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Family Fun


I jump off the plane, excited to see my sister, Chrissy. She and her husband lived in Indiana with their three kids. I walked through the airport until I saw them: Addison, Ian, and Owen, jumping and waving. I smiled as I walked to them. I hugged the older two kids and picked up Owen. As I picked him up, his shoe caught the edge of my skirt, flashing my bare ass to everyone behind me. I turn quickly to see who was there, but see only Chrissy and her husband Josh. Chrissy is laughing. Josh is just staring at me. I wink at him as I put Owen down, wiggling my ass a little as I do so.

We make it back to their house with no other mishaps. It is late, so Chrissy takes the kids to go to sleep. Josh says he is going to shower and get dressed for bed. I nod, but my bare pussy is throbbing. I need to cum, bad. I hear the water begin to run. I wait a few more minutes before I silently walk through the master bedroom and into the master bath. I walk quietly to the shower door and open it. Josh turns quickly, caught off guard. But he smiles and reaches to pull me into the shower with him. "I was waiting for you" he said, as he begins caressing my body. He begins kissing me as he runs his hands down my back and to my ass. I press my body into him and kiss him back. I put my arms around his neck. I want him badly. I feel his cock pressing into me.

I pull away from Josh and lock eyes with him. I slowly lower myself into my knees as water continues to fall over us. Without breaking eye contact, I take my brother in laws cock into my mouth. Josh moans and laces his fingers into my hair. I relax my throat as he begins to thrust. His cock hits the back of my throat. He holds it there. I gag, unable to breathe. He continues thrusting. I suck his cock and begin to finger my pussy. I want him so bad.

Suddenly the shower door flew open and my sister is standing there, arms crossed. Her husband's cock is deep in my mouth and my fingers are buried in my pussy. "What. The. Fuck." she says. I immediately pull away. "Chrissy, I'm sor..." she cuts me off by grabbing me by the hair and dragging me to the bedroom. She pushes me facedown on the bed, still soaking wet. My ass is raised, my face pressed into the pillows. "Stay" she commands.

Out of the corner of my eye, I see her pick up Josh's discarded pants and pull off his belt. She winds part of the belt around her arms and raises her arm.


Chrissy brings the belt down on my ass.


I scream with each hit. As Chrissy whips my ass, Josh comes and sits right in front of me. He picks my head up and guides it to his cock. I begin sucking his cock again as Chrissy continues her abuse on my ass. Josh holds my head still as he shoots his load down my throat. Tears are running down my cheeks. My brothers cock is down my throat and my sister is bringing searing pain on my ass. But my pussy is dripping.

Chrissy notices this too. She walks up and sticks two fingers in suddenly. "you little slut!" she says. She thrusts her hand upward, burying her middle and ring fingers into my pussy. She fucks my pussy with her fingers, not stopping until I am moaning for her. She pulls out her fingers. "on your back" she commands. I roll over. She and Josh exchange glances and they immediately seem to know what the other is trying to say.

Josh hops up and in one movement, has pulled me to the edge of the bed and has his cock buried deep in my pussy. Chrissy watches her husband ram his cock into me for a few moments before she slides off her shorts and panties. She climbs over and suddenly is straddling my face, facing Josh. I had never eaten a pussy before, and I hesitantly slip the tip of my tongue out. She grinds her hips into me. I begin tongue fucking my sister as her husband plows me from behind. I moan into Chrissy's pussy. She is wet with precum. I lap her pussy and hum on her clit. She grinds into my face harder. I nibble lightly on her clit and she screams in ecstasy. My tongue begins moving quickly, up and down, in and out. As Josh is thrusting, he leans down and begins pinching and twisting my nipples. I suck hard on Chrissy's clit in surprise. She moans loudly and her legs begin to shake. She screams as her orgasm hits her, her cum flowing over my face.

Chrissy catches her breath as she continues to grind her hips into my face. She moves her hands to start playing with my clit. Josh is fucking me hard, his pace quickening. Each thrust brings his balls slapping against my very sore and very raw ass. Chrissy's fingers are expertly rubbing, pulling, twisting on my clit. Josh is kneading my tits, not trying to be gentle. Chrissy's cunt is still dripping cum on my face. Her legs are on top of my arms, pinning me so I can't move. I scream into Chrissy's pussy- loudly. My legs are shaking. My breath is ragged. Each thrust into my pussy, each rub of my clit, each pinch and slap on my nipples, the smell of cum on me, it is all too much. I cum hard and fast, screaming, moaning, wanting more. Josh and Chrissy don't stop. My orgasm comes fast, but it is long. My body shaking for almost a minute.

My breath slows as Chrissy and Josh do. I am pulled to the floor and placed on my knees. I am tired, I want to go to sleep. I open my mouth to protest, but Josh's cock is shoved in my throat. Chrissy is behind me, holding my arms back so that again, I cannot move. Josh begins thrusting into my mouth. My eyes are watering. I can't breathe. I close my eyes, wishing this part to be over. Chrissy slaps my tender ass from behind. I try to yelp but Josh's cock is deep in my throat. "look at him, you little whore" Chrissy commands. I look up at her husband as he deepthroats me. Right as my vision begins to blur from lack of oxygen, Josh's cock begins to pulse and his cum shoots into my mouth. Load after load fill me. Just when I don't think I can take anymore, he is done. He pulls out and lays on the bed, catching his breath.

I swallow as much as I can of Josh's cum. Chrissy pulls me up and lays me on the bed on my side. She lays down next to me and laces her fingers through her hair. Next thing I know I am making out with my sister. Her tongue swirls with mine, tasting her husbands cum. Josh just watches as his wife and sister-in-law make out, exchanging his cum with our tongues and saliva.

Chrissy pulls away and turns over, her ass against my pussy, my tits on her back. Josh lays down, his cock against my bruised ass. This is how we sleep, my sister, brother-in-law, and me: naked, covered in cum, and curled up together.

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by Anonymous

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by goducks104/13/18

where's the story?

1 star. very rushed, no narrative at all. i agree the first 2-3 paragraphs start the story well - then it implodes into some s&m. no build-up, no background on any existing relationship, no kids dispitemore...

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by UAlbanyGirl51804/12/18

It’s about the emotions not the acts

The story started strong, introducing the characters and their relationship to each other, but then it flew off a cliff.

The sister and brother-in-law apparently have an existing relationship (I’vemore...

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by Anonymous04/12/18


Very rushed indeed. I think that much of the switching from present to past tense was unintentional, and should have been caught in proofreading.

Keep trying! Perhaps just slow down a tad.

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by Anonymous04/11/18

Great story ! !

Please keep writing

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by Spaniard201704/11/18

Needs work

Lots of action but little story or narrative. Sorry but I find constant switching between past and present tense quite irritating.

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