements and give me enemas - oily ones when I'm impacted and hot, soapy ones when you want me clean. I want you to put things inside me and eat them out of my ass. I want you to kiss me after you've dined on my shit. I need to be fucked and stretched, greased and raped. Will you do that for me Grandpa? Will you be my anal master?

Turning her around, I bent her over and buried my face in her hole. She moaned in pleasure, reaching around to spread herself wider. Her ass was so beautiful. Her hole was so pink. She was right, it was begging to be owned and I couldn't wait to be its master....

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